I do everything, for everyone. Everything to be perfect. The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student.. Can't I do this one thing just for me?
— Betty to Alice, before the Semi-formal[src]

The mother-daughter relationship between Alice and Betty Cooper is quite complicated due to elder Cooper daughter Polly's relationship with Jason Blossom, as well as Alice's controlling nature. However, their relationship is slowly recovering. Over the course of the series, there relationship has got much stronger than what it originally started out to be. As appears, Alice it quite closer to Betty than she is with her older daughter Polly. Due to Polly's recent history, often at times, when Alice is going through a tough and emotional state in her life, Betty is usually the one whose there for to comfort her. It may also be possible that Betty maybe the only child of Alice that knows most of her secrets, due to Polly's absentee most of the time.


Presumably, Alice and Betty had a good, if strict, relationship before elder sister Polly began dating Jason Blossom. However, after her sister was sent to live in a group home, Alice became even more controlling and placed immense pressure on Betty's shoulders to be perfect in every way and their relationship became strained.

Throughout RiverdaleEdit

Season 1Edit

Alice had a brief mother-to-daughter chat with Betty, shortly before she left for her first day of Sophomore year. She informed her daughter that the coming year would be very important for college applications. Grades, extracurricular activities and athletics would all play a major role, but most importantly, she must strive maintain a decent character. Alice didn't want Betty to end up like her eldest daughter, Polly. She had also a bright future ahead of her, before she became involved with Jason Blossom. Betty hadn't forgotten and told her mother that Archie wasn't Jason, so they shouldn't be compared. Alice claimed to only want the best for her daughter, but for that to happen, Betty must remain focused.

That night, excited to be attending the Semi-formal dance with Archie, alongside Veronica Lodge, Betty danced around her room, wearing her newly earned River Vixen uniform. However, upon discovery, Alice was extremely displeased to learn that Betty had joined the cheer leading team, Cheryl Blossom's team, and demanded that Betty take off the uniform immediately, as the Blossom and Cooper parents had an on-going feud. However, Betty refused. She was tired of being the perfect daughter, sister, and student. She wanted one thing for herself and informed Alice that she would be staying on the team. Before leaving, she informed her mother of her plans for the school dance. Alice attempted to explain that girls like Cheryl and Veronica weren't really friends, but Betty didn't stick around to listen.[1]

The morning after Jason's body was found washed up on the shores of Sweetwater River, Alice and Hal informed Betty that due to the scandal surrounding his death, they'd be having a lot of late nights at the local newspaper they ran together, The Register . No one cared about an accidental drowning, but the murder of the sociopathic son of the wealthiest family in town was bound to make headlines. Alice then told Betty the thing she loved most about her is that she always wanted to see the good in people, like Cheryl Blossom as well as Archie and Veronica, who had shared a kiss despite knowing Betty had feelings for Archie, but since their betrayal, she now should see their true colors.

To get back at Veronica, Betty went for manicures with Cheryl before ending the day at the Cooper house, however Cheryl was only interested in finding out about Polly. After Cheryl left, Alice burst into Betty's room with sage, hoping to banish the evil spirits that Cheryl may have brought in with her. Betty asked about her sister and Alice professed to have told Polly about Jason's death, but claimed that half the time Polly didn't even know what day it was. She was against Polly and Jason being together for many reasons, one of which being that everything the Blossoms touched, rotted.[2]

Hot off the presses, Alice handed Betty their latest print from The Register, it read: "CHERYL BLOSSOM GUILTY AS SIN!". As much as people were loving the coverage, Betty suggested that she stop sensationalising Jason's murder. However, as the owner of the paper, she felt it was her duty to keep the residents of Riverdale informed. Betty believed that her mother should be writing about the real story, like who was holding him captive? Who shot him? Why he was frozen? Alice advised Betty to come join her and her father at the Register if she was so keen on reporting the facts. Betty chose to reopen the school newspaper, The Blue and Gold, instead.

Season 1 Episode 3 Betty Alice

Alice disapproves of Betty wearing Polly's lipstick.

