I'm terrified. Every time that you walk out that door, every time that I call you, and you don't pick up the phone, my heart stops. But how am I suppose to protect you two girls, right, when you go and do this? And then you try to make me the monster!
— Alice to Betty[src]

Alice Cooper is a main character on Riverdale. She is portrayed by Mädchen Amick.

Alice is the editor and co-owner of the local newspaper, the wife of Hal Cooper and the mother of Betty and Polly Cooper, as well as her son Chic, whom she gave up for adoption when she was in high school. She is also the soon to be grandmother of Jason and Polly's twin babies. One of Alice's greatest kept secrets was that she's a former member of the Southside Serpents. Following her arrest, she severed all ties with the gang, and erased, or at least thought to have erased every article of her arrest from the system archives.

Character Description

Editor of the local paper, described as a steely perfectionist who places exceedingly high expectations on her daughter, Betty.[1]

Early Life

Alice grew up on the south side of Riverdale and attended the local high school with Mary Andrews. She began dating Hal Cooper and they later went on to marry and have two daughters, Betty and Polly. During high school she became pregnant and Hal pushed her to have an abortion, as he did not think she was ready to be a mother. She refused an abortion and instead gave the baby up for adoption once he was born. She also seems to have had a lactose intolerance in high school, as mentioned by Hermione Lodge.

Alice has been suspected of having ties to the Southside Serpents ever since an argument that unfolded after Jughead's 16th Birthday Party, between FP Jones and herself, where he remarked that "snakes don't shed their skin so easily". In an email from the Black Hood, it was revealed that Alice, as a teenager, was once a member of the southside based gang and had been arrested during her time of affiliation with them. How the Black Hood came into possession of the archived arrest article remains unknown as Alice claims to have removed every copy from the system archive, years ago. Thus, making it one of the many secrets that she's kept hidden for many years.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Alice and Hal at the shore

Alice and Hal stand by the shore

Having learned that Jason Blossom supposedly drowned at Sweetwater River, Alice stood along the shore, hoping that it was true.

Alice had a brief mother-to-daughter chat with Betty, shortly before she took off for the first day of her Sophomore year. She informed her daughter that this year would be very influential for colleges, grades, extracurricular, and athletics, they would all play a major role. But most importantly, she must maintain a decent character, Alice didn't want Betty to end up like her eldest daughter, Polly. She also had a bright future ahead of her. Alice claimed to only want the best for her daughter, but for that to happen, Betty must remain focused.

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Alice catches Betty in her cheerleading uniform

Alice catches Betty in her River Vixens uniform

That night, Alice was displeased to learn that Betty had joined Cheryl Blossom's cheerleading squad, demanding that Betty take off the uniform immediately. However, Betty refused, she was sick of doing what everyone else wanted her to do. She informed Alice that she would be staying on the team, and that she was going to the Semi-formal with Archie and Veronica, the daughter of Hermione Lodge. Alice attempted to explain that girls like Cheryl and Veronica weren't really friends, but Betty didn't stick around to listen.[2]

Investigating Jason Blossom's Murder

Alice and Hal notified Betty that due to the scandal surrounding Jason Blossom's death, they'd be having a lot of late nights. No one cared about an accidental drowning, but the murder of the sociopathic son of the wealthiest family in town was bound to make headlines. Alice then told Betty the thing she loved most about her is that she always wanted to see the good in people, like Archie, Veronica and Cheryl, but since their betrayal, she now should see their true colors.

Season 1 Episode 2 A Touch of Evil Alice in coroner's office

Alice at the coroner's office

She visited the local coroner, Dr. Curdle, attending his autopsy of Jason Blossom. "Every corpse has a tale to tell", he said. In this case, there were several morbid details that would be relevant to her article, such as animal scavenging, ligature marks, and signs of him being frozen. Alice paid Dr. Curdle off in small bills for his service.

At home, she burst into Betty's room with sage, hoping to banish the evil spirits that Cheryl may have brought in with her when she had visited with Betty earlier. Betty asked about her sister and Alice professed to have told Polly about Jason's death, but claimed that half the time Polly didn't even know what day it was. She was against Polly and Jason being together for many reasons, one of which being that everything the Blossoms touch, rots.[3]

Season 1 Episode 3 Body Double Register

Alice's article

Hot off the presses, Alice handed Betty their latest print from The Register, it read: "CHERYL BLOSSOM GUILTY AS SIN!". As much as people were loving the coverage, Betty suggested that she stop sensationalizing Jason's murder. However, as the owner of the Register, she felt it was her duty to keep the residents of Riverdale informed. Betty believed that her mother should be writing about the real story, like who was holding him captive? Who shot him? Why was he frozen? Alice advised Betty to come join her and her father at the Register if she was so keen on reporting the facts.

The following night, she couldn't help but notice the new shade of lipstick Betty was applying, a shade that she didn't believe was a good fit for Betty. It belonged to Polly, who notably grew up too fast, and Alice would rather her other daughter not make the same mistake, thus she wiped the lipstick from Betty's lips.

She later went on to attend the Taste of Riverdale, in which she had a physical encounter with Penelope Blossom wherein she end up slapped. Mere minutes after the incident with Penelope, Alice picked a fight with another rival, Hermione Lodge, who she taunted that her daughter Veronica was being slut-shamed.[4]

Alice picked Betty up from Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, and drove her home, but not before reminding Betty that she was instructed to no longer hang out with Archie and Veronica.

A couple days later, she and Hal paid Fred Andrews a visit, where they asked Fred if he could assist on his end with keeping Archie and Betty apart. Alice insisted that their relationship was toxic, and that the two teens could benefit from some separation. Fred saw no reason to keep them apart as Archie was a good kid; however, Alice was very much aware of his tendency to sneak out of the house late at night.

Season 1 Episode 4 The Last Picture Show Alice finds gun

Alice finds a gun in Betty's room

As Alice was putting Betty's laundry away, she found a handgun in her daughter's dresser drawer, which led her to read Betty's diary in search for some kind of explanation. Upon learning that Archie was in a secret relationship with his music teacher, Geraldine Grundy, Alice rounded up Betty and Fred, and the three of them headed to the school, where they caught Archie and Geraldine hugging. Alice confronted Geraldine, as she never thought that she'd see such a day, having always believed that the one thing they could keep their children safe from was child predators. She decided that the next step was to report Geraldine to Sheriff Keller, and let the law take over. Betty asked why her mother was so persistent in putting Grundy on trial, however, Alice explained it was more so about Archie than anything else, she wanted Betty to see the person that he truly was. Archie admitted that she was right about him, that he was selfish and stupid, but he pleaded with Alice to not hurt Grundy in order to hurt him.

