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"Something is very, very wrong with me. Like there's this darkness in me that's overwhelming sometimes. And I don't know where it comes from, but I think that's what makes me do crazy things like..."
—Betty to Jughead[src]

Elizabeth "Betty" Cooper is a main character on Riverdale. She is portrayed by Lili Reinhart.

Betty is a student at Riverdale High School and long time best friend of Archie Andrews, as well as Kevin Keller and new girl Veronica Lodge. She is also a River Vixen at Riverdale High. She is currently in a relationship with Jughead Jones.

Character DescriptionEdit

Sweet, studious, eager-to-please and wholesome as apple pie with a huge crush on her longtime best friend, Archie. Tired of being the perfect daughter, student, sister, etc., she turns to her new friend, Veronica, for life advice — much to the consternation of her emotionally brittle mother.[1]


Early lifeEdit

Betty grew up in Riverdale with her parents, Alice and Hal Cooper, and her older sister Polly. Her childhood best friend was Archie Andrews, and as the years passed, she grew to harbor romantic feelings for him, which she dared not reveal. Betty's family life was very tense, as her mother was extremely controlling, which led to her sister having a mental breakdown and being sent to live in a group home. Though her parents claimed this was caused by Polly's disastrous relationship with Jason Blossom, Betty knew better. As the only remaining daughter in the Cooper household, she was placed under immense pressure to be perfect in every way.

Season 1Edit

At the Cooper house, Betty got dressed for an evening out with Archie at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, she was nervous, but at the same time believed that the time had finally come for her to ask him out. They discussed their summer activities as they sat in a booth at the diner, Betty loved her internship, but while pouring cement all summer was no fun for Archie, he did find a new passion, a love for writing songs. Betty then saw her moment to reveal her feelings towards Archie, but they were interrupted by the arrival of Veronica Lodge, who was picking up an order. On her first day as a sophomore, Betty's mother insisted that she do co-curricular and keep her guard up, as that year would be important for her college applications. Betty's mother also reminded her of the path that her older sister, Polly went down by getting involved with Jason Blossom, and how it ruined her life, Betty hadn't forgotten, she told her that Archie isn't Jason, so they shouldn't be compared.

Betty gave Veronica a tour of the school, it wasn't long before they were joined by Kevin, who made it evident to Veronica that despite the fact that Betty and Archie weren't together, they are end-game, this came up as Veronica spotted Archie in the hall. Later that day, Betty, Archie and Kevin were joined by Veronica, during which time Archie played them a sample of his music. Cheryl Blossom joined the table soon after, she invited Veronica to try out for the River Vixens, who then invited Betty to try-out as well. Cheryl coldly agreed, but not without taking a jab at Betty, saying that she already had so much her plate, alluding to the fact that Betty was not slim enough to be a cheerleader when she tried out last year. Betty had doubts that she'd actually make the team, but Veronica wasn't taking no for an answer, she encouraged Betty with compliments to her appearance and intelligence, then offering to assist her in preparing for the try-outs if that's what she truly desired.

In spite of their best effort at try-outs, Cheryl found their routine to be dull and boring, this prompted Veronica to kiss Betty in an attempt to save their routine. Sadly, Cheryl was not impressed, as she stated that lesbian kisses were outdated. Then came the interview portion of the try-outs, in which Cheryl pressured Betty into talking about Polly, more so Polly's relationship with Jason, Cheryl's brother. If bringing up her sister wasn't bad enough, Cheryl denied Betty a spot on the River Vixens, which led Veronica to come to her defence, she demanded that Betty receive a spot on the squad, or else she wouldn't join, with no other choice, Cheryl reluctantly agreed. After acquiring their River Vixens uniform, Betty asked Veronica why she defended her, as Betty was very much aware of the crowd that Veronica ran with back in New York.

Veronica's drastic change in character was due to the arrest of her father, they were verbally attacked through letters and emails, and what hurt the most was that everything that was being said about her family was true, so moving to Riverdale was a fresh start. Since Cheryl had previously brought it up, Betty decided to tell Veronica her about Polly and Jason's romance, it meant everything to Polly, but nothing to Jason, the relationship quickly grew to be toxic, which led to their mother turning on Polly. Jason may have hurt her, but it was their mother that broke Polly. Then moving on to their next topic of discussion, Betty was pressured by Veronica to ask Archie to the back-to-school Semi-formal but due to her lack of confidence, Betty ended up asking Archie to be her and Veronica's escort to the dance instead. Excited over Archie saying yes, Betty danced around her room, while wearing her cheer uniform, then her mother came in, angered by the fact that her daughter joined a cheer team led by Cheryl Blossom, as the Blossoms and Coopers had an on-going feud.

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Betty in tears

Betty cries after the semi-formal

Betty refused to remove the uniform, tired of being the perfect daughter, sister, and student, she would not quit the cheer team as it is the one decision she had made for herself. Before leaving, she informed her mother that she would be attending the school dance with Archie and Veronica. As planned, Betty, Veronica, and Archie attended the semi-formal. After a nudge from Veronica and Kevin, Betty managed to ask Archie if there was a chance they could ever step up their relationship and become a couple. Unfortunately for Betty, Archie seemed unenthusiastic at the confession of her feelings toward him and could not see such a future for them.

