Archie: "Every day I wonder, what if I'd left Riverdale with my mom? Would things be, would I be better off?"
Veronica: "I can't answer that Archie, but we wouldn't have met, and that would've been a tragedy of epic proportions."
Archie: "[laughs] I'm messed up, Veronica..."
Veronica: "We all are, Archie. And, honestly, you less than most."
―Archie and Veronica before their second kiss.[src]

The relationship between Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge began as a friendship, yet they were very attracted to one another. During "Chapter Ten: The Lost Weekend" things got serious, and they officially started dating in "Chapter Thirteen: The Sweet Hereafter". They ended their relationship in "Chapter Twenty-One: House of the Devil" after Archie said, "I love you", but Veronica wasn't able to.

The two have since shared numerous flirtatious looks and multiple kisses. At the end of season one finale, they consummated their relationship after the Jubilee.

Throughout RiverdaleEdit

Season 1Edit

Archie and Veronica first met at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe when Betty and Archie were having dinner together. Archie was intrigued by this new arrival at Riverdale and asked her to join him and Betty. Veronica had to decline the offer because she was picking up an order for her mother back at home.

The next day, after getting to know Kevin, Betty and Archie, Veronica learned that Betty had a crush on Archie but that she had not told Archie yet. She gave Betty an opening to ask Archie to the back-to-school Semi-formal dance, but Betty choked and asked him to go with the two of them. Archie, Betty and Veronica attended the dance together, and Veronica attempted to set up an opportunity for Betty to declare her love. When Betty finally worked up the courage to confess her feelings, however, Archie didn't return them.

Season 1 Episode 1 Archie Veronica

Archie and Veronica's first kiss.

Cheryl, knowing the situation between the three, decided to stir up some trouble at her after-party later that night. She used a game of Spin the Bottle to force Archie and Veronica to play Seven Minutes in Heaven together, knowing it would upset Betty. Though they tried to fight their attraction for each other out of respect for their friend, they ended up kissing. When they returned to the party, Cheryl gleefully informed them that Betty had fled, so Archie went after her, in an attempt to salvage their friendship.

Early the next morning, Archie and Veronica shared a brief look as they stood at the edge of Sweetwater River with their parents while Jason Blossom's body was located and brought to shore with a bullet hole in his forehead.[1]

After smoothing things over with Betty, the two of them and Kevin joined Archie for lunch at school. To lighten the mood, Veronica insisted Archie play them a song, which he did beautifully. However, it was too much for Betty to bare so she ran off in tears.

Season 1 Episode 2 Archie Veronica

Archie walks Veronica's home.

With a terrible start to her week, Veronica joined her mother, Hermione, as she waited tables at Pop's. Archie then entered the diner with a pick-up order for him and his father. Hermione recognized him as Fred's son and volunteered Archie to walk Veronica home, during which, the two of them talked about their mutually strained friendships with Betty. Veronica was back to being the shallow and toxic rich-bitch that ruined everything in her path, which was unfortunate because even though she had just met Betty, she felt they were destined to be best friends, she felt like she just missed the train that was headed to the rest of her life. Archie told Veronica about his past with Betty, how they first met, and how she'd always been there for him in his time of need, so he hated that he hurt her. Veronica advised Archie to give Betty time, and not to despair, as she didn't believe their story was over yet.

Following the Pep Rally, Betty and Veronica made up and went for smoothies at Pop's, joined by Archie and Jughead shortly afterward.[2]

Succeeding Archie's confession that he was present at Sweetwater River on July 4th, the same day Jason disappeared and that he had heard a gun shot, Veronica wondered if he was currently a suspect, to which Kevin replied that they all were. However, Veronica was the least likely suspect as she lacked motive considering that she was new to Riverdale. Kevin suggested the group binge watch "Making a Murderer" on Netflix but Veronica had to decline as she had a date with Chuck Clayton. Betty and Kevin freaked out stating that he was a player, but "the hottest of hot", Kevin then added, "In Riverdale, that's like dating a Kennedy". However, Archie didn't say anything.

Following her date, Veronica was slut-shamed by Chuck and furiously headed into the boys' locker room with Betty to confront him. However, before they found him, Veronica bumped into Archie, surprising Veronica as he was dressed only in a towel. Embarrassed, Archie wondered what they were doing there and attempted to stop Veronica, who angrily pushed him out of the way and told him to stay out of it.[3]

Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and Jughead sat in a booth at Pop's shoppe talking about the closing of the Twilight Drive-In when moments later, Archie, Fred Andrews, and Ms. Grundy entered the shoppe. Betty, mysterious, got up and walked outside the diner to talk to Archie alone, which led Veronica to wonder what they were talking about and if it was her. Curiosity got the better of her, and she followed them just in time to overhear that Archie was having a secret affair with his music teacher, Ms. Grundy. Shocked, Veronica backed Betty up on her stance of Archie and Ms. Grundy's relationship being wrong and illegal. Veronica didn't even know what to call them, asking if Ms. Grundy was his "booty tutor". After Archie explained that Ms. Grundy believed in him when no one else did, she backed off the subject, but not before reminding him that he was in it deep.

