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Archie: "Betty was so against us not being in the same grade. And she took it upon herself to tutor me every single day."
Veronica: "In the second grade?"
Archie: "Yeah. Anyway, when I passed, thanks to Betty, I kissed her, and I asked her to marry me. She was like “Oh, little Archie, we’re too young. Ask me when we’re 18 and I’ll say yes.”"
―Archie talking to Veronica about his childhood memories with Betty[src]
The friendship between Archie Andrews and Betty Cooper goes way back, even before the start of the series.

They've always been close friends, but secretly, Betty harbored romantic feelings towards him, leaving their friendship strained as Archie doesn't feel the same way.

After Betty admitted her feelings for Archie, things were complicated between the two, but they were able to return to being friends.


Archie and Betty have been next-door neighbors since they were four years old, and have always been in the same school, grade, and classes together, ever since they could remember. When they were in the second grade, Archie was falling behind in reading and he would have been held back another year. Hating the idea of them being in different grades, Betty tutored Archie every day after school. He was later able to move up a grade with Betty.

Young Archie was so ecstatic that he kissed and proposed to Betty, but she turned him down as they were too young for marriage. However, she told him to ask her when they were eighteen and she would say yes.

Season 1Edit

The two best friends, Archie and Betty, had a date at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe where they reunited after spending the summer apart. Whilst Archie told her about his newfound desire to pursue music as a career, Betty hoped to reveal the romantic feelings she harbored for him. However, as she was on the brink of confessing her love for him, Veronica came in at the wrong time, distracting Archie's attention from Betty's confession. Betty decided to stay silent about her feelings upon noticing how intrigued he was with this new arrival in town.

The next day, Veronica, upon hearing of Betty's interest in Archie, encouraged Betty to ask him to the back-to-school dance, and she did. At the semi-formal, Betty and Archie were on the dance floor, when she confessed how she'd been imagining them as a "power couple". He didn't really give her the reply she was hoping for. This upset Betty that he couldn't even think of them being more than just friends. Archie really did like Betty, but he thought he could never live up to her expectations and believed she was too perfect for him. Later on at the after-party, Cheryl decided to stir up trouble by gathering everyone to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. Cheryl forced Archie and Veronica to go into the closet for seven minutes. Veronica gave into temptation and kissed Archie. When Betty found out about this, she was very upset, even though Veronica ended up regretting it. [1]


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