I would never force you to play football. I don't care if you play football. And you don't have to work with me or for me, ever again. But some advice, man-to-man? These decisions that you're making now, son, they have consequences. They go on to form who you are and who you'll become. Whatever you decide, be confident enough in it, that you don't have to lie.
— Fred to Archie[src]

Fred Andrews is a main character on Riverdale. He is portrayed by Luke Perry.

Fred is a construction business owner and the father of Archie Andrews.

Character descriptionEdit

A chill parent who owns a construction business in town. He hopes that his son will take over the family trade down the road.[1]

Early LifeEdit

Fred was raised in Riverdale, and like his son, attended the local high school, where he was close friends with FP Jones, and briefly dated Hermione Lodge, until she chose the rich kid, Hiram Lodge over him. During those high school years, Fred and FP spent an entire summer fixing up an old DW bus, which they later came to called "The Shaggin' Wagon". Following that, he and FP formed a band their senior year, which they named "The Fred Heads". Apparently, this attracted the attention of a lot of ladies for Fred. He later went on to marry Mary Andrews and she would give birth to their first and only child, Archie Andrews. Sometime after that, he and Mary separated, which was not amicable as the two had trouble being in the same room together without a mediator present and Mary moved away to Chicago. Sometime after the separation, Fred was charged with driving under the influence.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

Apart from his marriage, Fred owned a successful construction company called Andrews Construction. He hoped that one day Archie would work alongside him, eventually passing it down to him all together. Until then, he would continue to run the company himself, which involved all sorts of maintenance, such as seasonal hiring. He was surprised to learn that Hermione was back in town looking for just that. If it were up to him, Fred claimed he would give her the job, however, it was not as simple as it may have seemed. He had clients, thus having the wife of Hiram Lodge, who was currently on trial for fraud and embezzlement, as his book-keeper would not be the best idea.

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Fred 4

Fred confronting Archie on his recent decisions

After receiving a call from Coach Clayton, Fred confronted Archie on his current predicament. Archie revealed that he no longer shared this same desire as his father. Fred respected Archie's decision to pursue his passion in music yet he was disappointed that his son no longer wanted to take over the family business as they once hoped but most of all, he was upset that Archie wasn't being honest about his latest change in plans, as the decisions that Archie were making had consequences, they would proceed to form the man he was and the man he would become. He wanted Archie to know that whatever path he took, he should be confident enough in it that he didn't have to lie.[2]

Having heard Archie sneak out the house, the prior night, Fred confronted him on it. Archie was surprised to learn that he heard that, unbeknownst to Archie, Fred had been hearing him sneak out the house ever since he was eight years old, going to Jughead's tree house. Archie couldn't sleep, so he went for a jog, that's why he left the house. He asked if Archie had something on his mind, as lack of sleep is often the result of a heavy conscious. Archie claimed that it was due to the murder of Jason Blossom, to which Fred insisted that he halt on the late night jogs until they catch the murderer.

After witnessing tension-filled disagreement between Archie and Jughead, and a black eye, the subsequent day, he felt compelled to ask Archie if he had gotten into a fight with Jughead. Archie said no, he had actually gotten into a fight with Reggie Mantle, but the disagreement between him and Jughead was over a girl. Archie was vague, only saying that he wanted to do something, and it was the right things, but the girl said it would ruin what they had. Fred first acknowledged that it was the first honest talk they'd had in a while, he then told Archie that he had to do the right thing, no matter what, even if it would cost him.[3]

Fred received a call from the sheriff to inform him that Archie had given them information about the gunshot he heard on July 4th. Fred was disappointed he hadn't told him about this so they could go together, and furthermore, had been under the impression that Archie had gone on a road trip with Jughead that day instead of being down by Sweetwater River. He therefore grounded him as punishment. He attended the Taste of Riverdale event, where he met Archie's music teacher, Geraldine Grundy. They discussed Archie's musical talents, and she reassured him about the path Archie was taking. Possessed of a better understanding of his son, Fred started soundproofing the garage so Archie could practice his music while he was grounded.[4]

Season 1 Episode 4 The Last Picture Show Fred Archie 1

Fred and Archie at Ms. Grundy's cello performance

Fred and Archie attended Ms. Grundy's cello performance, thereafter, they congratulated her on the on the beautiful playing. He offered to take Ms. Grundy out to dinner, as a show of gratitude, for everything she's done for Archie and his music. Over at Andrews Construction, Fred confirmed that he had won the contract to tear down the Twilight Drive-In. He apologized for having to demolish it, as he knew how much it meant to Jughead, it's important to him as well. Jughead asked for a one week delay on the demolition, hopefully, he could track down the anonymous buyer, and convince them not to tear down the drive-in.