Later that day, Veronica and Betty researched Ms. Grundy's background online, and presented the information they found to Archie in a booth at Pop's. They discovered that one year ago, she apparently appeared out of thin air, all her social media accounts only date back one year. Before that, there was no record of her existence, the only Geraldine Grundy they could find was an elderly woman that died 7 years prior. Archie didn't believe he was in any danger and told them to let it go.

In spite of their promise to Archie, Veronica and Betty were still insistent upon finding the truth. They broke into Ms. Grundy's car to find anything that would prove that she wasn't as clean as she appeared. Inside the car, they found a driver's license with the name Jennifer Gibson on it and a hand gun. Once again, they had approached Archie with the information they had gathered. Veronica suggested that he open his eyes to all the evidence but he continued to defend Ms. Grundy but he wasn't quite why. Meeting with Ms. Grundy, he asked her about everything and she admitted she had an abusive husband that she had run away from. Later that evening, Alice Cooper, found the hand gun inside Betty's drawer and quickly eached for rBetty's diary in panic. Upon reading the diary, she learned of his affair and forced Ms. Grundy out of town.[4]

Days later at lunch, Archie was joined by Betty, Jughead, Veronica, and Kevin as he sat in the bleachers studying index cards of football plays. Veronica wondered how life was for him in the PG world (post-Grundy), but with his eye on acquiring the varsity football captaincy, Archie wasn't concerning himself with much else. Cheryl then interrupted to invite the group to Jason Blossom's Memorial.

Veronica kisses Archie's hand

Veronica kisses Archie's injured hand.

During River Vixens practice, Veronica spotted Archie in the hallway wrapping his hand, having injured it in football practice. Taking his hand she assisted him and scolded him as that hand was his instrument, while at the same time wondering if he was punishing himself. Archie explained he hurt his hand because he didn't know the play, and he didn't know the play because he was up writing music all night with Valerie Brown, instead of studying. Veronica appeared to be a little jealous of the time he had been spending with Valerie, but she swore that she wasn't, having already been given her Seven Minutes in Heaven with Archie, alluding to their time spent in the closest at Cheryl's after-party. She finished wrapping his hand, kissed it, told him to take better care of it since it would be worth millions one day, and walked away. That weekend, Archie attended Jason's memorial, along with Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Kevin and Valerie.[5]

Veronica sat in the crowd as Archie choked during his audition for the 75th annual Variety Show. Looking to help out a friend, Veronica had a chat with Kevin, the host of the event, and reminded him that he had heard Archie sing on numerous occasions, and persuaded him to keep a slot open for Archie. Archie thanked her but wasn't sure he would be able to sing alone so Veronica offered to be his partner, if it would help with his stage fright.

The next day, Veronica arrived at school, prepared to rehearse with Archie and found he had given her spot to Valerie, who had just quit the Pussycats. Veronica did not appreciate being replaced and accused him of having no loyalty or integrity. Archie sensed from her tone that her attitude towards him was more than just about the Variety Show; he was right. Veronica's true anger stemmed from the fact that she had seen his father kiss her mother the day before. Archie did not see a problem with the two of them since they were both into each other, and his parents were separated. He asked if Veronica wanted to talk about it or if she wanted her spot back, but she abruptly exited. It wasn't long before he and Valerie saw her again, but this time strutting down the hallway with Josie McCoy and Melody Valentine, as the latest member of the Pussycats.

Season 1 Episode 6 Archie Veronica

Archie focuses on Veronica to combat his stage fright.

Following the Pussycats' performance, it was Archie's turn to get on stage, but before doing so, he had a brief discussion with Veronica, where they both apologized to each other for their earlier actions. Archie was nervous as had decided to perform alone, and Veronica wondered if he was sure, offering to accompany him, but Archie declined, he had to do it alone. Veronica advised him to focus on someone that made him feel safe if he froze. As Archie took to the stage, he focused on Veronica and was able to perform to much applause.[6]

In the student lounge, Archie and Veronica were both surprised when they noticed a moment between Betty and Jughead, where he put his arm around her as she told them about the current situation with her sister Polly.[7]

After several unanswered texts from Jughead, Archie found him at Pop's shoppe with Betty and Veronica. Archie and Moose Mason were going to the south side in order to find the Serpents they thought had attacked Moose the night before at Andrews Construction. Betty and Veronica were witness to their tense conversation as Jughead refused to go with him. Later, during Polly's baby shower, Archie angrily crashed the party and informed Veronica and Betty that Jughead's father was a serpent, and that was why he didn't go with Archie to the bar. Veronica told them not to get into right then as it was Polly's day and they needed to check themselves. She then escorted Archie out.[8]

