Veronica, in this business of ours, the women always walk the razor's edge. The men are the gangsters, but us, the molls, we use our wiles, our cunning, a hand on an elbow, a whisper in an ear, to manage things from behind the scenes.
— Hermione to Veronica[src]

Hermione Apollonia Lodge (née Gomez)[2] is a main character on The CW's Riverdale. She is portrayed by Marisol Nichols.

Hermione is the wife of Hiram Lodge and the mother of Veronica Lodge. She had a brief affair with Fred Andrews, but, their relationship ended when Hermione revealed that she was the buyer of the SoDale project.

During her husband's incarceration, Hermione and their daughter were forced to leave New York and move back to her hometown Riverdale. She is also trying to turn Lodge Industries, their family business, into a legitimate company. She is the current Mayor of Riverdale.

Character Description

Hermione has now returned to Riverdale, eager to start afresh with her daughter following the scandalous incarceration of her husband.[3]

Early Life

Hermione grew up in Riverdale, and during that time, she would go on to date Fred Andrews. Throughout her high school years, Hermione worked at local businesses such as the Bijou and Spiffany's.[1] During her youth, some would have described Hermione as a mean girl. She even believes her current misfortune was karma finally catching up to her. After she broke up with Fred, she married Hiram Lodge and the two moved to New York City. Together they had a daughter, Veronica. After Hiram was arrested for fraud and embezzlement, Hermione and Veronica left New York City and moved back to Riverdale. After the scandal, the only remaining property that was not seized because it was in Hermione's name was the luxurious apartment building, the Pembrooke, where she currently resides with her daughter.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Return to Riverdale

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Hermione and Veronica at Pembrooke

Hermione and Veronica arriving in Riverdale

Hermione and her daughter, Veronica, pulled up to the Pembrooke, their new place of residence. She informed her daughter that while it may be small, the apartment is of top quality. Not to mention that it's the only piece of property in her name, and not her husband's. She was welcomed by Smithers, as they entered the building. Having been craving one of Pop Tate's cheeseburgers since noon, she and Veronica headed to the shoppe soon after.

Her next move was to seek out employment, starting with Fred Andrews at Andrews Construction. She noticed on his website that he was in need of a seasonal hire. They briefly discussed their complicated past, in which she left him for the rich kid. Fred explained that If it was up to him, he would hire Hermione, however, it isn't that simple, he can't have the wife of Hiram Lodge, who is currently on trial for fraud and embezzlement, balancing his books. Hermione returned home to find a bag of money, awaiting her.

The following morning, she and Veronica stood at the shore of Sweetwater River as the local authorities brought to shore the body of Jason Blossom.[4]

Season 1 Episode 2 A Touch of Evil Hermione talking to Archie

Hermione talking to Archie

In spite of her forced smile, Hermione was unquestionably miserable at her new place of employment, Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Although, her first week is going better than Veronica's. They're surviving by their wits because that's what the Lodge women do. She couldn't even imagine what Hiram would say if he saw them in their current state, which for Hermione, was more of a Joan Crawford/Mildred Pierce look. As a red-headed boy entered the diner, who she referred to as a heart-breaker, Hermione quickly caught on to the awkward exchange going on between him and her daughter. It wasn't long before she discovered that he was Fred Andrews' son, Archie. Hoping it would force them to get past their issues, Hermione volunteered Archie to walk Veronica home.[5]

Before she left for work, Hermione asked Veronica how her date with Chuck Clayton went, unfortunately, it didn't go well. That night, she worked catering for the Taste of Riverdale. Once there, she had brief run-ins with a couple familiar faces, the first being Fred Andrews. It wasn't long before she met face-to-face with her former rival, Alice Cooper. From her, Hermione learned that Veronica was being slut-shamed at school. After discovering what Veronica and Betty had resorted to in order to expose Chuck Clayton and the football team, Hermione managed to negotiate a lesser punishment for the two avenging angels.[6]

Dealing with the Serpents

Season 1 Episode 4 The Last Picture Show Hermione vs FP

Hermione and FP behind a dumpster

A brief tiff took place between Hermione and Cheryl Blossom, as she worked the night shift at the diner. Cheryl wanted to make sure that all her money went into the register, since the Lodges are known for having sticky fingers. In response to Cheryl's nasty attitude, Hermione informed her that she went to school with Cheryl's mother, and that she didn't know the difference between having money, and having class either. Right outside the diner, behind a dumpster, Hermione engaged in a heated argument with the leader of the Southside Serpents. She would later come to find out that her clandestine meeting, wasn't so clandestine after all, as Veronica confronted her on the topic, she reminded Veronica that she grew up in Riverdale, Southside serpents may be dangerous thugs, but she attended high school with some of them.

Season 1 Episode 4 The Last Picture Show Hermione with bag of money

Hermione's transaction with Mayor McCoy

After Hermione secretly donated a large sum of money to Mayor McCoy's re-election campaign, in exchange for Lodge Industries getting the Twilight Drive-In, she and Fred attended the drive-in together, they recalled senior year at the drive-in, where they shared a kiss, briefest of flings, Hermione said. In an ally, behind the drive-in, Hermione handed FP Jones, a brown bag filled with money, he claimed the money was short, and that he'd have to pay Hiram a visit, but as long as he's in jail, the serpents will have to deal with her.

She is confronted by Veronica immediately following her return home, who had witnessed the transaction that took place at the drive-in. Hermione explained that she was handling business for Hiram, who had hired the serpents to decrease the value of the drive-ins land, so that they could purchase it at a cheaper price. Hiram was a businessman, he saw an opportunity, and he took it. Old Riverdale was dying out anyway, they were just helping it along. The only way for the Lodges to regain their wealth, is through business opportunities such as the drive-in.[7]

As Hermione worked her shift at the diner, Fred arrived to pick up his order. Before leaving, he asked her out on a date, to which Hermione replied, they're both married, and that the outing at the Twilight Drive-In the previous night, was not a date.

Season 1 Episode 5 Heart of Darkness Hermione and Penelope

Hermione attends Jason Blossom's memorial

With the shoppe empty, Hermione began to clean, it wasn't until she heard a noise that she made her way to the front. Inside a box laying on the ground, was a dangerous rattlesnake, she jumped back and screamed, then calling Fred for assistance in disposing of it. Fred would always be there for her, but he wondered why she wouldn't call the police or animal control, to which Hermione explained that she couldn't do that because she didn't trust the police, or half the people in Riverdale for that matter, only Fred. The snake was a message to her, from the Southside Serpents, Hiram owes them money. She then thanked Fred but insisted that she couldn't tell him anything else as she doesn't want to get him any more involved than he already is.

In spite of her feelings towards Penelope Blossom, Hermione attended the memorial of Jason Blossom to pay her respect, however, Penelope took it as an opportunity for Hermione to gloat. She ran into Fred at the memorial, and after the incident that took place at the shoppe last night, he decided to finally give Hermione that Job as his book keeper.

Later, at the Pembrooke, Hermione explained to Veronica the antagonistic relationship between their family and the Blossoms, but she still felt bad for them due to the loss of their son, she then proceeded to tell Veronica about the incident from the prior night with the Serpents.[8]

Love Affair with Fred

Season 1 Episode 6 Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill! Hermione and Fred kissing

Hermione and Fred kissing

During Hermione's first day on the job as the bookkeeper for Andrews Construction, she made an unsettling discovery, Fred only had enough money in the bank to pay his guys for two more weeks. Fred would be putting his business at risk if he didn't fire some people, but he explained that he was waiting to hear about the bid for the new development, in which the construction for could put him back in the black. However, he didn't know who the buyer was, but since Mayor McCoy was handling all the arrangements for the buyer, Fred figured he'd present her with the bid, and he'd like for Hermione to be his co-host, to which she agreed, Hermione also offered to have the dinner at her place, since it's nicer. She then playfully touched Fred's chest, which quickly escalated to kissing, unbeknownst to either of them that Veronica was watching.

Interrogation ensued immediately following her arrival home. Veronica asked if she'd be getting a divorce from Hiram after the kiss with Fred. She was sorry that Veronica had to witness that, she also had no idea what would happen once Hiram returned, it just happened, and she doesn't know what she can do to help Veronica through it.

As planned, she held the dinner party at her home, from Mayor McCoy, she learned that the buyer was already in the process of accepting another bid, it would take the signature of two shareholders to stop the process.

Season 1 Episode 6 Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill! Hermione and Fred hug

Hermione and Fred hugging

The next day, she approached Veronica with the motion to award Fred the construction contract, Veronica refuses to sign, just as Hermione refused to stop seeing him, but Veronica's refusal was no difficult task to overcome, Hermione forged her signature. Hermione and Fred went on to attend the 75th annual Variety Show together, they applauded as Veronica took the stage with Josie and the Pussycats, then as Archie took the stage. Afterwards, Hermione congratulated Fred on winning the contract for the new development, although, Veronica was not too happy to hear that.[9]

After forging Veronica's signature for the new development contract, Hermione would come to learn that this treacherous act would not go unpunished. Veronica retaliated like only a Lodge woman would, she began with purchasing a number of expensive items, which they could not afford, the money that they did have was barely enough to cover their living expenses.

Another encounter with FP Jones, the leader of the Southside Serpents, led Hermione to wonder if he was there, at Andrews Construction to shake her down for the supposed money she still owed him. However, FP explained that he had already been compensated by Hiram.

Season 1 Episode 7 In a Lonely Place Hermione Veronica 1

Veronica and Hermione negotiating

That night, she told Veronica that she would not be going out clubbing due to the fact that it was a school night, but Veronica essentially had a get out of jail free pass, so Hermione submitted. Veronica wanted her mother to tell the truth about forging her signature. Hermione admitted that what she did was wrong and that she'd tell Hiram, but this did not prevent Veronica from leaving. She awaited her daughter's return so that the two of them could negotiate their terms. She has feelings for Fred Andrews, but she can't say what it means yet, as she doesn't know. As for Hiram, he made his own decisions, which distanced him from Hermione, now she has to make own decisions about moving forward with her life, she asked Veronica to accept her affair until they get more information. In return, Veronica demanded that whatever was happening between her and Fred couldn't happen at the Pembrooke, and that she'd have to tell Hiram about forging her signature. Hermione agreed to both as long as the online shopping came to an end. With that, the negotiation had come to a closing, and both sides were happy with the arrangement.

As promised, with Veronica at her side, Hermione told Hiram the truth about the contract with Andrews construction, and how she forged her daughter's signature. From Veronica, she learned that Polly Cooper was on the run, and needed a place to live, so Hermione provided her with a room, telling Polly she could stay for as long as she needed to.[10]

Hermione, Veronica and Betty sat in with Polly as she gave her statement to Sheriff Keller of the events leading up to Jason Blossom's death.

The following morning, she and Fred suffered a major setback as his crew quit on the day of the SoDale project due to an offer from Cliff Blossom that they couldn't refuse.

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Hermione Veronica

Hermione warning Veronica against the baby shower

At breakfast the next morning, Betty and Veronica proposed that they throw Polly a baby shower, which Hermione was all for until she realized that Polly wanted her family and the Blossom family to attend. When this potentially catastrophic event presented itself, Hermione pulled Veronica to the side to inform her of just how deep the rivalry between the Coopers and the Blossoms go, it would be an inevitable bloodbath, Not to mention Hermione had been trying to avoid the Blossoms because they didn't know that Hiram was the anonymous buyer of the new development, and if they found out, it would be open war. Hermione explained that the Blossoms had made a play for the land, hoping to stop construction, and while she and Fred had been attempting to keep it on track, he was still unaware that Hiram was the buyer. The timing of the baby shower was less than ideal, plus Hermione found it hard to believe that Alice Cooper would even attend the shower, which is why Veronica wanted her mom to have a mother-to-mother talk with Alice.

