These decisions that you're making now, son... They have consequences, they'll go on to form who you are and who you'll become. Whatever you decide, be confident enough in it, that you don't have to lie.
— Fred to Archie[src]

The father-son relationship between Fred and Archie Andrews is quite strong, as the two have shown to care deeply for each other. Fred always tries to be there for his son, Archie, offering him advice when he needs it or just being there for moral support.


Father and son had a good relationship while Archie was growing up, and when Mary and Fred decided to separate, Archie chose to stay with his father in Riverdale, despite his mother wanting him to move Chicago with her. However, after Archie began his affair with Geraldine Grundy, their relationship suffered and they drifted apart.

During summer before sophomore year, Archie spent the break working for his father at Andrews Construction, with the intention of following in his father's footsteps with the company, however, he found the work dull and repetitive. To pass the time, he would compose poems in his head which began his passion for music.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

The morning of his first day of sophomore year, Archie was running late and his father asked if he'd be stopping by the construction site after school. He wanted to train Archie in the office so that the next summer he wouldn't be out with the crew. However, as the family business did not interest him, Archie lied and told his father he was too busy with football. Fred was disappointed but wished him luck all the same. However, football didn't hold Archie interest either, and after Coach Clayton promoted him to the varsity team, a bigger commitment that the junior team, Archie lied to him as well and told him that his father was counting on him to work after school at his company.

After school that day, Fred confronted Archie after receiving a phone call from his coach, and wondered which one of them he'd been lying to. Archie first tried to deny lying before reluctantly telling his father the truth. He had lied to both Coach Clayton and Fred as he wanted to study music. Fred told Archie that football would lead to a scholarship which in turn would lead to business school so that one day he would take over the company, but Archie told him he had no desire to do so, he didn't want the company. Fred asked him what had changed, as at the start of summer, just three months prior, he had. Archie simply told him that that summer had changed him. Saddened and angry, Fred informed his son that he would never force him to play football, or work for him ever again if he didn't want to, but that the decisions he was making about his future had far-reaching consequences and he had to be confident enough not to lie about them.

Very early the next morning, Archie and Fred were both present at Sweetwater River when Jason Blossom's body was pulled from the riverbank, gunshot wound to the forehead.[1]

Some days later, before he left for school, Fred confronted Archie about sneaking out of the house the night prior. Archie had secretly gone to Ms. Grundy's house, guilt-ridden about the gunshot they had both heard the morning Jason Blossom had been killed and had kept quiet about. He was surprised to learn that he had been heard, but Fred informed him that he had been hearing him sneak out the house ever since he was eight years old, going to Jughead's tree house. Archie told him he just couldn't sleep, so he went for a jog, that's why he left the house. Fred asked if Archie had something weighing on his mind, and Archie claimed that it was due to the murder of Jason Blossom, to which Fred insisted that he halt on the late night jogs until they catch the murderer.

That night Fred was witness to a tension-filled disagreement between Archie and Jughead, the latter having learned of Archie's illicit affair with his music teacher and confronted him about it. The subsequent day, after Archie came home with a black eye, he felt compelled to ask his son if he had gotten into a fight with Jughead. Archie said no, he had actually gotten into a fight with Reggie Mantle, a long story, and that the disagreement between him and Jughead was over a girl. Archie was vague, and said that he wanted to do something (tell the police about the gunshot), and it was the right thing, but the girl said if they did the thing it would ruin what they had. Fred first acknowledged that that was the most honest talk they'd had in a while, then told Archie that he had to do the right thing, no matter what, even if it would cost him.[2]

Fred received a call from the sheriff to inform him that Archie had given them information about the gunshot he heard on July 4th. Fred was disappointed he hadn't told him about this so they could go together, and furthermore, had been under the impression that Archie had gone on a road trip with Jughead that day instead of being down by Sweetwater River. Archie explained that he didn't want to drag his father into it, which was an error in judgment as their argument resulted in Archie being grounded for two weeks.