However, for Alice, it wasn't about hurting anyone, it was about doing what's right, and informing their neighbors, she added. In an effort to protect Archie, Betty threatened to tell everyone that she broke into Ms. Grundy's car, robbed her, and made up the story of her affair with Archie, it would be like she finally snapped, just like Polly. Which would only further prove what people already think, that crazy runs in the Cooper family. Backed into a corner, Alice agreed to not tell anyone about Grundy and Archie if she quit her job and left town.

Back at their house, as tears filled her eyes, Alice explained that Polly kept so much from her, she wouldn't allow the same to happen with Betty, who then explained to her mother that she was not Polly, and that Archie was not Jason.[5]

Sisters of Quiet Mercy

Alice and Betty were joined at breakfast by Jughead, it was a rather quiet and awkward meal. Silence broke as she accused Jughead of getting Betty wrapped up in the Jason Blossom murder case, to which Betty responded that she approached Jughead for his assistance in writing for the Blue and Gold. Jughead asked for directions to the restroom, and as expected, Alice offered to show him. Unbeknownst to her, this was simply a distraction for Betty to go through her checkbook.

Season 1 Episode 6 Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill! Alice holding Betty's hand

Betty and Alice at the Sister's group home

Later that day, she was notified by the Sisters of Quiet Mercy that Polly had visitors, Betty and Jughead. As she prepared to take the two of them home, Alice was first confronted by Polly, who demanded to know why she was lied to about Jason's death, which Alice claimed was due to her protective nature.

Back at the house, she hysterically laughed when Betty brought forth the notion that Hal could be Jason Blossom's killer. She claimed he didn't have the stomach for it, though she wished he had done it, or that she had done it, as Jason deserved it after what he did to Polly. She then told Betty that she was beginning to sound just as crazy as Polly, and that she may not believe them when they said Polly was crazy, but she would obey them.[6]

Season 1 Episode 7 In a Lonely Place Alice Jughead Betty 1

Everyone gathers at the table where the dream is based on the American Dream.

Alice appeared in Jughead's dream sequence, which was best described as some kind of idealized, make-believe version of the American dream. She and Hal were happy, as was everyone else at the table; Betty, Polly, Jason, and Jughead.

Outside of the dream, Alice joined the search party at Eversgreen Forest in search for Polly, they headed East the direction Polly would have gone if she was attempting to leave Riverdale unnoticed. During their search throughout the forest for Polly, the Coopers had a heated argument with the Blossom family, who were leading a search of their own. Penelope Blossom accused the Coopers of hiding Polly, a potential suspect in Jason's murder.

Season 1 Episode 7 In a Lonely Place Alice 1

Alice holding press conference

Despite trying to keep Polly's condition a secret, with the cat out of the bag, Alice was forced to come forward. She held a press conference, where she dismissed all the negative rumors and announced that Polly was pregnant with Jason's child. Alice then pleaded with Polly on camera to come home.

The next morning, she and Hal were bombarded with a series of questions from Betty, who asked if Polly could return home, to which Alice said yes. Betty then asked where the baby would sleep and Alice claimed that Polly had decided to give the child up for adoption, unaware that Betty had previously talked with Polly about just that and knew her sister wanted to keep her child.[7]

Polly's Baby Shower

After learning that Polly had been living at The Pembrooke, Alice went to the high school in order to confront Betty and Veronica. At least the Lodges were helping, Betty said. But just like before, they were back on the topic of Polly giving her child up for adoption. Alice saw this to be the best option for her daughter and the baby, but it wasn't her choice, however, it was her choice of whether or not she'd be in Polly's life. Betty then informed her of the baby shower they were planning, which Alice didn't see as being appropriate, but Betty disagreed, telling her to either be a supportive mother and grandmother or to stay away.

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Alice Hermione (1)

Hermione and Alice at Pop's shoppe

Later that day, she met up with Hermione at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where the two of them had an interesting chat about Polly and Alice's plans for her. Though Alice initially mistook Hermione's invitation as a chance to gloat since she had provided Polly with a place to stay, she eventually realized her intentions for the meeting were genuine. Alice explained that she wanted her family back together, including Polly, but to do that, Alice would have to face the facts. She then went on to list the reasons as to why Polly's keeping of the child would only have disastrous results, everything from Polly being a teenager, who hadn't even graduated high school, to her baby's father being killed. Taking all that into consideration, Alice found it difficult to believe that Polly would overcome the odds, and successfully raise a child, despite the fact that both she and Hermione managed to do it. Hermione urged her to attend the baby shower, in support for Polly, otherwise, she'd regret it for the rest of her life.

After unexpectedly taking Hermione's advice, Alice decided to attend the baby shower, she and Polly hugged after professing how happy she was that Polly and the baby were safe. Unfortunately for Alice, the Blossoms weren't far behind her, which made it fairly difficult for Alice to behave herself as the night went on, especially since she wasn't buying into Penelope's sudden and likely false new and endearing attitude towards Polly. For the most part, Alice managed to tolerate them, even throughout Rose Blossom's "Occultism", during which she announced that Polly would be having twins, a boy and a girl. The gift giving portion of the shower had begun, and Alice gifted Polly with the night light that she used as a child. Alice saved it since she knew how much Polly loved it, and how much it made her feel safe, so she wanted Polly's child to have it.

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Alice Polly (3)

Cooper woman at Polly's baby shower

However, the evening came to a close as Alice could no longer contain herself after Cheryl and Penelope invited Polly to stay with them at Thorn Hill. This led to a brief altercation between Alice and Penelope, in which Polly jumped up and yelled at them both, claiming their petty rivalry and refusal to let her and Jason be together is what led to his death.

After the shower, Alice apologized for her outburst, but Polly was still upset at her after being left alone at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, which was never Alice's intention, she even pleaded with Polly to return home with them. Polly took her offer into consideration, but she couldn't help but wonder if Hal would make another appointment for her, which Alice was clueless on the supposed appointment that Hal made after learning that Polly was pregnant, and that he was more than happy to pay for it, as Polly shouldn't have to live with her mistakes.