Fred returned to the trailer after confronting Clifford to reveal what Hermione had already secretly known, that the Blossoms were in a grudge match with the mysterious buyer, and that they were caught in the crosshairs. While they were still without money or crew, Hermione and Fred received an unexpected surprise in the form of Archie, Jughead, Kevin, and Moose, all of whom had volunteered to assist them in staying on schedule for the SoDale project until they could hire a new crew. Fred was initially hesitant, but she reminded him that desperate times called for desperate measures.

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Alice Hermione (1)

Hermione and Alice at Pop's shoppe

Per Hermione's earlier conversation with Veronica, she deiced to meet up with Alice at Pop's shoppe, which Alice mistook as a chance at bragging rights after Hermione took in Polly. However, Hermione only sought to help, starting with telling Alice that it was time to face facts, and Polly wouldn't be the first young mother to raise a child, they both did it. Hermione urged Alice to be there for Polly at the shower, otherwise, she'd regret it for the rest of her life.

One night later, Hermione and Veronica hosted the baby shower as planned, greeting each person as they entered the Pembrooke, luckily, the night never got too far out of hand, and they ended the event without anyone getting hurt. On the SoDale project site the subsequent morning, Hermione had put in calls to Greendale and Centerville for construction crews, but in the meantime, they'd have to settle for several members of the Southside Serpents, led by FP.

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Hermione and Fred

Hermione and Fred on the SoDale site

As Fred went to get the Serpents settled, Hermione was informed by FP that the two thugs that attacked Moose and the Andrews Construction equipment weren't local, they were from Montreal. Both Hermione and FP realized that they had to have been affiliated with Hiram, as he had business in Montreal. He caught wind of Hermione's affair with Fred and sent his men as a warning, but FP wondered who ratted her out.[11]

Hiram's Hearing

Lawyers would be coming that week to take Hermione and Veronica's statement for Hiram's hearing since they both were going to have to testify on his behalf. Veronica wondered what she was to say if asked about her father's embezzlement charges, in which Hermione explained that they would have to stretch the truth. Between Hiram finding out about Hermione's secret love affair with Fred and the Blossoms still fighting for the land development, Hermione was under a lot of stress and pressure, not to mention that fact that Fred was still unaware that Hiram was the anonymous buyer. Veronica suggested that she tell Fred the truth before someone else did, even if it meant risking the SoDale project.

Season 1 Episode 9 La Grande Illusion Ethel, Veronica, Hermione, Betty and Kevin

Hermione having lunch with Veronica, Betty, Kevin, and Ethel

The next day, Hermione had lunch with Veronica, Betty, Kevin and her latest friend, Ethel, who Hermione learned that her last name was Muggs. Privately, Hermione informed Veronica that Ethel's father invested with Hiram, meaning their family was responsible for the recent troubles that Ethel's family was facing, as they were losing their home and their savings. Ethel's family would be testifying against Hiram, which Veronica agreed that they should, as her father had ruined so many lives, however, that was merely the downside of investing with Hiram, Hermione explained. Veronica then asked if Fred could lose everything in doing business with her and Hiram, which she was not sure of.

Shortly after her conversation with Veronica, Hermione had finally decided to tell Fred the truth, that she and Hiram were the anonymous buyers, a revelation that Fred did not take well. Fred exploded as she attempted to explain her reasons for deceiving him; had she told him the truth, he never would have gotten involved, which Fred agreed with as he does not do business with criminals. Hermione was attempting to turn Lodge Industries legitimate, but she could only do that by partnering with businesses like Andrews Construction. Hermione confessed that while that was the reason for Cliff Blossom stealing his crew, it was Hiram that sent the two attackers, having found out about their affair. She understood that Fred was angry, but she pleaded with him to stay on the project because she would not be able to start over if Fred abandoned it. However, he was so frustrated that he exited the trailer before answering.

The following night, Veronica returned home in tears, she was at the hospital with Ethel's father after he attempted to kill himself because of Hiram's actions, so Veronica was done lying for him.

Season 1 Episode 9 La Grande Illusion Hermione smiling

Hermione happy with Fred's choice to stay on the project

The next day, Hermione announced that she had decided to sell the SoDale project to Cliff before it got any worse but Fred was against this as he announced that he would stay on the project under a few conditions. Fred informed her that everything they would do from that point forward would be legit, and that his stake was 20%, a percentage that he was not willing to negotiate on. Fred was tired of people like the Lodges using his family as pawns. Finally, Fred ended their romantic relationship, they would be nothing more than business partners after that.[12]

Before Veronica headed off to school that morning, Hermione approached her, and introduced her to Paul Sowerberry, Hiram's attorney. He was there to prepare them for their statements and assist in Hiram's court hearing, however, Veronica still refused to testify on the account that her father had done terrible things. Paul's only request was that Hermione and Veronica speak to Hiram's character, in an effort to humanize him, which could possibly mean a lesser sentence. If Veronica refused to make a statement, that would be both problematic and damaging, something that Hermoine had already informed her of. Unfortunately, Hiram made his bed, now he had to sleep in it, Veronica said.

Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend Hermione learns the truth

Hermione learning about the records between the Blossoms and Lodge Industries

Later that day, Hermione learned from Veronica that Archie had previously overheard Cliff Blossom boasting over getting Hiram arrested. Hoping to learn more, Veronica uncovered her father's files from the basement, which revealed substantial monthly payments, over a course of 75 years, from Blossom Maple Farms to Lodge Industries, until five months ago when Hiram was arrested. They speculated that Cliff could have possibly implicated Hiram in order to get out of paying the monthly fee. However, Hermione refused to go to Hiram's lawyers with this information. If Clifford Blossom was at the center of this, people might begin to think that Hiram was responsible for Jason Blossom's Death, and she didn't need things getting any worse by bringing up questions that no one else was asking.

She then insisted that Veronica leave the Blossoms out of this discovery, Cheryl included. The next morning, at The Law Offices of Paul Sowerberry. Esq, Hermione was pleasantly surprised by Veronica's sudden change of heart to testify on Hiram's behalf.[13]

Hiram's Release

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Hermione vs Veronica

Hermione vs Veronica

After getting off the phone with Paul Sowerberry, Hiram's attorney, Hermione informed Veronica of the great news that their statements on Hiram's behalf made a huge difference. The judge was even inclined to give him a break, amounting in time served or just a few more months. Veronica wondered what would happen once he was released, and what would come of the crimes he had committed, including, possibly, the murder of Jason Blossom. Hermione was extremely frustrated at what she perceived to be a highly improbable theory. Hermione reminded Veronica that she needed to be supporting her father instead of demonizing him for incidents that she has no evidence to support.

Later that day, while at work in the trailer, Hermione had an unexpected reunion with Mary Andrews, who she had no idea was back in town. Mary recalled Fred mentioning something about Hermione working for him, he admired her chutzpah, which was a very Fred-like thing to say. However, it was a sentiment that Mary agreed with as she had been following the news around Hermione and her family. Hermione believed that to be karmic payback for her being such a mean girl in high school. Looking to catch up after such a long time, Mary invited Hermione to the Homecoming with her and Fred.

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale and Back Again Hermione, Fred, and Mary

Hermione, Fred, and Mary at Homecoming

The following night, she attended the dance with Fred and Mary, commenting that while it wasn't the Met Ball, she was still grateful to be there. After a wonderful performance on stage by Archie and Veronica, in which they sung "Kids in America", Hermione longingly watch from her seat as Fred and Mary took the dance floor.

After news got out that FP was arrested for the murder of Jason Blossom, Hermione and Veronica returned home, and discussed what their next course of action would be. If FP confessed, he might drag them into it because of their dealings with the Southside Serpents. If Hiram did hire them to kill Jason, Hermione promised Veronica that they would cut all ties to him, he would be dead to them.[14]

That same night, following the Homecoming dance, Hermione made her way to Fred's house, where she was surprised to learn that Veronica and Archie had broken into FP's trailer. They rummaged through his home looking to find any evidence that would indicate his or Hiram's involvement in the murder of Jason Blossom. While they did not uncover any evidence, they insist that the gun Sheriff Keller found in FP's trailer wasn't there initially, and that he was being framed. Hermione wondered if they could've simply missed it. She then reiterated that a gun was found, FP was the killer, and that the case was closed.

Season 1 Episode 12 Anatomy of a Murder Hermione 'time to pack'

Hermione looking for passports

Once home, Hermione began looking for her and Veronica's passports because there was no telling what FP was saying about them to the authorities. Regardless of the fact that she wasn't entirely sure if Hiram was involved in Jason's murder, they were known associates of the man currently being accused of killing Jason. They needed to be ready to run if the time called for it. Veronica noted that it would make them look guilty, which they were because Hermione bribed Mayor McCoy for the Twilight Drive-In land, forged Veronica's signature, and paid off the Southside Serpents. If this became public knowledge, things would get nasty, so she needed Ronnie to pack a bag just in case.

The next day, she was called down to the City Centre Motor Hotel after Archie and Veronica uncovered the body of a Serpent known as Mustang. They went down there hoping that Mustang would have some information about FP, but Hermione demanded that Veronica stop her search. Then came a deputy holding a duffel bag labeled "H. L.", that was filled with a large amount of money, which was found under Mustang's bed. Sheriff Keller assumed the bag belonged to Hermione, but Veronica corrected him, saying that it belongs to her father of the same initials, and that he was doing business with the Serpents. This is all they would say without an attorney present. Hermione broke down, and collapsed, sobbing hysterically as Veronica held her close after the two made it home.

Later that night, Veronica apologized for ever thinking Hiram was responsible for the death of Jason Blossom as the true killer had been revealed to be Clifford Blossom. Everyone makes mistakes, Hermione said, but she had good news, Hiram would be coming home very soon.[15]

Season 1 Episode 13 The Sweet Hereafter Hermione in the window

Hermione preparing for Hiram's return home

At the Pembrooke, Hermione informed Smithers that Hiram wouldn't be home until the end of the month but everything had to be perfect. Veronica commented that they didn't want to make Hiram angry, in response she reminded Veronica that Hiram was her father not The Godfather.

She and Fred later had a dispute over the manner in which their crew was handled (i.e. Hermione firing the Southside Serpent crew members that were working the SoDale project). After talking it over with Hiram, the two of them decided that it would be best if they bought Fred out of the project that he was never supposed to be a part of to begin with. Fred told her to make him an offer in writing that he would consider.

The next day, as Veronica returned home from school, Hermione inquired about her daughter's relationship with Archie, in which she admitted that they may have been getting closer. Hermione explained that Fred was still on the fence about an offer that she had made to buy him out of the project, so she was hoping that Veronica could talk to Archie, who would then convince Fred to sell. Veronica sarcastically remarked that she'd sexually manipulate Archie into doing her bidding, which Hermione responded to by saying as long as she was in control. Veronica wondered why she was so persistent in pushing Fred out the deal when he was the only one in town who was loyal to her. Hiram and Fred didn't get along, and with Hiram coming home, it would be better for everyone if they weren't around each other.

Season 1 Episode 13 The Sweet Hereafter Hermione at Jubilee

Hermione at the Jubilee

The following night, before leaving for the 75th Anniversary Jubilee, Hermione noticed Cheryl Blossom by her fireplace, soaking wet and wrapped in a towel. Veronica explained that she got in an accident and needed help. After the Jubilee, where Archie performed alongside the Pussycats and Betty gave a powerful and inspiring speech, Hermione caught up to Fred in the hall to see if he had given her offer any further consideration, which he had, but unfortunately for Hermione, Fred had chosen not to sell. He didn't believe that selling was in Hermione or the town's best interest, so Fred reminded her of Betty's speech in which she stated that Riverdale was at a crossroads.[16]

Season 2

A Guilty Conscious?


