Here in the cafetorium, Ghoulies sit over there. Rival gang, drug dealers, street racers, rumors of cannibalism. Don't ask.
Toni to Jughead[src]

The Ghoulies are a dangerous gang of criminals, and the rival gang of the Southside Serpents. Among their activities, they deal in drugs and street race for sport.


The Ghoulies have an ongoing rivalry with the Southside Serpents, as they share the same turf at Southside High.

Throughout the Series

Season 2

The Ghoulies sat in the cafeteria of Southside High as Southside Serpent member, Toni Topaz, escorted new student and son of Serpent leader, Jughead Jones, throughout the school. She warned Jughead against fractioning off. Should the Ghoulies discover that he's a lone and vulnerable, they'd attack, though he failed to heed her warning, which was a costly mistake.

A couple days later, as Jughead left the Red and Black offices, he was attacked by the Ghoulies while attempting to exit the school.[1]

During the drag race, they were competing for the reward of Sunnyside Trailer Park and Southside High as turf.[2]



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  • The Ghoulies take their name from the "Groovie Goolies", a 1970s spin-off of "The Sabrina the Teenage Witch Show" and "The Archie Show". The series focused on a group of monsters and Toni Topaz's mention of cannibalism may be a reference to that.
  • Ghoulies is also an American horror-comedy series of films released in the 1980s and 1990s and centered on a group of small, demonic creatures that have a wide range of twisted appearances.




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