Fred explained that it's a big contract for his company, whatever they build in place of the drive-in, could mean more jobs, but Jughead exploded on him, accused Fred of putting one Jones out of work, he might as well do the same to another. Fred had to fire Jughead's father, as he was stealing material from a job site. Back at the house, he opened the door, to find Hal and Alice Cooper, both of whom insisted that Archie and Betty stop spending so much time together. The relationship is bad, and their respective behavior reflected that, or so Alice claimed, however, Fred denied the claims, as Archie's a good kid. That night, Fred accompanied Hermione to the drive-in, he recalled their senior year, the two of them watching Candyman together, she kissed him, but it was a brief relationship.

Shortly after Hermione vacated the vehicle to powder her nose, Alice arrived, banging at the window, she informed him of Archie and Ms. Grundy's secret relationship. At that point, Fred, Alice, and Betty confronted them at the school, Alice wanted to let law enforcement take over, Archie pleaded with Fred to come up with a better solution, but the entire situation was complicated. He soon realized that for Alice, it was more about her crazy vendetta against Archie than it was anything else. As the tension rised, Ms. Grundy offered to quit her job, she hoped this would be a satisfactory solution, Fred and Alice both agreed that she'd have to leave town too. Fred drove Archie home, before going inside, he told his son that none of it was his fault.[5]

Fred never thought he'd say that he missed Archie playing the guitar, but that's exactly how he felt after listening to him pound on a punching bag, non-stop. Archie claimed that it was in preparation for football season, but Fred wasn't so sure. The next morning, as he picked up his order from Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, he asked Hermione out on a date, regrettably, she turned him down, they're both married, but Fred was under the impression that their outing at the Twilight Drive-In was date, when in fact it wasn't. Once home, Fred entered Archie's room only to discover that he was not alone, he had company, Valerie Brown. Fred recognized her as a member of Josie and the Pussycats, he enjoyed their performance at the Taste of Riverdale.

He exited the room, but made sure to keep the door cracked. From Hermione, Fred learned that she and Hiram were involved with the Southside Serpents, and now they want their money, they left a rattle snake in Pop's shop as a message to Hermione, Fred got rid of it for her, but that was likely only the beginning. Fred attended Jason Blossom's Memorial to pay his respect, while there, he ran into Hermione, where he then offered her that book keeping job that he had previously denied her.[6]

With it being Hermione's first day on the job as his bookkeeper, Fred decided to check in on her, to his surprise, she was the bearer of bad news. Fred only had enough money in the bank to pay his guys for two more weeks, which for him is unacceptable, last time he let one of his guys go, it didn't end too well, plus, the trust they have is worth everything, and he'd never compromise that. Fred was waiting to here on a recent bid for the new development, where the Twilight Drive-In use to be, the construction could put him back in a good place. However, he doesn't know who the buyer is, but with Mayor McCoy handling all the arrangements for the buyer, the next best thing would be to present her with the bid. So, he invited Mayor McCoy over for diner, hoping he could win her over, but he wanted Hermione's assistance in doing so, to which she agreed, and the two of them kissed.

That night, he told Archie about his rekindled relationship with Hermione, in response, Archie told him to go for it if that's what truly made him happy. As planned, he and Hermione hosted a diner for Mayor McCoy, as well as her daughter, Josie, and her husband, Myles. Fred had polite dinner conversation with Myles about his career, and the kids, before moving on to his presentation. With his plans, Andrews Construction would stimulate the local economy, it's a win for the entire town. Mayor McCoy agreed with his proposal, refreshing, she said, she even would have liked to awarded Fred with the contract, but the buyer was already in the process of accepting another bid. Fred sat along side Hermione at the 75th annual Variety Show as Archie performed on stage, a performance that Fred was especially proud of, as Archie did amazing. Afterwards, he learned that Andrews construction was awarded the contract for the new development, to which he thanked Hermione for being his good luck charm.[7]

Season 1 Episode 7 In a Lonely Place Fred FP 1

Fred and FP at Pop's

Fred offered FP Jones his job back at Andrews Construction after a brief discussion with Archie and Jughead, in which Fred admitted that he could have reached out sooner. After a long day at work, Fred, FP, Archie and Jughead celebrated with a night out a Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where they reminisced about their youth, a time where he and FP spent a summer fixing up a DW bus, that later became known as "The Shaggin' Wagon". They went on to talk about a band they had formed senior year of high school, called "The Fred Heads", they were terrible, but it didn't stop the girls from flocking in. As the evening came to a close, Fred grabbed the check from Pop Tate, prepared to pay for the meal, despite FP's exclaim that it was his treat. Following Archie's jam session with FP, Fred explained his side of the story that led to the fall out between the two of them.