Hermione the morning after the Jubilee

The morning after the Jubilee, Hermione confronted Veronica over her drinking of the Cristal that she purchased specifically for Hiram. Veronica's phone then began to ring, which led Hermione on route to address the fact that Archie slept over. However, the lecture was put on hold after learning that Fred was shot by a black hood wearing assailant during a supposed robbery at Pop's. In light of this tragic incident, Hermione and Veronica rushed down to Riverdale General Hospital, where they are met by Jughead and the Coopers. They entered the lobby to find Archie covered in his father's blood, pacing back and forth. With the kids offering comfort to Archie, Hermione, Alice, and Hal checked in with the nurses' station for updates.

After learning that Fred would be in surgery for a while, Hermione asked Archie if he had contacted his mother to inform her about the shooting, which he hadn't. As he headed out in the hall to do as Hermione had asked, Alice and Jughead began to argue over the Southside Serpents' potential involvement in the shooting.

Once Archie returned from questioning with Sheriff Keller about the shooting, Fred's doctor entered the lobby to inform them that while the bullet had successfully been removed from Fred, and that the internal bleeding had stopped, he still wasn't capable breathing on his own, which was worthy of concern. Archie then asked to see his father, which would be arranged once they found him a room, though this could take up to two hours. Until then, they advised Archie to go home and get cleaned up.


Hermione and Veronica praying for Fred

With Fred's life hanging in the balance, Hermione headed to the Chapel to pray in his name. However, she was interrupted by Veronica, who questioned if she was praying for Fred's speedy recovery or a quick death. Veronica explained Jughead's theory about the shooting, and how it may have been a hit, which left Veronica wondering who would be evil enough to commit such a heinous act. Veronica then remembered how Hermione wanted Fred to sell his share of the company back because he and Hiram wouldn't get along. Hermione initially assumed that the target of Veronica's accusations was Hiram, but in actuality, Veronica directed them towards her. Veronica no longer saw her as an innocent pawn. She believed Hermione to be Hiram's eyes and ears on the ground, calling the shots while he's in prison. Hermione rose to her feet as she informed Veronica that her disrespect would no longer be tolerated. She offered her daughter a word of advice; to get back in line with the family because she's a Lodge above all else. She should slap Veronica for what she's insinuating, but Hermione claimed that she's not a violent person.

Hermione briefly appeared in Fred's dream-like hallucination of Archie and Veronica's Scottish themed wedding. She sat alongside Josie and Kevin while Veronica walked down the aisle in her wedding dress. Meanwhile, in reality, Hermione and Hiram, who had just been released from prison, awaited Veronica's return home. She wasted little time informing Hiram that Veronica drank his Cristal. After giving Hiram on kiss on the cheek, Veronica informed them that Fred was awake and recovering.[17]


Hermione and Hiram vs Veronica

As Hermione and Hiram sat at the dinner table, Veronica entered the room, accusing her father of buying Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe the same way he bought the Twilight Drive-In, anonymously. Hiram denied that accusation and insisted that Veronica should sit down so that they could talk civilly. Veronica decided to talk about Fred and the shooting at the diner. Veronica recalled that he was shot the day after he rejected Hermione's offer to sell his portion of the SoDale project, leaving Veronica to wonder if Hiram was responsible. Having had enough of Veronica's accusations, both towards her as well as Hiram, Hermione insisted that Veronica stop. An unconvinced Veronica told her parents that she was Hiram's fiercest protector, which Hermione could vouch for. Whenever someone called him the devil, she always came to his defense. However, she saw him in a new light after he sent Veronica a letter, which unbeknownst to Hermione, was a threat from Hiram to expose her should Veronica fail to cooperate. Veronica then gave Hermione the letter, telling her to think about the kind of man that they are letting back into their lives. After reading the letter, however, Hermione told Veronica that she wrote the letter threatening herself in order to get Veronica to testify on Hiram's behalf, so that they could be reunited as a family once more, or so she claimed.

The following night, Hermione and Hiram attended Retro Night at Pop's in support of Veronica and her cause to keep the shoppe from closing. With the night being a new beginning for Pop's, Veronica suggested that maybe the night can be a new beginning for them as well. However, she asked for total transparency in return. In the spirit of that, Hiram proposed that Lodge Industries make a "charitable contribution" to the diner.


Hermione and Hiram at Pop's

After a show of appreciation from Pop Tate, in which he thanked the Lodges for their generous contribution, Hermione remarked that she didn't know they were in the charity business. Hiram, however, revealed that, as of five minutes ago, he had secretly bought the diner from Pop. In exchange for his silence, Hiram told Pop that he can stay on as manager. It was nice to have Hiram back, Hermione stated. He then thanked her for having lied to Veronica about writing that letter that he really did write, knowing that Veronica never would've forgiven him had she learned that he threatened her. Hiram complimented Hermione on her loyalty, which he has concluded "knows no bounds".

Hermione, Hiram, and Veronica, return to the Pembrooke, where they are greeted at the door by their new doorman, Andre, who had replaced Smithers due to his mother falling ill over seas.[18]

As Hermione neared Hiram's study with his morning coffee, she was approached by Veronica, who offered to take the coffee in herself as she had something that she wished to discuss with him. However, Hermione declined her offer, stating that she and Hiram had issues of their own to discuss, not to mention that Veronica wasn't allowed in her father's study. Veronica replied that those were the old rules — but rules which still applied, Hermione retorted. Hiram then joined them in the main room, during which time Veronica asked if her friends could come over for the season premiere of the Matchlerette.


Hiram and Hermione greeting Veronica's friends before dinner

On their way to dinner at the club later that night, Hermione and Hiram passed through the living room to greet Veronica's friends. However, they couldn't help but overhear the discussion the teens were having, where they showed great frustration with Sheriff Keller and his inability to catch the killer. Being a man that has had his fair share of run-ins with the law, Hiram offered them a word of advice; he could say with confidence that the police aren't always the solution. Sometimes they needed to stand up and protect themselves. On that note, Hermione decided to cut Hiram's speech short, telling him that if they didn't leave in that moment, that they would lose their seats. Then, before heading out the door, Hiram unexpectedly invited Archie over for dinner later in the week as he looked forward to seeing what he came up with to saving Riverdale.

The following morning, Hermione advised Veronica against pursuing the dinner with Archie. While it may not have been Veronica who extended the invitation, Hiram's actions stemmed from his desire to please her. Veronica, on the other hand, simply wanted her father's approval. She hoped for everything to change overnight, and for him to be friends with her friend. While one day her friends will be in a great place with her father, it was a working process, not something to be rushed.


Hermione warning Veornica

Hermione joined Veronica in the dining room as she cleaned the silverware in preparation for her upcoming dinner with Archie. She warned her daughter that she was playing with fire, and that she should be more cautious when doing so. While Veronica's agenda may have consisted of the family getting to know Archie over a civilized dinner, Hermione wasn't too convinced that this was Hiram's agenda. However, from Veronica's perspective, Hermione was the only one failing to put forth an effort. What do you think daddy is going to do to Archie, Veronica asked. She was tired of the veiled threats, telling Hermione to admit that Hiram was dangerous or to otherwise drop it as they were to never have the conversation again. Hermione, unfortunately, stood there quietly as Veronica reminded her that she was responsible for welcoming Hiram back into their lives.

While getting prepared for another evening out with Hiram, Hermione asked if he could zip up the back of her dress, which he does, but not without informing her that sound carries within apartment. He could hear her and Veronica in the dining room earlier that day even in his study with the door closed. Hiram told Hermione if she wanted to burn down her relationship with Veronica, that was her choice, but attempting to turn Veronica against him was unacceptable.


Hermione taunting Veronica

As planned, Archie came over for dinner, during which time he complimented Hermione on her well-prepared meal. They briefly discussed how Archie saved Ethel Muggs the prior night. Unfortunately, the individual stalking her got away. Admittedly, they needed to increase their response time. Hiram understood Archie's need to be ahead of the threat. After Hermione and Hiram exchanged looks from across the table, which went unnoticed by Archie and Veronica, Hiram asked Archie if he's ever had rum, then inviting him into the study to have a drink from the signature Lodge family label. Veronica mistook this as an invitation to join them, however, Hiram asked that she stay behind, providing him and Archie with the opportunity to talk man-to-man. Poor little princess, Hermione commented as she finished off the remaining of her drink. The king will always keep her at arm's length. She'll never be allowed in his private throne room.

The following morning, as Hermione brought Hiram his morning coffee, Veronica announced that she wanted a more active role in Lodge Industries considering that she was a shareholder. Hiram reminded Veronica that this was merely an honorary title, which is why Veronica suggested that they make it a legitimate title. She wanted to get her hands dirty and be in the room where it all happened. Much to Hermione's surprise, Hiram agreed that as a Lodge, it was Veronica's right to be more involved in the family business.[19]


Hermione interrogating Veronica

With the Black Hood's presence growing in Riverdale, Archie took it upon himself to send a message to the killer. Now, with the Red Circle's public message to the Black Hood sending the town in an uproar, Hermione and Hiram questioned Veronica on her involvement with the Circle's video, though she didn't seem to think it was as serious as they were making it out to be. Hermione explained that it was a video threatening violence, which in turn made Archie dangerous in the eyes of her and Hiram, though Hermione took her stance on the matter a step further by forbidding Veronica from seeing Archie any longer. However, Veronica had no intentions of breaking off her relationship with Archie without first getting his side of the story. Once Veronica was out the room, a grin formed on Hiram's face, leaving Hermione to wonder what he was smiling about. Hiram explained that between the Black hood, the Red Circle, and the Town Hall meeting, there was so much chaos and confusion taking place.

The next day, after Veronica returned home from school, Hermione commented on her t-shirt that was in support of the Red Circle. She asked Veronica if she would still be wearing it when Archie's arrested for reckless endangerment or something worse. Veronica didn't believe that it would ever come to this. Archie was being railroaded, she claimed. And you can say that, with absolute certainty, after watching that video, Hermione asked. She began to question the extent of Veronica's adherence, then offering her a word of advice in regards to loyalty. There was nothing more honorable and noble than it. But blind loyalty was both stupid and dangerous. Hemione prayed that this wasn't the case with Veronica and Archie.


Hermione and Hiram at the Town Hall meeting

Later that night, she and Hiram attended the Town Hall meeting, where Mayor McCoy welcomed all in attendance. While the meeting started out peaceful and civilized, it quickly escalated, turning into a shouting match between two divided sides, with one side being led by Alice, who believed the south side was responsible for everything wrong with Riverdale, and the other side being led by Fred, who believed that this was a time where they needed to unite rather than fraction off because only then would they truly be defeated. Hermione had told Hiram that Fred was going to be a problem, though Hiram wasn't quite sure of this being true. The town loved and trusted Fred. It could work in their favor. Moments later, Betty and Jughead entered through the back doors to alert everyone that the Black Hood was on his way to the Town Hall, where the cipher claimed he would strike next. Hermione and Hiram presumably evacuated the building with everyone else.[20]

Open House


Hermione reading the Register

Hermione sat on the desk in Hiram's study, reading aloud to both him and Veronica, the latest published article from the Register, which addressed the rise in crime in Riverdale, more specifically the stabbing of Northside teen, Dilton Doiley. The recent incident confirmed that the real threat wasn't the Black Hood, rather the Southside and its corruptive forces. The article, which was written by Alice, accused Hiram of wanting to profit off of Riverdale's misfortunes, instead of fixing them. To make matters worse, all this was occurring just before their open house. Hiram told Hermione that they couldn't allow anything to derail the SoDale project, that included Alice, the southside gangs (Southside Serpents and Ghoulies), and the Black Hood. Their biggest problem at the moment, was capital. They were running out of it at a fast rate, Hermione explained. Fortunately, Hiram had invited potential investors to the open house, the St. Clair's, to be exact. They were coming up from New York. Veronica was delighted to hear that her old friend, Nick St. Clair, would be coming up with them for the opening. If they could get the St. Clair's to invest, then others would surely follow. Hermione recalled Veronica wanting a seat at the table, and with Nick having his father's ear, she hoped that Veronica could help them close the deal by showing Nick all that Riverdale had to offer.

