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"I was born alone. I'll die alone. I'll sing alone. I'll be okay."
—Archie to Valerie[src]

Archibald "Archie" Andrews is the main character on Riverdale. He is portrayed by KJ Apa.

Archie is a student at Riverdale High School, a budding musician, and a football player for the Riverdale Bulldogs. His team number is nine, which was Jason Blossom's former number.

Character DescriptionEdit

An intense, conflicted teen, a high school sophomore who got in shape over summer and now has to handle newfound attention from his female classmates. He struggles balancing his social life with his passion for writing and performing music — against the wishes of his father and his football coach.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Archie grew up in Riverdale, the only child of Fred and Mary Andrews. His parents separated two years ago (Age 13) and his mother moved to Chicago, leaving him to be raised by his father. Archie, Betty Cooper, and Jughead Jones are childhood friends, he's know Betty since they were four, they became best friends having always gone to the same schools and been in the same classes. When he was in the 2nd grade, he was having trouble reading, so his teacher suggested that he be kept back a year, however, Betty was so against the thought of her and Archie not being in the same grade, that she took it upon herself to tutor him every day. When he passed, Archie kissed Betty, and asked her to marry him, she told him they were too young, but for him to ask again when they're eighteen, and she'd say yes.

Like his friendship with Betty, things were perfect between Archie and Jughead, that is until they had a recent fall out, temporarily disrupting their friendship. As he entered his adolescence, Archie started attending Riverdale High School, where he joined the football team. He spent the summer before his sophomore year working at his father's company, Andrew's Construction. This proved to be a defining summer for Archie, as he embarked on an illicit affair with his music teacher Geraldine Grundy, and during the course of one of their trysts, was startled by the sound of a gunshot ringing through the morning air. He later discovered that his fellow student Jason Blossom had died under mysterious circumstances. Fearful that their relationship would be discovered, he and Miss Grundy kept what they knew to themselves.

Season 1Edit

The night before returning to school, Archie reunited with Betty after a summer apart at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where he revealed to her that he wanted to pursue his newly-found passion for music. As Betty was on the brink of confessing her romantic feelings for him, he was distracted by the appearance of a new girl; Veronica Lodge. Archie immediately appeared interested, and so Betty stayed silent. At school the next day, Archie approached Josie and the Pussycats with the intention of offering them some songs he had written but was rebuffed. He also asked Ms. Grundy to listen to his songs, but she was wary and wanted to distance herself from him after the events of the past summer.

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Archie Betty 1

Archie and Betty meet up at Pop's after the summer vacation.

Archie expressed his uneasiness about what happened to Jason, but they agreed they had to remain silent. At football tryouts, Archie was offered Jason's spot on the varsity team despite only being a sophomore. Archie was reluctant to accept, citing his father's desire for him to help with the construction company as an excuse. He then ran into Betty and Veronica and agreed to go with them to the back to school dance. When he got home, his dad confronted him after receiving a phone call from Coach Clayton, claiming that Archie would be working for construction company, despite the fact that he had earlier told his father he would be playing football.

Archie revealed that he wanted to study music and had no desire to take over the family business. At the dance later that evening, Archie managed to persuade Ms. Grundy to agree to an independent study so he could work on his music. Betty finally revealed her feelings for him, to Archie's dismay, to make matters worse, at the after-party, Cheryl Blossom coerced Archie into playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with Veronica. They ended up kissing against their better judgement, and returned to the party to find that Betty had left in distress. Archie set off in search of her, going first to Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where he found Jughead instead.

Jughead told him to talk to her, as it would have worked with him. When Archie eventually returned to Betty's house, he told her that he loved her, but he couldn't give her the answer she wanted as he wasn't good enough for her. The following morning, after the discovery of Jason Blossom's body at Sweetwater River, Archie and Fred stood along side the shore as he was brought in and taken away. [2]

Unable to sleep as his guilty conscious kept him awake, Archie texted Betty, hoping they could talk, unfortunately, she was not yet ready to talk to him after he turned her down the night of the Semi-formal. Despite it being the late hours of the night, Archie made his way to Geraldine's house, where he reminded her of the gunshot that they both heard on July 4th. This could've been the shot that killed Jason Blossom, and since they knew something that the police didn't, which is when it was fired, Archie thought it best to inform the authorities of this detail. However, Geraldine refused to go to the police because that could result her in her arrest and Archie's suspension, she figured they'd be better off leaving it to be discovered by the coroner during Jason's autopsy. The next morning, his dad revealed that he heard Archie sneak out last night, to which Archie explained he was going on a jog, as Jason's death had been weighing on him.

Before leaving, Archie received a surprise visit from Betty, who asked him to walk her to school. She explained her emotional state, and where she'd like to go from that point on in their friendship, Archie was relieved to learn that she wanted to remain friends. On his way to class, Archie stopped by the display case, which featured Jason in his Riverdale Bulldogs uniform, he then nervously looked away from Mr. Weatherbee as they announced to the school that Jason's death would be treated as a homicide. He was then confronted by Jughead, who explained that they were suppose to go on a road trip over the 4th of July weekend. which Archie bailed on at the last minute, Jughead wondered if Archie had possibly been hiding something.

