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Veronica: "Betty, can we make a vow?"
Betty: "Sure."
Veronica: "That no matter what, no boy will ever come between us again. Deal?"
Betty: "Deal."
―Betty and Veronica make a vow of friendship[src]
The friendship between Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge can occasionally turn to rivalry for the affections of Archie Andrews, but for the most part they remain close friends.

Season 1Edit

Betty and Veronica first met at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe when Betty and Archie were having dinner together. Betty was on the verge of confessing her feelings to Archie when they were interrupted by Veronica, who had arrived to pick-up takeout. New in town, Veronica introduced herself and recognized Betty's name as that of her tour guide the next day at Riverdale High School. Archie then asked her to join him and Betty but Veronica had to decline as she was picking food for her mother waiting back at home.

Season 1 Episode 1 Betty Veronica

Betty gives Veronica a tour of the school.

The next morning, Betty gave Veronica a tour of the school and the two chatted before Kevin Keller interrupted them to ask Veronica if the scandal about her father was true, much to Veronica's dismay. They bumped into Archie again, and Veronica expressed her attraction for him but put it to the side when Kevin informed her that Betty was in love with Archie.

Later that day, Veronica joined Betty, Archie and Kevin for lunch when Cheryl Blossom arrived and invited Veronica to try out for the school's cheer leading squad, the River Vixens, of which she was captain. Interested, Veronica insisted Betty try out as well, however, Betty had doubts that she'd actually make the team as she and Cheryl didn't get along. Veronica wasn't taking no for an answer and encouraged Betty with compliments and offering to assist her in preparing for the try-outs.

Season 1 Episode 1 Betty Veronica 2

Veronica kisses Betty.

In spite of their best effort at try-outs, Cheryl was unimpressed which prompted Veronica to kiss Betty in an attempt to save their routine. Sadly, Cheryl stated that faux lesbian kisses were outdated. During the interview portion of the try-outs, Cheryl pressured Betty into telling Veronica about her sister Polly, and her relationship with Cheryl's missing brother, Jason, which had ended with Polly being placed in a group home. However, Betty didn't let herself be goaded and calmly told Cheryl how sorry she was about her brother. Cheryl then welcomed Veronica to the team, denying Betty a spot, which led Veronica to come to her defence. She demanded that Betty be allowed to join, declaring she and Betty came as a pair and with no other choice, Cheryl reluctantly agreed. After acquiring their new River Vixens uniforms, Betty and Veronica bonded over the sadder aspects of their respective family histories and Veronica revealed that she used to be a mean girl like Cheryl and was trying to turn over a new leaf. She then encouraged Betty to ask Archie to the back to school Semi-formal, but Betty's courage failed her and invited him to go with both her and Veronica as friends instead.

At the dance that evening, Veronica left Betty and Archie to their own devices, encouraging Betty to make a move. She eventually did so, but Archie did not reciprocate her feelings much to Betty's dismay. At the after-party, hosted by Cheryl, they played a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven. Cheryl, wanting revenge on Betty and Veronica, was keen to stir up drama by forcing Archie and Veronica to go in the closet together where they shared a kis. When they came out, Cheryl was delighted to inform them Betty had ran off upset.[1]

Veronica tried to make amends at school the next day by presenting Betty with a series of elaborate gifts, such as flowers, cupcakes flown in from New York and a gift certificate for blow-outs and mani-pedi's. Betty seemed accepting of her apology at first, but was unable to get over the events of Cheryl's party and broke off their burgeoning friendship. Veronica claimed that she only went into the closet with Archie to prevent Cheryl from going in, however, while she may have gone in with the best intentions, it did not end that way. Veronica explained that it wasn't anyone's fault that Archie didn't like her though, that's just the way it was, the people they like often don't like them back, but at least now Betty wasn't pining after Archie in secret. Still upset, Betty pretended to befriend Cheryl to make Veronica jealous, inviting her to the salon with the certificate Veronica had given her. Later on, Archie walked Veronica home and home and she remarked that even though she had just met Betty, she felt that they had been destined to be friends before she messing things up.

The two made up later, however, when Betty witnessed Veronica's compassionate side and realized she was a better person than she had given her credit for. They sealed their friendship with milkshakes at Pop Tate's, vowing never to let boys get between them again.[2]

After a date with resident golden boy Chuck Clayton, Veronica was slut-shamed by him and he subsequently laughed off her outrage when she confront him about it. Endeavouring to help her friend, Betty sought out other girls who had been treated the same by Chuck and his group, of which there were many. One of the girls, Ethel Muggs, revealed that the boys kept score of their 'conquests' in a secret playbook, and Betty and Veronica aimed to find it. That night, after a tip from Trev Brown on the location of the playbook, Veronica, Betty, Kevin, Ethel and Cheryl broke into the school to retrieve it. Inside the book, they found Veronica and Ethel listed, as well as Betty's sister Polly, next to Jason's name. To get revenge on Chuck and his goon squad, Betty came up with a plan.

Season 1 Episode 3 Betty Veronica

Veronica sees 'Dark Betty'.