A few days later, Hermione and Hiram arrived at the opening, arm-in-arm, greeting guests as they proceeded down the aisle. If the successful turn out of the open house didn't convince the St. Clair's to invest, Hermione remarked that she didn't know what would. Moments later, they spotted Veronica, before calling her over to see how things were going with Nick. From all reports, Veronica's charm offensive was paying off. As the St. Clair's arrived, Hermione decided it was time to wrangle up Fred. She told him that the entire point of the open house was to socialize, though he figured he'd leave it to Hermione and Hiram, the professionals. However, Fred wasn't without his charms, Hermione noted. She and Hiram were glad that he was back at work, and would appreciate it if he joined them on stage. She commented that he might as well, considering he built it. However, their discussion was cut short by Alice's sudden arrival in a red snake print dress and a matching gold snake necklace.


Hermione, Hiram, and Fred at the open house

Hermione, Fred, and Hiram got on stage to make an announcement as the hosts of the event. Hiram announced that a new story began in Riverdale that night. A story about reinvention and aspiration. The building would be the first chapter of that story. Luxury apartments, shopping, and even a golf course. The Southside as they knew it would be gone, replaced with a new Eden. So, they raised their glasses to a brighter tomorrow. But for that day, they would celebrate with a little music from Josie and the Pussycats.[21]

Dealing with the St. Clairs

Hermione and Hiram set up a meeting with Penelope Blossom pertaining Cheryl's incident with Nick St. Clair at the Open house. Even though Penelope appreciated them calling her after Cheryl had told them, she still wished that they stopped her from talking to the Sheriff. She was skeptical of Cheryl's act of damsel in distress and wasn't convinced that Cheryl was completely innocent, so she concluded that Cheryl had to have provoked him somehow. However, Hermione stated that per Veronica's explanation, Cheryl was innocent in the matter. Penelope then told them that she wanted the situation to be handled discreetly. Exchanging looks with Hermione, Hiram agreed, also sure the St. Clairs felt the same way. Ending the meeting, Penelope said she'd handle the Sheriff and inform him that they wouldn't be pressing charges, because after all, nothing really happened to Cheryl.


Alice gathers everyone who attended Nick's party along with their parents

Hermione and Hiram attended the meeting that Alice decided to set to deal with what happened at Nick St. Clair's party. All the parents along with their children attended. Alice quickly judged the party as a "bacchanal", pointing out that only her Betty was smart enough not to use drugs. Hiram Lodge immediately replied to Alice's harsh insinuations about those who used Jingle Jangle, suggesting her to be careful at throwing stones by recalling her mugshot Betty recently printed on the newspaper's front page. When Hermione demanded to know who brought the Jingle Jangle to the party, Reggie Mantle confessed that he brought the drugs that he acquired from a dealer on the Southside, who he suspected of being a Southside serpent. While they admittedly shouldn't have taken the Jingle Jangle, Veronica pointed out that Nick asked for it, and later pressured them into taking it. Furthermore, he attacked Cheryl. If anyone should be under interrogation, they believed it to be him. However, as Sheriff Keller explained, prosecuting Nick would be difficult given that they were all unreliable witnesses due to the fact that they were high. When Veronica retorted that when Josie and herself witnessed the incident with Nick and Cheryl, they weren't on drugs, Sheriff explained that Jingle Jangle stayed in one's system for up to three days. Unfortunately, it had only been one day since the open house, so this would raise a credibility issue in court. Josie's mother was appalled to learn that she too had participated in taking Jingle Jangle despite knowing how her father struggled with addiction. This triggered Mayor McCoy to take harsh measures, much to Alice's complacency to see the Southside blamed for it and actions taken to prevent further crime coming to the Northside.


Hermione and Hiram being confronted by Veronica

Hermione and Hiram were playing chess in the living room, when Veronica entered, confronting her parents upon hearing from Cheryl that they were still doing business with the St. Clairs and letting them invest in the SoDale project, who paid Penelope to stay quiet about the incident. Hiram tried to retort that Cheryl's accusations were not strong enough as she didn't have any physical evidence to support her claim. Trying to corroborate Cheryl's claim, Veronica decided to confess that Nick tried to do the same to her. Upon hearing this, her parents' attitude toward the situation changed from a dismissive to a protective one, vowing to not take a single penny from them ever again.

Later, as Veronica, Hiram and Hermione sat in the living room, they received a call. Hermione picked up the phone, getting news from Andre that the St. Clair's got into a car accident; Nick would gradually recover, with time, but Xander and Simone St. Clair's status was currently unknown. "Oh, well. Karma's a bitch", Veronica said, as Hermione and Hiram continued playing chess.[22]

A Letter from the Black Hood


Hermione and Hiram talking about the Black Hood's letter

Hermione and Hiram called Sheriff Keller over to investigate after receiving a threatening letter from someone claiming to be the Black Hood. As the Sheriff was leaving, Veronica returned home. They informed her of the letter, and how it said that they would be targeted and punished for their sinful ways. Hermione and Hiram didn't express much concern given that dozens of households received the exact same letter, though Veronica was terrified by the letter considering that they were actually sinners. However, Hermione and Hiram explained that they would be fine considering that the Pembrooke was a fortress and Andre was trained in martial arts. Regarding Veronica's every day activities, such as going to school and shopping, Andre would drive her, and when he wasn't available, they'd hire a car service. After talking it over, Hermione and Hiram decided that they wouldn't mind seeing more of Archie since he was brawny and devoted to Veronica.


Hiram and Hermione learning that Archie loves Veronica

The next day, while at the breakfast table, Hiram and Hermione learned from Veronica that Archie had said that he loved her, though she didn't say it back as she felt it was too soon. It didn't matter what Archie said or didn't say, it was about whether or not Veronica was ready to here it, Hiram and Hermione stated.

A few days later, as Veronica prepared to leave for FP's retirement party, Hermione stopped by her room to check on her and to see how her relationship with Archie was progressing ever since he professed his love for her. Veronica explained that they had been working on a side project, which she realized was just an attempt by herself to avoid talking about the love that dares not speak its name. Veronica wondered why she couldn't say it back and why it had to be such a big deal. She pointed out that Hermione and Hiram never say that they love each other. It was then that Veronica realized that in her entire life, she'd never heard her parents say that they loved one another.[23]

The Family Business


Hiram and Hermione learning of Fred's medical bills

In the days leading up to Christmas, the Lodges ate dinner as a family, during which time Hermione asked about the Spiffany's bag she saw Hiram come in with earlier that day. It looked about the right size for a Glamerge egg, she added. That depends on whether she's been naughty or nice this year, Hiram replied. Hiram then assured Veronica that he had her Christmas list as well. But he asked of her to refrain from snooping as she does every year. However, Veronica wasn't in the Christmas spirit. She was frustrated and she wanted Hermione and Hiram to take a look at themselves and realize how fortunate and wasteful they were, spending money on bejeweled eggs like they were a family of Russian oligarchs while there were people in Riverdale who couldn't even afford to pay their own bills, such as Fred Andrews, who Veronica learned from Archie was drowning in medical bills to the tune of $86,000. Which is why she was hoping that Hermione and Hiram would cover his expenses. Unfortunately, the Lodge Charitable Trust had made its donations for the fiscal year. Fred would have to tighten his belt, so to speak. However, as Veronica informed Hiram, Fred was already selling Christmas trees for extra money. That's the kind of father he was, Veronica surmised. Regardless, Hiram wished to hear no more on the matter, storming off to his study.


Hiram and Hermione agreeing to tell Veronica the truth

The following night, Hermione and Hiram returned to the Pembrooke from last minute Christmas shopping after receiving a call from the bank, confirming a charge that was made from her credit card, in the amount of $86,000. They realized that it was their daughter's doing and came home to confront Veronica, who had decided that they would in fact cover Fred's medical expenses considering that they had the money to buy Pop's and then lie to her face about it. Veronica asked how it was that they could afford an entire diner. Hiram addressed the fact that she wanted a more active role in Lodge Industries, which they gave to her. In response, she broke into his office and tried to use whatever she could find as leverage against them. While Hiram admitted that it was a lot Veronica didn't know, he explained to her that this was on purpose. Veronica questioned how she could be apart of the family if they continued to hide things from her. With her name being on all of the documents in Hiram's desk, Veronica insisted that she had the right to know the truth about everything. Hermione agreed that she had the right to know the truth. However, this would also mean that the time for being "Daddy's little girl" is over. It was time for all of them to work in lockstep. Hiram agreed, telling Veronica to follow him to the study.


Hiram and Hermione making a deal with Veronica

In the study, Hermione and Hiram came clean to Veronica about everything involving their family's business. Veronica agreed to join them in running Lodge Industries, though she had one condition; she refused to do anything illegal. Which was fine considering that they were involved in any illegal activity either. When Veronica gave her a look, almost as if to say that she wasn't fooling anyone, Hermione shared with her two words to live by; plausible deniability. In regards to the charge that Veronica made towards Fred's medical bills, she wanted that to stick. While Hiram was initially against doing so as it would only further complicate matters, Hermione agreed to Veronica's demand, stating that they could smooth it over. Furthermore, they needed Fred for what would come next. Assuming that the Fred situation could be finessed, Veronica agreed to the deal with her parents.

On Christmas morning, the Lodges unwrapped their gifts, during which time, they informed Veronica that Archie had stopped by the day before to leave her a gift.[24]


Hiram and Hermione meet with Mayor McCoy.

With Christmas and the Black Hood behind them, Hermione and Hiram continued to have secret business meetings with Mayor McCoy at the Pembrooke. Hiram took her into his study as Veronica watched on. Hermione gave a wink to her, smiling. Veronica returned the gesture in kind.

Hermione and Hiram took a moment to check in on Veronica, wanting to make sure she's still on board with their "plan". Veronica assured them that she is. Hermione pressed further, indicating that once completed, she would be at ground zero, i.e. the eye of the potential hurricane. Their concern goes unwarranted but she's kept her classmates from revolting. With renewed faith, she nodded at her daughter and smiled at her husband.


Hiram and Hermione meet with Mayor McCoy in her office.

Later, at the Mayor's office, Hiram and Hermione discussed the closure of Southside High School. Sierra mused that her phone was about to start exploding with calls from outraged parents. Hermione attempted to quell Mayor McCoy's concerns, telling her that it would only be news for a couple of days then it would blow over. She referred her to how quick Riverdale had stopped talking about the Black Hood since he'd been stopped. Hiram piped up and assured her that as the town went back to normalcy, the Lodges would quietly go about purchasing the land beneath Southside High. With Mayor McCoy's assistance in closing down the school, Hermione reassured her that she'd get her commission, a sizable donation to her re-election campaign. With business completed, Sierra's phone began to light up with phone calls.


Hiram and Hermione has dinner with Archie and Veronica.

That night Hermione and Hiram invited Archie up for dinner. Veronica explained that she's established a welcoming committee to welcome the incoming Southside transfers. Archie pressed the closure of Southside being close to the SoDale project and assumed it's bad for business. Hiram corrected him, saying that drugs, gangs, and violence was in fact bad for business. Archie mentioned the St. Clairs, but Veronica told him that they were no longer investors. Hermione confirmed that they severed all ties with the family considering what had transpired between Nick and Cheryl; they didn't even call them after the accident. This news gained Archie's attention and so he asked what happened. Hiram claimed to not know what happened, that he either had a car accident driving back to Vail or on the slopes. Hermione reassured Archie that he'd recovered enough to be back at Greenwich Prep.


