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The mother and son relationship between Archie and Mary Andrews is a bit uncertain, as Archie hasn't revealed much about his relationship with his mother.


Presumably, Archie and Mary had a good relationship while Archie was growing up, however when she and Fred decided to separate, Archie chose to stay with his father in Riverdale, despite Mary wanting him to move Chicago with her.

Season 1 Edit

In the beginning of October, Fred headed up to visit Mary in Chicago to finalize their divorce. Before he left, Archie wondered if maybe his parents could fix things between each other, as Mary had not mentioned anything about the divorce to him the last time they spoke on the phone. However, Fred was of the opinion that they were past the point of reconciliation.

Fred called Archie from Chicago who wondered if he had seen his mother yet, but Fred revealed that while they were going to have dinner, decided instead to just meet the next morning with their lawyers present. Upset that his parents couldn't talk to one another civilly, Archie cut the call short. Later, during Jughead's 16th Birthday Party, Archie drunk dialled his father and told him not to sign the divorce papers. The next morning, Fred came home with Mary in tow, much to Archie's surprise.[1]


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