Archie asked to be partnered with Cheryl during class in order to talk to her alone, notably, they hadn't talked since the summer, but Archie wanted to give his condolences on the loss of her brother. He asked if the police had any leads in the case, unfortunately they didn't, but Cheryl's twin tuition was telling her that it was someone they all knew. Archie was joined at lunch by Betty, Veronica and Kevin as he wrote one of his songs, which both Veronica and Betty insisted that he play for them. At their request, Archie performed his song for everyone in attendance, sadly, it struck an unforeseen nerve in Betty, in which she left the lunch table crying. The current rift in their relationship overwhelmed Betty, she could no longer pretend that the previous weekend never happen, before he could get a word in, Mr. Weather be called him over, hoping to talk about the look they had earlier exchanged.

Archie claimed that he was distracted and wasn't feeling well, but Weatherbee wasn't buying it, he told Archie if there was something he wanted to get off his chest, perhaps about Jason, he'd be there to listen. Archie immediately ran to Geraldine, and informed her of his latest encounter, but he wanted to know from her if what they had was real, because if it wasn't, he didn't know what he was protecting. Geraldine sensually grabbed his hand, claiming that what they had was indeed real, even if it wasn't right, she then told him that if he ever told Weatherbee the truth, they could never see each other again. That evening, he ran into Veronica as he picked up an order from Pop's shoppe, he then met Hermione Lodge, Veronica's mother and an old friend of his father. Before leaving, Hermione volunteered Archie to walk Veronica home, they talked about their mutually disintegrating friendships with Betty.

He told Veronica about his past with Betty, how they first met, and how she'd always been there for him in his time of need, so he hated that he hurt her. After dropping Veronica off, Archie discovered Jughead waiting for him on his front porch, who revealed to Archie that he knew about his affair with Ms. Grundy. Archie explained that he liked her, and that their relationship had been going on since the summer, he then went on to tell Jughead that they were at Sweetwater River on July 4th, and they heard the gun shot that potentially killed Jason Blossom. Informing the police would get Geraldine in trouble, which Archie could not do, as they cared for each other, but Jughead surmised that she only cared about herself. Archie shut Jughead down as he tried to offer some friendly advice, the Archie he knew wasn't perfect, but he at least always tried to do the right thing.

In the student lounge, Archie and Reggie got into a fist fight after Reggie threatened Jughead, unfortunately for Archie, he was on the losing side off the fight, left with nothing but a black eye. Once home, he told his father that the black eye was from Reggie, and that the argument Fred had stumbled upon the previous night between him and Jughead was over a girl. Archie thought they should do something, and it's the right thing, but if Archie does it, the girl says it would ruin what they have. Fred explained that he has to do the right thing at whatever the cost, even if it'll potentially ruin his relationship. During the Pep Rally, Archie approached Geraldine to tell her that he would be coming clean to Weatherbee and Sheriff Keller about the gun shot, although he respected her choice to stay out of it, he couldn't sit back and do nothing.

After talking to Geraldine. Archie went over to Jughead, and informed him that he'd be telling Weatherbee about the gun shot on July 4th. He then apologized for for the crap he said to him the other night. This was the beginning of a long road to mending their friendship. Following the pep-rally, Archie and Jughead joined Betty and Veronica in a booth at Pop's shoppe. The next morning, Archie prepared to come forward about the gun shot at Sweetwater, however, Sheriff Keller and Weatherbee were more concerned with Cheryl, as she admitted to be guilty. [3]

The following morning, after Cheryl had explained what she meant by being guilty, Archie finally decided to tell the police that he'd also heard the gunshot that morning by the lakeside, which backed up Cheryl's claim of hearing gun fire as well. However, as promised, he didn't include Ms. Grundy in the confession, his cover story was that he was there with his dog, working on some songs that early morning. When he returned home that evening, his father had learned about his confession and confronted him on it. Fred assumed that he had been lied to as Archie claimed that he and Jughead would be on a road trip that July 4th, but Archie explained that he didn't want to drag his father into it. Which was an error in judgement as their argument resulted in Archie being grounded for two weeks.

They were going to crucify Cheryl if Archie didn't assist by corroborating her story about the gun shot, which is what he tried to explain to Geraldine the next day. He left her name out, so he didn't see the big deal, but to Geraldine it was a very big deal, because of his do-gooder tendency, he was currently wrapped up in a murder case, meaning if Sheriff Keller decided to dig, he could find out about them. With that in mind, Geraldine suspended their lessons. Cheryl thanked Archie in class for coming forward about the gun shot, in return she granted him one wish, which Archie took her up on, he wanted Josie's assistance in helping him with his music. Cheryl came through on her end, as Josie met up with Archie in the student lounge, she explained that the Pussycats would be rehearsing every night that week in preparation for the Taste of Riverdale, Archie was welcome to quietly sit in.

Despite being grounded, Archie crept out the house that night to attend the Pussycats' rehearsal. Upon Josie's arrival, he explained that he wanted them to record and play his songs, make them better, which Josie found to be quite amusing as she didn't believe that he was qualified the write for the Pussycats, who are “divas of color”. He was reminded by Josie that while Riverdale was opening up, there were still a lot of close minded people. He learned that they were called the Pussycats because they had to claw their way into the same rooms that someone like Archie could just walk into, so he couldn't possibly write her experience. But Archie may have managed to win her over with his suggestions on tweaking their song.