Hermione and Hiram speak to Veronica.

The next day, Hermione and Hiram had another talk with Veronica after a tumultuous week of Southside and Northside integration. They've learned some news from Mr. Weatherbee, relayed to them from Mayor McCoy, that integration of Southside High was not going well. She confessed that Reggie was just being Reggie, though gang ware, specifically the Serpent Jacket, had become a flashpoint. She suggested that looking the part would help quell the tension between them and proposed a charitable donation to help out the "fashionably misguided". Considering their options, Hermione and Hiram accepted her proposal.[25]


Hiram, Hermione, Fred, Sierra and Sheriff Keller discussing Pickens Day

At the Andrews house, Hermione, Hiram and Veronica attended a meeting with Fred, Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller. The topic of discussion - the students who had been transferred to Riverdale High a week ago. While they were fine, their parents were in Mayor McCoy's office everyday to demand that she reopen Southside High. Which is why Hermione, Hiram and Fred had discussed how their new neighborhood could use something positive to focus on. With Mayor McCoy's blessing, they'd like to make Pickens Day a celebratory event. Sponsored by Lodge Industries with Andrews Construction co-sponsoring. Mayor McCoy took this to mean that they wanted to make Pickens Day a commercial event for the SoDale, similar to their open house, though as Veronica disagreed. She pointed out that the open house was for investors while Pickens Day would be for North and Southsiders alike. Two halves of a whole coming together. Mayor McCoy worried that trying to distract people with a party would backfire, resulting in violence. While the Southside Serpents had been laying low, they were wild cards and reasons for concern. Having prepared for just that scenario, Hermione, Hiram and Fred had offered to hire the Serpents as security for the event since FP had told Fred that the Serpents were looking for work. Furthermore, the party would let the Southside know that they haven't been abandoned. The meeting was then brought to an abrupt as Archie returned home.


Hermione learning of Sierra's coldness towards Veronica

A couple days had passed since her meeting at Fred's house when Hermione learned from Veronica that Sierra was acting cold towards her, almost as if Veronica was a bad seed who was out to corrupt Josie. In hearing this, Hermione surmised that Sierra wasn't comfortable with how involved in the family business Veronica had recently become. She likely feared that Veronica would tell Josie something that she shouldn't know. Veronica insisted that she would never do anything that would compromise what they had planned, which Hermione knew to be true. In fact, should Sierra's coldness towards Veronica persist, Hermione would have a conversation with her.


Hermione learning that Josie dropped out of Pickens Day

On Pickens Day morning, at the breakfast table, Hermione noticed that Veronica was upset. She assumed that it was in relation the conflict between to Archie and Hiram, but in actuality, it was about Josie. The two of them got into a fight and Josie dropped out of their Pickens Day performance. With Sierra's coldness persisting, Hermione decided to take care of the situation. But Veronica asked that she not. Veronica recalled Hermione previously telling her that their family worked differently from others. So if Josie and Sierra didn't like the way they did business, that was on them. But the show must go on. With that, Veronica devised a plan to solve her dilemma.

Hermione greeted Sierra and Josie as they arrived at the Pickens Day celebration. She was surprised to see that they made it and sorry to hear that Josie wouldn't be performing with Veronica. Sierra explained that she had forbade Josie from performing following the publishing of Jughead's article because of the possible dangers she could face while possibly encountering outraged townsfolk.


Hermione and Hiram watching the Pussycats' performance

Hermione and Hiram watched from the crowd as Veronica and the Pussycats performed on stage. Half way through their performance, the Serpents marched into the park as a protest with duct-tape covering their mouths and signs that read 'honor this land' and 'sacred land'. With Sweet Pea and Fogarty at her side, Toni, who seemingly led the protest, stood in front of the stage to announce that they represented the dead and the silenced. Pickens Day was a lie. General Pickens slaughtered the Uktena tribe, Toni's grandfather's family. And the land in which they were standing on, would soon give way to a new Southside, which was stolen from them. While the Serpents couldn't bring them back, they could at the very least honor them. Hoping to defuse the protest and resolve any conflict, Hiram got on stage to applaud the Serpents for standing up for justice, as well as the honor and legacy of the Uktena, who contribute to the rich tapestry that is Riverdale, that is the Southside and that will be SoDale.

The following morning, Hermione, Hiram, Mayor McCoy and Sheriff Keller headed down to Pickens Park after being alerted of the desecration of the General Pickens' statue. Its head had been removed and red paint covered the statue to simulate blood. Since Hiram and Hermione were calling the shots, Sierra asked how they would like it to be handled. Hiram replied that the investigation of the missing head should be handled swiftly and with extreme prejudice given that the most likely suspects were the Serpents.[26]

At the Pembrooke, Hermione and Terry sized Veronica for her dress in preparation for her confirmation ceremony.


Hermione with Veronica's gift from the St. Clairs

Later that day, a confirmation present from the St. Clairs arrived for Veronica, leaving her to question what would make them think that they had the right to send her a gift after everything that went down between them when they were in town. Hermione explained that it's what families that are in their line of business do. Even when they're at war. They give gifts to show respect Or, in this case, to try and make amends for the events that had transpired. Whatever the gift is, Veronica wanted no parts of it, telling her mother to burn or regift it. As she was leaving, Hermione told her that Simone St. Clair called to follow up on this gift and that during that call, she said that Archie paid Nick an unfriendly visit. Hermione asked Veronica if this was true. Which it was.


Hermione and Veronica inviting Sierra and Josie to the ceremony

The next day, at the Pembrooke, Hermione and Veronica greeted Josie and Sierra, who stopped by to offer an apology after Pickens Day. Admittedly, Sierra had misgivings about some of the decisions that Hermione and Hiram were making which was wrong and inappropriate. Given the stressful times, neither Veronica nor Hermione held any grudges. In fact, as proof of this, Veronica invited them both to her confirmation. Sierra graciously accepted as this made giving them their gift that much easier. The aforementioned gift was Josie's offer to sing at Veronica's confirmation. While Veronica already had plans to sing herself, Hermione accepted Josie's offer for her so that they could perform a duet. When Veronica asked Josie if she knew the "Bitter Sweet Symphony" from the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, Josie told her that she could learn.

The following night, all the women got together at the Pembrooke for girl-talk. Veronica told her family that her confession with Monsignor Murphy didn't offer much piece in mind. Hoping to help, they shared their "things" which helped them get through the day and they advised Veronica to find her own. Tia then asked about Archie after seeing him a couple days before. Veronica told them that he was her boyfriend and that he would be attending the ceremony. Archie was a local boy and he was as Hermione put it, "inocente", which is Spanish for innocent.


Abuelita, Hiram and Hermione at the ceremony

The very next day, Hermione sat alongside Hiram and his mother as Veronica's confirmation ceremony commenced with her and Josie singing a duet of "Bitter Sweet Symphony" from the Cruel Intentions soundtrack. She watched proudly as Veronica was anointed and confirmed by Monsignor Murphy. Afterward, during the post-ceremony celebration, Sierra told Hiram and Hermione that it was a beautiful service before handing them a deed. They were now the proud owners of what was previously Southside High. Later, the ladies took family photos together. As Veronica attempted to leave, Hermione pulled her back in for follow up pictures.

That night, after the party, Veronica received one last gift. She opened it to discover the head of General Pickens' statue. Realizing that it was actually for her parents, she called them over to deal with the head that was wrapped neatly in a box. [27]


Hermione looking at General Pickens' statue

Picking up from where the previous episode left off, Hermione, Hiram and Veronica sat around the table where the head of General Pickens' statue was placed. Hiram interpreted the delivery of the head as a deceleration of war. Hermione stated that they always knew that they would have to go to war eventually. But of course, there was another option. Veronica reminded them that at Spence, she was Secretary General of the Model UN, and before declaring war, they'd always try to negotiate a settlement. So if she could broker a detente between the Contras and the Sandinistas, then Hiram could surely de-escalate relations with the Southside Serpents. This isn't high school, Hiram remarked. But as Veronica reminded him, cutting off the head of a statue was fairly immature. A remark that Hermione found humor in. Veronica offered to get them to the table while all he had to do is play nice.


Hiram and Hermione planning to expose the Mayor

A couple days later, Hermione and Hiram got into a heated argument with Mayor McCoy over the Southside land development. As she exited the study, Sierra told them that she was fairly close to telling Jughead everything and that it would be a lot worse for them than it would be for her. With Veronica standing just outside the door, Hermione and Hiram explained to her that given exposé that Jughead was writing about them, they decided it was best to accelerate the timetable. So they told Sierra they might have to announce their plans for Southside High, but she refused and demanded that they wait until after she's reelected. Should they proceed without her, she threatened to expose them. If this wasn't handled properly, the whole town would be out for their blood. However, if they got Sierra out of the Mayor's office, under a cloud of scandal, the damage she could do to them would be minimized. They would go about doing that by revealing her affair with Sheriff Keller.

The next day, Hermione and Hiram watched as Sierra resigned from office over a live broadcast. She claimed that seeing them through a triumphant Jubilee and the terrors of the Black Hood killings had taken a personal toll. So she had decided to step down as Mayor, to spend more time with her family and to return to her own legal career right in Riverdale. Hermione and Hiram were surprised by Sierra's sudden decision to resign since they hadn't even made their play yet. Veronica told them that this was good news since now they don't have to. If they did, it would be cruel.


Hermione welcoming Archie to the family

Later that night, Hermione sent Andre to retrieve Archie following his admission to Hiram that the FBI had approached him three weeks ago to be an informant. Hermione stood at the edge of a cliff, where down below was a long and deadly drop to the ocean. Archie approached her under the impression that he was meeting "the boss" (i.e. Hiram). Much to his surprise, the person who Andre identified as the boss was Hermione. Do you know what "Omertà" is, she asked Archie. It's their code of silence. It states there is no worse, no more cowardly crime than snitching. Archie assured her that he would never do anything to betray her family. Which he'd unknowingly proven to her in those last few weeks. She and Hiram, unbeknownst to Veronica, enlisted one of their closest associates to approach Archie and say that he was an FBI agent investigating Hiram. Agent Adams isn't real. He worked for Hermione as one of her Capos. She asked him to apply a lot of pressure to Archie by threatening his father to see if he would crack. It was all a test, which Archie passed. With that, Hermione welcomed him to the family.[28]


Hermione at dinner

Hermione and Hiram invited Fred and Archie over for dinner at the Pembrooke where Hermione, Hiram and Fred told stories from their youth when they apparently broke into Thornhill for a swim and stole the school's van. However, according to Hermione, it wasn't her and Mary who stole the van for a joyride, rather it was Alice. She and Hiram then invited Fred into the study where they proposed that he run for Mayor.

With the odds of Fred saying yes being at about 50-50, the next morning at the breakfast table, Hermione suggested that Veronica influence Archie into convincing Fred to run for Mayor. While reluctant, Veronica agreed to her parents' request.


Hiram and Hermione watching Veronica get shut down

Hermione and Hiram watched Veronica get shut down by Archie as she called him the next day after doing some research. Apparently, Fred needed 12,000 signatures before he could even run for Mayor. And so Veronica was thinking that the two of them could collect the signatures together. However, Archie blew her off, claiming that he had homework to do before hanging up.

The following morning, Hermione learned from Veronica that while she was willing to do the family's bidding at school, Archie was off the table as she was afraid of losing him. He had become a pawn on their chessboard and it was hurting her relationship with him. However, as Hermione explained, the women always walked the razor's edge. The men were the gangsters, but the molls, they used their wiles and cunning, such as a hand on an elbow or a whisper in an ear to manage things from behind the scenes. While this was the case for most, Veronica refused to take part. And so Hermione conceded.