FP was stealing from the company, and selling things on the side, all things considered, Fred believed he was being generous. He gave FP numerous chances, bailing him out of jail countless times, but when someone is drowning, you can't save them if they're going to drag you down with them, Fred did the best he could for his family. With FP's whereabouts left unknown, Fred, Archie, and Betty went down to the Sheriff Station, where Jughead was being held as a suspect in Jason Blossom's death. Despite knowing the legal ramifications he could suffer, Fred lied to Sheriff Keller in Jughead's defense, claiming that Jughead was working for him the week on July 11th, and that he could provide documentation to support it. With no evidence against him, the police were forced to let Jughead go.

FP was just arriving as they were leaving the station, he threatened to tear Sheriff Keller apart for throwing accusations at Jughead, Fred attempted to stop him as he would only make it worse, but FP claimed that he would do the same for Archie. Fred went back to Andrews Construction that night, and forged Jughead's work documents, he realized that Jughead shouldn't have to suffer for his father's mistakes.[8]

Fred entered Archie's room to warn him and Jughead that it was about time for them to settle down for the night, but he couldn't help but notice the ripe spell circulating within the room. He needed to get a good nights sleep as the following day, Andrews Construction would be breaking ground on the SoDale project. The next day, Fred's crew quit on him after they received an offer from Cliff Blossom, in which he promised them 2 years of work. After losing his crew, Fred made some calls, hoping he could borrow a few crew members from known affiliates, but to no avail. Unfortunately, Fred hadn't been as forthcoming with Archie about the severity of danger in which the company was facing, it's been in trouble for a long time, big jobs that were too few and far between, and it only got worse as the days went on, with hemorrhaging cash and over due bills. It was never supposed to get that bad, he worked his butt off to build the company but in one false step, he could lose everything.

The next day, Fred pulled up to Thornhill and blocked Clifford's drive-way as he attempted to leave, they both exited their vehicles and Fred confronted him on the stealing of his crew in an effort to halt construction. Cliff explained that it wasn't personal, just that the land of the SoDale project belonged to his family, and since he couldn't go after the mysterious buyer, he would go after Fred. Admittedly, this was a great plan, but Fred informed Cliff that in the process of bleeding out the buyer, Cliff was bleeding him out as well, which messed with his business and livelihood, and no amount of money would stop Fred from coming after him with everything he had. He returned to the trailer to be met with a surprising new construction crew, in the form of Archie, Jughead, Kevin, and Moose, all of whom volunteered to help keep construction on schedule until he could find a new crew. Initially hesitant, Fred agreed to allow the boys to help.

As the day came to an end, the boys returned to the trailer, and Fred thanked each of them for their assistance. Just as things were headed in the right direction, Moose was attacked on the SoDale work site by two thugs, who also damaged some of the equipment. Moose was warned by the guys that as long as construction continued, they'd return to do more damage. Upon Sheriff Keller's arrival, Fred accused Cliff Blossom of being at the center of the attack since he made it abundantly clear that he wanted the project to collapse, but Archie suspected that it also could have been the work of the Southside Serpents, who were angry after being kicked off their land. The following night, Fred received an unexpected call from FP, who alerted him that Archie was stirring up trouble in a known hang out of the Serpents. Fred arrived outside the bar and demanded that Archie get in the truck as he talked with FP, and much to his surprise, FP was a Serpent, which Fred originally believed that he had left behind.

Like Archie, Fred began to believe that the Serpents were behind the attack as well, but FP denied any claims of involvement, he'd never do that after all they'd done for Jughead. FP was sorry to hear about Fred's troubles, in which he had no crew or cash, so FP offered to ask around about the attack, though he was sure that Fred would bounce back, as he always did. Fred awaited Archie's return to the house, where he told his son that he tried his entire life to build things, everything from building a family, to building a safe life for Archie, but he started questioning if he had failed in doing so. Despite his father's speech, Archie explained that he wasn't giving up, Andrews construction was both of their legacy. The next day, as Hermione put in calls to Centerville and Greendale for a new construction, she and Fred would have to be a two-person crew for the mean time. Much to his surprise, FP was already on site, along with several other Serpents, all willing to work. FP promised Fred that he wouldn't leave him hanging like he had before.[9]