Fred caught Archie sneaking back into the house after a night at rehearsal with the Pussycats, with whom Archie had worked on a song with. Archie was scolded by him for breaking curfew, which led to a heated argument as Fred wouldn't allow him to attend the Taste of Riverdale event and hear the song he'd helped write played live. Archie wasn't happy that his father didn't understand his interest in music, as he claimed that Fred would have pardoned him if he had had a football game that night, but he wouldn't do the same for his music. Fred went on to attend the Taste of Riverdale event himself, where he met Archie's music teacher, Geraldine Grundy. They discussed Archie's musical talents, and she reassured him about the path Archie was taking, asserting that Archie was a 'special kid'. Possessed of a better understanding of his son, Fred started soundproofing the garage so Archie could have his own space to practice his music while he was grounded.[3]

Fred and Archie attended Ms. Grundy's cello concert, thereafter, they congratulated her on the beautiful performance and Fred offered to take Ms. Grundy out to dinner, as a show of gratitude, for everything she'd done for Archie and his music, all the while still unaware that she and Archie had been seeing one another. At Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, as the three sat down to order, Betty Cooper pulled Archie aside and revealed she knew of Archie's affair with Ms. Grundy. Back at the house, Fred opened the door to find Hal and Alice Cooper, both of whom insisted that Fred step in to help force Archie and Betty stop spending so much time together. They claimed the relationship was bad, and their respective behavior reflected that, however, Fred defended his son and denied the claims, as Archie was a good kid.


Fred consoles Archie after Ms. Grundy leaves.

At closing night of the Twilight Drive-In, while Fred's date Hermione Lodge stepped away, Alice Cooper interrupted, banging on the window of Fred's truck and informed him of Archie and Ms. Grundy's secret relationship which she had learned from reading Betty's diary. Alice dragged Fred and Betty to the high school where Archie and Ms. Grundy were meeting and exposed them. Alice wanted to let law enforcement take over and Archie pleaded with Fred to come up with a better solution, but the entire situation was complicated. Fred soon realized that for Alice, it was more about her crazy vendetta against Archie than it was anything else. Archie admitted that he was selfish and stupid, but he pleaded with Alice to leave Ms. Grundy alone, however, there was no getting through to her, Alice even threatened to inform the neighbors. As tensions rose, Ms. Grundy offered to quit her job, she hoped this would be a satisfactory solution, but Fred and Alice both agreed that she'd have to leave town too. As Fred drove Archie home, before going inside, he told his son that none of what had transpired that evening was his fault and pulled him in for a hug as Archie began to cry.[4]

Fred never thought he'd say that he missed Archie playing the guitar, but that's exactly how he felt after listening to him pound on a punching bag, non-stop. Archie claimed that it was in preparation for football season. With Coach Clayton preparing to set a starting line up, and name a new team captain, Archie needed to be at the top of his game as football would get him a scholarship to college, where he could then study music. However, Fred wasn't so sure that was all the workout was about.

Archie spent that night in his room writing out his music with Valerie. Fred entered the room, surprised by Valerie's presence, as he wasn't aware she was there, which led to a lot of rambling from Fred who seemed happy that his son had met a new girl. Archie stopped him, and with a pointed look, said that they were busy working on his music. Caught on, Fred exited the room, but made sure to keep the door cracked.[5]

Fred informed Archie that he had bought tickets for all the guys at Andrews Construction to see him perform at Riverdale High school's 75th annual fall Variety Show. He'd also be attending with Hermione, which he wondered if Archie okay with, which he was, saying that both he and his mother were good and that if Hermione made him truly happy, he should go for it with her.

Season 1 Episode 6 Fred Archie

Fred and Archie talk about the Variety Show.

Cheryl That night at the Pembrooke, Archie attended his father's dinner proposal, hoping that it would win Fred the construction contract for the new land. After the meal, Archie worriedly asked his father if he would be mad if he screwed up at the Variety Show, to which Fred responded that he'd be proud of Archie whether he killed it or not, simply because he had the courage to do it.

Fred sat alongside Hermione at the Variety Show as Archie performed on stage, singing a song he'd written entitled "I'll Try", a performance that Fred was especially proud of, as Archie did amazingly.[6]

After Archie found out that Jughead was effectively homeless, living out of the high school, and that his father had fallen off the wagon, Archie spoke to Fred about it and convinced him to offer FP Jones his job back at Andrews Construction. In celebration of FP's first successful day back at work, Archie, Fred, Jughead, and FP went out to eat at Pop's shoppe, where the two fathers reminisced about their youth, much to the amusement of Archie and Jughead.