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Betty Alice 3

Alice and Betty crying

That night, Alice confronted Hal over the appointment he had supposedly made for Polly behind Alice's back, so that she could fix her mistake, following the discovery of the pregnancy. She shoved him in a fit of rage, as Hal did to Polly, exactly what he did to her. She then wondered why sending Polly to the Sisters wasn't enough, to which Hal explained that Polly's life was being ruined by that mistake, as he would not be party to raising a child that had Blossom blood. However, Alice was intent of Polly moving back in, so she screamed at Hal to get out before she did something that they both regretted. Despite her best efforts to get Polly home, she and Betty failed. That morning, Alice and Betty awaited Polly's return, but in a twist of events, Polly took the Blossoms up on their offer to stay at Thornhill, which left Alice and Betty in tears.[8]

Season 1 Episode 9 La Grande Illusion Alice (1)

Alice barging into Betty's room

Without so much as a knock, Alice entered Betty's room to inform her and Jughead that they had a big week ahead of them. The Blossoms and Coopers had been at odds since great-grandfather Blossoms killed great-grandfather Cooper, Alice decided it was finally time for someone to bring them to a stopping point. With the Blossom board of trustees in town, Alice hoped to discover the meaning behind their sudden arrival, and incorporate it into a tell-all exposé she was writing about the Blossoms and their corruption. She needed someone on the inside, much to her surprise, that's exactly what she got in the form of Archie, who had attended the Blossoms tree tapping ceremony, "our fox in the hen house", Alice called him.

Archie informed them that the Blossoms were treating Polly great, and that he did not think she wanted to come back, which Alice was just fine with, or so she claimed. Alice wondered what else Archie might have come across while in the sticky-red thick of it, anything about the board, she asked. According to Archie, the Blossoms were worried that the board would try to steal the company from Cliff Blossom after the scandal behind Jason's death and Polly pregnancy, which Alice found to be quite the scandalous story in the making. A hostile take over would account for the trustees being in town, since the Blossoms were crumbling. Despite Polly being at Thornhill with the Blossoms, Alice would not allow this to sway her from exposing them, claiming that Polly betrayed them.

Season 1 Episode 9 La Grande Illusion Alice throwing a brick at The Register

Alice throwing a rock through the window of the Register

The following night, she and Betty met with Hal at The Register, with a USB flash drive that contained all the evidence needed to expose the Blossoms and their corrupted ways. However, Hal was unwilling to publish what her referred to as her own personal vendetta, but it was a good thing she did not need his approval or so she thought, come to find out that Hal had changed the login to the Registers' computer. If they exposed the Blossoms, then just maybe they could get Polly back, but Hal's mind was made up as he fired her. She and Betty exited the shop, but just then she picked up a large rock and threw it through the front glass door of the Register, saying "I want my daughter back, you bastard".

The following night, she learned from Betty and Jughead that Polly had not betrayed them, but that she was actually spying on the Blossoms, making her their woman on the inside. Alice cried as a sign of relief, when she went after the story, a part of her thought that Polly might have been gone forever. Betty and Jughead wanted to finish the exposé at The Blue and Gold, and they wanted her to join them.[9]

Joining The Blue & Gold

Following her meeting with Mr. Weatherbee, in which he agreed that Alice's professional guidance could greatly benefit The Blue and Gold, Alice revealed that she would be their newest adviser. Having observed how passionate Betty was during the planning for Jughead's 16th Birthday Party, Alice began to realize that her daughter was truly falling for him. When she and Hal started dating, she told him everything about herself, but she wishes she hadn't. Alice shared her secrets, fears, and doubts with Hal, and he eventually ended up using them against her, there are some things about herself that she struggles with. Alice advised Betty not to share everything about herself with Jughead, as it could come back to bite her.

Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend Alice looking through window

Alice spying on the party next door

The next night during Jughead's party, with a pair of binoculars in hand, Alice watched from Betty's room as FP Jones and a young man wearing a leather jacket had a brief discussion. As the party came to an end, Alice confronted FP on his way back to his vehicle, she wondered what he was doing on her side of town. FP told her not to act so high and mighty, she may not live on the south side anymore, she may not dress like she's from the south side, but they both knew the truth, snakes don't shed their skin so easily, FP said.

Alice greeted Betty the following morning with an Asprin, for a certain headache she was facing, then asking about the long-haired delinquent she spotted him with, to which Betty informed her that his name was Joaquin. He was Kevin's boyfriend and he knew FP through the Southside Serpents. Alice found it hardly coincidental that a serpent was dating the Sheriff's son. Riverdale was a small town, but not that small.[10]

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Alice and Veronica

Veronica agreeing to help Alice

Inside The Blue and Gold offices, Alice announced to Betty and Veronica that everyone outside of the room was a potential murder suspect in the death of Jason Blossom. Alice suspected Hiram Lodge of having some form of involvement, maybe even hiring someone to kill Jason in retaliation to his arrest, possibly FP and the Southside Serpents. For all they knew, Joaquin, who she referred to as a "gay Greaser Serpent", could have been an accomplice seeing as Alice spotted him plotting with FP a couple nights ago at Jughead's 16th Birthday Party. She needed Betty to find out what they were conspiring about, either through Jughead or FP directly, without raising suspicions. Betty refused to go behind Jughead's back after he had already told her that he trusted in his father when he said that he wasn't the killer, but Alice simply took it as Betty being too close to the case. As Alice sat at her desk typing, Veronica returned to the Blue and Gold willing to assist Alice in her mission to discover whether or not FP and Hiram were involved in killing Jason Blossom.

With Veronica on board, Alice put forth a plan in which she would invite Jughead and FP over for dinner before the Homecoming dance. This would leave their trailer unoccupied long enough for Veronica to get in and find any potential evidence. Betty soon learned of the dinner, which she had assumed was merely a facade to interrogate FP, she was going to tell Jughead about Alice's plans, but that would be unwise as Alice claimed Jughead was fairly excited for their families to get to know each other. Alice took what Betty had earlier said to heart, and all she was after was getting to know them better, though this was a lie.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Alice drinking

Pre-Homecoming dinner

The next night, just as planned, Alice prepared a meal and sat down to eat dinner with Betty, FP and Jughead. Upon learning that FP was working for Fred at Andrews Construction, she questioned how he balanced that with his other responsibilities, such as being a part of the south side community. The interrogation continued from there, she asked about his work history and his connection to Hiram Lodge and the Twilight Drive-In. The doorbell then rang, it was Hal, who had been invited to the dinner without Alice's knowledge. At first chance, Hal mentioned the incident where Alice threw a brick through the widow of The Register, so she informed him if he continued to talk, the next brick she threw wouldn't be at a window. FP then recalled their Homecoming, in which he referred to Hal and Alice as the King and Queen from hell. That night, FP overheard Alice and Hal in a serious fight, life or death, he said. Alice demanded that FP shut up before he went any further, which he was happy to oblige to as long as she did the same.