Despite their current situation, they went to the after-party at Cheryl's house, where they were forced to play "Seven Minutes in Heaven", much to Betty's dismay, Archie and Veronica were up first. When they came out, Cheryl was delighted to inform them of Betty's abrupt departure, considering the both of them had betrayed her. Archie went to meet Betty at her house in order to clear things up, she asked with all her heart if he had any romantic feelings towards her, but he didn't, Archie never wished to pursue a romantic relationship because he just wasn't good enough for her and she deserved better. He could not offer her what she wanted. The following morning, Betty stood at the shore of Sweetwater River as Jason Blossom's body was brought in. [2]

Sunday night, following the discovery of Jason Blossom's body, Betty received a text from Archie, though she wasn't interested in talking. The subsequent morning, before leaving for school, she had a brief chat with her mother, who reminded her that people like Archie, Veronica, and Cheryl are not her friends and that their recent betrayal is only further proof of that. Despite telling her mother that she would no longer seek friendship from Archie, Betty did the very opposite by asking him to walk her to school. She needed time to process the situation, to separate what she wanted from what her mom wanted, and what she wanted was to be friends with Archie. Betty was taken by surprise with Veronica's apology, one that included her being gifted with flowers, cupcakes and manicures.

Although Betty accepted the apology, she did so while under the impression that Veronica was simply being shallow, and that she'd latch on to someone else eventually. Betty, Kevin, and Veronica joined Archie at lunch, while he worked on his music. At Veronica's request, he played one of his new songs, which overwhelmed Betty, and she ran away from the table as her eyes filled with tears. Archie caught up to her, wanting to talk, Betty explained that she felt safest and most herself whenever she and Archie were at a booth at Pop's, but after the events that took place that weekend, she no longer felt that way. Later, at cheer practice, she and Veronica got into an argument over Archie, her informing Archie of her true feelings towards him, and the awkward tension now between them because of it.

To get back at Veronica, Betty invited Cheryl to get manicures with her, but it backfired when Cheryl again drilled Betty with questions about Polly and Jason's relationship. It escalated when Cheryl accused Polly of being the person who murdered Jason, having enough of Cheryl and her vindictive ways, Betty told her to get out the house otherwise, she'd kill Cheryl. At school, Betty admitted that Veronica was right about what she said pertaining to Archie, sometimes it's hard to admit things to yourself, Betty said. That night at the Pep Rally, Betty was shocked to see Archie's bruised eye after his fight in the student lounge with Reggie. Following a performance by Josie and the Pussycats, Cheryl took off the stage in tears with Betty and Veronica behind her, Betty watched from a distance as Veronica consoled Cheryl.

Seeing this with her own eyes, Betty realized that she had been wrong about Veronica's motives, so they reconciled with malts at Pop's shoppe. Unexpectedly, Archie and Jughead entered the diner soon after, so Betty invited them to join her and Veronica at the table. [3]

Hot off the presses, Alice threw their latest print from The Register on to Betty's bed, it read: "CHERYL BLOSSOM GUILTY AS SIN!". First her mother leaked Jason Blossom's autopsy report, and now that, Betty insisted that her mother stop with sensationalizing his death. Whatever Jason may have done to Polly, they needed to keep in mind that he was still a person. The Register should have been writing about the real story, such as what happened to Jason, who was hold him captive, why was he frozen, and who fired the gun on July 4th. Since Betty was so keen on reporting the facts, Alice offered her a job at the Register, they could really use a Lois Lane type like Betty.

Jason's death changed Riverdale, people don't want to admit it, but they all feel it, nothing that bad was ever suppose to happen, so Betty wanted to know why. To further investigate the unsolved murder of Jason Blossom, Betty sought to revive the Riverdale High School newspaper, The Blue and Gold. She convinced Jughead, and his well-found journalist skills, to join her. She gave him an important task as the newest member to use his journalist skills and investigate the case of Jason’s disappearance. For his first assignment, Betty mentioned that there was one person no one had been talking about who was at Sweetwater River on July 4th: Dilton Doiley and his scouts. After going on a date with Chuck Clayton, who Betty had earlier labeled as a player, Veronica was branded with a "sticky maple", which was an act of visual slut-shaming in Riverdale.

Veronica was furious and was not about to go down without a fight, so she wanted revenge and was ready to go all "Full dark, No stars", willing to allow Betty to join her if she pleased. They stormed into the boy's locker room, passing an unprepared Archie who nearly dropped the towel tied around his waist. They then found Chuck, and Veronica demanded that he remove the photo he posted. Despite her "closet date" with Archie, Betty defended Veronica, telling Chuck that he was not allowed to go around humiliating girls for any reasons, under any circumstances. Unfortunately, nothing they said got through to Chuck, he replied that Veronica's high-tone and bitch attitude had no power in Bulldog territory.