Fred caught Archie sneaking back into the house after a night at rehearsal with the Pussycats. Archie was scolded him for breaking curfew, which led to a heated argument as Fred wouldn't allow him to attend the Taste of Riverdale event. Archie wasn't happy that his father didn't understand his interest in music, as Fred would have pardoned him if he had a football game that night, but he wouldn't do the same for his music. Despite his father being perfectly clear on Archie not attending the Taste of Riverdale, he sneaked in anyways, and watched from the second floor with Jughead, as Josie and the Pussycats performed a song that he helped work on. In the distance, he saw Fred engaging in a conversation with his music teacher, Ms. Grundy.

They talked about Archie's music skills, in which Ms. Grundy assured Fred of his son's talents and how he's was a "special kid". Upon hearing this, the next day, Fred made the garage soundproof for Archie to continue practicing his music. Thrilled that his father finally believed in his passion, Archie went to thank Ms. Grundy for talking his dad into respecting his choice to pursue music and he asked if they could restart their music lessons, which then resulted in sex.[4]

Archie and Fred attended Ms. Grundy's cello performance, thereafter, they congratulated her on the on the beautiful playing, and invited her out to diner, which Archie wasn't too keen on. Upon their arrival at Pop's shoppe, Archie was approached by Betty, who asked to speak with him alone as she confronted Archie on his love affair with Grundy. At that moment, Veronica walked into the conversation, just as shocked by the scandal as anyone else. Archie looked to Ronnie for back up, however, she was on Betty's side, agreeing that ethically, what he and Ms. Grundy were doing was wrong. He lied to Sheriff Keller and all of his friends in order to protect Geraldine, as she believed in him when no one else did.

Season 1 Episode 4 The Last Picture Show Archie vs Betty and Veronica

Archie listening to Betty and Veronica

The next day at school, Archie asked Jughead how hard it would have been for a heads-up, and if Betty would be writing about him and Grundy in the paper, like she did with Chuck Clayton. Archie wasn't sure what would happen in the long run with him and Grundy, but he wanted to hold onto what they had for as long as he could. He sat down at Pop's shoppe with Betty and Veronica, both of whom had done online research on Geraldine. They discovered that one year ago, she apparently appeared out of thin air, all her social media accounts only date back one year. Before that, there was no record of her existence, the only Geraldine Grundy they could find was an elderly woman that died 7 years prior.

Archie wondered if they "cyber-stalked" Ms. Grundy before or after Betty had her fake interview with her. He wasn't in any danger, so he questioned why Betty was so concerned when he wasn't, saying that if she was really his friend, she would let it go. Archie spent his night with Geraldine, watching old movies at her place, after his conversation with Betty and Veronica, he wanted to know more about her, such as if she'd always wanted to be a teacher. She told him that she had a dream of playing at major symphonies, but some times that's all they ever are; dreams. Archie then asked if they had was a dream, to which Geraldine asked what it be so bad if it was, because she thought of it as a nice dream, but Archie couldn't help but wonder where it would all end.

Archie approached his home to find Betty and Veronica waiting for him, they found a gun in Grundy's car, and an ID with the name Jennifer Gibson. This, along with the fact that she taught Jason Blossom and asked Archie to lie for her was more than enough for Betty to suspect her as the possible killer. Even in spite of all the evidence, Archie still defended Geraldine, but he wasn't quite why. The next day, with so many questions weighing on him, Archie finally decided to ask Geraldine about her past, starting with her real name, and why she even moved to Riverdale. Geraldine told him that she had a drunk abusive husband; one night he beat her to the point where she was in the ER with broken ribs and a shattered collar bone, he promised it wouldn't happen again, but when it did, she divorced him, changed her name and moved to Riverdale.

After leaving her house, Archie informed Betty of all he had learned from Geraldine, all of which explained why she had a fake identity and a gun. Archie claimed that he was going to deal with the situation involving Geraldine, but on his terms, not Betty's. That night, Archie payed Geraldine a surprise visit at school, he gave her an expensive cello bow as a thank you, for all her help. While he didn't want to end their lessons, that's exactly what he thought they should do, the bow was a "don't forget me" gift. Moments later, Alice Cooper came bursting into the classroom, with Fred and Betty, all three fully aware of what had actually been going on between Archie and Geraldine.

Alice wanted to turn the situation over to Sheriff Keller, which Archie refused to allow, everything that happened, he wanted to happen. Betty asked why her mother was putting Geraldine on trial, in which Alice explained it was more about Archie, and her wanting to expose him for the person that he was. Archie admitted that he was selfish and stupid, but he pleaded with Alice to leave Grundy alone, however, there was no getting through to her, Alice even threatened to inform the neighbors. Had she done that, Betty would have told the town how she robbed Geraldine and made up the story of her affair with Archie, which would lead everyone to think what many already believe, which is that crazy runs in the Cooper family. Alice agreed to keep quiet so long as Geraldine quit her job and left town, unfortunately, Archie wasn't too satisfied with.