Inside the ladies restroom at Homecoming, Alice had a brief run-in with a familiar face, Mary Andrews, first giving Mary a backhanded compliment then informing her of Fred and Hermione's "monkey business". However, her tactics had no effect on Mary as she saw right through them. Although words could not be heard over the music, Alice met up with Archie and Veronica at the dance, and they presumably told her that they didn't find anything at the trailer.

After watching Archie and Veronica perform "Kids in America" on stage, Alice and Betty returned home after learning that FP had just been arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom. Betty accused her of tipping of Sheriff Keller but Alice promised that it wasn't her. She was glad that Betty was safe, and as much as she liked Jughead, she was thrilled that Betty was done with the family. However, Betty loved him, he was as much her family as Alice was, more so at the moment. She refused to let Betty leave the house, but Betty was in a foul mood, telling Alice not to push her or else she would push back. Hearing this, Alice decided to let her go.[11]

Following the Homecoming dance, and the revelation that FP was arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom, Alice made her way over to the Andrews house. There, Archie and Veronica announced that they never came across a gun while inside FP's trailer, it was planted in his closet after they left. Alice found it difficult to trust the detective skills of a couple of teens over qualified officers of the law. Just then she was outed by Betty for having asked Veronica and Archie to break in. This is something that Fred, Mary, and Hermione were all completely unaware of.

Season 1 Episode 12 Anatomy of a Murder Alice locked and loaded

Alice pointing her gun

Alice was awakened in the late hours of the night as she could hear loud noises coming from downstairs. She grabbed the handgun previously owned by Ms. Grundy, and proceed down the steps, with Betty right behind her, ready to call the police. She pointed her gun at the intruder, and told him not to move, but as he turned around, they discovered that it was only Hal.He revealed to them that he broke into Sheriff Keller's house during the night of the last drive-in and stole the case files, which Alice noted as being impossible considering FP had already admitted to that crime. Hal wasn't sure why he would do that because it was actually him, and that is why he came back to the house in the middle of the night, to destroy any evidence that could lead back to him. Alice wondered why he was even stealing evidence from a murder investigation, to which Hal explained that he was worried that it would lead back to Polly, and that Sheriff Keller would figure out the on-going feud between their family and the Blossoms

Hal told them that Betty's great-grandfather wasn't just murdered by a Blossom, he was a Blossom. After the murder, Hal's family severed ties with the Blossoms, and picked up the new name of Cooper, meaning that he, Betty and Polly were Blossoms, as well as Alice, but simply by marriage. This also made Polly and Jason relatives by blood, third cousins to be exact, which explains why Hal wanted to terminate the pregnancy and keep them apart. They began to question how far the Blossoms would go to keep Polly and Jason apart, so the three of them rushed over to Thornhill to bring Polly home.

Season 1 Episode 12 Anatomy of a Murder Alice and Hal

Alice and Hal at Thornhill

The Blossoms were furious over the intrusion, but the Coopers weren't planning on staying long, leading Alice to sarcastically apologize for disrupting "the witching hour at Thornhill". Alice knew all about their family, and the incest, as she explained to Polly that Hal's grandfather wasn't just the murder victim of Clifford's grandfather, they were brothers, thus making them all Blossoms. She then acknowledged the fact that FP's confession had several gaping holes in it. Alice surmised that the Blossoms were disgusted that Polly and Jason were dating because they were related, but Penelope assured her that nothing could be more purely Blossoms than Polly's babies. Alice was done talking, she grabbed Polly's hand, and swiftly exited Thornhill, but not before telling them that their "Doctor Moreau experimentation in breeding and eugenics" was over.

The next day, Alice entered The Blue and Gold offices to find Betty and Jughead going over the murder board. She told them that the body of a Southside Serpent had just been found, and Sheriff Clueless was convinced that he was working with FP. He allegedly committed suicide by overdose, and there was a bag of money in his room that linked him to Hiram Lodge, so everything was tied up into a nice little bow, too tidy if you asked her.

Joaquin DeSantos, the same Serpent that Alice had previously seen with FP had informed Kevin of his and FP's contingency plan, involving Jason's varsity jacket, which they had hidden. Inside the lining of the jacket was a USB flashdrive that contained surveillance video of Jason being murdered by his own father. At some point after this, the USB made it's way to Alice, who then took it to Sheriff Keller and Mayor McCoy.[12]

Alice's Secret

Season 1 Episode 13 The Sweet Hereafter Alice The Register

Alice typing up her expose

A narrative quickly emerged as Alice spent the night at The Register typing up an article following the recent discovery that Clifford Blossom used the Blossom Maple Farms as a front for his true business of trafficking heroin into Riverdale from Montréal. Jason Blossom must have stumbled upon his father's illegal business ventures, resulting in his abduction at the hands of a Serpent named Mustang, and then his murder, at the hands of his own father. Alice believed that Clifford then killed Mustang by making it look like an overdose, then implicating Hiram Lodge as the mastermind behind the entire scheme.

The next morning, the Coopers resorted back to their ways of pretending as if everything was fine, and that the last few months hadn't happened. Alice made pancakes as Hal and Polly returned home.

Season 1 Episode 13 The Sweet Hereafter Alice The Register (2)

Alice and Hal reading Betty's article

After reading Betty's article, titled "The Riverdale Witch Trial; FP Jones, Serpents Slandered", Alice insisted that it was the best thing her daughter had ever written. However, she wouldn't publish it because Betty was too involved, which would lead people to believe that she only wrote it as a favor to Jughead. She was also taking into account the fact that there had been reports of attacks on the south side. The residents of Riverdale needed someone to focus their rage and aggression on, for that time it was the Serpents, and Alice didn't want Betty to become the next target. The following night, Alice confronted Betty after learning from Polly that Betty had not only taken her to school that day, but that someone hung a Betty doll from a noose and wrote on Betty's locker in pigs blood "Go To Hell Serpent Slut".

Alice warned her daughter about publishing that article, so she wondered why Betty constantly defied her. Betty was tired of the lies, and she accused Alice of being in fear of the truth, but Alice admitted that she was simply scared for her daughter. Alice was then asked about the fight that she and Hal had on their Homecoming night that FP had previously mentioned. Angered by the mere thought of the questioned, Alice eyes filled with tears as she yelled that it was none of Betty's damn business.