Hiram, Hermione and Veronica questioning who the mole is

Hermione, Hiram and Veronica learned from Pop Tate that Jughead was asking questions about the ownership of Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, meaning that there was someone in their inner circle feeding him information. However, the only people that knew about the secret purchasing of Pop's were the three of them and Archie, leaving them to believe that Archie was the mole. Although, Veronica confessed to telling Jughead about them secretly buying Pop's in order to get him off their trail. She explained that Jughead was grilling her about SoDale, Southside High and Sunnyside Trailer Park while they were at Shadow Lake. Hoping to throw him off, Veronica distracted Jughead with the smallest truth she could, or so she claimed. While Hiram was enraged, Hermione claimed it was quick thinking. She agreed with Veronica's decision to feed Jughead a little bit of information in order to keep him from learning a lot more. Her gambit bought them the time that they needed for some preemptive damage control.


Hermione and Veronica learning of the Jones visit to the prison

The next day, the Lodges learned from warden Jeffries at Shankshaw prison that Jughead and FP paid a visit to an inmate, one of FP's well informed cronies. They suspected that the Jughead and FP had learned everything regarding Hiram's plans for the Southside, meaning that it was only a matter of time before it made the papers. With their hands being forced, the Lodges called Fred and Archie over to inform them of the master plan before Jughead could break the story. They revealed that their plans for Riverdale entailed turning Southside High into a private, for profit prison. As for SoDale, it was intended to be housing for the employees of the prison. Unfortunately, Fred refused to support their plan. He called Archie over as they were preparing to leave. However, much to their surprise, Archie decided to stay as he wanted to hear their proposal out.


Hermione giving her campaign speech

Later that day, outside Town Hall, the Lodges held a press conference where they announced that Hermione would be running for Mayor. Hermione went on to give a brief campaign speech as the crowd applauded. "Thank you, Veronica, and thank you all very much. Like many of you, I grew up in this town dreaming of a better tomorrow. For myself, for my family and for my friends. And now, for the future that you all so deserve. Riverdale is one of the most dynamic, resilient communities. {...} Riverdale cannot succeed unless all of us succeed and that will require certain sacrifices. {...} We will also need your support. We will need your trust. We will need your loyalty. {...} This town has endured so much these past few years. After so much adversity, aren't we all ready for a taste of prosperity?"[29]


Hermione being endorsed by Andy Cohen

Hermione sat down for an interview with Hal Cooper at the Pembrooke for their Register readers. She was kind enough to also allow Veronica and Kevin to sit-in. When Hal asked why she chose to run for Mayor of Riverdale, Hermione explained that she hoped to fix the yearly decrease in population and business closings. That is why Lodge Industries had secured a bid for a maximum security prison on the Southside. That meant jobs, economic growth and stability. It'll give Riverdale its future back. After they discussed building the prison on the bones of Southside High and whether or not Veronica would be running for student council president at Riverdale High, Andy Cohen, a family friend, came to give his endorsement of Hermione. Moving onto official business, the campaign wouldn't be easy, especially since they had to lead with her Hiram's plans for the prison. Certain people would see them as the enemy. So after the endorsement, they needed to keep their heads down.


Hiram and Hermione scolding Veronica

Hermione and Hiram confronted Veronica the following morning after learning that she had punched Reggie Mantle in the face a school. Veronica apologized for stepping out of line, though she was suddenly determined to get Ethel Muggs' father a job at the prison to make amends. However, they refused to oblige her request and demanded that she keep her head buried in the sand, so to speak.

At Andrews Construction, Hermione was surprised to learn that Fred wanted out of his contract with SoDale. He was hoping for a clean break, however, they would inevitably have to get their lawyers involved.

The following evening, Hermione and Hiram discussed their contract with Fred and his lawyer, Mary, who had just returned to Riverdale per his request. Mary claimed the contract was exploitative and that Fred should be immediately released and compensated.


Hermione confronting Veronica for going against her wishes

Hermione confronted Veronica as she walked through the front door from school after learning that Veronica had gone against her wishes to lay low by running for student council president. To make matters worse, there was a flyer going around school, exposing Veronica for all her lies. This was precisely why they asked that she keep a low profile. Veronica explained that she was out there every day, facing what they all had done. And maybe, if she was their President, her friends would stop looking at her like she's just the daughter of criminals. Essentially, she needed something she could use as a shield against everything that was coming their way. Protection from everybody out there who hated them and was out for their blood.[30]


The Andrews vs the Lodges

Hermione and Hiram attended the school hall meeting at Veronica's school, where she and Archie squared off against Jughead, Betty, Reggie and Josie. Afterward, Hermione and Hiram exchanged words with Fred and Mary in the halls as Archie and Veronica played peacemakers. All of Riverdale was buzzing about Fred's decision to run against Hermione for Mayor. When Mary pointed out that they were still waiting for Hiram to sign the papers to release Fred from his contract to Lodge Industries, Hermione countered that they were still waiting for Mary and Fred to sign the NDA that they had sent over.

Hermione, Hiram, Veronica and Archie returned to the Pembrooke where they were greeted by Andre and Adams. In the lobby was Lenny Kowalski and Carl Martin. Two mob bosses who requested to speak with Hiram privately.


Hiram and Hermione planning their next move

A couple days later, Andre was attacked in the lobby of the Pembrooke. Archie managed to unmasked the hooded assailant. In doing so he discovered that Andre's attacker was Adams. He had apparently double-crossed the Lodges. Adams then overpowered Archie and told him to tell Hiram to take Kowalski and Martin's deal. Archie relaid this message to the Lodges who weren't pleased with these latest developments. They concluded that Kowalski and Martin either offered Adams money or he sensed that they were weak and vulnerable. The message being sent was clear, either cut Kowalski and Martin in or suffer the consequences. With them being essentially unprotected, Archie offered to keep watch on the lobby. However, that was only a short-term solution to a long-term problem which Hiram had no answer for. As for the time being, they would circle the wagon. Any campaigning that Hermione needed to do would be done from the Pembrooke and Veronica was only ever to be at home or school, and Archie was to see her to and fro.


The Lodges gifting Archie with a car

Later that week, Hermione, Hiram and Veronica arranged a surprise for Archie. They met him outside of Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe with a brand new car that they had purchased for him. Archie was shocked and couldn't except such an amazing gift but they insisted that he take it, especially since he would have to continue his duty of escorting Veronica to and from school. While Veronica started up the car, Hiram pulled Archie to the side to talk about their enemies and Archie blowing up their car as a short-term solution.[31]

At the Pembrooke, Hermione asked Hiram if Fred had a shot at winning the election. In their favor, he's essentially running on a platform of family values with none of his family by his side. Luckily for them, Mary returned to Chicago. As for Archie, he and Fred have never been more distant, and Hiram planned to keep it that way.


Hiram and Hermione conspiring

After learning from Veronica that Archie was hiding Firebird, the car they had bought him, in the Pembrooke garage out of fear of how Fred would react, Hiram told Hermione that he had come up with a wicked idea to further strain their relationship. An idea that would later prove unsuccessful.

Opening night of Carrie: The Musical, Hermione arrived at the play, greeting those in attendance as she passed out buttons for her campaign.[32]


The Lodges at Midge's funeral

The town gathers for Midge's funeral to pay respect. Cheryl sings a song in Midge's honor. She and the rest of the River Vixens are dressed in all-black cheerleader uniform. Midge's death has seemingly taken a great toll on Riverdale, Mrs. Klump and Moose especially. Hermione stands alongside Hiram and Veronica as the service commences.

At the Pembrooke the following day, Hermione announces that she will be going door-to-door to ensure the residents of Riverdale that Lodges are for safety first, unlike Sheriff Keller. Hiram and Hermione then look to Veronica for assistance in one particular objective involving Cheryl given that she and Veronica are friends and that Cheryl seemed particularly devastated over Midge's death. However, Veronica wants no part of whatever schemes they're cooking up.


Hermione asks Cheryl to help in her take down of Sheriff Keller

Hermione pays Cheryl an unexpected visit at Thistlehouse. Cheryl invites her in nonetheless. Hermione claims that she was moved by Cheryl's speech at Midge's funeral. Cheryl replies that it came from the core of her bosom as it is an absolute travesty what happened to Midge. If only Riverdale had more competent law enforcement. Which brings Hermione to her point. She is right in the middle of writing an editorial calling for Sheriff Keller's head, and seeing Cheryl's passion in the subject, Hermione thought that maybe Cheryl would be willing to write an op-ed. "Say no more". Cheryl replies.


Hiram and Hermione refuse to pay Archie's ransom

At the Pembrooke, Hermione and Hiram celebrate a small victory after she managed to recruit Cheryl herself. Veronica then gets a call from Nick St. Clair who has kidnapped Archie and is holding him for ransom. $1 million to be precise. Unfortunately, they refuse to pay Archie's ransom because Hiram won't be cowing down to who he describes as being a teen terrorist. With that, Veronica decides to call the police, but Hermione and Hiram warn her against it. The St. Clairs are a mob family with ties to the underworld. This entire time, Veronica was under the impression that they were only music producers. Now that she knows the truth, involving the police puts themselves at risk. Which i likely why Nick was so brazen and not even bothering to hide his identity. They ask Veronica to be patient but she can't. Not with all the terrible things Nick could be doing to Archie, like cutting his ear off. When Veronica leaves the room, Hiram tells Hermione that Archie isn't their blood. If they pay his ransom, it shows that they're vulnerable. And if that happens, Veronica will be targeted.

Hermione and Hiram return home to find Veronica standing over a large sum of money. Veronica explains it's ransom money from when she turned the tables on Nick and held him for ransom instead. His parents gave Veronica $1 million for her troubles. Hiram tells Veronica that he was dealing with it, but the thing is that the St. Clairs hadn't heard a thing about Archie's kidnapping. But Veronica leaves that up to her father to explain to Archie.[33]


Hermione with the Mob sons

Hermione waits in the dinning room with all five of Veronica's suitors from the mob families. Hermione informs Veronica that they've come to pay their respect. While she is eager to hear their proposals, Veronica has to get to school. Hermione isn't pleased with Veronica putting off such an important matter, but Veronica has her own way of doing things.

Back at the Pembrooke, Hermione and Hiram discuss the Mayoral election. Hermione and Fred are neck-and-neck. And with the town divided over their prison, the debate is the single most important event of the election. While they already control the Sheriff Station and the Register, they need the mayor's office as well so that the prison can't be blocked. Hiram's counting on Archie's Dark Circle to cause unrest within the community. If Fred can't control his own son, then he certainly can't control a town on the verge of sliding into chaos.

Hermione and Hiram make their way over to the Andrews house after learning that Fred got a letter from the Black Hood. Prank or not, Hiram, Hermione and Archie want to cancel the debate, but Fred wants to go on. He asks if Sheriff Minetta can tighten security at Town Hall, which he can. Fred explains that the town is scared, but they need to show that they can't be cowed. If Fred wants to do it, then so does Hermione.


The Lodges hiding behind a podium

The night of the Mayoral debate has arrived. To Hermione's right stands Hiram and Veronica. Jumping right into the debate, fear and unrest rule the streets, so Alice asks how Hermione plans to restore safety to the town. Hermione claims that they're already making strides. She and Hiram personally recruited Sheriff Minetta from Centerville after Tom Keller resigned. Not one week on the job, and he's supposedly apprehended Midge Klump's murderer. Fred argues that they don't actually know that Fangs is the killer. He makes a point to not call for blood until they've had a trial. Regarding his comment about calling for blood, Hermione enlightens him about the Dark Circle, who she refers to as a dangerous, radical group that traffics in terror, violence and street warfare. This group, she points out, was started by Archie. Hermione adds that they can't trust Fred to run a town when he can't even keep his own house in order. Veronica then spots the Black Hood on the balcony with a rifle. As the Black Hood shoots from the balcony, Hermione, Hiram and Veronica hide behind their podium.


