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The husband and wife relationship between Hal and Alice Cooper is strained due to Hal's attitude towards their elder daughter Polly's pregnancy by Jason Blossom.

History Edit

Prior to the start of the series, Alice and Hal were high school sweethearts, before they married and had two daughters, Betty and Polly. They own the local newspaper together, The Riverdale Register.

Due to Hal's family's history with the Blossoms, they harbor a deep hatred for members of the Blossom family.

Season 1 Edit

Hal stood alongside Alice, as the local authorities brought Penelope and Cliff Blossom to the shores of Sweetwater River to retrieve their daughter Cheryl, just after the mysterious drowning of Jason Blossom. Alice commented to her husband, she hoped Jason had suffered. The following week, he returned to the shore with his wife and daughter, they were forced to stand by as Jason's body was found and brought to land.[1]

The morning after Jason's body was found, Alice and Hal informed Betty that due to the scandal surrounding his death, they'd be having a lot of late nights at the local newspaper they ran together, The Register. Giddy, Alice said that no one cared about an accidental drowning, but the murder of the sociopathic son of the wealthiest family in town was bound to make headlines. Hal reminded her that Jason was barely in his grave but Alice cut him off and dismissively asked him to start the car.[2]

Hal and Alice attended the first annual Taste of Riverdale event, in celebration of the upcoming 75th anniversary of their town. Once there, Hal was forced to assist in breaking up a violent altercation between his wife and Penelope Blossom, who was angry about what the Coopers had been writing in their newspaper.[3]

After their daughter had missed curfew a few times, Hal and Alice knocked on the door of the Andrews house, Hal first apologized to Fred Andrews for coming unannounced, but it had been a rough couple months for them. Before Hal could finish his sentence, Alice cut him off, she insisted that Archie and Betty stop spending time together. Alice claimed their friendship was toxic, on both sides, and their recent behavior reflected that. After seeing that Fred didn't agree with them, Alice pulled her husband back home.[4]

Having learned that Betty and Jughead secretly visited Polly at the Sisters of Quiet Mercy group home where Alice and Hal had hidden Polly to conceal her pregnancy by Jason Blossom, he questioned if Betty had found what she was looking for while she was there. Much to her disappointment, she hadn't. Betty defended her actions as Polly needed to know the truth, she then accused her father of not only breaking into Sheriff Keller's house, and stealing the files on Jason's murder, but possibly being the murderer. Hal had not attended closing night for the Twilight Drive-In, nor was he with Alice the night of the break-in, as well, he hated the Blossom family for allegedly stealing the Cooper family legacy, and Polly being pregnant with Jason's child, which gave Hal motive. Alice laughed hysterically at the notion that Hal could be Jason Blossom's killer. She claimed he didn't have the stomach for it, though she wished he had done it, or that she had done it, as Jason deserved it after what he did to Polly. She then told Betty that she was beginning to sound just as crazy as Polly, and that she may not believe them when they said Polly was crazy, but she would obey them.[5]

Following Polly's escape from the group home, Hal, Alice, Betty, and many other residents of Riverdale orchestrated a search party in an effort to find her. They began in Eversgreen Forest, and headed East since that's the direction Polly would have gone in if she wanted to leave town unnoticed. After a tense run-in with the Blossoms, Alice announced to the town that Polly was pregnant with Jason's child. The next morning, Hal and Alice were asked a number of questions by Betty, such as if Polly and the baby would be staying with them at the house. They assured Betty that Polly would be welcomed back home but lied to Betty and told her that Polly decided to give the child up for adoption. Hal stated that that was the only option available to her. However, Betty already knew that they weren't telling her the truth as she had secretly found Polly the night before and knew she wanted to keep her child. Since she couldn't return home, Betty made arrangements for Polly to stay at The Pembrooke with Veronica and Hermione Lodge.[6]

Season 1 Episode 8 Alice Hal

Alice confronts Hal over Polly.

After attending Polly's baby shower that the Lodge's and Betty had held, Alice confronted Hal over the appointment he had supposedly made for Polly behind Alice's back, so that she could fix her 'mistake', following the discovery her pregnancy. She shoved him in a fit of rage, as Hal did to Polly, exactly what he had done to her before they married. Hal explained that he did not involve her because he knew she would overreact. He said she was not ready and that neither was Polly. Alice wondered why sending Polly to the Sisters wasn't enough, to which Hal explained that Polly's life was being ruined by that mistake, and he refused to be party to raising a child that had Blossom blood. However, Alice was intent on Polly moving back in, so, with tears filling her eyes, she screamed at Hal to get out before she did something that they both regretted. After a beat, Hal turned and left.[7]

Season 1 Episode 9 Alice Hal Register

"I want my daughter back, you bastard!"

They reunited when Alice arrived at The Riverdale Register with Betty where they presented him with a USB flash drive that contained a tell-all exposé of the corruption surrounding the Blossom family. With motive and the capacity to see it through, Alice and Betty decided it was time for the Blossoms to answer for all the harm they had caused, everything up to and including them taking Polly, who was currently residing at Thornhill. However, Hal refused to publish Alice's article as it would only serve her personal vendetta against the family. Having been bitter after getting kicked out of the house, Hal changed the login password for the Registers' computer, in preparation that the day would come when Alice would require it's services. He explained that he was kicking her out of the Register just as she kicked him out of their home and that she was fired. Alice and Betty left, but Alice was so consumed with anger, she shouted that she wanted her daughter back, and threw a large rock through the shop's door, shattering the glass, much to Hal's shock.[8]

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References Edit

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