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Fred: "You're messing with my business. My livelihood, my son's future. I don't care if you're the richest man in Riverdale, I will come after you with everything I've got."
Cliff: "Which is what, exactly?"
―Fred confronts Cliff[src]

The relationship between Fred Andrews and Cliff Blossom is antagonistic. Their rivalry began when an anonymous buyer bought the land the Twilight Drive-In was built on. Fred was set for construction on this new land development, however, Cliff has managed to put a halt to that, or so he thought.

History Edit


Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1 Edit

On the day Andrews Construction was set to break ground on the SoDale project, set on the land the drive-in previously occupied, one of Fred's employees, Vic, came to him and explained that he and his crew had to leave him as they had just been offered two years of steady employment by Clifford Blossom. He was sorry but could not ask his workers to turn down that kind of offer, which left Fred without any employees to begin the project.

Fred angrily accosted Cliff as was driving out of the gates to his home, blocking Cliff's driveway with his truck. Cliff told him that it was nothing personal, but the land he was building on once belonged to the Blossom family and he had been attempting to reacquire it before the anonymous buyer had swept it up. Cliff could not go after the buyer so he went after Fred. As quickly as the project came together made Cliff think that the buyer had only a limited amount of funds to work with and he purposely halted construction with the intention of bleeding him out to reacquire the land at a more reasonable rate.

Fred expounded that he and his family were being affected too, and he would go after Cliff with everything he had. Cliff asked him what exactly it was he had, but Fred had no answer. Cliff smirked and told him to move his car.[1]




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