Veronica: "Why did you invite me tonight? Why not Tina or Ginger? Aren't they your besties?"
Cheryl: "And yet, that night at the pep rally, after I had my panic attack, you helped me. Not them."
Cheryl and Veronica talking about their friendship[src]

The relationship between Cheryl Blossom and Veronica Lodge is quite complicated. The two had quite a rivalry from the moment Veronica moved to Riverdale, however, she sought to make friends with Cheryl as she did not believe being enemies would end well.

Their rivalry continued when Veronica learned that Cheryl's family may have had something to do with her father's imprisonment.

Unlike Cheryl, Veronica tries to not have any enemies since she moved to Riverdale. Even though Veronica and Cheryl may have their differences. Whenever Cheryl is going through a tough time Veronica always seems to be their for her to try an comfort her.


While Cheryl and Veronica have no direct history with one another, their parents do. Cheryl's mother and father attended Riverdale High School with Veronica's mother and father.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

Veronica and Cheryl first met at the beginning of Veronica's sophomore year at Riverdale High School. Cheryl joined Betty, Kevin and Veronica at their lunch table and invited Veronica to attend cheerleading tryouts for the River Vixens, of which she captained. Veronica accepted the invitation and brought Betty with her. However, Cheryl was not happy with Betty trying out for the team and goaded her about her sister Polly, who had dated Cheryl's late brother Jason. Veronica stood up for Betty and refused to join the team unless Betty was chosen too, which Cheryl ultimately relented to.

To get back at Betty and Veronica, Cheryl invited the two of them and Archie to her Semi-formal after party. She knew that Betty had feelings for Archie and schemed to cause trouble. She forced the three to play Seven Minutes in Heaven, which ended with Veronica and Archie kissing in a closet and Betty fleeing the party upset. Veronica called Cheryl a 'shady bitch' before she left.[1]

Season 1 episode 2 A Touch of Evil Cheryl Veronica

Veronica comforts Cheryl during the pep-rally.

The annual fall Pep Rally, which was held at the school, featured a performance by the Riven Vixens, accompanied by Josie and the Pussycats. As the Riverdale Bulldogs made their entrance, Cheryl saw Archie come through, who looked just as Jason had when he was on the team, and began having a panic attack and ran off the stage to everyone's surprise. Despite their dislike of each other, Veronica went after her and comforted a distraught Cheryl after she broke down in tears over her brother.[2]

After a date with Chuck Clayton, Veronica was subsequently slut-shamed by him, something he and his friends on the football team had done to numerous other girls as well. Cheryl, however, was very unsympathetic and called her and the other girls sluts. Veronica then learned that Chuck and his boys kept score of their supposed 'conquests', and kept track in a secret playbook. Unfortunately, they needed proof before they could go to Principal Weatherbee with the information. Veronica insisted that neither she nor any of the girls were lying and that even without proof, she promised that Chuck and his posse would face justice. If Cheryl wanted to get caught in that back-draft, all she had to do was refer to any of them as sluts one more time.This lead to a tense stand-off between the two rivals, that ended in Cheryl deciding to help Veronica get revenge. They briefly worked together to acquire the playbook and take down the football players responsible for the slut-shaming.[3]

In a booth at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe with Ginger Lopez and Tina Patel, Cheryl voiced her disapproval of Veronica's mother Hermione working at the diner. She claimed it was off-brand, and sent a false message about acceptance. Had she known about it beforehand, Veronica never would have landed a spot on the River Vixens. As Hermione reached to collect their bill, Cheryl Insulted her and Veronica went over to defend her mother. However, Hermione took the money, but not before reminding Cheryl that she went to school with her mother, Penelope Blossom and that she didn't know the difference between having money and having class either. Just minutes after her dispute with Hermione Lodge, Cheryl caught her in the middle of a heated argument with a Southside Serpent behind the dumpster at Pop's. Cheryl took a picture of the encounter as evidence, which she would later go on to show Veronica, the next day at school, with the intent to remind Veronica of her place within the town's social hierarchy.

Later that night, Cheryl inexplicably joined Veronica and Kevin at the Twilight Drive-In for its closing night showing of 'Rebel Without a Cause'.[4]

During a break at school, all of the group, including a surprised Veronica, received an invitation from Cheryl to her brother's memorial service. However, her invitation didn't come without Cheryl's usual level of disdain, and so with Jason's recent passing in mind, Veronica took it upon herself to disregard Cheryl's attitude and extend an olive branch in hopes of avoiding mutual annihilation. Cheryl accepted her gesture and invited Veronica to a sleepover she was holding at her place, the night before the memorial.

Season 1 Episode 5 Heart of Darkness Cheryl Veronica

Veronica attends Cheryl's sleepover.

In the following days, Veronica would come to stay at Cheryl's, as they agreed, but first had to endure a very uncomfortable dinner with her family. Later that night, Veronica and Cheryl spent time looking through an old photo album of Jason. Veronica described him as "crazy handsome", to which Cheryl agreed, then told Veronica that Jason would have liked her. She asked why Cheryl invited her over instead of Ginger and Tina since they were her best friends and Cheryl explained that Veronica was the only person who came to her aid during her panic attack at the pep rally. She then went on to talk about Jason, she said everything about his death had been extremely public, with some saying he got what he deserved, others saying he didn't. Cheryl just wanted to let everyone know that she was sorry and that Jason deserved a better family than what he got. Veronica encouraged Cheryl to do the eulogy she had prepared, and say goodbye to her brother, despite her parents forbidding her to do so.