The following night, she couldn't help but notice the new shade of lipstick Betty was applying, a shade that she didn't believe was a good fit for Betty. It belonged to Polly, who notably grew up too fast, and Alice would rather her other daughter not make the same mistake, thus she wiped the lipstick from Betty's lips.[3]

After Betty confronted Archie over his relationship with his music teacher, Ms.Grundy, at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, Alice picked her up and drove her home, but not before reminding Betty that she was instructed to no longer hang out with Archie and Veronica.  

A couple days later, Alice and husband Hal paid Fred Andrews a visit, where they asked Fred if he could assist on his end with keeping Archie and Betty apart. Alice insisted that their relationship was toxic, and that the two teens could benefit from some separation. Later that same day, as Alice was putting Betty's laundry away, she found a hand gun in her daughter's dresser drawer. Shocked, she quickly read Betty's diary in search of an explanation, where she then learned of Archie's relationship with his teacher. 

Alice rounded up Betty and Fred, and the three of them headed to the school, where they caught Archie and Geraldine Grundy together. Alice confronted Geraldine, as she never thought that she'd see such a day, having always believed that the one thing they could keep their children safe from was child predators. She decided that the next step was to report Geraldine to Sheriff Keller, and let the law take over. Betty asked why her mother was so persistent in putting Ms. Grundy on trial, however, Alice explained it was more so about Archie than anything else, she wanted Betty to see the person that he truly was. Archie admitted that she was right about him, that he was selfish and stupid, but he pleaded with Alice to not hurt Ms. Grundy because of him. In an effort to protect Archie, Betty threatened to tell everyone that she had broken into Ms. Grundy's car, robbed her (of the gun), and made up the story of her affair with Archie. It would be like she had finally snapped, just like Polly. Which would only further prove what people already thought: that crazy ran in the Cooper family. Backed into a corner, Alice agreed not tell anyone about Archie and Ms. Grundy, but only if she quit her job and left town immediately.

Season 1 Episode 4 Betty Alice

Alice won't have anymore secrets between her and Betty.

Back at home later on, as tears filled her eyes, Alice explained that Polly kept so much from her, she wouldn't allow the same to happen with Betty, who then explained to her mother that she was Elizabeth, not Polly, and that Archie was not Jason.[4]

Hoping to discover where Polly was, as her parents refused to tell her, Betty invited Jughead over for breakfast at her house, with her mother. Jughead asked for directions to the bathroom, and as planned, Alice escorted him, which provided a long enough distraction for Betty to go through her mother's purse and take photos of her check book. From one the checks, Betty and Jughead found Polly at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy group home where it was revealed that Polly was pregnant with Jason's baby, and that she had no idea Jason had been murdered. Soon after, however, Betty was escorted to a room and kept there until her mother arrived who explained that she was notified by the sisters that Polly had received visitors.

Before leaving the facility, Alice had a run-in with Polly, who confronted her over Jason's death, Polly was pulled away by two orderlies, but not before Betty told her that she loved her, and promised she would get Polly out of there. After returning home, Betty was lectured by her parents, but she defended her actions as Polly needed to know the truth. Betty then accused her father of not only breaking into Sheriff Keller's house, and stealing the files on Jason's murder, but possibly being the murderer. Alice laughed hysterically at the notion that Hal could be Jason Blossom's killer. She claimed he didn't have the stomach for it, though she wished he had done it, or that she had done it, as Jason deserved it after what he did to Polly. She then told Betty that she was beginning to sound just as crazy as Polly, and that she may not believe them when they said Polly was crazy, but she would obey them. Later that night, Betty and Jughead returned to the group home intending to retrieve Polly, but found that she had escaped on her own through her bedroom window.[5]

Alice was a part of a search party to find Polly, which had been organized by Betty and Jughead, encompassing the eastern part of Eversgreen Forest, the direction Polly would have gone if she was attempting to leave Riverdale unnoticed. During their search, the Coopers had a heated argument with the Blossom family, who were leading a search of their own. Penelope Blossom accused the Coopers of hiding Polly, a potential suspect in Jason's murder. Since the search was ultimately unsuccessful and to get ahead of the suspicions, Alice was forced to come forward. With Betty by her side, she held a press conference and dismissed all the negative rumours and announced that Polly was pregnant with Jason's child.