Veronica urges Hermione to drop out the Mayoral race

The Lodges return to the Pembrooke. Hermione is shaken up. She can hardly hold her glass still. Veronica notices this. Hermione insists that she's fine however. Veronica understands that she wants to be strong for the campaign, but if tonight was any indication of what's to come, then maybe she should drop put of the race. Hiram refuses to allow that to happen. They've worked too hard on their plans. They can't quit when they're so close. Veronica reminds him that they were shot at, but Hermione agrees with Hiram that the plan must move forward. The campaign is bigger than her. She assures Veronica that she'll be fine. Veronica explains that Hiram is willing to put Hermione's life at risk all for his plan. Hiram demands respect from Veronica, but she questions where was her respect when he asked her to entertain the sons of his enemies or the respect that he showed her when she explained that she worked everything out with the casinos, only for him to brush her off. Regardless, Veronica's done the work and plans to go along with the casino plans on her own. Little does she know that Hiram has already put her the money that she got from Nick's ransom in a trust that she won't be able to touch until she's 21.[34]


Hermione doesn't trust Hiram

Hiram gets a call from Andre that he's picked Veronica up from the Andrews house and that he's bringing her directly home. Now that Hermione and Hiram know that Veronica is safe, one of Minetta's deputy's will take Hermione over to the Register so that she can make her announcement. They're taking an huge gamble, which concerns Hermione as there will be no way of controlling what will follow. Hiram counters that chaos works in their favor. They have the pieces in place to restore safety and order when Fred doesn't. Andre will also keep watch over Veronica. When Hiram says that he'll be out with another deputy, Hermione asks if he's keeping anything from her. He tells Hermione that now is not the time to start doubting him, before giving her a kiss.


Hermione announces to Alice that she plans on putting a bounty on the Black Hood

Hermione meets with Alice at the Register to make her announcement, a $1,000,000 reward for anyone who can capture the Black Hood, dead or alive. As a mayoral candidate, Hermione feels it's important to take charge in times of crisis. Like the riot, which she believes was brought about by the actions of the Black Hood. She offers a bounty in hopes that it will calm the storm. Betty disagrees with the notion that a bounty will solve their problem. Furthermore, she questions if it's even legal. Hermione reminds Betty that the Black Hood is an active shooter on the streets of Riverdale. He even tried to kill Fangs outside the Sheriff's Station. However, Betty assures Hermione that the Black Hood wasn't responsible for shooting Fangs as no one actually saw him outside the station. As Betty continues, Alice questions her sudden urge to act so protective of the Black Hood. Before she can respond, Cheryl calls with a lead as she continues to track the Black Hood. He's exited the forest and headed for the houses beyond the pines. Maybe even Betty's house. With that being said, Cheryl warns Betty against going in the house alone. However, Betty has to find her father before anyone else does given Hermione's bounty.


Hermione and Sheriff Minetta at the station

While discussing the bounty with Sheriff Minetta, Hermione is confronted at the station by Veronica. The two of them return to the Pembrooke, where Veronica questions where her father got the $1,000,000 to pay for the bounty. Hermione claims that Hiram has secret funds, but Veronica isn't buying it. She's convinced that her father intends to use her ransom money from the St. Clairs to pay the bounty. Hermione assures Veronica that this isn't the case as Hiram has put the money in a trust fund. Still, Veronica doesn't believe a word from her mother's mouth. So, she goes into her father's study and locks the door behind her. She then goes looking through Hiram's drawers for evidence of his misleading.


Hermione explains the "October Surprise" file

Veronica shows Hermione the "October Surprise" file that she found in Hiram's office. He has already written a story about Hermione and Fred's affair. Veronica surmises that Hiram's plan was to publish the article in the Register, dragging both Hermione and Fred. However, as Hermione points out, Fred's running his camping on family values while Hermione's the law and order candidate. She explains that Hiram believes that the October Surprise will hurt her, but destroy Fred's chances of winning far more. Veronica realizes that her mother was in on the plan. Hermione tells her that it's all part of the game plan. What kind of man would do this to his own wife, Veronica questions. She accuses her father of being the kind of man who always has someone else to take the risk, to stand in the line of fire, to run for Mayor, for example. Hermione is nothing more than a means to an end to Hiram, Veronica states. Hermione disagrees, claiming that Hiram would never put them in harm's way.


Hermione kills Small Fry

Hermione and Veronica continue to argue. Hermione claims that Veronica has lost her nerve. Veronica counters that Hermione (and Hiram) have lost their minds. October Surprise wouldn't just destroy Fred's campaign, it would ruin his life. Small Fry knocks at the door repeatedly before kicking it down completely and proceeding further into the apartment. He introduces himself as the son of Poppa Poutine. His father told him that if he was to ever be murdered, not to take the life of the man who killed him i.e. Hiram, but to take the lives of the people that man loved the most. Realizing that Small Fry has come to kill them, Hermione and Veronica run into the study, where Hermione grabs a gun and shoots Small Fry multiple times and kills him.

When Hiram returns to the Pembrooke, Hermione tells him that along with Andre's body, there's another one in the study. With all this being his mess, Veronica tells him that he has to clean it up.


Hermione, Hiram and Veronica

Hiram informs Hermione and Veronica that Sheriff Minetta delivered Andre and Small Fry's bodies to the coroner's office and tagged them as riot victims, so no one's going to be asking any questions. Hiram is sorry for the ordeal they had to withstand. Veronica takes this opportunity to reveal that she found Hiram's "October Surprise" file. Hiram tries to cover for himself, claiming that Hermione understands the cost of winning better than anyone. Veronica explains that she realized something. There will always be an October Surprise with her father. While her mother may volunteer to be his collateral damage, she won't. Hiram reminds Veronica to never lose sight of the bigger picture, but Veronica insists that she isn't the one who lost sight.[35]


Hiram and Hermione are confronted by Veronica

Hermione and Hiram are confronted by Veronica after she learned about Hiram's meeting with Penelope and Claudius Blossom. Hiram claims that he's looking to diversify Lodge Industries' holdings by possibly getting into the maple trade. However, Veronica suspects that her father enlisted in Claudius to impersonate the Black Hood and have him shoot up the town hall debate. Hermione interjects, telling Veronica that she's out of line. While Hiram suspects that Veronica's imagination may be getting the better of her, Veronica counters that none of them can deny the possibility that Hiram would put Hermione in harm's way in order to accomplish his own personal/political agenda.


Hermione provides Veronica with leverage

Hermione admits to Veronica that it is entirely conceivable that Hiram orchestrated the attack at town hall, and it made her think that Veronica should at least have a contingency in place. There is a bit of leverage that, should Veronica acquire it, would give her power over her father. Hiram's plans for the Southside go far beyond the prison. He wants to consolidate the entire area into something. But there's one critical piece of the Southside that he doesn't own yet, that's keeping his takeover from being complete, the Whyte Wyrm. Though, he's in the middle of negotiations with the proprietor. However, Veronica will need money to block him. Veronica gains that money by contacting attorney McCoy and strong-arming Hiram into giving the money back as Hermione watches from the doorway.

Later that week, both the mayoral election and student body election are held in the gymnasium of Riverdale High. Hermione and Fred greet voters as they approach the booths. That night, Hermione learns that she has won the election. She then heads over to the Andrews house to tell Fred that he ran a great campaign. It was close. It came down to less than 200 votes. As a show of good sportsmanship, Hermione and Fred shake hands.[36]

Season 3

Prisoner in Her Own Marriage


Hiram and Hermione at Archie's trial

Three months have passed since that fateful evening in the school gymnasium where Archie was framed by Hiram Lodge and arrested for the murder of Cassidy Bullock. Archie's trial is now in session. Hermione sits alongside Hiram. Archie is being prosecuted by District Attorney, Ms. Wright. She attempts to paint Archie as a bad person in her closing argument as Mary, Archie's counsel, attempts to shed light on all the good deeds Archie has done, such as helping solve the murder of Jason Blossom, providing the Southside Serpents with refuge as they hid from the police, and punching through a layer of ice in order to save Cheryl from drowning. With that in mind, Mary takes the opportunity to remind the jury that there were no witnesses, murder weapon or motive to the killing of Cassidy Bullock. After hearing from both the prosecution and the defense, the jury begins to deliberate.


Hermione is a prisoner. Not a puppet

Later that weekend, Hermione scolds Veronica in the Sheriff Station for attempted jury tampering. Veronica explains that she had no other choice. For the last three months, all she could think about is how to help Archie. Hiram is a monster yet Hermione just stand by him complacent, like some Park Avenue trophy wife. Veronica being Hiram's daughter affords her a certain amount of protection that Hermione doesn't enjoy. He'll never harm a hair on Veronica's head, but Hermione can't say the same for herself. She won't leave Veronica alone in the world with Hiram. Hermione's a prisoner. But she is not his puppet.


Hiram and Hermione at Archie's trial

Labor Day weekend is over and Archie's trial is now in session. Hermione and Hiram are both in attendance. However, the jury could not reach a verdict. They're deadlocked. Six-to-six. With that, the jury is dismissed. Archie wonders what will happen next. Mary explains that the judge will declare a mistrial and they'll have to do it all again. In lieu of another trial, the State is prepared to offer a deal for a lesser sentence, Ms. Wright says. Instead of prison, time served plus two years in juvenile detention, if Archie will plead guilty to the crime of manslaughter. Despite his mother's counsel, Archie takes the deal, much to the court's surprise. Archie explains that he can't put all the people he cares about through this again. The court accepts Archie's guilty plea and he is taken directly from the courthouse to the Leopold and Loeb Juvenile Detention Center, where he will serve out his sentence beginning immediately.[37]


Hermione agrees to write a letter of support of Veronica

Hermione receives an unexpected visit at Town Hall from Veronica, who intends to start her own chapter of the Innocence Project in Riverdale. So, she's there to request a letter of support issued by Hermione, the town Mayor. Hermione reminds Veronica that she has no desire to get in the middle of the war between Veronica and Hiram. But Veronica is there as a citizen. One of Hermione's constituents sits in juvenile detention, wrongfully convicted. And Veronica intends to get him acquitted. Her mother's endorsement could help sway a lot of dubious minds. With that in mind, Hermione agrees to have a letter drafted.


Hermione calls in those with whom she made a pact with many years ago

Hermione orchestrates a meeting with Sierra, Tom, Hiram, Penelope, Fred, FP and Alice in her office at Town Hall. They made a vow in high school. Now that the missing Adventure Scout is back, safe and sound, they can only assume that he'll start talking. And that whatever he says might lead back to them. To the secret that they buried all those years ago. Fred questions why she is bringing this up now. This hasn't been made public yet, but Hermione reveals that Dilton Doiley and Ben Button were found in the woods with blue lips. Dilton is dead. Ben is in a coma. Sierra asks why she hasn't simply called in Sheriff Minetta to make this go away. Hermione would like to but Jughead found the body and that's the concern. While FP and Alice talked with Jughead and Betty and told them to stop chasing this, they both know the kids will likely continue. Tom reminds everyone that they made a pact to never revisit that night. Not to mention it, not to even think about it. His vote is they stick to that. Unfortunately, they might not have that luxury. Not if it's happening again. Not if it's their children. All their children are in danger.[38]

Editor's Note: The events that transpire in Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club take place during a flashback set in the 90's of Alice, FP, Fred, Sierra, Hermione, Penelope, Marty, Daryl, Hiram, and Tom in their junior year of high school.