On the day of the memorial, Veronica and Cheryl planned how the day would play out, though Cheryl surprised Veronica and the other guests when she entered the room in the same all white outfit she had worn during her and Jason's ill-fated boat trip. After an emotional eulogy, Veronica joined Cheryl up on the podium to offer comfort and took her back to her seat. Afterward, Veronica watched from outside Cheryl's bedroom as she was harshly scolded by Penelope for her disobedience. After a first-hand look at the life Cheryl had to endure on a daily basis, Veronica felt quite bad for her.[5]

After it was revealed that Polly Cooper was pregnant with Jason's baby, Veronica offered to throw a baby shower for her at The Pembrooke. Polly had been living there since her own parents didn't want her to keep her baby, and Penelope and Cliff Blossom only wanted the baby without Polly. Cheryl commented that she wholeheartedly supported Veronica's notion of throwing the shower and happily attended.[6]

At school, Archie revealed to Veronica that, at the banquet, the Blossoms had held that he attended with Cheryl, he had overheard Mr. Blossom say that he was the one responsible for her father being arrested and imprisoned. Shocked, Veronica wondered why Clifford Blossom would have anything to do with why her dad was in prison, however, Archie didn't know. Later, Veronica did some digging and found a spreadsheet listing 75 years of payments from Blossom Maple Farms to Lodge Industries, that had stopped coming when Hiram was arrested. She wondered if Cliff Blossom had put her father in jail to get out of paying the fee, however, Hermione advised her daughter to let it go because if the payments were revealed, people might think Hiram was responsible for Jason Blossom's murder. She told Veronica not to tell anyone, and that included Cheryl.

Season 1 Episode 10 Cheryl Veronica

Veronica and Cheryl's dance battle.

Later, Veronica showed up late to River Vixen practice, missing the choreography rehearsal for the upcoming homecoming dance and Cheryl declared that Veronica would be placed in the back as a result. Angry at the Blossoms for what she had discovered, Veronica picked a fight with Cheryl, who welcomed Veronica to challenge her, however, Veronica preferred to let the rest of the squad weigh in and the two had a dance-off to see who was the better dancer and would feature front and center at homecoming. Veronica was unanimously declared the winner, much to Cheryl's displeasure.

To get her revenge, Cheryl crashed Jughead's 16th Birthday Party, bringing much of the school with her. Gathering everyone in the living room of the Andrews house, Cheryl decided they were going to play a game she called 'Secrets & Sins' and started off by attacking Veronica and her family, revealing to the entire party that her father, Hiram Lodge secretly purchased the Twilight Drive-In from behind bars. Veronica quickly turned the game back on Cheryl, accusing her of having inappropriate feelings for her brother, Jason, and murdering him with on of her father's hunting rifle's when he chose Polly over her. Affected, a tear rolled down Cheryl's face before she caught herself and the next person took their turn.[7]

After her father Cliff Blossom was discovered to be Jason's killer, and subsequently took his own life, Cheryl underwent a bout of depression. She gave Veronica her HBIC shirt and acknowledged her as the new captain of the Vixens. Veronica was appreciative and sympathetic.

Cheryl sent Veronica a text soon after, thanking her for trying, but effectively announcing her intention to take her own life. Veronica, along with Archie, Betty, and Jughead hurried to Sweetwater River to stop her and saved her when she fell through the ice. Veronica subsequently took her to her home at The Pembrooke to warm up and told her mother Hermione that she'd been in an accident.[8]


I know what you need, Cheryl, because I know who you are. You would rather people fear than like you, so you traffic in terror and intimidation. You're rich, so you've never been held accountable, but I'm living proof. That certainty, that entitlement you wear on your head like a crown? It won't last. Eventually, there will be a reckoning. Or... Maybe that reckoning is now. And maybe that reckoning... is me. Betty and I come as a matching set, you want one, you take us both. You wanted fire? Sorry Cheryl 'Bombshell', my specialty's ice.
— Veronica to Cheryl during River Vixen tryouts.[src]

Veronica: "Look I don't want to be locked in a catfight to the death. That only ends in one way, mutual annihilation."
Cheryl: "Agreed."
Veronica: "So can't we just be friends? Or at least, frenemies?"
Cheryl: "If you really want to extend an olive branch, come to a sleepover I'm having. "
Veronica: "Fine. Sure. When?"
―Veronica and Cheryl call a truce.[src]

Cheryl: "I do have the maddest skills on this squad."
Veronica: "Because you're a Blossom, we have to accept whatever you say as gospel."
Cheryl: "You're welcome to challenge me, Veronica, but you'll lose."
Veronica: "We live in a democratic society, Cheryl. Let's let the Vixens decide who's cherry on top."
Cheryl: "Challenge accepted."
―Veronica challenges Cheryl for a dance battle[src]

Veronica: "Wait, Cheryl. Does that mean you're taking the Vixens back from me?"
Cheryl: "But really, Veronica, were they ever yours?"
―Cheryl claiming back her Vixens[src]



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