Game changer. Archie got hot!
— Kevin to Betty[src]

The friendship between Archie Andrews and Kevin Keller pre-dates the series. They have several mutual friends as well.


Archie and Kevin grew up together in Riverdale and became friends prior to the start of the series.

Throughout RiverdaleEdit

Season 1Edit

While Betty prepared for her outing with Archie, in which she would finally reveal her true feelings towards him, Kevin assisted her by reminding Betty that whiles nerves were acceptable, she must follow through. Kevin then looked out Betty's window and made a shocking discovery, Archie got hot.[1]

At school, the morning after Betty admitted her feelings to Archie, and he and Betty as a couple were no longer an option, Kevin wanted to revisit his theory of Archie being gay. Much to Betty's amusement, he claimed no straight man had that type of body. Later that day, Archie was joined at lunch by Betty, Veronica and Kevin and played one of his songs for them.[2]

Invited by Cheryl, Kevin, Betty, Jughead, Archie, Veronica and Valerie attended Jason Blossom's Memorial during which, Kevin witnessed an awkward moment between Penelope Blossom and Archie, as she touched his hair and caressed his face, reminded of her dead son.[3]

Every fall, Riverdale High School put on a Variety Show to show case the talent of it's students and Archie decided to audition. As host of the event, Kevin allowed Archie to take his time, but stage fright got the better of him and he ran off the stage. Even though it compromised Kevin's artistic integrity, after a few choice words with Veronica, who reminded him that he had heard Archie sing on numerous occasions, Kevin left a slot open for Archie if he still wanted it. The night of the show, Kevin was happily surprised when Archie performed perfectly.[4]

Season 1 Episode 8 Archie Kevin

Kevin and Archie help out Archie's dad

After learning that Fred Andrews' crew quit on him the day of the SoDale project, Kevin, joined Archie, Moose Mason and Jughead Jones to help with construction and keep things on schedule until Fred could find a new crew. As the day came to an end, the boys returned to the trailer, but Moose forgot his phone on outside and when he went to retrieve it, was subsequently attacked by two thugs, who warned him to stop construction.

Kevin, Archie and Moose suspected that the attack could've been the work of the Southside Serpents, as they had lost their territory due to the construction. With the help of Kevin's boyfriend Joaquin, a member of the gang himself, they infiltrated a Serpent hang out known as the Whyte Wyrm bar. Though the original plan was to call Kevin's dad if they found anything, Archie decided to confront the Serpent that Moose pointed out as being his potential attacker, which didn't end well as they were vastly outnumbered. However, before much could happen, they were released by FP Jones, Jughead's father and the leader of the Serpents.[5]

In the student lounge at school, Archie, Kevin and Veronica were celebrating as Archie had just informed them that he had a chance to go to a very exclusive music program the next summer. As Betty and Jughead joined the group, he explained that Penelope Blossom offered to put in a good word for him in exchange for escorting Cheryl to her family's annual tree tapping event. Kevin and Betty were happy for Archie, while Jughead and Veronica were worried about him doing favors for the Blossoms.[6]


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