How would we explain why we were together at Sweetwater River at 6:00 A.M. on the Fourth of July? And you're right. We didn't say anything. We're both going to have to live with that choice. Do you understand? I think you should pursue your music, but not with me.
— Ms. Grundy to Archie[src]

Geraldine Grundy, also known as Ms. Grundy (real name Jennifer Gibson; born July 30th, 1982), is a recurring character on Riverdale. She is portrayed by Sarah Habel.

Geraldine was a music teacher at Riverdale High School who began an affair with an underage student, Archie Andrews. After she was exposed for committing statutory rape, Geraldine quit her job and left town.

Early LifeEdit

Geraldine Grundy was a music teacher at Riverdale High School, she doesn't only teach music, but she's quite skilled in her own right. At some point during her life, she learned to play the cello. During the summer of 2017, she had a romantic relationship with one of her students, Archie Andrews, and both embarked on a secret relationship. On July 4th, Geraldine and Archie both hear a gun fire go off at Sweetwater River at the time of Jason Blossom's disappearance.

Before moving to Riverdale, Geraldine was in an abusive marriage, with an aggressive husband who would come home drunk every night. One night, he came home so drunk and angry that she ended up in the ER with broken ribs and a shattered collar bone. The next day, he had no memory of the incident, and he promised it wouldn't happen again, but it did, so she left him, got a divorce, changed her name, then moved to Riverdale. It should be noted that the real Geraldine Grundy was an elderly woman who passed away in 2010. It wasn't until six years later that her name was assumed by Jennifer Gibson, who was fleeing from her abusive ex-husband at the time,

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Geraldine Grundy and Archie having sex in the car

Geraldine and Archie having sex in her car

During the assembly being held by Cheryl Blossom, Geraldine looked back at Archie Andrews as he sat in the crowd, remembering their time spent together during the summer, in which they had a lengthy romantic relationship. Archie later approached Geraldine, asking for her help in making his music. She is hesitant, but eventually agreed to assist him. Later that day, it is revealed that both heard a gun shot on the 4th of July during Jason Blossom's disappearance-turned-murder investigation. However, she refuses to tell the police as it would expose her scandalous affair with one of her students. [1]

Geraldine is paid a surprise, late night visit by Archie, whose conscience is eating away at him. They both heard the gunshot on July 4th, at Sweetwater River. Geraldine assured Archie that they don't know anymore than the police, which is that a gun was fired, and Jason is dead, they don't know by whom though. Archie believed telling them would be of help, as that's something the police aren't aware of, however, Geraldine is not up for negotiating. She reminded him that both of their lives could be ruined if people find out about them. Matters only get worse, as Archie is questioned by Mr. Weatherbee, he didn't say anything about being with Miss Grundy, but if what they have isn't real, then he doesn't know what he's protecting. Geraldine insisted that their relationship is real, so much so that she's putting herself in Archie's hands. [2]

Geraldine and Archie arranged another one of their meetings, they discussed why Archie would tell the authorities about the gunshot, he did so hoping that it would help Cheryl, as they were going to interogate her. However, by helping Cheryl, he put himself and Geraldine at risk. Archie attempted to down play the situation but it is far more serious than he's aware. Geraldine explained that Sheriff Keller could go digging even further, that would lead to the exposure of their relationship. Realizing that she's inching closer to being found out, Geraldine decided it was best to suspend their lessons for the time being. She would then attend the Taste of Riverdale, there she ran into Fred Andrews, Archie father. Fred told her how often Archie spoke highly of her. He then explained that he wanted to be supportive, but he first needed to know if Archie has the talent to match his passion, Geraldine assured him that the talent is there, unquestionably. [3]

Season 1 Episode 4 The Last Picture Show Ms. Grundy playing cello

Geraldine at Cello perfomance

Archie and Fred Andrews sat in on Geraldine's graceful cello performance. Afterwards, they congratulated her on the beautiful performance, even gifting her with flowers. She thanked them both for coming. In a show of gratitude, for all she's done for Archie, Fred offered to take her out to dinner, the three of them ended up at the diner. The next day at school, Ms. Grundy agreed to be interviewed by Betty Cooper, as The Blue and Gold was doing a series of articles, spotlighting the teaching staff. Betty asked her a number of questions, everything from the previous schools she worked at, to her independent study with Archie, and whether or not she had ever done that before.