She began by asking Chuck to meet her at Ethel’s house, under the guise that she wanted to be less of a 'good girl', and wanted Chuck to help her, but when he arrived, Veronica met him at the door. She explained that she and Betty had decided to share. Betty then came out in lingerie and black bob wig, much to Veronica and Chuck's surprise. “Betty couldn’t make it, so she sent me instead,” she said.

With Chuck in the hot tub, Veronica and Betty mixed a powdered muscle relaxer into Chuck’s drink to form a “truth serum” and he then found himself handcuffed to the sides of the hot tub while Veronica recorded him on her phone. Betty began interrogating him about what actually happened between him and Veronica, turning up the temperature in the tub more and more and pushing his head under the water until he confessed that he had lied about Veronica. She then poured a bottle of maple syrup all over his face so he could have a 'sticky maple' of his very own. Carried away, Betty began telling him to apologize for ruining Polly, addressing him as Jason. She then wanted him to apologize to her, as if she were Polly. Disturbed, Veronica told her that that was enough.

The next morning, after Betty published an article in The Blue and Gold exposing Chuck, Veronica found her by the lockers. She expressed her appreciation for Betty’s help but also told her how concerned and freaked out she was by her odd behaviour, thinking she was Polly. However, Betty professed not to know what Veronica was talking about. They then watched as Chuck and his cronies were escorted from the building, banned from the Riverdale Bulldogs and suspended from school, thanks to Betty and Veronica.[3]

At Pop's, Betty and Veronica were with Kevin and Jughead discussing the closing of the Twilight Drive-In, when Kevin noticed Archie enter the diner with his father and Ms. Grundy, an odd pairing he thought. Betty abruptly got up and pulled Archie outside, which led Veronica to wonder what they were talking about, and if it was her. Curiosity got the better of her, and Veronica followed them out just in time to overhear that Archie was having a secret affair with Ms. Grundy, which she thought was scandalous. Veronica backed Betty up on her stance of Archie and Geraldine's relationship being wrong not to mention illegal, however, after Archie explained that Ms. Grundy believed in him when no one else did, they backed off the subject.

The next day, Veronica and Betty researched Ms. Grundy online, and presented the information they found to Archie at Pop's. According to them, she didn't exist until a year prior, there was no record of her. However, Archie wouldn't listen to them and asked Betty to let it go.

Season 1 Episode 4 Betty Veronica

Betty and Veronica search Ms. Grundy's car.

That night, Betty and Veronica broke into Ms. Grundy's car, however, before she committed a felony, Veronica asked Betty if she was doing what she was doing because she still had feelings for Archie. Betty assured her that was not why. Ms. Grundy had Archie under a spell and would not listen to reason and they were looking for anything that would prove that Grundy wasn't as clean as she appeared. While searching, Betty picked a lock box and, much to their surprise, they found a driver's license with the name Jennifer Gibson on it, and a revolver hand gun. Once again, they approached Archie with the information they had gathered, and their suspicion that Ms. Grundy might have had something to do with Jason Blossom's death. However, despite of all the evidence, Archie still defended Geraldine. Veronica suggested that he open his eyes but Archie just walked away.[4]

Days later, as Veronica, Betty, Jughead, Kevin, and Archie sat in the bleachers during lunch at school, Veronica insisted that Betty tell her everything about her upcoming date with Trev Brown, as Betty was positively glowing. Kevin teased her that there was nothing romantic going on between Betty and Trev, as Betty had denied it being a real date earlier, that Trev was just a source for The Blue and Gold. Veronica then wondered why a date couldn't just be a date.[5]

In the student lounge, after Betty's sister Polly escaped from the group home her parents had hidden her away in to hide her pregnancy by Jason Blossom, Betty recounted to the group all that had happened with her sister. She became upset and Veronica noticed a moment between Betty and Jughead as he comforted her which Veronica later asked Betty about. Betty admitted there was something between them and Veronica was excited for her, approving of Jughead. She then joined the search party Betty and Jughead organized to find Polly, which was ultimately unsuccessful.

The next morning, Betty discussed Polly with Veronica at school. Betty had secretly found Polly hiding out in the attic of the Cooper house the night before and did not know what to do. Polly could not stay at home, due to her parents wanting her to give up her baby so Veronica offered to speak with her mother to help, however, Cheryl interrupted shortly afterwards offering the same.