Later on, Betty called Veronica to come back to school, as she'd gathered other girls who were also slut-shamed by Chuck Clayton and his posse. Veronica listened to Ethel's experience with Chuck's ways when Cheryl interrupted, informing them annoyingly that River Vixens practice started in five minutes. Ethel then said that they keep their conquests in the playbook, to which Veronica was ready to expose them "book or no book, proof or no proof" because they'd gone too far. Betty, Veronica, Ethel, Kevin and Cheryl met up later in the night as they broke into the school to find the playbook, where Chuck and his teammates kept track of scores, and thanks to Trev Brown, they knew just where to look. Ethel found the book by the shelf, while everyone gathered to see the contents inside, they found out that all of it was true, Veronica and Ethel were in the book, as was Polly, who was listed under Jason's name.

Cheryl was shocked that her brother would even be a part of this, but Betty was not. Now it was her turn to go "Full dark, No stars" on avenging not only Veronica and the girls, but also her sister, Polly. She returned home that night and applied make up before leaving out as Betty started her revenge plan by flirting with Chuck at Pop's shoppe, and asking him to meet her at Ethel’s house. He arrived to find Veronica by the door instead, she explained that they decided to "share". Betty soon entered the room in a black wig, red lipstick, and lingerie stating that "Betty couldn't make it, so she sent me instead." Veronica and Chuck both held a look of surprise, as they observed this "other side" of Betty.

Betty then slipped Chuck a muscle relaxer and hand-cuffed him up to the rail in the hot tub, forcing him to confess on video. However, she took a step too far by pushing his head into the boiling water with her high heel and poured a bottle of maple syrup all over his face. As she was doing this, she started telling him to say sorry for “ruining Polly”, addressing him as Jason, she then added, “Say you’re sorry for destroying me”. Veronica was disturbed by her attitude and told her that it was enough, as she stopped the recording. The next morning, Veronica found Betty by the lockers, and she expressed her appreciation for Betty’s help but also told her how concerned and freaked out she was by her odd behavior.

Season 1 Episode 3 Body Double Jughead and Betty at Blue and Gold

Betty and Jughead meet Dilton.

Betty’s nonchalance didn't seem so convincing, especially considering that the wig was tucked away in her locker. Given that she and Veronica had enough proof, Coach Clayton was forced to remove his son, Chuck and his football cronies off the Riverdale Bulldogs team. Later, Betty and Cheryl watched as the playbook burned up in the trash can, as Cheryl apologized about Polly if Jason really did hurt her.As for that gunshot incident on the 4th of July, Dilton does meet up with Jughead and Betty. He begs Betty and Jughead not to publish a story saying that he fired the gunshot the day Jason went missing. In return, he offered them a better story: he saw Ms. Grundy’s car by Sweetwater River that morning. [4]

Betty's latest diary entry read: "Dear Diary, Sheriff Keller doesn't know what I know, that Riverdale High's music teacher, Geraldine Grundy, was at Sweetwater River the morning Jason Blossom went missing, and that since Archie was also there, they could have been there together." At pop's shoppe that night, Betty seemed distracted as Jughead ranted and raved about the closing of the Twilight Drive-In, while Veronica and Kevin failed to calm him down. Jughead invited each of them to closing night. Betty suggested they play "Rebel Without a Cause". By mere coincidence, Archie, Mr. Andrews and Ms. Grundy happened to walk into the diner that night, presenting Betty with the perfect opportunity to gain the answer she has been seeking.

Just outside the shoppe, where they could talk privately, Betty asked Archie if he was at Sweetwater with Grundy, which he was, revealing that he was in a relationship with Grundy to Betty and Veronica. She reminded Archie that what he was doing was illegal, and Veronica backed her up, however, Grundy was there for him when no one else was. The next morning in the music room, Betty interviewed Ms. Grundy under the false pretense that The Blue and Gold was doing a series of articles spotlighting teachers. Betty asked her a string of questions, everything from former schools she taught at to her independent studies, which surprisingly included Jason Blossom. The interview came to abrupt end as Betty attempted to bait Ms. Grundy into revealing any inappropriate feelings she may have had about her students.

Later that day at Pop's, after doing some research on Ms. Grundy, she and Veronica informed Archie that Geraldine showed up in Riverdale a year ago, there's no record of her existence before that. The only Geraldine Grundy they could find was an elderly woman that died seven years prior. Betty told Archie about Grundy's teaching with Jason, and that he did not know anything about her despite the fact that they were in a relationship, but if Betty was truly his friend, she would let it go, Archie said. That night, despite agreeing to let it go, Betty and Veronica broke into Ms. Grundy's car, hoping to find some kind of evidence that would prove she's not as clean as she claims, and inside a metal box, they found an ID that said Jennifer Gibson, and a handgun, which they presented to Archie. Betty suggested that Grundy may have been involved in Jason's death, but Archie didn't stick around to here them out.