At breakfast the next morning, Betty questioned if Polly could return home, to which Alice said yes. Betty then asked where the baby would sleep and Alice claimed that Polly had decided to give the child up for adoption, unaware that Betty had secretly found Polly the night before, hidden in the attic, and knew her sister wanted to keep her child.[6]

Since she had nowhere else to go, Hermione Lodge allowed Polly to live with her and Veronica at The Pembrooke, which outraged Alice who showed up the the high school to speak with Betty and Veronica. Betty immediately defended Veronica, as well as her sister. She told her mother that Polly keeping her baby was not Alice's choice, only Polly's, and that her choice was whether or not she wanted to be a part of Polly's life going forward. Betty informed her mother of the baby shower she and the Lodge's were planning for Polly, but told her she could only attend if she would be loving and supportive, like a proper grandmother-to-be.

Ultimately, Alice decided to go to the shower, which pleased Betty, and for the most part, with Betty's help, behaved herself, though it was difficult for her around Penelope and Cheryl Blossom, who had also been invited. She tolerated them, as she was grateful to be there. However she was unable to restrain herself when Cheryl and Penelope invited Polly to live with them at Thornhill, and told her that she and the baby would want for nothing. They argued which upset Polly. After the shower ended, Betty told her mother she had to make things right with Polly. Alice apologized and she and Betty then tried to convince Polly to return home, however Polly revealed that, before Polly was sent away, Hal Cooper had made an appointment for Polly to get and abortion behind Alice's back.

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Alice Betty

Betty comforts her mother

After kicking her husband out of the house for making the doctor's appointment, Alice was left heartbroken when Polly still decided to live with the Blossoms. She was informed of Polly's decision by Betty who comforted her mother as she cried.[7]

While Betty and Jughead are kissing in her room one morning, Alice interrupted and announced that she would be writing a searing exposé on the Blossom family. While it may not bring Polly home, it would make Alice feel better. She had heard that the Blossom Maple Farms company board of trustees was descending on Riverdale, much to the suspicion of Alice and she just needed a way in to find out what was happening. Alice was of the opinion that Polly had made her choice but Betty refused to believe that, she just needed a way in.

Her way in came in the form of Archie Andrews, who had been invited to the Blossom family annual tree tapping event as well as a banquet the Blossom family was hosting for the board at the Belmont Lodge, as Cheryl's date. Archie told Betty and Alice that he had spoken to Polly and he did not think she would be returning home. Archie also told Alice that, after all the scandal surrounding Jason and Polly, they might try to steal the company away from Clifford Blossom. Alice was positively giddy at the news of a hostile takeover. Betty reminded her that Polly was still with the Blossoms and not to upset her but Alice did not want to hear anymore about Polly, that she had betrayed them. However, Betty knew that her mother missed her, even if she wouldn't show it.

Story written, Alice arrived at The Riverdale Register with Betty where they presented Hal him with a USB flash drive that contained a tell-all exposé of the corruption surrounding the Blossom family. With motive and the capacity to see it through, Alice and Betty decided it was time for the Blossoms to answer for all the harm they had caused, everything up to and including them taking Polly, who was currently residing at Thornhill. However, Hal refused to publish Alice's article as it would only serve her personal vendetta against the family. Having been bitter after getting kicked out of the house, Hal changed the login password for the Registers' computer, in preparation that the day would come when Alice would require it's service. He explained that he was kicking her out of the Register just as she kicked him out of their home and that she was fired. Alice and Betty left, but Alice was so consumed with anger, she shouted that she wanted her daughter back, and threw a large rock through the shop's door, shattering the glass, much to Hal and Betty's shock.

Later, Betty revealed to her mother that Archie had informed her that Polly is okay and safe. Polly did not choose the Blossom family over her own family, the Coopers, but she went there to spy on the Blossoms so she could find out the truth about Jason's death. Alice is relieved but reveals that after writing the exposé, she was feeling like Polly was never going to come back home. Betty comforted mother her and assured her that Polly would come home. Polly and Jughead then asked Alice to join them at The Blue and Gold.[8]


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