Archie sat in his father's truck crying as they pulled up to the house, Fred told him that he was none of those things he said, and that it wasn't his fault, he then hugged him. A little later, he received a text from Betty, saying I'm sorry, he texted back, telling her it was okay. [5]

Archie pounded on a punching bag all night long in an effort to get back in fighting shape for football. With Coach Clayton preparing to set a starting line up, and name a new team captain, Archie needed to be at the top of his game, as football would get him a scholarship to college, where he could then study music. The next morning during practice, Archie took a hard hit on the field due to his lack in focus, which Coach wasn't too pleased with. He called over Reggie, who also had his eye on team captain, and pitted the two players against each other, whoever impressed him the most within a week would be named the next team captain. Archie attempted to smooth things over with Reggie, but he wasn't interested, claiming that he was the only one deserving of wearing Jason Blossom's jersey.

Archie was joined by Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Kevin as he sat in the bleachers studying his index cards that were labeled with football plays. Veronica asked how his life was in the PG (post Grundy) world, but with his eye on the spot as Varsity captain, Archie wasn't concerning himself with much else. Betty wondered if he was throwing himself into football in order to avoid his feelings. Archie claimed that he wasn't avoiding anything, that he was only trying to get his life back on track, which Valerie offered to help with since she knew of amazing song writer from New York, Oscar Castillo, who at that time was assisting at Carson College. She told Oscar about Archie, as he did some coaching on the side, and was willing to mentor Archie if possible, but with football season coming up it would be difficult, Archie thanked Val nonetheless.

Cheryl then showed up, and invited each of them to Jason Blossom's Memorial. In the locker room, after some reflecting, Archie decided to take Valerie up on her offer, and contact Oscar Castillo. Archie informed him that he began writing songs that summer, after a kid at his school died, the first song he wrote was about him. Archie only writes a couple hours a day, but he planned to do more once football season ended. Archie then handed Oscar a USB drive with his music, however, he was expecting sheet music. Oscar didn't teach performance, for them to even proceed in a constructive way, they needed to be on the same page.

Archie spent that night in his room writing down his music with Valerie, she was surprised with how quick he caught on. Fred entered the room, surprised by Valerie's presence, as he wasn't aware she was there, which led to a lot of rambling on from Fred, until Archie stopped him, saying that they were busy working on his music. Back on the field, Archie struggled to remember the plays, having to write them on his arm, which wasn't much help as he was still clueless during practice, meaning he didn't stand a chance against Reggie, who unintentionally injured Archie's hand. Fortunately, Archie managed to pull off one successful play, but as Reggie helped him up, he realized that Archie's hand was busted yet Archie refused to sit out. Veronica found him sitting on a bench, wrapping his playing hand, she assisted him, while at the same time wondering if he was punishing himself.

Archie explained he hurt his hand because he didn't know the play, and he didn't know the play because he was up writing music all night, instead of studying. She finished wrapping his hand and told him to take better care of it since it would be worth millions one day. Archie met with Oscar as planned, who described Archie's songs as juvenile and repetitive, which is why he didn't think he had anything to offer Archie. That weekend, Archie attended Jason's memorial, along with Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Kevin and Valerie. Unexpectedly, he approached Penelope Blossom, giving his condolences then handing over Jason's jersey, but Penelope couldn't see past how much he looked like Jason, she stroked his hair before apologizing and thanking Archie for the kind gesture.

Following the memorial, Archie and Valerie grabbed a booth at Pop's shoppe, Archie wondered if Ms. Grundy had possibly lied to him about his talent, but Val didn't understand why he was questioning himself. She explained that doing what they're doing is hard, almost impossible, but Valerie wondered if it wasn't his coach, his father, or Oscar holding him back, maybe it was himself. One week had passed, and as promised, Coach was ready to pick a new captain, he chose Archie after that stunt he pulled with giving the Blossom family Jason's jersey, which Coach believed to be the showing of a good leader. However, Archie turned down the role as team captain because he needed to focus on pursuing his music career, but he still wanted to be on the team. [6]

Archie started the day off with looking through an old toy chest for his guitar strap, however, he would first find a werewolf mask, which left him uneasy. At school, he auditioned for the 75th annual Variety Show. but he choked, the players in the stands, Reggie and Moose included, were suddenly wearing werewolf masks as the pressure weighed on him. As the host of the event, Kevin allowed Archie to take his time, but he didn't need it as he stormed off stage. He told Valerie that when he was up on stage looking out, he froze, yet when he's on the football field, the stands can be packed, and it wouldn't affect his game. Archie believed his stage freight was based in his need for a team, or at least a partner, so he asked Valerie if she'd sing with him.

Sadly, Valerie had to decline his offer because she was a Pussycat, meaning Josie would never allow it. Thanks to Veronica, who spoke to Kevin, Archie had a slot in the Variety Show if he still wanted it. Playing his songs in front of his friends is completely different from playing it on stage by himself, to which Veronica explained that she was both a willing and able singing partner. Fred informed Archie that he had bought tickets for all the guys at Andrews Construction to see him perform. He'd also be attending with Hermione, which he wondered if it was something that Archie was okay with, which he was, saying that both he and his mother are good.

Archie and Valerie performed one of his songs in the student lounge, the next day. To Veronica's surprise, she had been replaced, which she was not too pleased with, calling him a "Ginger Judas". Archie sensed from her tone that her attitude towards him was more than just about the Variety Show; he was right. Veronica's true anger stemmed from the fact that his father kissed her mother, which Archie didn't see the problem in since they were both into each other, and his parents were separated. He asked if Veronica wanted to talk about it or if she wanted her spot back, but she abruptly exited. It wasn't long before he and Valerie saw her again, but this time strutting down the hallway with Josie and Melody, as the latest member of the Pussycats.

