I want you with me. I don't think that this town is safe anymore. I feel like Riverdale is getting ready to slide off of a mountainside and I don't want you anywhere around when that happens.
— Mary to Archie[src]

The mother and son relationship between Archie and Mary Andrews is close, but not nearly as close as he is with his father. Archie hadn't seen his mother up until she returned to Riverdale after leaving, and moving to Chicago two years prior. She and Archie spent quite a bit of time together while she was in town, and before she left for Chicago again, Archie promised that he would come spend some time with her over the next summer break since he chose to still live in Riverdale with his father after Mary offered him to come move to Chicago with her.


Presumably, Archie and Mary had a good relationship while Archie was growing up, however when she and Fred decided to separate, Archie chose to stay with his father in Riverdale, despite Mary wanting him to move Chicago with her.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

In the beginning of October, Fred headed up to visit Mary in Chicago to finalize their divorce. Before he left, Archie wondered if maybe his parents could fix things between each other, as Mary had not mentioned anything about the divorce to him the last time they spoke on the phone. However, Fred was of the opinion that they were past the point of reconciliation.

Season 1 Episode 10 Fred Mary

Fred comes home with Mary

Fred called Archie from Chicago who wondered if he had seen his mother yet, but Fred revealed that while they were going to have dinner, decided instead to just meet the next morning with their lawyers present. Upset that his parents couldn't talk to one another civilly, Archie cut the call short. Later, during Jughead's 16th Birthday Party, Archie drunk dialled his father and told him not to sign the divorce papers. The next morning, Fred came home with Mary in tow, much to Archie's surprise.[1]

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Archie and Mary (2)

Archie and Mary talk

At breakfast the next morning, Mary explained to Archie that the reason she had come back to Riverdale was due to Archie's phone call. She had thought that Riverdale would be better and safer for him, than Chicago. Archie, however, reassured her that he was okay, his life was good and he and his father were closer than ever. Mary revealed that Fred had mentioned Archie's music and she hoped Archie could play her something before she left, which led Archie to invite her to Homecoming so she could see him play live. After school, Archie returned home to find his parents together in the kitchen, which was something he was not used to. It was nice but unnerving for him at the same time. He was then happily surprised to learn that they were attending the dance together.

Following the dance, Mary asked Archie to return to Chicago with her, to stay. After FP Jones's arrest for Jason Blossom's murder, Mary did not think Riverdale was safe anymore and she wanted her son with her. Archie promised his mother that he would think about it.[2]

Legal Aid & Departure

At the Andrews house, after the dance, Mary, Fred, and Hermione were shocked to discover that Archie and Veronica had broke into FP's trailer in search of any evidence that would connect him to the murder of Jason Blossom. They were even more shocked to discover that Alice was in on it. However, Archie, Veronica and Betty claimed that the gun used to kill Jason wasn't in the closet when they checked the trailer, and that it was planted after they left, meaning someone was framing FP, or so they claimed. Archie wanted to get this information to Sheriff Keller, but as Mary explained, Archie entered FP's residence illegally, so whatever he did or did not find would be inadmissible in a court of law. Going to Sheriff Keller with the information they claim to have would simply make matters worse.

Season 1 Episode 12 Anatomy of a Murder Mary, Arche and Jughead at Pop's

Mary at Pop's shoppe with Archie and Jughead

A couple days had passed since homecoming, and after spending the previous night at the Sheriff Station with FP, Mary, Archie and Jughead met up at Pop's shoppe to discuss FP's case. She passed herself off as his attorney in an effort to gain as much information as she could. Unfortunately, between FP's list of priors, the anonymous tip, the possession of the murder weapon, and his confession, it was looking pretty bad for him. She was with FP all night, and he never once changed his story, but he did use his one phone call to contact someone named Joaquin DeSantos, who Mary would later come to find out was a Southside Serpent and Kevin's boyfriend. She then advised Jughead to go see his father, tell him everything he wanted to say because once he was arraigned, the process would become much faster, and there wouldn't be anything left to do, so that would be his final chance.

Despite her best efforts, Archie turned down Mary's offer to move with her to Chicago because his friends need him, but he promised to visit for the summer. She hugged Archie, told him she loved him, and then exited the house.[3]

Season 2

The Shooting at Pop's


Mary and Fred at Archie's graduation

Mary appeared alongside Fred during a dream-like hallucination. In the student lounge, the two of them joined Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica in preparation for their graduation, which Mary remarked was ten minutes away. As Fred held up his phone to take a photo of the kids, Mary insisted that he hurry up. Meanwhile, in reality, Mary received a call from Archie, telling her that Fred had been shot by a black hooded assailant during a robbery at Pop's. With the doctors being uncertain over Fred's survival, Archie urged her to come back to Riverdale in case Fred doesn't make it.

Back in reality, by night fall, Mary had arrived in Riverdale to take care of Fred, who had regained consciousness and was recovering from home. She bypassed Archie on her way up the stairs to tend to Fred.[4]


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