The relationship between Archie Andrews and Reggie Mantle is not as clean cut as it may appear. They are friends and teammates but they often butt heads over football and Archie's friendship with Jughead Jones.


Sometime before the start of the series, Archie and Reggie became friends.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

On Archie's very first day of sophomore year, Reggie joined him at his locker, hyped over Archie's new football-ready build. Reggie enthusiastically asked for tips before Archie explained that his recent change was from working construction all summer at his father's company. This led Reggie into his next question, if Archie had sex with any older women as he was out there working on private homes, but he smoothly deflected the question.

Following the back-to-school Semi-formal, Reggie attended Cheryl Blossom's after-party in which seconded Archie as Cheryl's pick play Seven Minutes in Heaven first and laughed delightedly when the bottle landed between both Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. After Archie left the closet with Veronica, Reggie gesticulated his approval.[1]

In the student lounge, after everyone in town was questioned about Jason Blossom's murder following the discovery of his corpse, Reggie loudly ruminated on who the killer might be. He derisively suggested Jughead Jones, who he referred to as a spooky, scrawny, pathetic, the perfect suspect. Reggie asked him what it was like to kill Jason, and if he did anything to the body afterwards. Jughead reminded him that the correct term was necrophilia, he proceeded to ask Reggie if he could spell the word. Offended, Reggie leapt out of his seat, towards Jughead, but Archie intervened, leading Reggie to wonder if they killed Jason together. Archie then shoved Reggie, who shoved him back a lot harder, and knocked Archie to the ground, before finishing him off with a single punch.[2]

Season 1 Episode 5 Archie Reggie

Archie and Reggie must compete for the captaincy

Days later, following morning football practice, both Reggie and Archie were offered captaincy of the Riverdale Bulldogs. Coach Clayton, pit the two against one another to see who would impress him the most by week's end, with the winner becoming the new captain. Reggie believed if anyone deserved to be team captain, and wear Jason's jersey, it was him.

Despite Archie's best efforts to juggle football and music at the same time, Reggie got the better of him on every play, except for one, in which Archie managed to score on him. It wasn't long before Reggie discovered that Archie injured his hand, and insisted that he sit out on practice, but Archie refused. When it came time for the Coach to make his decision, he picked Archie, much to Reggie's surprise. He explained that he was very impressed when Archie gave Penelope Blossom her son's former football jersey, effectively retiring the number, which the Coach believed to be the right call, exactly what a captain would do. However, in an unexpected turn of events, Archie turned down the position, as he couldn't put all of himself in the team and still concentrate on his music. He wasn't quitting the team but suggested that it be given to Reggie instead, as the team deserved a captain who would make them his main priority.[3]

Reggie, along with multiple other players on the Riverdale Bulldogs, heckled Archie, as attempted his audition for the 75th annual Variety Show. Archie's stage fright was so severe that he believed that he saw the players wearing werewolf masks and ultimately ran off the stage. However, on the night of the show, he did amazingly and earned much applause from everyone.[4]


Season 2 ScreencapsEdit


Reggie: "Bro, you are ready for football, I'm not kidding you, dude, you got ripped. Dude, you're a beast. Look at this arm, it's diesel! How much are you benching, like 220? 225? You gotta give me some tips, man. Romanian deadlifts, right? Taking some T? Ginseng? Maca root? Tribulus terrestris?"
Archie: "[laughs] It's from working construction, Reg."
―Reggie enthuses over Archie's new physique[src]

Coach Clayton: "Now, Reggie your time will come. But for this season, at least, this is a new number, seeing as you took it upon yourself to retire Jason's. Now, which was, well, the right call. You know exactly what a captain should and would do."
Reggie: "Dude, are you insane? Take the jersey."
Archie: "I can't. I can't coach. I love playing football, but your starting lineup deserves a captain whose only love is playing football. Someone like Reggie. "
Reggie: "What? I mean, yeah."
―Archie gives his potential position as captain to Reggie[src]

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