After dinner, Archie, Jughead, and FP held a jam session in the garage and Archie asked FP what had happened between him and Fred. FP explained that he got into trouble after working some odd jobs to support his family and Fred bailed him out, however, he wanted nothing to do with FP afterward and forced him out of the company he'd helped start. Archie then confronted his father about it and Fred clarified that FP had been stealing from the company and selling things on the side. He gave FP numerous chances, bailing him out of jail countless times, but when someone is drowning, you can't save them if they're going to drag you down with them. Fred insisted did the best he could for his family. However, Archie didn't believe it was fair for Jughead to drown alongside FP.

The next day, Archie, Betty, and Fred headed down to the Sheriff Station as Jughead was taken into custody and interrogated as a suspect in Jason Blossom's death. To Archie's surprise, his father flat out lied to Sheriff Keller, and claimed that Jughead had been tearing down drywall for Andrews construction on July 11th, which Fred later falsified a time card to prove. After a tearful moment between FP and Jughead while leaving the station, the Andrews extended an invitation for Jughead to live with them at their house as FP got himself together. Jughead initially said no, but later ended up staying there anyway. Archie then apologized about how things went down with their fathers.[7]

After a late night of gaming, Fred entered Archie's room to warn him and Jughead that it was about time for them to settle down for the night. He needed to get a good nights sleep as the following day, Andrews Construction would be breaking ground on the SoDale project. Fred asked Jughead how he was settling in and Jughead compared his situation to that of college dorm mates. Archie then humorously dubbed Fred the third roommate.

The next night, after Fred's entire crew had been lured away by Cliff Blossom, Archie returned home from a date with Valerie to find an upset Fred who had been making call unsuccessfully to find a new crew. Fred revealed that he hadn't been as forthcoming with Archie about the severity of danger in which the company was facing. It had been in trouble for a long time, big jobs that were too few and far between, and it only got worse as the days went on, with hemorrhaging cash and overdue bills. It was never supposed to get that bad, he worked his butt off to build the company but in one false step, he could lose everything. However, Archie assured his father he wouldn't let that happen.

After returning to the trailer after a dispute with Cliff Blossom, Fred was welcomed by a new construction crew, in the form of Archie, Jughead, Kevin Keller, and Moose Mason, all of whom volunteered to help keep construction on schedule until he could find a new crew. Initially hesitant, Fred agreed to allow the boys to help. As the day came to an end, the boys returned to the trailer, and Fred thanked each of them for their assistance. Just as things were headed in the right direction, Moose was attacked on the SoDale work site by two thugs, who also damaged some of the equipment. Moose was warned by the guys that as long as construction continued, they'd return to do more damage.

Upon Sheriff Keller's arrival, Fred accused Cliff Blossom of being at the center of the attack since he made it abundantly clear that he wanted the project to collapse, but Archie suspected that it also could have been the work of the Southside Serpents, who were angry after being kicked off their land. The following night, Fred received an unexpected call from FP, who alerted him that Archie was stirring up trouble in a known hang out of the Serpents. Fred arrived outside the bar and demanded that Archie get in the truck as he talked with FP, and much to his surprise, discovered FP was a Serpent. FP vehemently denied the Serpents involvement in the attack but offered to ask around. Back at the house, Fred told his son that he had tried his entire life to build things, a family, a safe life for Archie, but he started questioning if he had failed in doing so. Despite his father's speech, Archie explained that he wasn't giving up, Andrews construction was both of their legacy as he might one day have a son of his own to pass it down to. The next day, much to Fred's surprise, FP was already on site, along with several other Serpents, all willing to work. FP promised Fred that he wouldn't leave him hanging like he had before.[8]

A couple of days later, during dinner with Archie and Jughead, they received a surprise visit from Cheryl Blossom, who was at the Andrews house to properly thank Archie for agreeing to escort her to a banquet her family was hosting. She gifted him with a brand new guitar which, after Cheryl had left, Fred suggested he return back to the Blossoms. He was of the opinion that the Blossoms were using Archie and did not give a damn about him. They had tried to run Fred's business into the ground and as far as they were concerned, everyone else was dirt under their shoe. Completely over the whole family, Fred left.[9]

Season 1 Episode 10 Fred Archie

Fred and Archie talk about Mary.