Archie and Valerie practiced their performance in his garage, hut he could sense that she was in a mood, that was because she was taking a huge risk by quitting the Pussycats, she found her voice with them, years ago. Archie attended the diner proposal that night at The Pembrooke, which was hosted by his father and Hermione, hoping that it would win Fred the construction contract for the new land. After the diner, Archie asked his father if he would be mad if he screwed up at the Variety Show, to which Fred responded that he'd be proud of Archie whether he killed it or not, simply because he had the courage to do it. The day of the Variety Show, Archie had to let Valerie go, he didn't want to be the guy that broke up The Beatles. He revealed that Josie's father was in town, which Valerie realized was the reasoning for Josie's recent attitude, and with that in mind, she could renegotiate.

Following the Pussycats' performance, it was Archie's turn to get on stage, but before doing so, he had a brief discussion with Veronica, where they both apologized to each other for their earlier actions. Archie nervously took the stage alone that night, however, he performed his song amazingly, the entire crowd was impressed. He left the stage and entered the hall to be pleasantly greeted by the other performers and players on the football team, as well as Valerie, they hugged and shared a kiss. [7]

Archie appeared in Jughead's dream, where he claimed Jughead stabbed him in his back, as he literally had a kitchen knife sticking out of his back. That morning, he ran into Jughead after showering in the boys locker room at the High School. Archie wondered what Jughead was doing there so early, he came to find out that Jughead had been living of a forgotten closet under a staircase, and that he had been living at the Twilight Drive-In before that, his home situation wasn't too good. Jughead's dad fell off the wagon after being fired by Archie's dad. Archie then did what any best friend would do, he offered Jughead to stay at his house, which Jughead declined, as his situation was only temporary.

In the student lounge, Archie noticed a moment shared between Jughead and Betty, where he put his arm around her as she told them about the current situation with Polly. Despite her parents not wanting to go the police, Archie suggested that Betty does it anyways, but Betty decided against it. Afterwards, Archie caught up with Jughead and confronted him about a comment he had earlier made about not telling Betty about his living situation. Archie surmised that this was due to the fact that Jughead and Betty were a couple, which Jughead admitted was true. He then went on to say that his father was willing to give Jughead's father another chance, but only if FP wanted it. Archie thought it would be a good idea if Jughead went to talk to his father as well.

Archie assisted in the search party throughout Eversgreen Forest for Polly, they initially headed East, towards Sweetwater River. He apologized to Betty for not being there to help with her sister, which Betty said was okay, as he was there helping at that moment. In celebration of FP's first successful day back at Andrews Construction, Archie, Fred, Jughead and FP went out to eat at Pop's shoppe, where the two fathers told stories about their younger years. After dinner, Archie, Jughead and FP rocked out in the garage, FP complimented him on his skills, claiming Archie was far better than his father. Before he could leave, Archie asked FP what he meant when he had earlier said that Fred owed him, to which FP explained that he got into trouble after working some odd jobs to support his family, Fred bailed him out, however, he wanted nothing to do with FP afterwards.

Season 1 Episode 7 In a Lonely Place Archie in bed

Archie wonders why his dad screwed FP over

Following his jam session with FP, Archie confronted Fred with the story he previously heard that night. Fred explained that FP was stealing from the company and selling things on the side, Fred gave him many chances, but FP insisted on screwing up every time. Fred told Archie that you can't save someone from drowning if they're going to drag you down with them, but Archie didn't believe it was fair for Jughead to drown with FP. The next day, Archie, Betty and Fred headed down to the Sheriff Station as Jughead was taken into custody and interrogated. To Archie's surprise, his father lied to Sheriff Keller, claiming that Jughead was tearing down drywall for Andrews construction on July 11th, which Fred later falsified a timecard to prove, Archie was shocked at how good his father was at falsifying work documents as if he had done it before.

After a tearful moment between FP and Jughead, after leaving the station, Archie once again extended an invitation for Jughead to live with him, as FP got himself together. Jughead initially said no, but later ended up staying there anyways. Archie then apologized about how things went with his father and Jughead's. [8]

A late night of gaming ensued for Archie and Jughead, like two roommates in a college dorm; that is until Fred entered the room to inform the boys that it was time to call it a night, but not before noticing the awful smell coursing throughout Archie's room. Fred then informed them that he'd be breaking ground on the SoDale project the next morning, before telling them goodnight. The following night, Archie returned home from his date with Valerie to discover that his father hadn't been as plain-spoken about the severity of danger that Andrews Construction facing. The company had been in trouble for a long time, so many problems, with so little that he could actually do. Fred worked his butt off to build that company but in one false step, he could lose everything, yet Archie assured him that they wouldn't be losing anything.