Season 1 Episode 13 The Sweet Hereafter Alice crying

Alice telling Betty that she and Polly have a brother

There are some secrets so painful that you hide them from yourself, but the following morning, Alice entered Betty's room to tell her the truth about her Homecoming. The fight that FP saw was due to the fact that she had just told Hal that she was pregnant, and they disagreed on how to handle the situation the best. Alice went away to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where she gave birth five months later to a baby boy, and then the Sisters arranged for a quiet adoption. As tears rolled down her face, and she hugged Betty, Alice said that it was the biggest regret of her life.

Later that night, Alice approached Betty as they were preparing to leave for the 75th Anniversary Jubilee, in which Betty revealed that she was concerned about Jughead because he was being taken in by a foster family, and transferring to Southside High. Alice, Hal, and Polly sat in the crowd as Archie performed with the Pussycats, and Betty gave a reflecting and inspiring speech on stage pertaining to FP, the Serpents, Clifford Blossom, and the crossroads Riverdale was facing.[13]

Season 2


Alice and Betty at the breakfast table

The morning after the Jubilee, as Alice prepared breakfast for herself, as well as Betty, she asked her daughter what she and her friends did after the event, to which Betty replied that they went to Pop's, and afterward, she and Jughead went to FP's trailer. Taken back by this confession, Alice hoped that if Betty and Jughead had sex, that they were at least safe. Betty admitted that while they almost had sex, they were interrupted by the Southside Serpents, which only confirmed Alice's suspicions that Jughead would follow in FP's footsteps, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, especially not when there's a snake curled up in it's limbs". She instructed Betty to block Jughead after hearing her phone ring and making the incorrect assumption that it was him on the other end when in actuality, it was Archie, who Alice also insisted that Betty block.

Unfortunately, Archie's call brought devastating news; that Fred had been shot by a black hood wearing assailant during a supposed robbery at the diner. Hearing this, Alice, Hal, and Betty rushed down to Riverdale General Hospital, where they were met by Jughead, Veronica, and Hermione. They entered the lobby to the sight of Archie frantically pacing back and forth while covered in his father's blood. As the kids embrace, Alice, Hal, and Hermione checked in with the nursing station for updates.


Alice accusing the Southside Serpents of shooting Fred

Alice joined the kids to inform them that Fred was in surgery, and that he would be there for a while. As Archie headed out into the hall to call and inform his mother of his father's shooting, Alice disgruntledly looked to Jughead as she couldn't help but wonder if his southside affiliates had anything to do with Fred being shot. In consideration of everything that was already happening, Hal whispered to her that now was not the time to address such a matter. Jughead retorted that at least she couldn't accuse his father of being the shooter considering he was in jail.

After Archie returned from questioning with Sheriff Keller about his father's shooting, Fred's doctor joined them in the lobby to inform them that while they had successfully removed the bullet and stopped the internal bleeding, Fred wasn't breathing on his own, which was quite worrisome. They advised Archie to go home and get cleaned up until a room could be arranged for Fred so that Archie could see him. Alice told him not to worry because Fred was strong stock and a fighter. He wasn't one to leave unfinished business behind.

Alice briefly appeared in one of Fred's dream-like hallucinations following the shooting. She with Hal in the crowd at Archie and Veronica's Scottish themed wedding as Veronica walked down the aisle.[14]

Riverdale; A Haven for Crime


Alice agreeing to look into Ms. Grundy's death

After learning that Ms. Grundy had been murdered in her Greendale home the previous night, Alice was approached by Archie and Betty, who suspected that Fred's shooter and Grundy's murderer were one and the same. With Alice being the first to gain ahold of Jason Blossom's autopsy, Archie was hoping that she could do the same with Grundy's to see if her death lined up with the attack on Fred. Alice agreed to reach out to her friend in the autopsy lab in order to put Archie's mind at ease. As he exited, Alice expressed her concern with Betty's need to spread herself out so thin as the patron saint of lost causes. Furthermore, she told Betty that she can stop her crusade of saving the diner because Pop Tate had already agreed to sell the Chock'lit Shoppe to an anonymous buyer.


Alice and Dr. Curdle examining Ms. Grundy's corpse

That night, she arranged a discreet meeting in the autopsy lab with the very same medical examiner from whom she received Jason's autopsy from, Dr. Curdle. He removed the blanket covering Ms. Grundy's face, revealing lacerations on her neck. Her trachea's been crushed, and the broken veins in her eyes and the tears in her skin suggested brutality. Dr. Curdle determined the murder to be a crime of passion. the killer wanted to feel Ms. Grundy struggle as she died. After Alice handed him an envelope filled with money, as payment for his services, he asked if she knew the victim. Alice replied that she didn't, despite previously meeting Ms. Grundy after learning of her affair with Archie earlier in the school year.

The very next day, Alice stopped by the Andrews house to inform Archie and Fred of what she had learned in relation to Ms. Grundy's murder. There were no signs of forced entry, which probably meant she knew her killer, but the police didn't know if any of her personal belongings were taken. Archie then asked how Ms. Grundy died. The autopsy showed that she was strangled with something the killer grabbed on hand. A cello bow. There was a struggle. She fought back. But, as Alice explained to Archie, this was a crime of passion, in another town with a completely different murder weapon. The likelihood of these two crimes being connected seemed slim.


Alice taking photos

Retro Night at Pop's shoppe had arrived, and Alice decided to stop by for one last root beer float as she wrote her story entitled "Requiem for Pop's." Betty then denied her request for a quote, calling Alice a fiend and telling her that Pop's diner is an obituary that she'll never get to write. While the night started off slow, activity quickly picked up as the night progressed. However, she was taken by surprise with the arrival of three Southside Serpents, during which time Alice took several photos of them with her phone. And while they didn't cause any trouble, some were uneasy with their presence. Later that night, Alice took more photos, but this time of Reggie Mantle, as he dealt drugs to Moose Mason and Midge Klump in the parking lot of the diner.

As the night came to an end and the diner cleared out, Alice informed Betty that several drug deals went down right under her nose. And if she thought that Hiram Lodge, Riverdale's answer to Scarface, helped Pop Tate for altruistic reasons, Alice remarked that she had a bridge to sell Betty. The Serpents have now officially crossed the tracks and have a toehold on the north side. So, she sarcastically congratulated Betty for almost single-handedly being responsible for giving crime a haven in Riverdale.[15]


Alice receiving the Black Hood's letter

Alice received an envelope on her doorstep in the days following of an unexpected shooting at Lover's Lane, where the two teens, who she had previously witnessed in a drug exchange outside of Pop's, were shot. Upon opening the envelope, she made a startling discovery, that it contained a letter from the killer, taking responsibility for shooting Fred, Moose, and Midge, as well as killing Geraldine Grundy in Greendale. While they were skeptical of the legitimacy of the letter, the supposed killer, who is now calling himself the Black Hood, provided evidence of these heinous crimes, included in the envelope was Fred's missing wallet and Geraldine's red sunglasses.