At the beginning of October, Fred headed up to visit Mary in Chicago to finalize their divorce. Before he left, Archie wondered if maybe his parents could fix things between each other, as Mary had not mentioned anything about the divorce to him the last time they spoke. Fred was of the opinion that they were past the point of reconciliation and that Mary had not mentioned anything to Archie so that Fred would be left as the bearer of bad news.

Fred called Archie from Chicago who wondered if he had seen Mary yet, but Fred revealed that while they were going to have dinner, decided instead to just meet the next morning with their lawyers present. Upset that his parents couldn't talk to one another civilly, Archie cut the call short. Later, during Jughead's 16th birthday party, Archie drunk dialed his father and told him not to sign the divorce papers. The next morning, Fred came home with Mary in tow, much to Archie's surprise.[10]

Season 2

The Shooting at Pops

After Fred was shot by a man in a black hood at Pop's, Archie rushed him to Riverdale General Hospital. Upon arrival, he was immediately taken into the emergency room to have the bullet removed from his body. He fell unconscious shortly after looking back to Archie once he was taken to the emergency room.


Mary and Fred at Archie's graduation

While unconscious during his surgery, Fred stood alongside Mary at Riverdale High School, in the student lounge, where Archie, Veronica, Betty and Jughead area all in their graduation gowns. While Fred was holding the camera, getting ready to take a photo of all of them, Archie asked him why he was taking so long to take the picture. Mary told Fred that the ceremony started in ten minutes. Fred expressed his disbelief in the fact that they were all there. He didn't think he would live to see the day. Except he didn't, Jughead and Betty noted. This confused Fred. As did Veronica's question in regards to him remembering what happened at Pop's. A doorbell then rang, just like the one at Pop's. Fred looked over at the sight of the hooded shooter entering the lounge with a loaded gun. In response, Fred yelled, "Everybody, get down!"


Fred preparing to leave Andrews Construction

Fred has another dream. He and Archie were at Andrews Construction, packing his luggage. Archie informed him that the car was waiting outside. However, Fred wasn't quite ready to leave because something didn't feel right. Archie assured his father that he was going be fine, telling him not to worry about him. Unfortunately, Fred couldn't help but worry, telling Archie that "it's what I do, son. It's what I've always done." But to Archie, this only meant that his father needed a break. Archie insisted that he would handle things while Fred was gone. Fred repeated to his son that something didn't feel right with him. He turned around and looked at a poster that read "Andrews & Son." Seeing this, Fred told Archie that it's too soon. However, it was too late for Fred to change his mind because "they're waiting for him." Fred asked Archie who's waiting. Archie replied that uncle Oscar and Grandpa Artie were waiting for him. Fred wasn't sure what Archie meant given that they were both dead.

By the time Archie returned to the hospital, he was told that he could now see Fred. Even though his father hadn't woken up yet, he should still talk to him, to try and coax him back. Archie sat beside his unconscious father, as he spoke to him.

The time flashed forward again to another of Fred's hallucinatory visions, this time Archie was sitting with Fred at Pop's. Archie informed Fred that he was going to propose to Veronica. Fred reached over and looked at the ring, saying that Veronica's going to love it. Archie said that she better love it as she picked it out, to which Fred said sounded just right. When Pop served them, Fred told him the news. Pop was surprised and commented that time dies. Upon hearing this, Fred became confused, so Pop pointed to his shirt that had blood spreading fast.


Archie speaking to his father as he's still unconscious

After, Archie went back to his father's room, to find Cheryl over his father's bedside, giving him a kiss on his forehead. Confused by this, Cheryl explained that she was paying him back for saving her life at Sweetwater River, he gave her the kiss of life, as she's now giving to his father. Cheryl then assured him that his father was going to be just fine, before she leaves the room. As he then returns to his father's bedside, he continued to his unconscious father, telling him that he was thinking a lot about what he could say to him. He told his father that he's been imagining what he would've said to him at Pop's that morning if he didn't get shot and things turned out differently; his father would ask him about Veronica and he would've told him how crazy he was about her. He would've replied that that was great, but that they should take it slow, no one was getting married yet.