Grundy revealed that she had done that with two other students, one of which being Jason Blossom. Afterwards, Geraldine and Archie spent the night watching old movies and talking, Archie wanted to know more about her. Teaching wasn't always Geraldine's passion, it was performing, following her graduation, Geraldine auditioned at all the major symphonies, however, she never made the cut, and that was the end of that dream. Archie questioned if what they had was a dream, to which she replied, if it was, it's a good dream, then the two of them began to kiss. Archie returned to her home the next day, with one question in mind, if her real name was Jennifer Gibson, Geraldine admitted this to be true.

She was in an abusive marriage, her aggressive husband would come home drunk, every night. One night, she ended up in the ER with broken ribs and a shattered collar bone. He promised it wouldn't happen again, but it did, so she left him, got a divorce, changed her name, then moved to Riverdale. Later that night, she received a surprise visit from Archie at the school, he gave her a brand new and expensive cello bow, she believed it to be a goodbye gift, as Archie wanted to end their lessons, but he said it's a don't forget me gift. The two of them are interrupted as Alice Cooper, Fred Andrews and Betty barged into the music room.

Season 1 Episode 4 The Last Picture Show Geraldine Grundy looking at boys

Geraldine leaving town

They confronted Geraldine over her secret relationship, Alice insisted that they let the law take over, but Archie pleaded with them to come up with another solution. Alice refused to budge. In an effort to protect Archie, Betty claimed she would tell everyone in town that she broke into Grundy's car, stole from her, and made up the entire story. Doing this would only further perpetuate the negative belief that crazy runs in the Cooper family. In the end, they settled on Geraldine not only quitting her job at Riverdale high school, but leaving town as well. With her belongings packed, Geraldine walked towards her car, prepared to leave, but first stops to stare at two teen boys, hawking at them over her shades. [4]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Geraldine is a very attractive young woman with a slim figure, pale skin, highlighted brown hair and vibrant green eyes. She wears glasses and her attire consist of skirts and blouses. The typical clothing choice you'd see with most teachers. She has full lips which would surely make her very desirable.


There is a shyness to Grundy, hesitation in her body movements and a softness in her voice. She often avoids eye contact as well. When she is conversing with someone, she tends to look down to the ground. Geraldine also has this very mysterious aura around her, a lot of secrets.


Archie Andrews Edit

Main article: Archie and Geraldine
Season 1 Episode 4 The Last Picture Show Archie Grundy 3

Archie and Geraldine's relationship began the summer leading up to Archie's sophomore year. As Archie was working at Andrews Construction, he encountered Geraldine cruising by in her car. They engaged in an illicit affair. However, after Jason's death, they ended their relationship. As school began, Archie, consumed by guilt, began questioning if their relationship was real enough that he would lie to the Principal Weatherbee about Grundy and Archie being in the Sweetwater River that fateful morning. Grundy insisted that it was as real as ever, and that if he told the principal that they were there that morning, their illegal relationship would be revealed and that would lead to even bigger problems. Archie decided to tell principal he heard the gunshot that morning, leaving the detail of Grundy's presence with him that morning. However, matters got worse when Betty and Veronica found out that Geraldine Grundy wasn't who she said she was. Her real name was actually Jennifer Gibson. Archie confronted Grundy, to which she claimed that she was in an abusive relationship. She left him, got a divorce, changed her name, then moved to Riverdale. Archie decided that they should break up since it would be better for the both of them. He surprised her with a good-bye gift, however, their encounter didn't last long, since Alice and Fred came storming in, Betty trailing behind, after finding out about their affair and confronted them about their secret relationship. They then forced Grundy to quit her job and leave Riverdale for good, thus ending their relationship.


Season 1Edit


  • Grundy is a skilled cellist, demonstrating aforementioned abilities on several occasions.
  • Her real name is Jennifer Gibson. She stole the name Geraldine Grundy from an elderly woman who died seven years prior.
  • The birth date on her driver's license is Sarah Habel's actual birth date.



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