You Andrews men are such players!
— Mary flirts with Fred[src]

The relationship between Fred and Mary Andrews is strained, as they are separated and in the process of getting a divorce until their son Archie called his father to tell him not to go through with it when he drunk dialed him.


Fred and Mary grew up in Riverdale and attended school together. They later went on to marry and welcomed their first and only child, Archie.

Two years prior to the start of the series, Fred and Mary decided to separate and began divorce proceedings. Mary moved to Chicago at that time, and while she wanted her son to go with her, he chose to stay in Riverdale with his father. Fred and Mary's separation was not an amicable one as, according to Archie, they cannot even talk without a mediator present.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Return to Riverdale

In the beginning of October, Fred headed up to visit Mary in Chicago to finalize their divorce. Before he left, Archie wondered if maybe his parents could fix things between each other, as Mary had not mentioned anything about the divorce to him the last time they spoke. Fred was of the opinion that they were past the point of reconciliation and that Mary had not mentioned anything to Archie so that Fred would be left as the bearer of bad news.

Fred called Archie from Chicago who wondered if he had seen Mary yet, but Fred revealed that while they were going to have dinner, decided instead to just meet the next morning with their lawyers present. Upset that his parents couldn't talk to one another civilly, Archie cut the call short. Later, during Jughead's 16th birthday party, Archie drunk dialed his father and told him not to sign the divorce papers. The next morning, Fred came home with Mary in tow, much to Archie's surprise.[1]

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Fred and Mary in the kitchen

Fred and Mary prepare for dinner

Fred and Mary had trouble figuring out what they were going to eat for dinner that night, up until Archie returned home, telling them that they always had pizza, so the only other option left was Chinese food. Though two years is a long time to be separated from her family, Mary correctly remembered their usual take-out orders. While it was nice having everyone together, Archie commented that it was strange to see it again after so long. Just then, Jughead entered the kitchen, leading Mary to ask who else would be attending the Homecoming dance other than her, Fred and Hermione, whom Mary earlier invited.

The following night at the dance, as Mary, Fred and Hermione entered as a threesome, Mary began having major Déjà vu of her high school years.

After watching an amazing performance on stage from Archie and Hermione's daughter, Veronica, Fred and Mary started to slow dance. She inquired about Archie and Veronica's current relationship status having noticed the flirtatious manner in which they performed together. They hadn't exactly had the talk yet, but Fred presumed that they were together, leading Mary to playfully caress Fred's face and state that the Andrews men were players.[2]

After the dance, Fred, Mary and Hermione were shocked to learn that Archie and Veronica broke into FP's trailer in search of any evidence that would connect him to the murder of Jason Blossom. They were even more shocked to discover that Alice was in on it. However, Archie, Veronica and Betty claimed that the gun used to kill Jason wasn't in the closet when they checked the trailer, it was planted after they left, meaning someone was framing FP, or so they claimed. Mary explained that Archie entered FP's residence illegally, so whatever he did or did not find would be inadmissible in a court of law. Going to Sheriff Keller with the information they claim to have would simply make matters worse.

Before leaving for Chicago, Mary exchanged goodbyes with Fred and Archie. She then exited the Andrews house. [3]

Season 2

Fred's Shooting at Pop's


Mary and Fred at Archie's graduation

Fred and Mary appeared alongside one another during a dream-like hallucination. The two of them joined Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica in the student lounge at Riverdale High School in preparation for their graduation. As Fred held up his phone to take a photo of the kids, Mary insisted that he hurry up because the ceremony was ten minutes away. As Fred was preparing to take the photo, a man wearing a black hood and carrying a loaded shotgun entered the lounge and opened fire. Meanwhile, in reality, Mary received a call from Archie, telling her that Fred had been shot by a black hooded assailant during a robbery at Pop's. With the doctors being uncertain over Fred's survival, Archie urged her to come back to Riverdale in case Fred doesn't make it.

Mary appeared in yet another one of Fred's dreams, where she sat in the crowd at Archie and Veronica's Scottish themed wedding, during which time she winked at Fred. Though it remains unknown why, it should be noted that Mary sat with the Blossom family during the wedding.

Back in reality, by night fall, Mary had arrived in Riverdale to take care of Fred, who had regained consciousness and was recovering from home.[4]

Mayoral Campaign


Mary surprising Archie

With Fred in dire need of her professional expertise to get out of his contract with the Lodges, Mary returned to Riverdale to assist with his legal confrontation. She was greeted by Archie at the front door. The two shared a hug and then they proceeded into the kitchen, where she went on to discuss Fred's contract. She wished that he had called her in sooner, before he gave the Lodges 20% of Andrews Construction. However, Archie was far from concerned. He was sure that Hiram would keep his word though Mary and Fred weren't so sure given their long standing history with Hiram and Hermione.

Fred and Mary later sat down with Hiram and Hermione at the Pembrooke to discuss Fred's contract. Mary claimed the contract was exploitative and that Fred should be immediately released and compensated.


Fred and Mary at dinner

The following night, Fred, Mary and Archie had dinner. The topic of discussion — Riverdale and Jughead's crusade to save it. Mary had hoped to see Jughead while she was in town. Archie wrote Jughead's protest off as an act of lunacy. However, Fred defended it. While Archie may not have believed in what he was fighting for, Jughead's reasons were still valid. However, Archie disagreed, arguing that Jughead was mostly fighting against Hiram. As were a lot of people in town who were afraid of what had to be done. Mary was offended by Archie's comments. Not because they were directed at her, but because they were directed at Fred, who according to her, broke rocks in high school to support his family when his own father got sick. He saw what had to be done, and did it. Even making a business out of it. Furthermore, Fred did have a vision. One that didn't end with everyone working in a penal colony. While it was Archie's prerogative to side with Hiram, Mary refused to allow him to disrespect Fred.

Later in the week, Fred and Mary celebrated after getting a call from Hiram that Fred would be released from his contract. In even better news, Mary would be sticking around and Fred would be running for Mayor against the Lodges.[5]


Fred and Mary at the student hall meeting

Fred and Mary attended the school hall meeting at Archie's school, where he and Veronica squared off against Jughead, Betty, Reggie and Josie. Afterward, Mary and Fred exchanged words in the hallway with Hiram and Hermione as Archie and Veronica played peacemakers. All of Riverdale was buzzing about Fred's decision to run against Hermione for Mayor. When Mary recalled they were still waiting for Hiram to sign the papers to release Fred from his contract to Lodge Industries, Hermione countered that they were still waiting for Fred and Mary to sign the NDA that they had sent over.

Later that week, much to Mary and Fred's disappointment, Archie did not join them on stage as promised for Fred's announcement address. Nonetheless, Fred was glad that Mary was by his side. And so he went on to make the official announcement with her at his side.[6]


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