Fred at Archie's wedding

The time flashed forward again to another of Fred's hallucinatory visions, this time Archie waited at the altar, Fred standing beside him, as Veronica, in a wedding dress, walked down towards him. Fred spotted the shooter who shot him aiming towards Archie, so he ran in front of the bullet to save Archie. His father then woke up from his vision, to find his son sitting beside his him. Archie was relieved to see his father finally awake. Archie apologized to his father as he tells him he should have done more for him at Pop's. He then tells his father that whether or not the Sheriff found the man who did this to him, he wouldn't have to worry, because he would protect him. Fred commented that the reason why he came back was to protect him.[11]

Fred came into the kitchen that morning to find that Archie had burned breakfast. Fred joked that they may need a fire extinguisher. While he appreciated Archie's effort, Fred needed to get back to moving around on his own. He then noticed Archie drinking an energy drink, which was odd considering how early it was. He asked Archie if everything was alright with him. Archie replied that he was fine.

The next day, Archie told his father that Ms. Grundy had been killed in her Greendale home. Between his shooting and Grundy's murder, Archie began to suspect that he was being targeted. However, Fred was not convinced. He believed that Archie was scared, and because of this, he was jumping to conclusions. The truth is that they didn't know anything about what happened to Grundy. While it was a horrible incident, Fred couldn't support Archie's theory of a hooded killer targeting the people he loved.


Archie and Fred learning details from Ms. Grundy's autopsy information

The following day, after Archie had gone to Alice in hopes that she could gather details from Grundy's autopsy, as she did Jason's, and see if they line up with the attack on Fred, she informed them that there wasn't any forced entry, meaning Ms. Grundy probably knew her killer. But the police don't know if any of her personal belongings were missing. Archie then asked about the method in which she was murdered. According to the autopsy, she was strangled with something the killer grabbed on hand; a cell bow. Alice explained to them that there was a struggle and Grundy fought back, but there's nothing to suggest that it involved Archie in any way considering it was a crime of passion, in another town, with a completely different murder weapon. The likelihood of these two crimes being connected seemed slim.[12]

The Red Circle

After discovering that Moose and his girlfriend, Midge, were attacked in the woods the night before, Fred learned from Archie, who had just returned from seeing them at Riverdale General Hospital, that they were shot by a man wearing the exact same black hood as the shooter at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. While Fred wasn't entirely sure that the attacks were committed by the same individual, Archie was convinced. And if Sheriff Keller wasn't willing to take that seriously, Archie suggested that they buy a gun for protection, though Fred was adamantly against keeping a gun in the house.


Fred advising Archie not to offend the Lodges

Later in the week, Fred asked Archie how the war on terror was going, which was a reference to Archie's recently formed community group watch known as The Red Circle. It's going, Archie replied. Fred wanted to speak with Archie about his upcoming dinner with the Lodges. Need he remind Archie that Hiram Lodge was far more than just his girlfriend's father. He was also Fred's business partner, which Archie and Veronica had already discussed. Even if things with Veronica were to change, Archie assured Fred that he would be a gentleman, and that he wouldn't do anything to offend her, or Mr. and Mrs. Lodges. The problem within this is that Hiram is the kind of person that'll find a way to be offended if that's what he wanted. Fred then gave Archie one last warning to proceed with caution.[13]

Fred watched the Red Circle's public message to the Black Hood, which had put the town in panic. In the video, was Archie, surrounded by his fellow Circle members, all of whom, with the exception of Archie, were wearing red hoods to conceal their identity. As Archie entered the house, Fred expressed his disappointment in his son's recent actions. The video would surely antagonize the killer, which could result in Archie becoming his latest target. Hoping to stop the spread of the video before any further damage could be done, Fred demanded that Archie take it down in front of him, though Archie revealed that he had already taken down the original post. However, many had shared it.


Fred yelling at Archie for his reckless behavior

A couple days had passed since their last discussion, and yet again, Fred had found himself at a lost with Archie, who had been banned from school property after the discovery of a black hood in his locker by Sheriff Keller and Mr. Weatherbee. Archie explained that the hood belonged to Reggie, who came by the house one day, trying to scare him as a prank. The man who shot Fred was still out there, free to target his next victim, as he played some kind of game of cat-and-mouse with Riverdale. Admittedly, this frightened Fred, but not as much as Archie did. His latest actions have proven him to be careless and unpredictable. Fred told Archie that if he was willing to be honest with him, that they would continue the discussion when he returned from the Town Hall meeting.