Alice and Hal at the Mayor's office with the Sherifff

After sharing the letter with Betty, Alice and Hal rushed over to the Mayor's office, where they turned the evidence over to Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller. In the spirit of public safety, Mayor McCoy suggested that they refrain from publishing the letter. However, Alice felt it was their responsibility to inform the community of the public threat and to make them aware that a killer was walking freely about Riverdale, targeting his next victim. Sheriff Keller requested a media black-out for at least the next twenty-four hours, as printing such an article would cause town-wide panic. In light of this, he'd be taking the letter into evidence, claiming that he would send them a copy afterward. However, there was no need to considering that she and Hal had made their own copy just before sending it to the printer for tomorrow's front page.


Polly telling Alice, Hal, and Betty that she's leaving town

The next day, following the publishing of the Black Hood's letter, Polly announced that she would be leaving Riverdale to live at the Farm. She had already called ahead to make sure they still had room for her. What Farm, Alice asked. Polly replied that she was referring to the very same farm that she and Jason were going to run off to before he was murdered. Polly's sudden need to leave town stemmed from the fear of the killer targeting sinners, who she accused Alice of baiting. With Polly being an unwed mother that was carrying her cousin's babies, it was entirely conceivable that she could become a target of the Black Hood. However, Alice refused to allow Polly to leave, "over my dead body are you gonna run off to some farm and give birth in a trough, no doubt.", she said, to which Polly replied that it may be over Alice's dead body, but it won't be over hers or her babies' body.[16]

Exacerbating Rivalries


Alice using her voice to spread hate among Riverdale sides

The spread of the criminal activities of the Black Hood only served to embitter the animosity between the two sides of the town; animosity further fueled by Alice Cooper's articles.

Following the discovery of Polly's escape, Alice and Hal gathered around the dining room table with Betty, who had let her go without alerting her parents, to discuss the consequences. When Betty tried to justify her actions for helping her sister, Alice burst into tears, revealing how she was constantly terrified for her daughters' safety knowing there was a killer on the loose. Disappointed by her daughter's acting behind her and thus preventing her from protecting them, labeling their mother as a monster, Alice left the room, leaving Hal and Alice to cope with the revelation.

After receiving a letter from the Black Hood at the Blue and Gold, Betty showed part of the letter - the encrypted message - to her mother. Alice immediately showed the letter to Sheriff Keller, asserting that the killer was frightened by her and, therefore, had targeted her daughter to send further messages. Alice also informed the sheriff that she had already posted the encrypted message on The Register so that all citizens could have the chance to try to decipher it.


Alice suggesting harsh measures during Town Hall's meeting

The following evening, Alice took part in a meeting at the Town Hall to discuss the actions to be taken to capture the serial killer. During the Sheriff's speech, Alice likened the police department's actions to the Red Circle's plan and expressed that it had come time to solve the real problem of Riverdale; the Southside. Although Mayor McCoy tried to stop Alice's speech, focusing exclusively on the Black Hood, Alice snorted, continuing to feed and give voice to the indignation of a town; the reporter suggested closing the Southside High School, a drug spreading center, and also suggested increasing police patrols. Alice was opposed by Fred Andrews, who claimed that demonizing one another was counterproductive. Alice was about to reply when Betty and Jughead burst into the meeting, saying the Black Hood was headed to the Town Hall according to the message they deciphered. Alice had no time to reply before Betty had the meeting evacuated. Shortly after, at Cooper house, Betty handled the letter she received from the Black Hood to her mother, with Sheriff Keller, Mayor McCoy, Jughead and her father standing by. [17]

Secret Serpent Past


Alice entering Betty's room

Bringing the basket of clean clothes to Betty's room, Alice found her daughter on the phone and scolded her for late night calls, suspecting Betty was talking to Jughead. Alice was disappointed by Betty and Jughead's relationship, claiming that now he was showing his true colors by associating himself with the Southside Serpents. Alice, then, blamed Jughead for Betty's stunt at the Town Hall, pulling the fire alarm to evacuate the room. Concerned for her daughter, Alice imposed a rigid curfew, ordering her daughter to return straight home after school.

Meanwhile, Alice continued her campaign to discredit the Southsiders, blaming them for recent criminal actions. In the latest article, Alice throws discredit on the SoDale project and the Lodge Industries, much to Hermione and Hiram's annoyance.

Next day, Alice received a visit from Sheriff Keller, telling her about recent developments in analyzing the letters sent to Betty by the Black Hood. From the moment that there was no matching with the original letter sent to The Register, the sheriff assumed it was a copycat or a prankster, leading Alice to suspect that code and letter had been created by Betty and Jughead to get attention, taking inspiration from a Nancy Drew book.


Alice showing Betty the article about her past that Betty published

Sometime later, Alice went to Pop's for her usual meal and Pop Tate's supportive words alarmed Alice, who realized that all the customers were staring at her. Alice, then, discovered that Betty had published on the front page of the Blue and Gold a defamatory article about Alice's arrest during her adolescence, titled "Alice Cooper's Secret Serpent Past". Once at home, Alice questioned Betty on how she found about the article since she had erased any trace from any public archive. Mother and daughter had a bickering about Alice's "holier-than-thou" attitude, and Alice realized that Betty's action had been made out of revenge. Alice ripped the newspaper page, barely holding back her tears while staring back at her daughter before Betty left the kitchen.