The next day, Archie, Jughead, Kevin, and Moose volunteered to aid Fred in keeping the SoDale project on schedule until he could find a real crew. Jughead commented how handy Archie was with the wheel barrel, joking that if his music career never payed off, he could always have manual labor as a fall back, although his father's path was not for him. Archie acknowledged how hard his father worked his ass off for him, never asking for anything, and always having his back, even when Archie messed up. If having his father's back, meant that he had to haul some rocks, he'd be more than willing to accommodate. As the day came to an end, the boys returned to the trailer, but Moose had forgotten his phone back on the project site, and as he got there, he was ambushed by two thugs, who warned them to stop construction or else they'd be back.

Upon Sheriff Keller's arrival, Archie confessed that he believed the Southside Serpents to be Moose's attackers, as they would have been furious after having to leave their own territory due to the construction. However, the Sheriff wasn't convinced that there was anything he could do with out an ID on the attackers, to which Archie called him out for not doing more; had it been Cliff Blossom that needed the Sheriff's help, he would have agreed. In his room the next day, Archie paced back and forth, wondering what his next move should be after the attack at Andrews construction, whatever it was, Valerie only hoped that he'd talk to her and not do something that he'd eventually end up regretting. After several unanswered texts from Jughead, Archie found him at Pop's shoppe with Betty and Veronica. Archie and Moose were going to the south side in order to find the Serpents that potentially attacked Moose, it was worth a shot, and Kevin's boyfriend, who was also a Serpent, could get them into a bar called the Whyte Wyrm.

It was a known hang out for the Serpents, so the plan consisted of them going in, and if Moose spotted either of his attackers, they'd call Sheriff Keller. With Cliff Blossom trying to stop the construction, and Keller blowing Fred off right in front of them, someone had to take action, so Archie asked if Jughead would be joining him, which he didn't. At the bar, Moose pointed out Mustang, a Serpent and possibly one of his attackers. Despite their initial plan to call the cops, Archie confronted Mustang head-on, asking if he liked beating up teenagers, but the Serpent had no time for games as Archie wasn't the first bulldog to come into the bar, and start up trouble (Jason Blossom reference). He shoved Archie, and Archie shoved back which would have escalated had FP not been there to break up the fight.

Archie, Kevin and Moose were escorted out of the bar by FP, but he demanded that Archie stay behind. Archie then explained that his reasoning for being at the Wyrm and how he came to the conclusion that the Serpents were at the center of it, the fact that FP was a Serpent only confirmed his suspicion, he figured it was personal, pay back at Fred for firing him. FP denied all allegations, he informed Archie that life was too short, just then Fred pulled up, and told him to get in the truck. However, as his father was distracted with FP, Archie sneaked out the truck and confronted Jughead at Polly's baby shower, but Veronica checked them both and led Archie out the door, telling them to settle it at a later time. Archie returned home after leaving the baby shower, where he had a heart-to-heart with his father; Archie only wanted to help Fred the same way he had always helped him.

Fred went on about how bad things had gotten, everything from their family falling apart, to Archie's future. He's spent his entire life building things, but now he can't seem to get them to work out for him, and it that moment, it became apparent that Fred was losing his will, but Archie refused to accept that. He'd been thinking, what if he had a kid some day that hated music, and instead wanted to build houses and buildings like Fred, Archie expressed how cool he thought that was. Building things was Fred's legacy, which made it Archie's too. He toyed with his guitar later that night until Jughead returned home, in which the two of them discussed how they should always trust each other as brothers. [9]

As Archie tuned his guitar that morning in the music room, Cheryl entered with an invitation for him to escort her to her family's annual event, the tree tapping ceremony. That week was the official start of the maple season, and she needed a date, as for obvious reasons, Jason would not be able to attend. Admittedly, Archie would love to help her, however, he could not accept her invitation because he had a girlfriend, though he suggested that she ask Kevin or Reggie. Unfortunately, Cheryl did not want Kevin or Reggie, she desired Archie, he was the only person to defend her against Sheriff Keller, even when her parents did not. Soon after his talk with Cheryl, he was confronted by her mother, Penelope, who was aware of Archie's passion for music, and capable of getting him into the Brandenburg Music Academy, which was a school for the musically gifted, though hard to get into.

Penelope recalled how Archie brought her Jason's football jersey during his memorial, that was a gesture of kindness during a moment of despair for her family, making Archie a good person in her eyes. Penelope insisted that Archie escort Cheryl, it would only be an afternoon and it would mean the world to Cheryl, which Archie finally came around to agree to. In the lounge, Archie celebrated with his friends over the possibility that he would be accepted into the exclusive summer music program. Jughead and Veronica questioned the validity of Archie's agreement with the Blossoms, but Betty thought it was a great idea, then asking if Archie could check on Polly while he was there. The next day, as the tree tapping ceremony was ready to commence, all Archie had to do was hold the bucket steady, Cheryl would do the rest.

He wondered who all the unfamiliar guests were, to which Cheryl explained that they were her father's board of trustees. They were worried that Cliff was loosing his grip on the company, and if this was to be proven true, they would join together to steal it from him. Jason's death was a PR debacle, Polly being pregnant and unwed definitely did not help the situation. He joined Cheryl as she was called up to stake the tree, Archie gave Cheryl a pep talk, telling her she could do it in her sleep, and just like he said, she did it without a hitch. Following the group photo, just as Betty asked, Archie checked in on Polly, he asked why she was not returning Betty's calls since she fought for her, and now Polly was treating Betty as if she was the enemy, to which Polly replied that she was fine.