Fred returned home from the Town Hall meeting, which was brought to an abrupt end after Betty and Jughead announced that the Black Hood would strike there next. As he headed up the stairs to continue his discussion with Archie, Fred discovered that Archie was already having the much-needed talk with Veronica. Seeing that he was no longer needed, Fred headed back down the steps.[14]

Fred was pleased to learn from Archie that he had done as Mr. Weatherbee asked of him by writing an apology letter to the entire Riverdale High School community. Archie even uploaded a video to elaborate on his apology. Furthermore, he had officially disbanded the Red Circle. Fred was happy to have his son back.[15]


Everyone attending Alice's gathering

Fred, Hermione, Hiram, Sheriff Keller, Mayor McCoy, and Melinda Mantle was called over to the Cooper house by Alice to discuss the use of Jingle Jangle at Nick St. Clair's party at the Five Seasons, that all their children attended. Alice remarked that only "her Betty" was smart enough to leave the party when she saw it taking a nasty turn. Hearing this, Fred concluded that Alice was merely hosting the gathering to gloat. Hermione interrupted the bickering to ask who brought the Jingle Jangle to the party, during which time, Reggie admitted fault. He explained that he acquired the drugs from a Southside teen, who he suspected of being a member of the Southside Serpents. Archie questioned what relevance did the dealer being a Serpent hold, as all members didn't deal, but Fred dismissed his claim. While the teens admitted that they shouldn't have taken the drugs, Nick asked Reggie to bring them, and later pressured everyone to partake. Not to mention that he assaulted Cheryl. If anyone should be under interrogation, they believed it to be him. However, as Sheriff Keller explained, prosecuting Nick would be difficult given that they were all high, as Jingle Jangle stayed in one's system for up to three days, making them unreliable witnesses.


Archie and Fred discussing his community service and Jughead

Later that night, Fred and Archie had dinner together, providing them with the opportunity to talk about Archie's community service at Pickens Park, that was appointed by Mayor McCoy for his drug use at Nick's party. They also discussed Jughead, who was at Southside High, which was ground zero for Jingle Jangle. Fred asked Archie if he was checking in on Jughead, ensuring that he was alright. Archie replied that he was trying. Fred recalled his past friendship with FP being remarkably similar. It was a never-ending battle with the Jones. Fred just hoped that with Jughead, it wasn't a losing battle.

A couple of days later, Fred asked Archie if he heard about the arrest of Robert Phillips, a teacher at Southside High, who was supplying Jingle Jangle. Archie knew of the arrest, going on to say that Jughead was in one of his classes, which left Fred to wonder how everything was going with him. Archie explained that he tried to help Jughead with something, but it backfired, which put a strain on their friendship. Fred wasn't too worried. After taking his medication, which had him feeling better every day, he told Archie that it wasn't the first fight they had, and it likely wouldn't be the last.[16]


Fred learning that Archie told Veronica that he loves her

Fred learned from Archie that Veronica failed to say "I love you" despite Archie saying it to her first. So, he advised Archie to keep his head clear as people are often on different schedules when it comes to those three words.

A couple nights later, Fred approached Archie as he was preparing to leave for FP's retirement party. Fred wanted to check in on the status of his relationship with Veronica. Unfortunately, "things didn't go so well on the other side of the four letter word". As dark as things got, Archie explained that when he's with Veronica, she made him feel as if everything was going to be alright, and that was something that he didn't wish to lose. Fred assured Archie that he wouldn't lose Veronica so long as he gave her time and space.[17]


Fred and Archie bringing in the Christmas tree

In the days leading up to Christmas, Archie and Fred were selling Christmas trees to bring in extra money. With Pop Tate's permission, they had set up shop just outside of the diner. They gifted Pop Tate with a tree, sitting it right in the middle of the diner. On his way out of the diner, Fred offered Jughead, who was sitting in a booth with Archie, a Christmas tree, free of charge, for him and FP. It would have to be a small one though, considering that they lived in a trailer, Jughead remarked.

The next morning, Fred received his medical bills from Riverdale General Hospital, though Archie initially mistook the bill as a letter from the Black Hood. After correcting him, Fred informed Archie that the bill was $86,000. He presumed that a mistake had been made, telling Archie that he would call the hospital in the morning to correct the mistake.