Few days after, Alice showed up at the SoDale Gala Opening, completely owning the scene in a fabulous red snake print dress and a golden snake-shaped necklace. Alice left the various attendants totally astonished, including her husband who had just finished saying to Hiram Lodge that wasn't a good idea for Alice to show up in public after the defamatory article. Later, Alice barely avoided appearing bored during Hiram's speech to his guest. [18]


Alice gathers everyone who was in Nick's party and their parents too

Alice decided to reunite the crème de la crème of Riverdale, which is the parents of her daughter Betty's friends, in her living room to deal with what happened at Nick St. Clair's party. Alice quickly judged the party as a "bacchanal", pointing out that only her Betty was smart enough not to use drugs. Hiram Lodge immediately replied to Alice's harsh insinuations about those who used Jingle Jangle, suggesting her to be careful at throwing stones by recalling her mugshot Betty recently printed on the newspaper's front page. Meanwhile, without paying much attention to Hiram, Alice tried to eavesdrop Kevin, Veronica and Archie talking about Betty and Jughead's break up but without hearing much. The conversation about how the drug came to the party quickly led Mayor McCoy to take harsh measures, much to Alice's complacency to see the Southside blamed for it and actions are taken to prevent further crime coming to the Northside. [19]

While doing household chores, Alice was approached by Betty with a request to be taken to the prison the next day, since FP Jones was released from prison and Betty wanted to be there for Jughead. Betty also put Alice aware that Jughead was officially a Serpent now, to which Alice replied she was not surprised at all. To show support to her daughter, Alice brought Betty and Jughead to prison, much to FP's surprise. Alice greeted FP with her usual wit, asking him if it's true that men just released from prison are sexually frustrated, creating embarrassment for Betty and Jughead and amusement in the ex-convict.


Alice meddling in FP's plans now that he's out of prison

They then went to celebrate at Pop's shoppe for a snack, during which time Alice warned FP to watch his back since the Black Hood was targeting sinners. Alice remained quite impassive to the revelation that FP would not rejoin the Serpents and wanted to know what intentions he had. FP replied he was thinking about asking Pop Tate for the wanted job as a busboy. Alice insisted with her snide remarks, addressing his alcoholism and FP said that he had joined A.A. in prison and that he was willing to continue with the program.

The following evening, Alice was shocked to discover that Betty was willing to go to FP's party at the Whyte Wyrm. She immediately rushed to Pop's shoppe to argue with FP, stating that she wouldn't allow their kids to make the same mistakes they did. When FP told her that she was overreacting, Alice asked him if he was high on fumes.


Alice is shocked by Betty's performance

Since there was no way to prevent Betty from going to the Whyte Wyrm's party, Alice went with her daughter. She wore clothes suitable for the occasion, like a black leather jacket on a black dress and heavy dark makeup. Once joined by Jughead, Alice said she wasn't able to convince Betty to dress appropriately and then asked Tequila to the barman.

Coming back from the toilet, Alice was appalled to see Betty performing in lingerie on the stage. Despite FP covered her with his jacket, and distracted bystanders' attention with a speech, Alice left the bar after trying in vain to take Betty with her. [20]

A cheerful Alice appeared briefly in one of Betty's nightmare about the Black Hood coming for her in a Santa Claus costume covered in blood, and her corpse was seen along those of her husband and Polly as the Black Hood crawled the couch to get Betty before she woke up.

Alice was baking Polly's favorite Christmas cookies when Betty returned home in the evening, hoping that a Christmas miracle would bring Polly back home. Alice told Betty that a gift from her Secret Santa has been delivered to them and that she had brought it to her room. [21]

Meeting her long-lost son

Alice came home from the grocery store, and started rambling with Betty about Mayor McCoy's schemes that led to the closure of Southside High. As soon as Betty mentioned Polly, Alice immediately became cheerful, starting to talk about nursery rooms and other baby needs. Betty, silencing her recent meeting with her sister, asked her mother if she had news about her but Alice said she didn't.

The following day, Betty gathered her parents into the kitchen to confess that Polly had the twins. While Hal tried to cope with the news, Alice could hardly stop her tears, realizing that her eldest daughter had cut them off from her and her children's life. Alice immediately asked Betty if Polly was alright and the children were healthy, slightly reassured by Betty's positive reply. Betty, then, proceeded to reveal another secret. After a recent digging, she had found her biological brother, given up for adoption many years before. Betty barely had time to mention his name, Charles, that Hal scolded her severely and Alice avoided arguing further with her husband, clearly upset by the recent revelation, and consenting to end the conversation.

Later that night, Alice went to Betty's bedroom to tell her that she intended to see Charles.


Alice crying after her first meeting with Chic.

The next day, Alice and Betty went to the address Betty had obtained through Ms. Weiss, Jughead's social worker, and asked an employee at the Last Resort Hostel where they could find Charles Smith. The man directed them to the room 27, and mother and daughter walked the shabby corridor until they dared to enter the room. Once inside, Alice introduced herself and Betty to a young man sitting in the dim light of the room. Before Alice could reveal who she was, the blonde man claimed to know who she was; the Sisters of Quiet Mercy had given her the name and address to him when, eighteen years old, they had kicked him out of the facility. He revealed that he had passed near the house, and Alice asked him why he had not wanted to meet them. Charles unleashed his frustration as a son abandoned to Alice and Betty and when Alice tried to justify himself, he corrected her, saying his name was "Chic", not Charles, and sent them out because he was waiting for a client's visit. Alice looked around, asking him what kind of work he did for living, but he sent them away, scoffing at Alice's concern. Once out of the hostel, Alice just had time to get in the car when she burst into tears, hugged by Betty.

The following evening, Betty returned home with Chic, who had been beaten up by a guy at the hostel and was bleeding from his arm. Alice and Hal immediately rushed to medicate his wound. and then give him Polly's room for the night, wishing him good-night and Alice reassured him that he would be safe in their house. [22]

Physical Appearance

Alice is a beautiful middle-aged woman with an elegantly slender, feminine physique. She has blonde hair, tan skin and grey eyes that sometimes appear blue. Her style choice reflects, the parts of her personality that she often tries to display; this is seen by her dressing professionally, in a smart, neat manner often featuring pencil skirts and flattering blouses. She pairs this with a natural and pretty makeup look, which makes her look attractive and intelligent but also allows her to seem like she always came from the 'right side of town'.

Her sexier side was revealed, however, when she was exposed as a miscreant of the Southside- her former home- and she confidently waltzed into the open house of the Lodges in a red snakeskin romper with a plunging neckline. This proved that she could always get anyone's attention if she needed it and furthermore, she was not ashamed of who she was, she paired the show stopping look with a matching gold snake necklace, teasing the town that she still had a bit of a bad girl flare in her.


Alice is a very protective parent when it comes to her family, especially to Betty, whom she was quite over-protective of when she found out that Polly was with child. Alice is also quite sneaky when she wants to get information on something or on someone. She is also quite manipulative at times when she wants to play her mind games in order to get intel out of someone.

Alice is also quite judgmental toward others, as she was quite judgmental towards Betty's friends in the beginning, while also to her friends' parents as well. Especially toward Jughead and FP due to their status and also having a connection to the Southside Serpents. Because of this, she often accuses the Jones boys of criminal activities and their biker gang, even though she was previously affiliated.