After Betty and Polly took Cheryl's parents up on their offer to allow Polly to stay with them, Veronica sat beside Betty and Polly at Pop's as they waited for the Blossom's to arrive. However, Cheryl enter alone and told them to leave as her parent's just wanted the baby and Polly wouldn't be safe with them. Panicking, Polly looked to Betty and wondered where she could go and Veronica again offered her a place to stay, and Betty and Veronica brought Polly to The Pembrooke where Hermione welcomed them.[6]

At The Pembrooke, Veronica sat with Betty as Polly gave her statement to Sheriff Keller of the days leading up to Jason Blossom's death. Later, in the student lounge at school, Betty discussed Polly's dilemma with the group, in which the Coopers wanted her but not the baby, while the Blossoms wanted the baby but not her. As a potential solution, Veronica suggested they host a baby shower for Polly, as she thought baby steps would be the best way to approach the situation, starting with getting Polly and her parents together and in a public setting where they couldn't fight. Just as she asked Betty what she thought, however, Alice entered the lounge, demanding to speak with both her and Betty. Apparently, after Sheriff Keller interviewed Polly that morning, he had informed Alice of Polly's whereabouts, which Veronica took the blame for since she she was the one who made the offer. Betty, however, defended her friend, as unlike Alice, she was trying to help. As Veronica looked on proudly, Betty stood up to her mother, informing her of Veronica's offer to host a baby shower, which Betty thought was a great idea, and told Alice to stay away if she would not be supportive.

Over breakfast the next morning, Veronica and Betty approached Polly with the baby shower proposal, which Polly was initially hesitant towards, but eventually warmed up to. However, Polly wanted her mother to attend as well as the Blossoms, which caused Veronica and Betty to swap worried looks. The next afternoon, while Alice had not yet said if she would attend, Veronica did inform Polly that she had been invited. Then, as Veronica watched elatedly, Polly announced that she wanted Betty as her baby's godmother.

That night, Betty, Veronica and Hermione, with help from Jughead hosted the baby shower for Polly. During the gift portion of the evening, Archie stormed into the room and announced to both Veronica and Betty that Jughead's father was a member of the Southside Serpents. And while this news was scandalous, it was Polly's night, so in respect for her, Veronica suggested that the boys check themselves and settle their differences elsewhere. Later, Betty and Veronica had to watch as the shower ended in an argument between Alice and Penelope Blossom.[7]

Season 1 Episode 9 Betty Veronica

Betty comforts Veronica.

Days later, Betty went to a lunch at The Pembrooke Veronica was having for Ethel who revealed that her family was having financial trouble and might lose their house. Later, Hermione pulled Veronica aside and informed her that Ethel's family's problems were the fault of Veronica's father, Hiram, much to Veronica's disgust. At school a few days later, Kevin informed a shocked Betty and Veronica that Ethel's father had attempted suicide. Distraught, Veronica ran to the bathrooms in tears where she was found on the floor by Betty, who hugged her in comfort. They took flowers to the hospital that evening for Ethel, where they met Mrs. Muggs, who reacted with anger upon learning that Veronica was a Lodge. As they left, Betty put her arm around an upset Veronica and walked her out, worried for her friend.[8]

At school, Archie and Betty revealed to Veronica that Archie had overheard Mr. Blossom say that he was the one responsible for her father being arrested and imprisoned. Shocked, Veronica wondered why Clifford Blossom would have anything to do with why her dad was in prison, however, they had no answer. Later in the cafeteria, when Betty proposed throwing Jughead a surprise birthday party, Veronica thought it was a fantastic idea and they began planning, with Veronica suggesting a small gathering with just close friends.

The next day, at River Vixen practice, Veronica, upset with the Blossoms, challenged Cheryl to a dance-off to see who of the two was the better dancer and would feature front and center at the Vixens homecoming performance. Betty looked on proudly while Veronica was unanimously declared the winner. Later that night, Veronica arrived to Jughead's 16th birthday party, upset after a meeting with her father's lawyer and not in a good mood. She began to cry when Betty brought out Jughead's cake and ran to the kitchen where Archie tried to comfort her, before Jughead and Betty interrupted. Concerned, Betty wondered what was wrong, but Veronica just said she wasn't in a partying mood. Moments later, Cheryl and Chuck crashed the party. Cheryl would later declare they play a game she called 'Secrets & Sins', which outed the fact that Veronica's father illegally purchased the drive-in's land, Archie's affair with Ms. Grundy as well as what really happened the night Betty and Veronica got their revenge on Chuck. The party was ended by FP Jones after Jughead and Chuck got into a fight, and Veronica stayed behind with Archie and they ended up making out and Veronica spending the night.

Season 1 Episode 10 Betty Veronica

Veronica joins the investigation into Jason's murder.

At school, Veronica went to see Betty at The Blue and Gold offices with coffee and pastries and Betty remarked, amused, that the last time Veronica had brought her baked goods was when she kissed Archie at Cheryl's Semi-formal after party, not knowing what had happened between her and Archie the night before. Veronica said nothing and instead told Betty that she had just come from testifying on her father's behalf, to help his chances of being released from jail. Betty thought this was good news, however, Veronica revealed that her father had not only purchased the drive-in from jail, he had hired FP and the Serpents to trash it and decrease the property value. She then put forth the notion that he might have hired FP to do other jobs, like go after Jason Blossom as payback against Clifford Blossom. She wanted the truth and volunteered to aid Betty in her investigation, no matter what was revealed.[9]

Quotes Edit

"... Even though I only just met Betty, it really felt like we were meant to be best friends. Like... Like it was our destiny."
—Veronica to Archie[src]


Images Edit


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