The next day, Betty learned from Archie the truth behind Ms. Grundy's fake identity and gun, but she still didn't believe that it made what Grundy did to Archie acceptable. Archie insisted that she didn't go anything to him, and that he was all she had, even though all Betty wanted him to do was realize what he was doing for not only his sake, but Ms. Grundy's as well. Inside Betty drawer, Alice found Grundy's gun, which led her to not only read Betty's diary but to confront Betty on all she had just learned. After retrieving Mr. Andrews from the drive-in, the three of them, although Betty was less than willing, confronted Grundy at the school, where they caught Geraldine and Archie in a passionate embrace. She questioned why her mother was so persistent in putting Grundy on trial, but in actuality, her vendetta was against Archie, but no matter what her mother did, Betty would never stop being his friend.

Alice threatened to call the police and inform all their neighbors of what had taken place between Archie and Grundy. However, had she done that, then Betty would have told everyone that she broke into Grundy's car to rob her, and made up the affair. It would be as if she had finally snapped, like Polly, it would only further prove what everyone had already thought of the Cooper family, that crazy ran in the family. Just then, everyone in the room came to an agreement, Geraldine would quit her job and leave town, and no one would speak a word of the entire incident, though Archie was less than satisfied with the end result. Back at the house, Betty reminded her mom that she was her own person, not Polly, and that Archie was not Jason, so Alice needed to stop using them to control her life. She then sent Archie a message apologizing for what had just transpired, which he forgave her for as she was only trying to help. [5]

Betty, Jughead, and Kevin reconstructed Sheriff Keller's murder board at The Blue and Gold offices, and, they still had no leads on who broke into the Sheriff's house and stole the evidence in the Jason Blossom murder case. Trev interrupted the three of them as he came into to make sure that he and Betty were still on for their date. Leading Kevin to question if her mother knew about this, which she didn't because Alice was out of town on a woman and journalism spa retreat. Although, Betty explained that it wasn't actually a date, it was her cover for what was really an intelligence gathering mission. Betty, Jughead, Kevin and Veronica Joined Archie as he set in the bleachers looking over football plays, she wondered if he was putting all his attention into football in hopes of avoiding his feelings.

They were briefly joined by Cheryl, who invited each of them to Jason's memorial, and while she was particularly obnoxious to Veronica, Betty suggested that Veronica talk to her. As planned, Betty went on her date with Trev at Pop's shoppe, she wondered if he and Jason were close. Trev explained that they were, but then he began acting weird and secretive, Trev thought it was about Polly as Jason had been dating her a few weeks before he changed. Jason had stopped handing out with Trev, and he began selling all his belongings for money, then Trev also heard he was dealing drugs. After her date, Betty approached her father, hoping to talk about Polly since her mother never would.

According to Hal, Jason and Polly had a fight, he didn't know what it was about, but Polly was devastated afterwards. He came home from work one day to hear the water running in the bathroom upstairs, he kicked the door in and there she was, trying to kill herself, and this is why she was sent away. Betty relayed the story to Jughead the very next day, she asked her father if she could call Polly, who was doing better, but Jason's death caused a big set back. The two of them began to wonder why a rich kid like Jason would need to sell drugs, Betty suggested that he may have been running away from his parents, while Jughead thought that drug dealers could also be a possibility. Dead men tell no tales, Jughead said, but their bedrooms do, so they devised a plan to sneak into Jason's room during the memorial, and see what he may have been hiding.

Later that night, Betty crept down the steps, following a sound of a child's laughter, what she found was her father watching Polly's old home videos. The next day, she attended the memorial with Jughead, Archie, Veronica, Kevin and Valerie. After watching Archie return Jason's jersey to the Blossoms, she noticed her father fighting with Cliff Blossom over at the bar. Following Cheryl's eulogy, in which she wore the same white outfit from the day Jason went missing, Cheryl burst into tears, with Betty and Jughead using this distraction to make their way to Jason's room. Once inside his room, Betty and Jughead began looking for anything Jason may have wanted hidden, but they were interrupted by his grandmother, Rose Blossom.

She was likely undergoing some form of illness as she mistook Betty for Polly, searching her hand for the engagement ring she gave Polly, it had been in the Blossom family for generations. Jason and Polly wedding was the last thing Nana Rose was looking forward to, it was a shame that it would never come to be, Rose lost a grandson, but Polly lost the love of her life, she said all this to Betty, while under the impression that she was Polly. Betty dragged her father out of the Blossom house to tell him that Polly was engaged, which he was already aware of. She wondered if that's what Cliff and her father were fight about, but they were actually at each other's throats over the blood feud between the two families that rage on to this day. Cheryl's great-grandfather murdered Betty's.

