I love my girl Cheryl, so I'm doing her this solid.
Josie to Archie, after Cheryl asked her to help him out with his music[src]

The friendship between Cheryl Blossom and Josie McCoy is very close with Josie expressing that she would do anything for Cheryl.


Sometime prior to the start of the series, Josie and Cheryl befriended one another and became quite close.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

At the back-to-school semi-formal, Josie and her fellow Pussycats performed in honor of Cheryl's recently deceased brother, Jason. They sang "All Through the Night", at Cheryl's behest which she claimed was the song she and Jason had been conceived to.[1]

Cheryl also requested Josie perform at the school pep rally, feeling that her River Vixens routine needed some star power. At the end of the performance, Cheryl went up on stage and they shared a hug, before Cheryl, overcome with grief for her brother, raced off the stage, much to Josie's confusion .[2]

When Cheryl offered Archie Andrews a favor after he corroborated her police testimony, she got Josie to help him with his music. Josie said she was only doing it because of her friendship with Cheryl.[3]

Season 2Edit



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