Fred learned from Hermione that she and Hiram were the anonymous buyers and that Andrews Construction was working for Lodge Industries. He instantly became frustrated, asking Hermione why she would keep that from him as he would have never gotten involved with the SoDale project, had he known that he was working for a criminal like Hiram. Hermione explained that she was attempting to make Lodge Industries a legitimate business, and in order for that to happen, she would have to partner with businesses like Andrews Construction. He realized that Hermione's lies were the reason that Cliff Blossom stole his crew and sent thugs to beat up teenagers, which Hermione revealed wasn't entirely true. It was Hiram who sent the thugs after learning from Cliff that Hermione was in a secret love affair with Fred.

Fred became even more enraged after learning that he was also caught in a war between Cliff and Hiram. Hermione pleaded with him to stay on the project, if he quit on her, she wouldn't be able to start over with anyone else. Fred refused to do the grunt work while Hiram was taking shots at him and Hermione played both sides, so he exited the trailer. The following night during dinner with Archie and Jughead, they received a surprise visit from Cheryl, who complemented Fred on his hair cut and said that he was "looking extremely dilfy". Cheryl's reasoning for being at the Andrews house was to properly thank Archie for agreeing to escort her to the banquet, she did so by gifting him with a brand new guitar, which Fred suggested that he return back to the Blossoms. They were using Archie, the Blossoms did not give a damn about him and they tried to run Fred's business into the ground, as far as they were concerned, everyone else was dirt under their shoe, Fred explained.

A couple days later, after having some time to think about it, Fred decided to stay on the SoDale project, but he had several terms that Hermione would first have to agree to. Fred informed her that everything they would do from that point forward would be legal and that his stake were 20%, a percentage that he was not willing to negotiate on. If he was going to put himself on the line, then he's was going to need some insurance. Fred was tired of seeing people like the Lodges and the Blossoms using his family as pawns. Finally, Fred ended his romantic relationship with Hermione, they would be nothing more than business partners.[10]

Before taking off to Chicago in order to finalize his divorce with Mary Andrews, Archie's mother, Fred apologized to Jughead for having to miss his birthday that upcoming weekend, and then asked Archie if he could assist him down stairs. On the front porch, Fred explained to Archie that the divorce papers and legal documents would be done, and they could then proceed to put the entire unfortunate situation behind them within the week. Archie questioned if the reason for Fred's sudden urge to finalize the divorce stemmed from his relationship with Hermione, to which Fred replied that he had already ended that, it was a bad idea for them to work together as well as being romantically involved. Archie insisted that Fred still had time to try and mend his relationship with Mary, but he argued that they were far past that point, and sometimes you just have to rip the band-aid off. Mary moved out two years ago, she didn't inform Archie that they were finalizing the divorce because she didn't want to be the bearer of bad news, Fred claimed.

Archie offered to accompany him on his trip to Chicago, but this was something that Fred had to handle on his own. The next day, Fred called to check in on Archie, who wondered if he had seen Mary yet, but he hadn't. While they had planned to have dinner the night before, they decided to just meet the next morning with their lawyers present instead, which only further angered Archie since his parents couldn't have a simple conversation without a mediator. The following evening, Fred returned home, accompanied by Mary.[11]

Archie returned home just in time as Fred and Mary were discussing what they were going to eat for dinner, Chinese food or pizza. Considering they always had latter, Archie decided Chinese food would be best. A brief look at Archie's face, and Fred could immediately tell something was wrong with him, and there was, as Archie revealed that coming home and seeing them together after such a long time was nice, but strange. Jughead entered the room, leading Mary to ask who else would be attending the Homecoming dance other than her, Fred and Hermione, whom unaware to Fred had also been invited. Fred and Mary had been talking and they decided to go to the dance together, hoping to hear Archie play.

The next night, Fred arrived at the dance with Mary and Hermione on both sides of him, he always liked to have a beautiful woman on his arm, that night he had two. After an amazing performance by Archie and Veronica, Fred and Mary slow danced together. Mary inquired about Archie and Veronica after seeing the way the two of them behaved on stage with one another, to which Fred explained that while he and Archie hadn't had the talk yet, he was positive that they were together, leading Mary to comment how the Andrews men were players. Later that night, they returned home after the news spread about FP being arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom. Fred eavesdropped from the stairs as Mary offered Archie to move with her to Chicago.[12]

Fred was shocked to learn that Archie and Veronica broke into FP's trailer in an effort to prove or even disprove his involvement in the death of Jason Blossom. He was even more shocked to learn that Alice was the one who put them up to it. They claim that when they broke into the trailer there wasn't a gun, and that it was planted there after they left. Fred reminded Archie that what they were talking about wasn't petty theft or a bar fight, it was murder. Mary then informed Archie that he entered FP's residence illegally, meaning whatever he did or did not find would be inadmissible in a court of law.