They were in the business of selling and trading maple syrup, but one day great-grandfather Blossom no longer wanted to share the profit, so he murdered Betty's great-grandfather. The Blossoms stole their livelihood, and Hal would die before he allow them to steal his daughter too, Polly is sick, Jason made her sick, and she won't be coming back until she's no longer sick, Hal said. The next morning at the Blue and Gold offices, Betty expressed that she didn't even know who her parents were anymore. Jughead surmised if they lied about Jason and Polly, they likely lied about more, her dad would do anything to protect Polly, so the next logical question is how far would he go. Leaving Betty to realize that her father was not at the drive-in the night Sheriff Keller's house was broken into, resulting in them putting the Coopers up on the murder board.[6]

Hoping to find Polly, Betty invited Jughead over for breakfast at her house, with her mother. Jughead asked for directions to the bathroom, and as planned, Alice escorted him, which provided a long enough distraction for Betty to go through her mother's purse and take photos of her check book. At The Blue and Gold, after doing a little digging, Betty and Jughead discovered one of the checks were made out to the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, a group home for troubled youths. During lunch, they quietly discussed Polly and their next course of action, which was catching a bus to the group-home. Betty found Polly in the Garden of Deliverance, and the two reunited after months apart, she immediately noticed that Polly was pregnant with Jason's child, she's happy for Polly, but sad that she didn't come sooner.

From Polly, Betty learned that she and Jason only broke up because his parents forced him to, but after he learned of Polly's pregnancy, he was overjoyed, the two of them had planned to run away together on the 4th of July, but their parents found out and she was sent away because of it. Betty then realized that Polly had no idea that Jason was murdered, as she began rambling on, so Betty was forced to tell her the truth. She was then taken to a room and kept there until her mother arrived, Alice explained that she's notified by the sisters whenever Polly receives a visitor. Before leaving the facility, Alice had a run-in with Polly, who confronted her over Jason's death, Polly is pulled away by two orderlies, but not before Betty told her that she loves her and that she would get Polly out of there. After returning home, Betty was lectured by her parents, but she defended her actions as Polly needed to know the truth, however, she didn't find what she was looking for.

Betty then accused her father of not only breaking into Sheriff Keller's house but possibly murdering Jason as well. Alice accused Betty of sounding just as crazy as Polly, but she insisted that her sister wasn't crazy. The next day, Jughead came through Betty's window with a ladder, she told him about her worries concerning her parents, Polly, and possibly herself being crazy, Jughead calmed Betty down and reassures her that they are not their parents, then he kissed her, to which she smiled, right before remembering the car Jason had stashed out by an old maple farm sign on Route 40 that Polly was rambling on about. That night, they found the car, hidden under a tarp and filled with Jason's things, like his varsity jacket, as well as an abundance of drugs. They took pictures and alerted Sheriff Keller, all the while as they were unknowingly being watched by someone hidden in the woods. The authorities arrived only to find the vehicle had been set on fire. Jughead and Betty then raced to rescue Polly from the group home but found that her room was empty, the window broken and blood coating the glass. [7]

Betty first appeared in Jughead's dream, which he described as some kind of idealized, make-believe version of the American dream, where the two of them were engaged. Outside of the dream, Betty told her friends about the current situation with Polly, and her "condition", which is how her parents referred to Polly's pregnancy. Betty's mom and dad didn't want anyone to know that Polly had escaped the Sisters of Quiet Mercy, so they neglected to tell the police. Her parents were worried that with Polly's escape, people would assume she burned Jason Blossom's car, and if she did, she could be the killer, trying to cover her tracks. Just as Betty began to worry about Polly, and the killer possibly going after her next, Jughead put his arm on her shoulder to comfort her, which both Archie and Veronica couldn't help but notice.

Archie suggested that Betty goes against her parents' wishes and tell the authorities about Polly's escape, which Kevin seconded, as they could go to his father, who would be far more discreet. However, Sheriff Keller had to answer to the Blossoms, who are the last people that Betty would want to know as they would twist the situation around and demonize Polly. Immediately following their exit of the student lounge, Veronica confronted Betty on her newly found relationship with Jughead, to which Betty explained that Jughead was there for her when she was feeling down. That day, she and Jughead orchestrated a search party throughout Eversgreen Forest for Polly, they headed East, that being the directed she would have headed if she was looking to leave Riverdale undetected. During the search, Archie apologized for not being there to help with her sister, which Betty instantly forgave him for, as he was there in that moment.

Season 1 Episode 7 In a Lonely Place Betty running make up

Betty crying at the press conference

Subsequent to a brief altercation between Betty's family, and Cheryl's, Alice decided it was best to get ahead of the situation while they still could since Polly's escape was no longer a secret. Betty stood alongside her mother and father as they announced that Polly was pregnant with Jason's child. On the walk home, Betty blamed herself for Polly running away from the group home, she then recalled an incident from years ago, when Polly was nine, and she ran away from home after a huge fight with their mother. The whole neighborhood was out looking for her, but it turned out that she was in the attic the entire time, which proved to be true with this situation too, as Betty returned home to find Polly hiding in the attic once again. However, she couldn't stay long as their mother and father wanted her to give the child up for adoption.

Betty insisted that the stigma of her pregnancy was a thing of the past, but Polly wasn't so sure. At that moment, their parents returned home, Betty asked for a few days to find Polly a safe place to stay because she didn't want to lose her again. The next morning, Betty asked her parents if Polly would be staying with them, and where the baby would sleep. Alice claimed that Polly decided to give the child up for adoption, however, unbeknownst to Alice, Betty had already spoken to Polly about the child, and she knew her mothers' claims were false. In the student lounge, Betty struggled to come up with a solution that would best benefit her and Polly. Veronica suggested that she ask her mother for assistance, but Betty refused, as they had their own problems, then she and Veronica were interrupted by Cheryl, who wished to help Polly and the baby.

