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"I was born alone. I'll die alone. I'll sing alone. I'll be okay."
—Archie to Valerie[src]

Archibald "Archie" Andrews is the main character on Riverdale. He is portrayed by KJ Apa.

Archie is a student at Riverdale High School, a budding musician, and a football player for the Riverdale Bulldogs. His team number is nine, which was Jason Blossom's former number.

Character DescriptionEdit

An intense, conflicted teen, a high school sophomore who got in shape over summer and now has to handle newfound attention from his female classmates. He struggles balancing his social life with his passion for writing and performing music — against the wishes of his father and his football coach.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Archie grew up in Riverdale the only child of Fred and Mary Andrews. His parents separated two years ago (Age 13) and his mother moved to Chicago, leaving him to be raised by his father. Archie, Betty Cooper, and Jughead Jones are childhood friends, but he and Jughead had a falling out after Archie canceled a planned road trip, temporarily disrupting their friendship.

As he entered his adolescence, Archie started attending Riverdale High School, where he joined the football team. He spent the summer before his sophomore year working at his father's company, Andrew's Construction. This proved to be a defining summer for Archie, as he embarked on an illicit affair with his music teacher Geraldine Grundy, and during the course of one of their trysts, was startled by the sound of a gunshot ringing through the morning air. He later discovered that his fellow student Jason Blossom had died under mysterious circumstances. Fearful that their relationship would be discovered, he and Miss Grundy kept what they knew to themselves.

Season 1Edit

The night before returning to school, Archie reunited with Betty after a summer apart at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where he revealed to her that he wanted to pursue his newly-found passion for music. As Betty was on the brink of confessing her romantic feelings for him, he was distracted by the appearance of a new girl: Veronica Lodge. Archie immediately appeared interested, and so Betty stayed silent. At school the next day, Archie approached Josie and the Pussycats with the intention of offering them some songs he had written but was rebuffed. He also asked Miss Grundy to listen to his songs, but she was wary and wanted to distance herself from him after the events of the past summer. Archie expressed his uneasiness about what happened to Jason, but they agreed they had to remain silent.
Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Archie Betty 1

Archie and Betty meet up at Pop's after the summer vacation.

At football tryouts, Archie was offered Jason's spot on the varsity team despite only being a sophomore. Archie was reluctant to accept, citing his father's desire for him to help with the construction company as an excuse. He then ran into Betty and Veronica and agreed to go with them to the back to school dance. When he got home, his dad confronted him after receiving a phone call from Coach Clayton, annoyed that he had lied about the construction company. Archie revealed that he wanted to study music and had no desire to take over the family business.

At the dance later that evening, Archie managed to persuade Ms. Grundy to agree to an independent study so he could work on his music. Betty finally revealed her feelings for him, to Archie's dismay. To make matters worse, at the afterparty, Cheryl Blossom coerced Archie into playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with Veronica. They ended up kissing against their better judgement, and returned to the party to find that Betty had left in distress. Archie set off in search of her, going first to Pop Tate's, where he found Jughead instead. Jughead told him to talk to her, as it would have worked with him. When Archie eventually returned to Betty's house, he told her that he loved her, but he couldn't give her the answer she wanted as he wasn't good enough for her.[2]

Jason Blossom's body washed up on the shore, revealing that he had indeed been killed by a gunshot. Concerned it was the same gunshot he had heard, Archie pleaded with Ms. Grundy to come clean to the police, but she still refused. The matter weighed heavily on his conscience, and after debating it with Jughead, he decided to give the police information. This proved unnecessary, however, as Cheryl had confessed that she was "guilty".[3]

That same morning, after Cheryl had explained what she meant by being guilty, Archie decided to tell the police that he'd also heard the gunshot that morning by the lakeside. However, he didn't include Miss Grundy in this confession, his cover story was that he was there with this dog working on some songs that early morning. When he came home that evening, his father found out about his confession and confronted him. He had lied to his father about being with Jughead on a road trip that July 4th. Archie explained that he didn't want to drag his father into it. Their argument resulted in Archie being grounded for two weeks.

Later on, Cheryl wanted to repay Archie for corroborating her gunshot story. She asked Josie for a favor who then allowed him to observe the Pussycats’ rehearsal for the upcoming Taste of Riverdale event at which they're going to perform. As Archie was still grounded, he sneaked out of the house to attend the rehearsal. Whilst he was there, he wanted the Josie and the Pussycats to perform his songs, but Josie thought otherwise. She was not convinced that he could write for “divas of color” like them, pointing out that his privilege will make it easier for him to enter the music industry. But Archie managed to win her over with his suggestions on tweaking the song a little.

