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"He protected me every single day.. I wish that day at the river.. I protected him."
—Cheryl at Jason's funeral[src]

The brother-sister relationship between Cheryl and Jason Blossom was very close, but questionable. They are twins born to the Blossom family.

They've spent their entire lives together, never separated, that is until the the incident on July 4th at Sweetwater River, which resulted in Jason's untimely death, a week or so later.

This event left Cheryl absolutely devastated, and to this day, the cause of her brother's death is still a complete mystery.

Season 1 Edit

Cheryl and Jason were twins and according to Cheryl he was her soulmate.

According to Cheryl, though being twins, they used to have separate birthday parties, until one year Jason managed to convince her to have one together. Cheryl later discovered it was because no one wanted to come at her party.

Cheryl helped Jason in his escape from Riverdale, convinced that he would call her a few days later. She was unaware of his death a week later and was devastated after knowing he was instead shot in the head. Out of guilt, she even had a vision of him shortly before his funeral.

Another example of their close relationship is the fact that Cheryl, once she discovered Polly's pregnancy, wanted to protect the child, just because it was Jason's, and offered her help for anything the child could need. Furthermore, when she realized her parents' true intention, she warned Polly to leave town.



Trivia Edit

  • They had a very close relationship, with Cheryl even admitting she considered Jason to be her soulmate.
  • They both have red hair, a trait which seems to be common in the Blossom family.
  • Even though Cheryl believed to know everything about Jason, he kept at least a secret from her (the list of the girls of the football team).

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