Reluctantly, Betty revealed that Polly needed money for a place to live and medical supplies, to which Cheryl responded that her parents would be more than willing to help. That night, Betty met up with Cheryl and her parents at Pop's shoppe, where they assured Betty that they could assist Polly with emotional and financial support, all Betty had to do was trust them enough to tell them where Polly was. The next day, Jughead was taken into custody as a suspect in Jason's death, Betty sat with him in the interrogation room, she knew he wasn't the killer, saying that the evidence was circumstantial. Later that night, Betty, Polly, Archie, Veronica, and Jughead awaited the Blossoms arrival, however, Cheryl came alone to warn them of her parent's ill intentions. With no place else to go, Veronica and Hermione allowed Polly to stay with them. [8]

Betty, Veronica and, Hermione sat in on Polly's statement to Sheriff Keller on the days leading up to the tragic event of Jason Blossom's death. In the student lounge the following day, Betty, Veronica, Archie, Jughead, Kevin, Cheryl, and Valerie discussed how to approach Polly's steadily worsening predicament, where Betty's parents wanted Polly but not the baby, while the Blossoms wanted the baby but not Polly, an impossible situation, Betty remarked. Veronica corrected her, saying that it was merely an annoying situation, one in which she had a solution for in the form of a baby shower. Before she could answer, Alice showed up at the school and demanded to talk to them privately about how they were hiding Polly at The Pembrooke, which Betty commented was better than an insane asylum. Betty reminded her mother that it wasn't her choice as to whether or not Polly would give up her child for adoption, Betty informed Alice that her choices consisted of being a loving mother and grandmother or staying away.

The next morning at breakfast, Betty and Veronica shared their baby shower proposal with Polly and Hermione, which Polly was initially against, but after thinking it over decided it would be best if they went through with it. Much to everyone's surprise, Polly wanted the Blossoms to attend the shower as well. Having sent out the invitations to Polly's shower, she asked Betty and Veronica if Alice would be attending, to which they replied, she had been invited, but Betty would not allow this to ruin Polly's big day as she comforted her older sister. At that moment, Polly found it best that she announce Betty as her child's godmother; if anything were to every happen to Polly, the only person she'd trust is Betty. After learning from Jughead that Moose had been attacked at the SoDale site by two thugs, she wondered if he was okay, to which Jughead responded with "his name is Moose, he's fine".

Just then, Archie entered Pop's shoppe to inform Jughead of the plan to find the Southside Serpents that were potentially Moose's attackers, which Betty was against as they were dangerous drug dealers. That night, the baby shower had finally come to fruition, Betty kissed Jughead and thanked him for attending the shower alongside her. Surprisingly, Alice decided to attend the event, which both Betty and Polly were thrilled over, however, the Blossoms weren't far behind, which forced Betty to assist in keeping her mother's attitude in check. Archie came storming into the shower shortly after the gift-giving part of the shower began, from him, Betty learned that Jughead's father was a Serpent. Alice's frustrations had finally toppled over as the Blossoms invited Polly to stay with them at Thornhill, which Betty couldn't do anything about except watch, and stop Cheryl from making the situation any worse.

After the shower, Betty insisted that her mother makes up with Polly, which they did, but not before Polly revealed that their father offered to pay for an abortion appointment before she was sent away, which left both Betty and Alice speechless. Once Polly fell asleep, Betty decided it was time to talk about Jughead's father, and the fact that he was a Serpent, she understood that Jughead was ashamed, but if they were going to be together, she wanted to know everything about him. Betty then suggested that they have a talk with FP since he could know something about Jason; at the Sunnyside Trailer Park, where FP stayed. Betty and Jughead questioned him on his drug dealings with Jason Blossom, and if the Serpents had anything to do with his death, to which FP denied any and all allegations. Outside the trailer, Betty asked if Jughead believed his father, and while she wasn't sure if she believed FP, Betty definitely believed in Jughead as the two shared another kiss.

The following day at the Pembrooke, Betty assured Polly that their mother had no idea about the appointment and that she had kicked their father out. Alice meant what she said when she invited Polly to return home with them. Unfortunately, Polly took the Blossoms up on their offer to stay with them at Thornhill, which left Betty and Alice in tears. In spite of all of Betty's effort, she still failed[9]

For reasons unknown, Polly had been ignoring Betty's calls and emails, she confided in Jughead, wondering what it was that she did that resulted in Polly giving her the cold shoulder. Just as they kissed, her mother came barging into the room, Alice explained that it was time for the Blossom family to answer for their sins, starting with finding out why the Blossom board of trustees decided to pay Riverdale an unexpected visit. Upon learning that Archie could possibly be attending a summer music program thanks to the Blossoms, so long as he escorted Cheryl to her family's tree tapping ceremony, Betty took the opportunity to ask Archie if he could check in on Polly while he was there. The next day, in an effort to cheer up Ethel, whose parents had been constantly fighting, Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Hermione had lunch at The Pembrooke. Betty could relate to her struggles as her parents were also fighting, it's a terrible ordeal.

