You've never had a better foreman than me. I won't leave you hanging this time.
— FP saves Fred's company.[src]

The relationship between Fred Andrews and FP Jones is difficult to explain. They were friends for many years, since their high school days, however, that relationship eventually turned sour when Fred fired FP from his construction company. Now, it appears they may be on good terms yet again. Their sons Archie and Jughead respectively are best friends who also had a strained friendship but later mended it.


Fred and FP both grew up in Riverdale, becoming best friends. During their high school years, Fred and FP spent an entire summer fixing up an old DW bus, which they called "The Shaggin' Wagon". Following that, he and FP formed a band their senior year, which they named "The Fred Heads"

They later became founding partners in a construction firm, however after one too many brushes with the law, Fred fired FP as he was too much of a liability and forced him resign, severing their friendship.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

After he learning of Jughead's homelessness, Archie went to his father and asked him to offer FP his job back at Andrews Construction. Fred agreed and admitted that he could have reached out sooner. However, FP refused to go back hat in hand after being fired, but his son insisted that he take the job and work on rebuilding their family, to which FP acquiesced. After a long first day back at work, Fred, FP, Archie and Jughead celebrated with a night out a Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where they reminisced about their youth, much to the amusement of their sons. However, as the evening came to a close, the two got into a slight dispute over the who would pay, with FP remarking that Fred owed him.

Later that night, FP, Jughead, and Archie practiced playing music in the garage at the Andrews house, where he complimented Archie on his guitar skills, saying that he was even better than his father. Archie then asked what FP had meant earlier when he said that his father owed him. FP explained his side of the story that led to the fall out between the two of them, that Fred forced his to resign after he took up some odd jobs in order to provide for his family, which eventually landed him in jail. Fred was kind enough to bail him out, but at that point, Fred wanted to part ways. Recalling the story left FP very upset and bitter, and he began drinking, later taken home by Jughead. Shocked, Archie went and confronted his father and asked what had happened. Fred claimed that FP had been stealing from the company, and selling things on the side, and all things considered, Fred believed he was being generous. He gave FP numerous chances, bailing him out of jail countless times, but when someone is drowning, Fred didn't believe you could save them if they were going to drag you down with them.

The next day, Fred, Archie, and Betty went down to the Sheriff Station, where Jughead was being held as a suspect in Jason Blossom's death. His fingerprints were on Jason Blossom's getaway car that he and Betty had found which led Sheriff Keller to discover Jughead had a juvie record, and unfairly suspected him. FP had been called but there had been no answer and no one could find him. Despite knowing the legal ramifications he could suffer, Fred lied to Sheriff Keller in Jughead's defense, claiming that Jughead was working for him the week of July 11th, and could provide documentation to support it. With no evidence against him, the police where forced to let Jughead go.

Season 1 Episode 6 Fred FP

FP angrily shoves Fred.

Just as they were leaving the station, FP arrived and furiously threatened to tear Sheriff Keller apart for throwing accusations at Jughead. Fred tried in vain to calm him down, but FP shoved him and and stated that Jughead was his son, and Fred would do the same for Archie. Jughead begged him to let it go before he made the situation any worse and he acquiesced. Before leaving, FP tearfully promised he would get his act together and that they would have their family back, but it would just take some time. Later that night, Fred went back to Andrews Construction and forged Jughead's work documents, realizing that Jughead shouldn't have to suffer for his father's mistakes. He also welcomed Jughead to live with him and Archie until FP got his life back on track.[1]

After Moose Mason was assaulted at Andrews Construction, Archie endeavored to find the assailants. Suspecting the Southside Serpents, Archie, Kevin and Moose visited the Whyte Wyrm bar, favorite of the Serpents to see if Moose recognized anyone. Unbeknownst to the teens, FP watched them enter and immediately called Fred. He allowed them to move forward with their plan, while keeping an eye on them from a distance. FP didn't intervene until Archie picked a fight with one of his fellow Serpents, Mustang, which nearly led to Archie taking a beating. After ordering Mustang to let Archie go, FP escorted Archie, Moose and Kevin outside of the bar, sending all of them home, except for Archie. FP demanded to know what his business was at the Wyrm, to which Archie explained they were searching for the two thugs that had ambushed Moose and destroyed equipment at Andrews Construction, the night before.

Archie initially assumed that the attack was a result of the Serpents getting kicked off their land, but after learning that FP was one of them, he began to think it was a personal attack against his father for firing FP years earlier. FP denied the accusation, joking that Archie had a bigger imagination than Jughead. Just as Fred arrived, FP told Archie that he held no grudges, as life was too short. Fred sent Archie to the truck, as he and FP had a chat about his recent activities. FP once again denied having any involvement in what happened to Moose and the Andrews construction equipment, he'd never do that, especially after Fred took in Jughead. Fred's trouble were greater than ever before, having neither crew nor cash, while FP was sorry for his troubles, he was sure that Fred would bounce back, he even offered to ask around, hoping that his guys would know something about the attack.

The next day, still without a crew, Fred walked the SoDale site with Hermione Lodge and discovered FP and his fellow Serpents waiting, ready and willing to work. FP promised Fred that he wouldn't leave him hanging again and trouble would not be a problem with his crew. Pleased, Fred told them all to get to work.[2]

Season 2





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