On Christmas Eve night, Fred and Hal were called down to Pop's by Sheriff Keller after Archie and Betty were attacked by the Black Hood in Pickens Park. Fortunately, the Sheriff managed to kill the Black Hood before he could escape.

Christmas morning, Fred and Archie spoke on the phone with Mary, who was off on a singles cruise to the Bahamas for the Holiday.[18]


Archie getting ready for school

While getting ready for school, Fred stopped by Archie's room to see if he had told anyone about their medical bills because it had been paid in full, all $86,000 of it, through an angel donation. Archie admitted that he had told Veronica though he didn't think anything would come of it when he did. He offered to ask her about it, but Fred would rather he focus on school. In Archie's hand, was his guitar, which his father noted to not have seen recently. Archie explained that he'd been busy. But after spending Christmas break on writing songs, he was considering starting a band, like the Fred-heads, he joked, in reference to Fred and FP's old high school band. Should he start a band, he was advised to do it in the garage as it had previously been sound-proofed.


Fred telling Archie that the Lodges paid his medical bills

Archie returned home, where he sat at the kitchen table until his father's arrival. Both Fred and Archie had learned that the Lodges were responsible for his medical bills being paid. Archie urged him to give the money back, but Fred had already accepted it after horse-trading 20% of Andrews Construction, which covered the $86, 000. Furthermore, they couldn't afford to take another mortgage out on the house. The Lodges would allow him to buy it back, piece by piece. They would be fine, Fred assured Archie. Unfortunately, that only put them in deeper with the Lodges. Given what Archie had just learned from Agent Adams, this was the last thing he hoped for. However, he couldn't share any of this information with his father, who question what Archie was concerned for.[19]

After his meeting with Sheriff Keller, Mayor McCoy and Lodges was interrupted by Archie earlier that week, Fred attended Pickens Day in Pickens Park with his son as Veronica and the Pussycats performed on stage. However, their performance was interrupted by the Southside Serpents who were in protest of the event.[20]


Archie and Fred at Andrews Construction

At Andrews Construction, Fred and his crew awaited Archie's arrival as he had been tasked by Hiram with delivering the cash bag to the trailer on payday. Upon Archie's arrival, Fred offered to give him a ride home but Archie declined as he had one last errand to run.[21]

After sitting down with Agent Adams of the F.B.I, Fred told Archie that the F.B.I were assisting in a crackdown on undocumented labor from Canada. They thought that maybe over the years Fred had hired some of these guys and paid them cash under the table. Which he had on a few occasions, looking the other way if possible. As minor as this may seem, the F.B.I were perfectly capable of taking him down for it. To make matters worse, they were requesting Fred's files for the last seven years. Little did Fred know that this sudden crack-down was due to Archie's involvement with the F.B.I.[22]

Mayoral Campaign


Archie, Fred, Hiram, Hermione and Veronica having dinner

Archie and Fred were invited over to the Pembrooke for dinner by the Lodges where Fred, Hiram, and Hermione told stories from their youth when they apparently broke into Thornhill for a swim and stole the school's van. Though Fred pointed the blame on Hermione and Mary. But Hermione insisted that it was Alice who stole the school van for a joyride. Hiram and Hermione then invited Fred into the study, proposing that he run for Mayor. Meanwhile, Archie and Veronica also discussed Fred's potential run for Mayor.


Fred considering running for Mayor

On their way home from dinner with the Lodges, Archie asked Fred if he was seriously considering running for Mayor. Which he was. Being mayor was something Fred had dreamed about since he was a kid, in the back of his mind. While Riverdale had been through a lot lately with the Black Hood and Jason Blossom's Death. So he was hoping that he could be the one to change things. In spite of all this, Fred was aware that Hiram simply wanted a friend in the mayor's office which is why he offered to make a campaign donation. But Fred explained that if he decided to run, it would be for the town, as well as the two of them.


Archie and Fred looking over "Riverdale 2020"

A couple days later, Fred shared an old urban planner presentation of his with Archie back when he applied to college. It was for a program he never got into. "Riverdale 2020", he called it. A small town with a big future. Archie was amazed by the presentation. However, their moment was interrupted by Veronica, who came to the house with design ideas for campaign logos. After Fred picked one design out in particular from her portfolio, Veronica agreed to get buttons and t-shirts printed.