Later that night, Betty and Archie informed Alice of the information he had gather from his time spent with the Blossoms. Firstly, Archie informed them that Polly did not seem to want to come home as the Blossoms were treating her great, which Betty refused to believe as she knew her sister better than that, she suspected that there must have been more going on. Secondly, Archie explained that the Blossoms were under a hostile take over, worried that the trustees were there to steal the company, which Alice could include in her expose. However, Betty attempted to remind her that she should not write a story attacking the Blossoms while Polly was still residing at Thronhill, but Polly betrayed them, she said. The next day at school, a brief confrontation took place between Betty, Jughead and Cheryl, in which Betty demanded that she be allowed to talk to Polly, though, Cheryl was not in much of a fighting mood.

Cheryl told them that they should be celebrating over the news that Polly was having twins, which Betty was unaware of. She was shocked to learn that her own sister did not tell her, but she pleaded with Cheryl to at least deliver a message, telling Polly to call their mother as she missed her, despite her best efforts to hide it. After school, Betty and Alice went to The Register, and presented her father with a USB drive containing a tell-all exposé of the Blossom family and their corruption, it was time that they answered for everything they'd done, including taking Polly. As her mother attempted to write the exposé herself following her father's refusal, they learned that he had changed the password and fired her from the Register. Just as Betty and Alice were leaving, Alice picked up a large rock and threw it through the glass door of the shop.

The next day at The Blue and Gold offices, Betty expressed how she could not believe how poorly her parents were behaving while Polly was locked up at Thornhill. In times of crisis, families usually come together or fall apart, Betty felt like her family was falling apart, and there was nothing she could do about that. Jughead refused to allow her to give up, he assured her the Coopers would not fall part because she would keep them together. Jughead claimed that she was a stronger than all the white noise, her parents included, so she should not let go, which Betty agreed to just before hugging him. Soon after this, Betty and Veronica learned from Kevin that Ethel's father was in the hospital after attempting to commit suicide, which Veronica felt partially guilty for, which explained why she sped off to cry in the rest room, where Betty comforted her.

Feeling bad for the Muggs family, Betty and Veronica brought flowers to the hospital, where they ran into Ethel and her mother, Mrs. Muggs. They were just happy to learn that he was going to be okay, Betty returned home that night, accompanied by Jughead, and the two of them told Alice that from Archie they learned Polly had not betrayed them, she was at Thornhill to spy on the Blossoms, and with her, they had their woman on the inside. They planned to write the exposé from the Blue and Gold, hoping that Alice would join them, The next day at the office, Archie had one last piece of information, he claimed he overheard the Blossoms say that Cliff was responsible for Veronica's dad being sent to prison, which led them to suspect that maybe Hiram was going after the Blossoms as well, and that maybe he was responsible for Jason's death. [10]

Betty and Archie informed Veronica that while at the Blossom family tree tapping, he over heard Cliff Blossom state that he was responsible for Veronica's father being arrested. Immediately after, Betty learned from Archie that Jughead's birthday was coming up, but that she should not make a big deal out of it because he hated it. Every year, he went to the double-feature at the Bijou, but considering that Betty was his girlfriend this time around, Archie thought it best if she took him, which she agreed to while also wanting Archie to join them but he declined. With Archie out, Betty decided to call Jughead's father to see if he would join them for dinner and a movie. Before declining her offer, FP questioned if Jughead knew she was calling him, which he did not, and while Betty thought it would be nice to surprise him, she learned from FP that the one thing Jughead liked less than surprises was his birthday, he never even had a party.

Reeling off the revelation that Jughead never had a party, a claim that Archie corroborated, Betty suggested they throw him a low-key surprise party, but Archie was against it, telling them yet again that Jughead hated his birthday. At that moment, Chuck Clayton unexpectedly entered the cafeteria fresh off his suspension and headed towards Ethel, with Betty not far behind. She demanded that Chuck get away from Ethel, though he claimed that he was only there to apologize, telling her not to go 'dark Betty' on him, causing Betty to slam her hand down on the table with incredible force. As she clinched her fists, digging her nails into her inner hand, Betty asked Ethel if Chuck was bothering her, Ethel replied that everything was fine. A bit confused, Betty returned to her table, noticing the scars she left on her inner hand from the clinching.

She then turned the topic back to Jughead's party, there was not a lot she could not do or control, but she could guarantee that her boyfriend a terrific birthday, which after some thinking over, Archie finally agreed to. Refusing to take no for an answer, Betty practically ambushed Mr. Jones at work, she wanted him to know that she was throwing a party for Jughead at Archie's house with a few friends, and she thought it would be very special if he attended the event. Back at school, Alice informed Betty that her meeting with Mr. Weatherbee went as well as expected since he agreed that The Blue and Gold would benefit greatly from Alice's guidance as their new adviser. Betty then asked her mother if she told her father everything about herself when they first started dating, which she did, and Alice regretted it to that very day. Betty stated that she trusted Jughead, which she should, but not with everything, her mother told her.