FP Jones

You're still hot, Alice. Too bad you're a stick in the mud.
— FP to Alice[src]
Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend FP vs Alice (1)

Alice questioning FP on what is he doing on the Northside of town

Alice and FP have known each other for years, dating back at least to their high school years. Just like FP is now, there was a time when Alice was a member of the Southside Serpents, however, that was during her adolescents. Alice later left the Serpents for reasons that remain unknown, though she cut all ties with them before crossing over to the Northside. During those earlier years of living on the Southside of Riverdale, Alice was troublemaker. While it is unknown if she and FP were friends or not, they undeniably hold a great amount of disdain towards one another, though this appears to be due to Alice's "holier than thou" attitude, and her willingness to blame the Serpents for any and all criminal activities that are committed throughout town. Due to their past history together, FP is at least aware of some of Alice's darkest secrets that were once part of her dark past, such as her reputable criminal background as a Serpent.

Mary Andrews

You have been playing the same game since junior high, and it was tiring back then.
Mary to Alice[src]
Mary and Alice Season 1 Episode 11

Mary and Alice doing there makeup

Not much is known about Alice and Mary's past, however, they met before the start of the series when they were in high school. Mary left Riverdale some years later after she and Fred were separated. Two years after her departure, Alice came face-to-face with Mary, who had returned to Riverdale in preparation for the Homecoming dance. It was in the restroom that Alice confronted Mary on her attending the dance with Fred and Hermione despite their secret affair. Even though Mary had left, she claimed that nothing much had changed ,as she saw straight through Alice's juvenile tactics, the same ones she had been using since Junior High.

Hermione Lodge

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Alice Hermione (1)

Hermione and Alice having a discussion at Pop's

Hermione and Alice have known each other for years, as they both grew up in Riverdale. Their rivalry dates back as far as high school. A rivalry that proved lasting once Hermione moved back into town with her daughter, Veronica Lodge, after many years of living in New York. In spite of their differences, Hermione was more than willing to put their differences aside for their kids' sake, having proven this several times, such as when she invited Alice to join her at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where they discussed Polly's future and baby shower.

Jughead Jones


The relationship between Alice Cooper and Jughead Jones is quite complicated due to her hate for the Southside Serpents and the Jones family's ties with them. However, she is forced to deal with Jughead regularly due to his relationship with her daughter. Alice doesn't trust either of the Jones men, seeing them as nothing more than trouble makers, often fearing that Jughead's ties to the Southside are not only a bad influence on Betty, but that one day she may end up being dragged into something she had no business in because of her relationship with him. Alice claims to like Jughead, but her actions have often proved otherwise.

Betty Cooper

Main article: Alice and Betty
I'm terrified. Every time that you walk out that door, every time that I call you, and you don't pick up the phone, my heart stops. But how am I suppose to protect you two girls, right, when you go and do this? And then you try to make me the monster!
— Alice to Betty[src]

Betty and Alice at Pop's after Retro Night

Presumably, Alice and Betty had a good, if strict, relationship before elder sister Polly began dating Jason Blossom. However, after her sister was sent to live in a group home, Alice became even more controlling and placed immense pressure on Betty's shoulders to be perfect in every way and their relationship became strained because of this. They both share a hunger for justice and are both writers for the town's newspapers, The Register. Even though Alice and her daughter, Betty, may not see eye to eye on most subjects, they both care deeply for one another, and are often there by each other's side in a time of need.

Polly Cooper

Main article: Alice and Polly
She's always sorry... until she does the next thing.
— Polly to Betty about Alice[src]
Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Alice Polly (3)

Alice and Polly bond with each other at the Baby Shower

Presumably, Alice and Polly had a good relationship before Polly began dating Jason Blossom, the son of a family she despised. When Alice found out about the two, she was furious and tried to break them up. She was thrilled when Jason's parents forced him to do so, despite her daughter's heartbreak, damaging her relationship with Polly. Their relationship wasn't so great once Alice found out that Polly was pregnant with Jason's child. After she discovered Polly's pregnancy, she and Hal secretly had their daughter forcibly locked away at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, a group home for troubled youths, where they had planned for Polly to give the baby up for adoption once he or she was born. To cover up Polly's pregnancy, Alice and Hal told everyone, including Betty, that Polly had a nervous breakdown when Jason broke up with her, and that was why she was sent to live at a group home. There relationship currently estranged, but they are trying to strengthen their relationship. However, since Polly has left town, their relationship has yet to be repaired.

Hal Cooper

Main article: Alice and Hal
Shove it Hal.
— Alice telling Hal to shove it[src]

Alice and Hal at the SoDale Gala Opening

Alice and Hal grew up together in Riverdale and were High School sweethearts. During their senior year at Riverdale High, Alice learned that she was pregnant with her first child. At the homecoming dance, she told him about the pregnancy, which lead to a big fight between the two, as Hal wanted Alice to abort the baby while Alice wanted to deliver it. She then went to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, where she lived for five months until the birth of her son, who the sister's arranged to be quietly adopted. Alice and Hal later went on to marry and have two daughters together, Betty and Polly. They went on to own the local newspaper, The Riverdale Register. After Polly got pregnant, and it was revealed that Hal secretly tried to have Polly get an abortion, Alice's relationship with her husband drastically changed, resulting in her kicking him out the house. Alice has also admitted to Betty, when speaking about her father, there were things she regretted telling him, as he used her secrets against her.

Penelope Blossom

Enough! Both of you! This is why Jason is dead. Because of this pointless, stupid fighting. We were supposed to be together, and you didn't let us have that, either of you. And you know what, it cost Jason his life.
Polly to Penelope and Alice on their relationship.[src]
Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Penelope and Alice

Alice and Penelope at Polly's Baby Shower

Alice and Penelope grew up in Riverdale, and they've been rivals since the two of them were in High School, which is a rivalry that carries on to this very day. The two rarely cross paths with each other, but when when they do, it hardly ever ends well. However, they do have one thing in common, they are both part of two of the wealthiest families in Riverdale. Their two families even engaged in a past business deal, which resulted in monthly payments dating back 75 years from Blossom Maple Farms to Lodge Industries, that is up until Hiram Lodge's arrest.


Season 1

Season 2


  • She owns the local newspaper known as The Register with her husband, Hal.
  • She was crowned homecoming queen.
  • She went to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy when she was a teenager because she was pregnant.
  • She was pregnant with a boy named Chic, and proceeded with a quiet adoption arranged by the sisters.
  • She was actually arrested in her home in Southside, before the birth of Polly and Betty, and before the marriage of her and Hal.


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