Archie and Fred learning of Hiram's master plan

A day later, Fred and Archie were called over to the Pembrooke after Jughead had learned of the Lodges' plan for the Southside and likely planned to break the news. Hiram hoped to tell them everything when the time was right. But with Jughead publishing the article at any moment, he was forced to lay everything out on the table for them then and there. They learned that the Lodges' plans for Riverdale entailed turning Southside High into a private, for-profit prison. As for SoDale, it would be housing for the employees of the prison. Fred refused to support their plan as it was built on the bones of a high school. He called Archie over as he was preparing to leave. However, much to his surprise, Archie decided to stay as he wanted to hear what else Hiram had to say.[23]


Fred and Archie discussing SoDale

Archie came into the kitchen as Fred read the latest article from the Register detailing Hermione Lodge's candidacy for mayor and her promise that the new prison will bring forth more jobs and a safer Riverdale. Archie was confident that the prison was a good idea. Though Fred did not agree. He was certain that a prison would rip the soul out of Riverdale, especially the Southside. So he couldn't support that plan or Hiram and Hermione. Which meant he had to sever all ties with Lodge Industries and SoDale.

In need of legal aid, Fred called in Mary, "the big guns", to help him get out of his contractual obligations with the Lodges. She wished he had called her in earlier, before he gave the Lodges 20% of Andrews Construction. However, Archie was far from concerned. He was sure that Hiram would keep his word though Fred and Mary weren't so sure given their long-standing history with the Hiram and Hermione. Their doubt seemed to anger Archie, who then left for school.


Fred and Mary at dinner

The following night, Fred, Archie, and Mary had dinner as a family. The topic of discussion — Riverdale and Jughead's crusade to save it. Archie wrote the protest off as an act of lunacy. However, Fred defended Jughead's protest. While Archie may not have believed in what he was fighting for, Jughead's reasons were still valid. However, Archie disagreed, arguing that Jughead was mostly fighting against Hiram. As were a lot of people in town who were afraid of what had to be done. Mary took great offense to Archie's comments. Not because they were directed at her, but because they were directed at Fred, who broke rocks in high school to support his family when his own father got sick. He saw what had to be done, and did it. Even making a business out of it. Furthermore, Fred did have a vision. One that didn't end with everyone working in a penal colony. While it was Archie's prerogative to side with Hiram, Mary refused to allow him to disrespect Fred.[24]


The Andrews vs the Lodges, with Veronica and Archie playing peacemakers

Fred and Mary attended the school hall meeting at Archie's school, where he and Veronica squared off against Jughead, Betty, Reggie and Josie. Afterward, Fred and Mary exchanged words in the hallway with Hiram and Hermione as Archie and Veronica attempted to play peacemakers. All of Riverdale was buzzing about Fred's decision to run against Hermione for Mayor. Mary then pointed out that they were still waiting for Hiram to sign the papers to release Fred from his contract to Lodge Industries. However, Hermione countered that they were still waiting for Fred and Mary to sign the NDA that they had sent over.


Fred, Jughead and Archie

Later that week, Fred asked Jughead to come over to the house and help him with his announcement address. It seemed as if they were settling on "I'm all about investing in all the citizens of Riverdale, not just profiting from them." Archie joined them in the kitchen, allowing Fred to express how much he appreciated that Archie would be in attendance for his announcement.

The following day, much to Fred's disappointment, Archie did not join him and Mary on stage as promised for his announcement address. Nonetheless, he was glad that Mary was by his side. And so he went on to make the official announcement. "Good afternoon. My name is Fred Andrews. And I stand before you today, a humble resident of this town - to announce my candidacy for Mayor."[25]


Jughead: "Pretty handy with that wheelbarrow Archie. You know if the whole music thing doesn't pan out, you can always have manual labor as a fallback."
Archie: "Don't even joke, I did this all summer long, remember? My dad loves this kind of work, and I love him, but—"
Jughead: "No, I know. Your dad's path is not for you. Trust me, I get it."
Archie: "He works his ass off for me, bro. Never asks for anything, always has my back even when I mess up. So, if having his back means I have to haul some rocks, then, bring it on."
―Archie and Jughead help out at Andrews Construction[src]


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