Hearing how aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford were insulting Cheryl, Archie came to her defense, informing them that Cheryl loved Jason, she did as much to help the Bulldogs win as he did, she also had a 4.0 GPA, so if there was one thing that he learned from Cheryl, it was that she should not be underestimated or betted against. Cliff admitted that he was taken back when Cheryl revealed that she wanted Archie to escort her to the tapping, considering how Cliff and Archie's father were not seeing eye-to-eye at the moment. Archie explained that he was there for Cheryl, and because he was grateful for them getting him into music academy. The Blossoms could be quite generous, Cliff said, and he wanted Archie to escort Cheryl to the Blossom Banquet being held later that week at the Belmont Lodge. Archie commented that he was an Andrews. a fancy dinner was not exactly their kind of scene, but this was precisely why Cliff wanted him in attendance, people like him and his father were the bedrock of Riverdale, so Archie accepted.

After the tree tapping, Archie informed Betty and Alice of all he had learned that day, starting with Polly, who was not coming back and was being treated great by the Blossoms. He then informed Alice that the Blossoms' business was in jeopardy, after the scandal with Jason and Polly, the board of trustees might seek to steal the company from Mr. Blossom. The following night, he received a surprise visit from Cheryl, who wished to thank him with a brand new guitar for agreeing to escort her to the banquet, Cheryl kissed him on the cheek and then left. Fred advised him to give it back, but Archie reminded him the Blossoms were going to get him into the best music program in the country, they believed in his potential. Fred informed Archie that the Blossoms were no friend to them, they were only using Archie, as he and his father were nothing more to them than dirt under their shoe.

Archie was taken to the local tailor to get sized for the suit he would come to wear for the banquet, but before they moved on to measurements for the pants, Archie wanted to talk to Cliff. His father's company was having troubles, so he was wondering if the Blossoms could help his father and Andrews Construction instead of helping him with the music program. Cliff was impressed at the lengths Archie was willing to go for his father, he tried to imagine if Jason's would have done the same for him, but he was not too sure he would, it spoke to Archie's character. Cliff informed him that they had already given the academy a call, however, after the banquet, he was was willing to discuss what the Blossoms could do for Fred. The next day, Valerie informed Archie that she had just had a chat with Cheryl, who believed that she was going to steal Archie away, which Archie insisted was not true.

Valerie did not blame Cheryl, between the new guitar and new suit, it was obvious that they were buying Archie, which he did not mind so long as it helped his father and gained him access to the music program. Archie wondered what Val would do in his situation, to which she explained that if he had to ask, then he did not know her at all. As promised, Archie escorted Cheryl to the banquet that week, she told him that her parents kind ways were not genuine as they wanted her to fail the tapping. Just then, Cliff requested to speak with him privately, he had decided to help Fred since Archie had helped them, the Andrews had a bright future with the Blossoms. Archie reminded him that they did not have to keep doing him favors, he liked Cheryl and was happy to be there for her as a friend.

Though Cheryl was a bright girl, the trustees were skeptical of having her play an active role in the company, but if someone with Archie's character were at her side to temper her erratic behavior, they would be more inclined. Basically, having Archie with Cheryl created an appealing picture. Polly interrupted the two of them, asking to have the first dance with Archie, she explained that the Blossoms had something to do with Jason's death, and she was there to figure out how, but she needed Archie to get Betty to back off. Upon that discovery, he noticed Cheryl storm off after a fight with her father, in which Archie followed her out to the pool in order to check on her. Cheryl felt as if everyone hated her, but Archie did not want her to worry about them because he thought she was awesome, which is why Cheryl often thought that Archie was the only decent person left in Riverdale. Cheryl then kissed Archie, taken by surprise, all Archie could do was walk off, however, while doing so, he stumbled upon Cliff and Penelope, who were boasting about how Cliff got Veronica's father arrested.

On the other side of the lodge, after Cheryl had finally caught up, Archie revealed that he could no longer be apart of the arrangement with the Blossoms, but Cheryl reminded him that all the good they had done would go away too. Archie claimed that he was there as a favor to her mom, but Cheryl corrected him, saying that he was there because he wanted something from them, making him no better than the others. The next day, Archie caught up with Valerie to tell her that he was done with the Blossoms, and to admit that she was right about him being bought and taking shortcuts. Unfortunately, Valerie was done with him as she was sick of being ignored, and unlike him, she would not be bought. Archie came to Jughead and Betty at The Blue and Gold offices with one last piece of information, he informed them that he overheard the Blossoms talking about sending Veronica's father to jail.[10]

Before his father left for Chicago to finalize the divorce with his mother, Archie and Fred had a quick chat on the front porch, in which Fred explained that with the divorce papers and legal documents settling up, they would be able to put the entire unfortunate situation behind them. Archie questioned if his father's sudden urgency to finalize the divorce was a result of his relationship with Hermione Lodge, but according to Fred, that was not the reason, he had already ended that romance. Knowing this, Archie wondered if it was possible for his mother and father to fix what was broken after two years of separation. He had spoken to her the previous week, and she failed to mention anything about a divorce, but this was due to Mary not wanting to be the bearer of bad news. Archie asked if he could join his father, however, Fred denied his request, saying it was something to only be handled by him and Mary.