Archie didn't care about the consequences of his actions, but Fred did. FP may have ruined Jughead's life, but he was not going to allow the same to happen to his son. The following night, after getting off the phone with Principal Weatherbee, Fred explained to Archie that their principal was concerned about Jughead, and the altercation between him and Cheryl earlier that day. Weatherbee suggested that Jughead finish the rest of the school year from home, which Archie insisted was unfair as Cheryl attacked him, so he at least wanted to contact the school board. FP could possibly spend decades in prison, potentially the rest of his life, so they needed to think of a long time solution, and unfortunately for Jughead, it wasn't with them. Fred wasn't Jughead's legal guardian, and his priority was keeping Archie safe, from whatever trouble seemed to follow the Jones family, where ever they go, whatever they do.

He then commented that maybe Archie should move to Chicago with his mother, which Archie claimed that he wasn't even considering. The next day, he made his way down to the City Centre Motor Hotel after Archie and Veronica discovered the body of a dead Southside Serpent member named Mustang. Fred asked Sheriff Keller what he thought happened, to which Keller responded that they believed it was an overdose, and it wouldn't surprise him if Mustang was involved in Jason's murder. He and Archie returned to the truck, where he lectured Archie over his recent involvement in Jason's Blossom case. If he kept going down that path, he would end up dead, Fred said. He was just trying to protect Archie, it was his job, and the only one that counted.[13]

Fred stood in the kitchen, staring out the window intensely as Archie entered the kitchen. He thought he knew Riverdale but recent events would suggest other wise, so if he could cut bait, he certainly would. He then asked Archie how he was doing, in which his son replied that he was fine but for all his friends, it was far from over, they were still in it, as were the Andrews, they were up to their necks, Fred said. Later that morning at the work site, he scolded Hermione for firing the Serpents they had working the SoDale project, especially considering they stood by Fred when no one else would. Hermione believed it best to get rid of them since Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller were cracking down on the Serpents, not to mention Hiram would be returning soon.

He informed Hermione that she didn't get to make unilateral decisions without consulting him because they were partners, which was the next topic of discussion. Hermione and Hiram wanted to buy Fred out after dragging him into a situation he never wanted to be apart of. Fred told her to make him an offer in writing, and he'd consider it. That night, Fred and Jughead's case worker awaited the boys' return home, as FP was facing serious jail time and Jughead's Mom was out of town. She needed to make sure that Jughead was taken care of, and while Fred had offered for Jughead to stay with them, this couldn't be permitted. He had a DUI following the separation with Mary, plus the limited amount of funds they were receiving weren't enough to support Jughead as well.

The next day, Archie returned home irate over an incident at school where someone wrote on Betty's locker in pig's blood. Betty was getting threats, and Jughead was being thrown into a snake's pit, so Archie felt helpless. Fred attempted to explain to him that all you can do sometimes is show up, which is all he's been doing but it hasn't made any difference, they were still getting their asses kicked. After the 75th Anniversary Jubilee at Town Hall, in which Archie performed along side Josie and the Pussycats, and Betty took the stage and gave a powerful message to the town as a whole, Fred met up with Hermione, who inquired about his decision to be bought out. However, Fred refused her offer, apparently, Betty's speech of Riverdale facing a crossroads resonated with him.

Season 1 Episode 13 The Sweet Hereafter Fred bleeding

Fred bleeding out as Archie hold him

The following morning, Fred wanted to have breakfast with Archie at Pop's shoppe, which was code for they needed to talk. Unfortunately, as Archie headed to the bathroom, a masked gunman entered the shop, hopped on the counter, and began demanding all the money in the register as he held a gun to Pop's head. Fred then looked over to Archie, shaking his head no, signaling Archie not to get involved. Fred stood up from his booth as the gunman demanded his wallet, and as Archie ran in front of him, the gunman fired and single shot before exiting the shop, leaving Fred on the floor as he slowly bled, thus leaving his fate unknown.[14]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Fred is an average middle-aged man, around 5′ 10″ in height, with a muscular build. He has lightly tanned skin with brown eyes, and brown hair. Fred is a working man who often dresses very casually, most of time he wears a flannel shirt with denim jeans and boots.



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