The following night, as planned, Betty accompanied Jughead to the Bijou, where they watched "An American Werewolf in London" and "Animal House". Jughead learned from Kevin that she and Chuck had a scene in the cafeteria the previous day, and he wanted to know what it was about, as well as the night of Chuck's confession, but Betty refused to answer, it was nothing worth getting upset over. If she was upset about anything, it was that she had to learn about his birthday from Archie, Jughead said that he did not take her for an American Werewolf in London kind of girl, but Betty was all about the beast within. After the double-feature, the two of them returned to Archie's house, where a party awaited Jughead, she then came out the kitchen with his birthday cake and singing happy birthday. After blowing out the candles, she and Jughead walked in on Archie and Veronica hugging, with tears filling Veronica's eyes, Betty wondered what was wrong, but Veronica simply said she wasn't in a partying mood, neither was Jughead.

The two of them got into a small fight over his attitude, but the door bell rang before it went any further. At the door was Cheryl, Chuck and several dozen classmates, who were all excited to party. In the kitchen, Betty had another run-in with Chuck, she nicely asked that he leave the party, however he was very angry as since his suspension had destroyed any chance he had of playing football for a good school. Betty sarcastically apologized for Chuck having to suffer consequences for sexually harassing those girls. Chuck commented that the night at Ethel's place, he saw the real Betty, the dark Betty, the one that he thinks about every night while laying in bed, so Betty slapped him and exited. Jughead questioned if she knew that his father, who had arrived at the party, had a drinking problem, which she was very much aware of, but no one was suppose to be drinking, Cheryl and Chuck crashing the party was not planned, it was only suppose to be his friends.

Jughead explained that she and Archie are his friends, everyone else, including Kevin and Veronica are people that he would have actively shunned two months ago because he's weird like that. She wondered why he was getting so upset, to which Jughead told her that her not knowing or caring that a party is the last thing he wanted is what upsets him. He claimed that she was doing it for herself, to prove that she was a great girlfriend, then wondering if it had every occurred to her how different they were, Betty's a straight A student, she was a cheerleader and the perfect girl next door, a phrase she hated. He was just the damaged loner outsider from the wrong side of the tracks, they were on borrowed time, and he wasn't one of her projects, like Jason Blossom's Death. Jughead suspected that she was only fine with being his girlfriend until she grew tired of slumming it with him or until Archie changed his mind and wanted to be with her, this truly hurt Betty as she stormed out the garage.

Just as Jughead attempted to leave, Chuck and Cheryl cut him off, declaring that the night was far from over and that they were about to play a game called "Secrets & Sins", in which they reveal their secrets. Cheryl started with Veronica and then moved on to Archie, with the game finally coming to an end with Betty once Chuck retold the story leading up to his suspension. Chuck told the entire party how Betty dressed up as a hooker in a god awful black wig, and drugged and handcuffed him to the Jacuzzi, where he nearly drowned until she got what she wanted, the strangest part is when she started to believe she was Polly. Fed up with Chuck, Jughead punched him in the face, however, Chuck hit back a lot harder, which resulted in Mr. Jones escorting him out and ending the party all together. At Pop's shoppe, Betty remarked how she thought Jughead was a lover, not a fighter, he commented that he was both.

Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend Betty bruises

Betty showing the scars on her hands

Jughead then admitted that Betty doing something so nice caused him to short circuit, it frightened him, scared of the possibility that she would reject him. Betty came to admit that she should have told him the truth about Chuck instead of throwing him a party he did not want, something was genuinely wrong with Betty. There's an over whelming darkness within her that she cannot control, and it makes her do crazy things, she says this before showing Jughead the scars left on her inner hand from the fist clinching. Jughead kisses her hand, then he kissed her, and the two snuggled up in the booth. The following morning, Alice came into her room to inquire about FP, and the long haired delinquent wearing a leather jacket that he was talking with the previous night.

Betty explained that his name is Joaquin, that he was a Serpent and he was dating Kevin, which Alice found to be oddly suspicious. Later that day at the Blue and Gold offices, Veronica came by with coffee and pastries, and Betty joked that the last time Veronica had brought her baked goods was when she kissed Archie. Veronica revealed that she had just testified on her father's behalf, despite knowing that her dad hired Jughead's dad to trash the Twilight Drive-In, this could mean he also hired the Serpents to go after Jason for payback after what the Blossoms did. Either way, Veronica wanted to join Betty on her quest to find out the truth, good or bad. [11]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Betty is an attractive young woman who has full lips, long blonde hair that she always ties in a ponytail and has pale skin. Her eyes are a soft washed out green that compliments her pale skin. She has a very casual attire consisting of jeans and a top.



Season 1Edit


  • Betty's literary hero is Toni Morrison.


  • Betty's physical appearance from the comics has been retained in the television series.
  • In the comics, Betty is far more athletic, outgoing and open, while Betty in the TV series is more reserved and self-conscious.
  • The Cooper family are more loving and supporting in the comics than they are in the series.
  • In the Archie comics, Betty has an older sister called Polly and an older brother called Chic.



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