At school later that day, Archie and a hesitant Betty informed Veronica that while at the Blossom family tree tapping, he over heard Cliff Blossom say that he was responsible for Hiram Lodge's incarceration. Immediately after this, Archie told Betty that Jughead's birthday was coming up but to not make a big deal out of it because he hated his birthday. For the last few years, he and Jughead went to a double-feature at the Bijou, it became a tradition, but since Jughead had a girlfriend this time around, Archie thought it best if Betty took him alone as he did not want to be a third wheel. During lunch, Archie exchanged tension filled looks from across the cafeteria with Valerie and Melody. Having learned from Jughead's father that he never had a birthday party, a claim that Archie corroborated, Betty suggested that they throw him a low-key surprise party, which Veronica and Kevin were all for.

However, Archie informed them that it was a terrible idea considering that Jughead hated his birthday, Just then, Chuck Clayton entered the cafeteria, headed towards Ethel's table, which was quite the surprise to Archie since he was under the impression that Chuck had been expelled. After thinking it over, he decided to hop on board with the plan to throw a surprise party, even volunteering his house as the location. After revealing to Jughead that night that he told Betty about his birthday and that she would be accompanying him to the Bijou, Archie wondered why Jughead despised his birthday so passionately. When Jughead was a kid, his home life was always messed up, and then his birthday would come, and they would pretend as if everything was normal, which consequently made him feel lonely.

Archie receiving a call from his dad, who was checking in, he asked if Fred had seen his mother yet, to which he hadn't, Fred thought it would be better if they talked when the lawyers were present. This only further disappointed Archie as his parents could not communicate to one another without a mediator. That night, Archie had some pre-game drinking before the party even started, denying any claims of being drunk despite the aroma of alcohol protruding from him as Jughead and Betty returned from the Bijou. After greeting one another, Betty brought out the cake and sung to Jughead, but Veronica took off before he could even blow out the candles, with Archie right behind to check on her. Veronica was not willing to talk about it, so Archie offered her a drink, then informing her that his parents were about to finalize their divorce, his mom wanted to leave Riverdale, his dad wanted to stay, and so did Archie.

Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend Archie, Betty and Veronica

Betty, Archie, and Veronica partying

Veronica then told Archie how her own father threatened to destroy her mother if she did not testify on his behalf, which left Veronica in an uneasy state, leading Archie to offer her a hug that Jughead and Betty walked in on. The doorbell rang just as the couple began to fight, outside was Cheryl and Chuck, along with a few dozen classmates, all ready to party. Despite being completely aware of Jughead's stance on the party, Archie invited everyone in, telling Moose that one keg could go in the kitchen, and the other in the back, then proceeding to take the dance floor. As Valerie arrived, he went searching for Jughead for advise, and upon finding him in the garage, Jughead expressed his disappointment in Archie because it was his job to make sure his birthday never turned out in the way it just did. Archie insisted it was Betty's idea, and that he simply went along with, furthermore, she's his girlfriend, meaning Jughead gets a birthday party whether he wants one or not.

Outside the house, he approached Valerie hoping to talk about their break up, but she was not trying to hear it. Val broke up with Archie because she thought he was a hot mess, and his demeanor at the party only supported that conclusion, which then led to Archie getting embarrassed as she spilled her entire drink all over him. Facing a time of difficulty, Archie went up to his room and called his father. Chuck and Cheryl blocked off the front door as Jughead attempted to leave, announcing that they all would be playing a game called "Secrets & Sins", in which they would reveal their secrets to everyone. Unfortunately, during this game, Dilton Doiley revealed that Ms. Grundy's car was at Sweetwater River on July 4th, and that Archie was there as well, essentially making Archie's relationship with Grundy public information amongst the students.

The game shifted to Betty as Chuck retold the story that led to his suspension, Archie attempted to defend her but Chuck shut him down, saying he may get a sneak peek every night, but he did not know Betty. Where Archie failed in Betty's defense, Jughead did not, punching Chuck right in the face, however, chuck struck back, resulting in FP dragging him out the house and ending the party all together. As the house finally settled down, Archie and Veronica chatted on the couch about the failings within their respective lives. Archie admitted to drunk dialing his dad, he told him not to sign the divorce papers, but he's not sure why, he doesn't want his parents to get back together. He then wondered what life would be like had he made different choices, such as moving to Chicago with his mother, and while this was not a question Veronica could answer, had he moved, they would have never met, which would have been a tragedy of epic proportions.

He acknowledged how messed up he was, they all are, But Archie was less messed up than most, Veronica said, and then the two of them began to kiss. The next morning, Archie woke up and immediately began cleaning, while aos ignoring his father's calls at the same time. Jughead then asked about him and Veronica as he caught her sneaking out earlier that morning. Archien managed to get the house clean just as his father returned, much to his surprise, he was not alone, Archie's mother had returned with him. [11]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Archie is a tall, muscular teenage guy with pale skin, messy, light red hair and brown eyes. While we haven't seen Archie's build before the start of the series, he got 'hot' (according to Kevin) during the summer, as he was working at his father's construction company. He was working out and getting in shape in order to maintain his position as captain on the Riverdale Bulldogs.



  • Archie appears to be a big fan of the American comic book publisher, DC Comics. He had two posters plastered in his room, one of Batman and another of Suicide Squad.


Season 1Edit


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