In the student lounge at school, Archie, Kevin and Veronica were celebrating as Archie had just informed them that he had a chance to go to a very exclusive music program the next summer. As Betty and Jughead joined the group, he explained that Penelope Blossom offered to put in a good word for him in exchange for escorting Cheryl to her family's annual tree tapping event. Veronica thought it was terrifying he was doing favors for the Blossoms as those kinds of favors always came with a price tag. However Archie wasn't worried, he could take care of himself.[9]

At school, Archie revealed to Veronica that, at the banquet the Blossoms had held that he attended with Cheryl, he had overheard Mr. Blossom say that he was the one responsible for her father being arrested and imprisoned. Shocked, Veronica wondered why Clifford Blossom would have anything to do with why her dad was in prison, however, Archie didn't know. Later, when Betty decided to throw Jughead a surprise birthday party, Veronica thought it was a fantastic idea, while Archie wasn't so sure. Veronica told Betty to ignore Archie's negativity and they began planning, with Archie eventually getting on board.

Season 1 Episode 10 Archie Veronica

Archie comforts Veronica.

The next night, Veronica arrived at the party, upset after a meeting with her father's lawyer and not in a good mood. She began to cry when Betty brought out Jughead's cake and ran to the kitchen where Archie tried to comfort her, asking if it was about her father, however, Veronica didn't want to talk about it. Archie understood and told her what was going on with his parents; his father had gone to visit his mother to sign their divorce papers. Veronica then revealed that her father had threatened her in a letter, said that he would destroy her mother if Veronica didn't make a statement on his behalf for his hearing. She became even more upset and wondered if maybe her father had killed Jason Blossom. Archie hugged her briefly before Jughead interrupted.

Season 1 Episode 10 Archie Veronica kiss

Archie and Veronica make out.

After the party ended, Veronica stayed behind at the Andrews house with Archie and they sat on the couch and commiserated about their parents. Archie then revealed that he often wondered what would have happened if he had left with his mother, instead of staying in Riverdale with his dad, and Veronica remarked that that would have been a tragedy as then they would never have met. Archie admitted that he was messed up, however, Veronica thought everyone was, but Archie was less messed up than most. After a moment of tension, Archie kissed Veronica and they began to make out.

Veronica woke up the next morning in Archie's bed, while Archie was asleep on Jughead's air mattress on the floor. She smiled and kissed his cheek before picking up her things and going downstairs, where she was caught by Jughead, who was shocked to see her. When Archie came down during breakfast, Jughead teased him about Veronica, and Archie smiled before asking him not to say anything.

At the 75th Riverdale Jubilee, Veronica asked Archie why he was 'looking longingly' at Betty and Jughead. Archie told Veronica that they were soulmates, and that he wanted to be that to Veronica. Veronica kissed him, then Archie went on to perform one of his songs with Josie, Melody, Valarie and Veronica.

After the Jubilee, Veronica, Archie, Betty and Jughead went to Pop's and had 'many milkshakes'. Archie went back to Veronica's house, and they proceeded to kiss passionately and presumably had sex. [10]

Season 2Edit

Upon hearing the news about Archie's father, Veronica came storming into Riverdale General Hospital, Betty and Jughead too, embracing Archie into a group hug. Later they sat around him as he recounted the events at Pop's — Archie came out the bathroom to find a hooded man with green eyes pointing a gun at Pop Tate, then at his dad, Fred. He fired the gun, then bolted, leaving a bloody Fred on the floor. Pop Tate called the ambulance, but Archie took it upon himself to drive him all the way to the hospital, but he was now questioning this decision as he thought he may have made it worse. Jughead refused to agree with that, saying that first, he saved Cheryl, now Fred, if he kept it up, he might need a superhero name, as Jughead proposed, 'Pureheart the Powerful'.

After Archie received news from Dr. Masters, that Fred was out of surgery but he wouldn't be able to see him for at least an hour, Archie asked what he's supposed to do in the meantime. Betty and Veronica recommend that he go home to change. He still didn't want to leave, but when he was handed a bag containing all of Fred's personal belongings, Betty told him another reason for him to go was to get his father a new set of clothes, adding in that Veronica would accompany him.

Archie and Veronica arrived at the Andrews house shortly after, to be greeted by Vegas. Archie embraced him rushed toward the rood, ready to take Vegas on a walk without changing his clothes, but Veronica stopped him telling him that he needed to get out of those bloody clothes first. Later, they were walking through the park with Vegas, and Archie talked about the Vegas' strong relationship with his father. When Archie was a little boy, Fred reminded him that it would be his responsibility to take care of the dog, especially when he's sick, and ensuring that he had food and water. Since then, it would seem that Vegas has become more of a responsibility for Fred rather than Archie. When he got home from football practice his father would've already walked him, on Saturday mornings, his father would take him out so that he could sleep in. Every time Vegas got sick, his father always went with them to the vet. These were prime examples that showed how no else loved Vegas more than his father did. Upon hearing all of this, Veronica stopped walking, overcome by emotions, to which Archie embraced her.