When Archie returned back home that night, Fred caught him sneaking back in and scolded him for breaking the curfew. They had a heated argument when Fred wouldn't allow him to go to the Taste of Riverdale event. Archie wasn't happy that his father didn't understand his interest in music. Fred would have pardoned him if he had a football match, but not for music's sake.

Despite not being allowed, Archie still sneaked into the Taste of Riverdale event meeting Jughead. He explained to Jughead that he had to sneak in because he helped write that song. In the distance, he saw Fred engaging in a conversation with his music teacher, Miss Grundy. They were talking about Archie's music skills, Miss Grundy assured him of his son's talents and how he's a "special kid". Upon hearing this, the next day, Fred made the garage soundproof for Archie to continue practicing his music. Archie was surprised and happy. Archie went to thank Miss Grundy for talking his dad into respecting his choice for pursuing music and asked if they could restart their music lessons.[4]

Archie appeared in Jughead's dream, where he claimed Jughead stabbed him in his back, as he literally had a kitchen knife sticking out of his back. That morning, he ran into Jugead after showering in the boys locker room at the High School. Archie wondered what Jughead was doing there so early, he came to find out that Jughead had been living of a forgotten closet under a staircase, and that he had been living at the Twilight Drive-In before that, his home situation wasn't too good. Jughead's dad fell off the wagon after being fired by Archie's dad. Archie then did what any best friend would do, he offered Jughead to stay at his house, which Jughead declined as as his situation was only temporary.

In the student lounge, Archie noticed a moment shared between Jughead and Betty, where he put his arm around her as she told them about the current situation with Polly. Despite her parents not wanting to go the police, Archie suggested that Betty do it anyways, but Betty decided against it. Afterwards, Archie caught up with Jughead, and confronted him about a comment he had earlier made about not telling Betty about his living situation. Archie surmised that this was due to the fact that Jughead and Betty were a couple, which Jughead admitted was true. He then went on to say that his father was willing to give Jughead's father another chance, but only if FP wanted it. Archie thought it would be a good idea if Jughead went to talk to his father as well.

Archie assisted in the search party throughout Eversgreen Forest for Polly, they initially headed East, towards Sweetwater River. He apologized to Betty for not being there to help with her sister, which Betty said was okay, as he was there helping at that moment. In celebration of FP's first successful day back at Andrews Construction, Archie, Fred, Jughead and FP went out to eat at Pop's shoppe, where the two fathers told stories about their younger years. After diner, Archie, Jughead and FP rocked out in the garage, FP complemented him on his skills, claiming Archie was far better than his father. Before he could leave, Archie asked FP what he meant when he had earlier said that Fred owed him, to which FP explained that he got into trouble after working some odd jobs to support his family, Fred bailed him out, however, he wanted nothing to do with FP afterwards.

Season 1 Episode 7 In a Lonely Place Archie in bed

Archie wondering why his dad screwed FP

Following his jam session with FP, Archie confronted Fred with the story he previously heard that night. Fred explained that FP was stealing from the company and selling things on the side, Fred gave him many chances, but FP insisted on screwing up every time. Fred told Archie that you can't save someone from drowning if they're going to drag you down with them, but Archie didn't believe it was fair for Jughead to drown with FP. The next day, Archie, Betty and Fred headed down to the Sheriff Station as Jughead was taken into custody and interrogated. To Archie's surprise, his father lied to Sheriff Keller, claiming that Jughead was tearing down drywall for Andrews construction on July 11th, which Fred later falsified a time card to prove, Archie was shocked at how good his father was at falsifying work documents, as if he had done it before.

After a tearful moment between FP and Jughead, after leaving the station, Archie once again extended an invitation for Jughead to live with him, as FP got himself together. Jughead initially said no, but later ended up staying there anyways. Archie then apologized about how things went with his father and Jughead's. [5]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Archie training

Archie works out in his room.

Archie is a tall, muscular teenage guy with pale skin, messy, light red hair and brown eyes. While we haven't seen Archie's build before the start of the series, he got 'hot' (according to Kevin) during the summer, as he was working at his father's construction company. Now that he's in shape, he must maintain that appearance in order to keep his position on the Riverdale Bulldogs.



  • Archie appears to be a big fan of the American comic book publisher, DC Comics. He had two posters plastered in his room, one of Batman and another of the Suicide Squad


Season 1Edit


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