Okay, that high-toned bitch attitude may have worked on the betas you dated in New York, but you're in Bulldog territory. But please, fight back. You'll only make it harder on yourself
— Chuck to Veronica[src]

Chuck Clayton is a recurring character on Riverdale. He is portrayed by Jordan Calloway.

Chuck is a student at Riverdale High School, and a former football player for the Riverdale Bulldogs. He was kicked off the team by Coach Clayton after confessing to spreading false rumors of sexually explicit acts between himself and Veronica Lodge.

He personally holds a grudge towards Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper, as he informed Betty, what they both did to him, resulted in him not being able to play Football for a good College or University.

Early LifeEdit

Unlike most teens in Riverdale, Chuck was not born there. He was once the new kid, so he told Veronica Lodge, and it was not easy as his father was the new teacher as well as the new coach.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Chuck made a number of brief appearances throughout the episode, however, he doesn't say or do much. He was initially seen walking down the hall with Reggie Mantle and Moose Mason. Shortly after that, he was getting dressed in the boy's locker room. Immediately following his appearance in the locker room, he entered Dr. Phylum's classroom. That same day, he was in the student lounge, chatting with Veronica Lodge as Reggie speculated over who really killed Jason Blossom. [1]

Fall of the Golden BoyEdit

Season 1 Episode 3 Body Double Chuck in his car

Chuck on his date with Veronica

Following their previous exchange in the student lounge, just days before, Chuck and Veronica went on a date. The two spent most of their time talking inside a car, outside Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, talking led to kissing, but it went no further. However, this didn't prevent Chuck from telling a different story, news quickly spread around school that he gave her a "Sticky Maple", which is a slut-shaming thing in Riverdale.

Chuck was confronted by Veronica and Betty in the boy's locker room, he told Veronica it's a badge of honor, not to mention that after her make-out session with Archie Andrews in the closet, she's "not exactly virgin territory". Despite her repeated demands to take the picture down, Chuck refused, as he told her that he isn't one of the Betas she dated in the past and that resistance is futile.

Season 1 Episode 3 Body Double Chuck kicked off football team

Chuck suspended and kicked from team

After a failed attempt to stop Chuck, Veronica teamed up with Betty, and the two of them exposed Chuck by hand-cuffing him in a boiling hot tub until he confessed, on video. That, along with the discovery of the playbook, resulted in Chuck and five other football players being suspended from school as well as banned from the team by Coach Clayton, in an effort to salvage the school's reputation and his job. [2]

Party CrasherEdit

Chuck's suspension from school ended the day before Jughead's 16th birthday party, and he was witnessed entering the cafeteria by Kevin, Betty, Veronica and Archie. Angry that Chuck had sat at Ethel's table, Betty marched over to confront him. Chuck taunted Betty, telling her not to go 'dark Betty' on him, causing her slam her hand on the table before realizing what she was doing. Betty asked Ethel if Chuck was bothering her but she said Chuck was just apologizing, that everything was fine. Chuck then remarked that the real question wasn't if they were okay but if Betty was. As Betty walked away flustered, Chuck smirked and winked at Archie who had been watching the exchange.

Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend Chuck vs Betty

Betty vs Chuck at the party

The next day, Chuck was approached by Cheryl Blossom, who wanted revenge on Veronica. Despite Cheryl thinking Chuck was the worst, she suggested that since both Veronica and Betty were attending Jughead's party at Archie's house, they work together and cause a little destruction.

They crashed the party, bringing alcohol and most of the school with them. In the kitchen, Betty confronted Chuck and asked him to leave, however he was angry as his suspension had destroyed any chance he had of playing football for a good school. Sarcastically, Betty apologized that sexual harassment had actual consequences for him. Chuck remarked that the Betty he had seen that night was the real Betty, the dark Betty and then began to make a lewd comment before Betty slapped him and stormed out.

Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend Chuck kicked out

Chuck getting thrown out the party

Later, Cheryl announced that they were all going to participate in a game she called Secrets & Sins, where Archie's affair with Ms. Grundy came to light and Chuck made the comment that if he had known he would have added Archie to his playbook. Chuck decided to reveal a secret of his own, which was what really happened between him and Betty the night that led to his suspension. In front of everyone, he explained that Betty dressed up like a hooker in an ugly black wig, drugged Chuck, handcuffed him to a railing, and almost drowned him until he said what she wanted him to say. For a moment, Betty even thought she was Polly. Hearing all this for the first time was too much for Jughead to handle, and he lashed out by punching Chuck in the face. However, Chuck came back much harder, and sent Jughead crashing into a table. FP then stepped in, grabbed Chuck by the shirt collar and maneuvered him bodily out the door and onto the street and forced him to leave.[3]

Season 2Edit


Physical Appearance Edit

Chuck is an outwardly handsome, tall, dark skinned teenage guy with shaven hair, deep brown eyes and a muscular physique. He dresses rather casually, often wearing denim jeans with his blue and gold Riverdale Bulldogs varsity jacket.


Chuck is the typical Alpha-male douche bag unlike his comic book self (who was an active member in Archie andrew's life). He holds no regard for anyone other than himself, and has a very poor view of women, looking at them as if they are nothing more than objects for his amusement. Chuck is quite arrogant, and very confident in his abilities. Being captain of the Riverdale Bulldogs came with high prestige. He is Riverdale's very own golden boy; loved by many and he uses that to his benefit.


Veronica Lodge Edit

Season 1 Episode 3 Body Double Chuck and sticky maple Veronica

In the beginning of the school year, Chuck pursued Veronica. As they were out on their first date, Veronica opened up to him, as they took pictures. However, Veronica entered school the next day to rumors about her "sticky maple" which is a Riverdale thing for slut-shaming. Veronica, along with Betty, were ready to go "Full dark no stars", as they gathered other victims and evidence. As a result of this, Chuck was then suspended as well as banned from the varsity football team.

Betty Cooper Edit

Main article: Betty and Chuck
Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend Chuck vs Betty

Chuck and Betty are best described as rivals. When Chuck gave Veronica the "sticky maple", Betty assisted in getting Veronica and all the other victims their revenge. However, whilst doing so, Chuck saw the "dark Betty", thus making him think of her as a crazy person. She manages to get him suspended for several days, but when he makes his appearance at Jugheads party, it becomes heated between them when she tries to get him to leave, but he makes a lewd comment making her slap him in the face. Later, in a game of "Secrets & Sins", Chuck exposed Betty's dark side.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit



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