Later, back at the Andrews house, Archie was taking a warm shower, washing the blood from his body. Veronica knocked on the washroom door to check on him. He replied that he was fine. Unbeknownst to him, Veronica entered the bathroom, opening the door handle quietly and took off all her clothes, except her pearls. She opened the shower curtains and looked at Archie, telling him that she thought he might want the company, thus initiating a steamy session.


Veronica comforting Archie

After their shower together, Archie walked inside the dining room, to find Veronica taking his father's belongings out of the bag. Archie started searching for his father's wallet, but was unable to find it. He claimed that everything that is important to his dad is in that wallet, and started to get angry. He lashed out at Veronica, and told her to leave, to Veronica's disbelief. She started to walk away, but paused. Realizing what it meant to be a good girlfriend, she refused because he needed some form of moral support. He may be angry, hurting and terrified, and he could push her and scream at her, but she was not going anywhere. When he broke out in tears, she drew him closer, comfort him as he cried away his pain in her arms. Later, Archie and Veronica were in the kitchen when Archie received a call from Sheriff Keller, who called him down to the police station by Sheriff Keller to go through a lineup of men with a history of criminal records of armed robberies among other similar crimes.

Archie had later returned to the hospital. At the hospital lobby, Archie went to grab a cup of water from the water tank. As he filled up his cup and finishes his drink, Veronica arrived with a gift in hand explaining it was for Fred. Archie opened it to find a brand new leather wallet. Veronica told him that it was for him to use in the meantime until they found his wallet. Appreciative of this, he told her she was the best girlfriend ever. While he also told her that he didn't deserve her. Confused by this remark, she asked him to elaborate. Hesitant, Archie told her that he withheld information about something that happened at Pop's. As Archie was on the brim of confession, they interrupted, as Jughead and Betty arrived with Pop Tate carrying food from the diner for everyone.

The gang sat together to eat lunch. Everyone commented how well Archie was tackling the situation, however, he didn't look convinced. Noticing this, Veronica asked Archie that he could talk to them. Sighing, he commenced telling them part of the story that he left out because he felt so ashamed. They learned from Archie that he wasn't the hero that they believed him to be. After the masked attacker shot Fred, Archie revealed that he stood there doing nothing, paralyzed with fear. He didn't move an inch, not even when the shooter held a gun to his head. He shut his eyes and kept then shut until hearing the bell on Pop's door ring. Archie perceived his actions as cowardice, but Jughead, Betty, and Veronica would beg to differ as there was nothing else he could've done. As Betty tried to reassure him that there was nothing he could've done, Archie admitted in shame that he was a coward, because he had a chance to comfort his father or tackle the shooter. Now, him and his father, are now witnesses, as well as Pop Tate, too. Telling them fearfully, what if he came back? [11]

Veronica invites Archie to a dinner with her family, consisting of Hiram and Hermione Lodge. She attempts to go to the next step of their relationship, and everything seems to be going smoothly. When Hiram invites Archie to his study, where no one, not even his own wife and daughter has not step foot in, for the exception of Archie, however, all attempts of making sure the dinner is benign foiled. Hiram reveals that he knows about the apparent breaking and entering into his daughter's room, possibly for sexual reasons, and tells him to never do that again.[12]

Before the drag race, Veronica and Archie are laying down in his bed at the Andrews house, and Veronica asks him if she can say anything that will let him stay, stay away from the inevitable danger that would result from the race, which Archie responds with telling her not to fret, as he's got a plan that will hopefully keep everybody alive.[13]


Veronica: "You're a little more dangerous than you look, aren't you? All boy-next-door-ish?"
Archie: "You have no idea."
―Veronica and Archie[src]

Archie: "I was up late last night, working on some of my songs with Valerie."
Veronica: "Valerie, huh? --- No, I endorse this!"
Archie: "You jealous, Ronnie?"
Veronica: "Please. I had my seven minutes in heaven with Archie Andrews."
―Archie teases Veronica[src]

Archie: "The prospect of total humiliation in front of this entire town is terrifying."
Veronica: "Want some company out there?"
Archie: "More than anything. No, I have to do this on my own Veronica."
Veronica: "Well, if you freeze out there Red Troubadour, just focus on someone that makes you feel safe."
―Veronica offers to perform with Archie in the Variety Show[src]

We've had this day with each other from the very beginning, Archiekins.
— Veronica confessing her love to Archie[src]


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