Hermione bans G&G

Given the growing dangers that the teens of Riverdale are facing, Hermione decides to personally visit Riverdale High to provide clarity on the dangers they face. Hermione explains that two students, Dilton Doiley and Ben Button, have already taken their lives, and one other, Ethel Muggs, attempted to. All three victims are linked through playing Gryphons and Gargoyles. Jughead questions if Hermione is admitting that Ben and Dilton were killed by the game, which she is. Betty then asks where the game came from and where Ben and Dilton first gained access to it, but Hermione doesn’t know. From what little they do know about it, the game seems to be targeted at impressionable developing minds. Hermione elaborates that the game’s quests and role-playing scenarios are specifically designed to foster delusions, paranoia, and violence. As mayor, Hermione officially bans Gryphons and Gargoyles. On top of that, Mrs. Burble is going to be holding extended office hours and Hermione has set up a 24-hour crisis hotline overseen by Kevin.


Hermione checks in on Alice

Junior year of high school. A young Hermione Lodge overhears Alice's frustration in the ladies restroom and opens the stall door to check on her, however, Alice is in no need of assistance, telling Hermione to mind her business. Alice is pregnant and hopes the pregnancy test is merely a false positive but as Sierra explains, false positives only happen approximately 3% of the time. Alice is panicking. She tried to talk to FP, the child’s father, but he blew her off for a River Vixens that he’s hooking up with. Hall monitor Penelope Blossom enters the restroom to ask for their hall passes, but only Sierra has hers. When Penelope looks to Alice for her pass, Alice replies that it’s up her ass. Penelope retorts with a rude remark. This leads to a brawl between Alice and Penelope that Hermione and Sierra break up.


Hermione's in detention

Despite not having fought herself, Hermione is given Saturday detention along with Alice, Penelope, Sierra, FP and Fred. Gathered in that classroom, they are strangers more than friends. Eight hours. Six people with seemingly nothing in common. Alice Smith — The Bad Girl. Hermione Lodge — The Rebelling Catholic. Penelope Blossom — The Teacher's Pet. Fred Andrews — The Artist/Athlete. Sierra McCoy — The Political Animal. And FP Jones — The Lady’s Man. He was different back then. Trying to be something other than what he was. But he was still trouble. As detention commences, Principal Featherhead lays down the rules and tells them that at the end of the day, they will all turn in a one thousand word essay as to why they’re in detention. He then leaves the class.


First Saturday detention

Two hours have passed and not much is said. Alice sits near the window, carving her initials into the window seal with her knife. Fred asks her to stop, but this doesn’t go over well. Tom Keller then sneaks into the detention room to see Sierra as they are a couple. Fred questions just how long this relationship has been going on given that he had no idea of it. He notes that they’ve all been going to the same school since kindergarten and still know nothing about each other. Penelope answers that the reason for this is that none of them are friends. Sierra mentions that they have six more hours to kill and no one to impress so she suggests a round of Secret and Sins.


The detentionees play Secret and Sins

During a game of Secret and Sins, the detentionees all share their deepest, darkest secrets. Hermione doesn't share a deep secret, but instead reveals that she's been seeing Hiram Lodge, who Penelope accuses of being a petty criminal. However, to Hermione, he’s a self-starter, providing for his family. To her mother, Hiram is nothing more than a scrub and not the way to the American dream. Hermione questions what dream her mother is referring to given that she works as a maid at the Five Seasons for sixteen hours a day. A life that Hermione doesn’t want for herself. She believes that Hiram has the right idea of getting out of Riverdale at all costs. When Penelope reveals that she isn't an actual Blossom and that she was adopted and is being groomed as Cliff Blossom's life partner, Hermione questions why Penelope is still living there, to which she replies the Blossoms are her family. Hermione explains that that’s not the meaning of family and it’s basically incest. This angers Penelope, who insults Hermione’s mother, which leads to a physical altercation between the girls.


The detentionees find G&G

Once the girls have been separated, Principal Featherhead reprimands everyone. Their sentence has been upped from one Saturday detention to four. However, little by little, the six of them grow to become unlikely friends. Then comes the first cold rain of the season, when Hermione decides to break into the teacher’s desk to recover her belongings that were taken by the teacher. Inside the desk, they find everything Mrs. Krabappel has confiscated over the years, including Gryphons and Gargoyles.


Sierra, Alice and Hermione play G&G

The six of them decide to play together. The person with the manual, in this case, Penelope, is the game master and is therefore responsible for guiding them through quests until they ascend to the next level. But first, they pick their characters. Alice — The Sorceress. Hermione — The Thief. Sierra — The Siren. FP — Deadeye. And lastly, Fred — The Radiant Knight. Alice is first to pick a quest card and roll the dice, which is how it all begins. Long after that Saturday detention, the six of them continue to play the game, in what seems to be a maddening obsession. Penelope suggests taking the game off the board and into the real world. She reveals a quest known as "The Wedding Stone", that requires pairs. Penelope pairs FP with Hermione and Alice with Fred. She hid a gemstone from Thornhill in the school. First pair to find it and show it to Sierra get to keep it.


Hermione finds the gemstone

Hermione and FP search the student lounge for the gemstone. After spotting a miniature gargoyle statue, they find the gemstone inside a vending machine. After shaking it loose and retrieving it, FP tries to kiss Hermione, but she pushes him away. She explains that it’s just role-playing and that she doesn’t actually like him. Hermione inquires about FP and Alice’s relationship. He tells her that he and Alice weren’t serious and they were only messing around. However, the more they play G&G, the more he thinks there could be more between him and Alice. Hermione advises him to take a shot with her then.


The Midnight Club comes across more players

Hermione, Fred, Alice, FP, Sierra, and Penelope play for weeks, sneaking into school, late at night. After class, Sierra leaves the classroom window cracked so that she and the others can sneak back in after hours. They dub themselves "The Midnight Club". Eventually, they abandon the board, acting out their quests and adventures in the real world. The six of them dress up in medieval costumes they found in the theater department. It is during this time, Fred and Hermione become romantically involved. As Hermione, Fred, Alice, FP, Sierra, and Penelope proceed throughout the halls of Riverdale High on their latest quest, they run into Hiram Lodge, Tom Keller, Marty Mantle, and Daryl Doiley, also playing Gryphons and Gargoyles. They have been for about a week. Daryl found it in the restricted section of the library. They decide to join forces and play a bigger game.


Ascension party

One day, all ten of them, Hermione, Fred, Alice, FP, Sierra, Penelope, Marty, Daryl, Hiram, and Tom find strange invitations in their lockers to the detention room that night to rise to the challenge and ascend to the next level. That night, the Midnight Club attends the ascension party. They must find the chalices, flip the gryphon coin for their fate and drink from the chalice to meet their destiny. Before starting, to make things more enjoyable, they all take a new drug known as fizzle rocks.

The festivities begin with an impromptu performance by the Fred Heads, normally just Fred and FP, but Alice, Sierra, and Hermione perform with them as Penelope, Marty, Daryl, Hiram and Tom party, high off the drugs.


The Midnight Club at Pop's

The next day at school, Hermione reveals to Alice that Fred’s dad died while they were at the ascension party. Fred found him when he got home. By the time Mr. Andrews’ funeral came around a few days later, Principal Featherhead had been declared officially missing. Hermione, Alice, Fred, Penelope, FP, and Sierra sit in a booth at Pop’s following the service. Fred blames himself for not being there but as FP and Hermione explain, there’s nothing he could’ve done and beating himself up will change nothing. Penelope states that between this and Featherhead going missing, they’re all on edge. It’s that statement that leads Alice to reveals that she saw Featherhead the night of the ascension party. No one else saw him, however. Penelope grabs Alice’s hand aggressively and tells her that she didn’t see anything. She doesn’t want to be blamed considering they were doped up and trespassing the same night Featherhead disappeared. So, they are all to keep this a secret.

The rumors regarding principal Featherhead’s disappearance spread like wildfire. A week has passed since Featherhead went missing. As it turns out, he was in the school the entire time. Dead and locked in a supply closet. His lips blue.


The Midnight Club make a pact

The Midnight Club gather to discuss Featherhead’s death. Alice informs them that there was blue liquid in the chalices when she found them. Featherhead had blue lips and the police said he had poison in his system. Alice questions what they did to him though they deny any wrong doing. And this begins the endless blame game between all members of the Midnight Club. Alice dismisses any notions of wrongdoing. When Penelope exclaims that they’re not going to the cops, Alice accuses her of poisoning the chalices when she set up the game, however, it wasn’t Penelope or Daryl. Alice recalls the chalices just sitting there, meaning whoever invited them to the party was trying to kill one or more of them. Sierra wants to destroy the game so that it can’t be traced back to them. FP suggests destroying the manuals and scattering everything else. The Midnight Club then spits on their hands and make a pact to never speak of Gryphons and Gargoyles ever again.

After getting rid of G&G, they return to their normal lives and go their separate ways. Burdened by their guilt, they all become different people. Hermione goes against her mother’s wishes and begins seeing Hiram, who gifts her with a pearl necklace as they share a kiss.[39]

Physical Appearance

Hermione Lodge is a gorgeous middle-aged woman who possesses a sun-kissed complexion, calculating brown eyes, and luxuriant thick, wavy black hair. She is of average height, approximating 5'4" with a narrow and attractive build. She wears elegant, stylish and expensive looking clothes, in a minimalist style which allows her to perfectly embody the look of a chic, well put together business woman.

Formerly she wore the standard Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe employee uniform, before Fred Andrews hired her at Andrews Construction as his bookkeeper.


Hermione is a strong and confident, independent woman. She's also fairly intelligent, furthering along her plan to turn Lodge Industries into a legitimate business, leaving the Blossoms to wonder if they should have gotten her arrested instead of Hiram. While Hermione is a loving and caring mother, willing to do anything for Veronica, she's not so faithful as a wife. During Hiram's incarceration, she was having a secret love affair with Fred Andrews, up until he broke it off. Hermione also has hopes to regain that luxurious and expensive lifestyle that her family once lived, the lifestyle that she loved so much and had grown accustomed to.

Hermione is also very manipulative, while also being dishonest in order to accomplish the goal ahead of her. She lied about writing the blackmail letter threatening herself, claiming that it came from her when in fact it actually came from Hiram. She appears to be in league with him, sharing the same goals and ruthlessness when it comes to business.


Veronica Lodge

Main article: Hermione and Veronica
You're playing with fire, I want you to know.
— Hermione to Veronica about Hiram[src]

Hermione gloating towards Veronica

The relationship between Hermione and Veronica Lodge, so far, has been quite strong, they have shown to deeply care about each other, even though they have been known to fight on occasions. Their relationship may have developed over the course of the first season, however, since Hiram's return to Riverdale, Hermione has been antagonizing and taunting Veronica whenever she gets the chance. Before moving back to Riverdale, they both lived in New York City since Veronica's birth, along with Hiram Lodge, Hermione's husband and Veronica's father. After Hiram was arrested for fraud and embezzlement and subsequently incarcerated, Hermione and Veronica left New York City and moved back to her home town of Riverdale.

Hiram Lodge

Main article: Hermione and Hiram
If you want to burn your relationship with our daughter, that's your business. But don't ever try to poison her against me.
— Hiram to Hermione[src]

Hiram and Hermione at the SoDale Gala Opening

Hiram and Hermione were both raised in Riverdale, where they lived for most of there lives, and attended school together at Riverdale High School. They later married each other and moved to New York City, where they had there first and only child, daughter Veronica. However, shortly before the start of the series, Hiram was arrested and charged with multiple counts of embezzlement and fraud and subsequently incarcerated. While awaiting his trial, Hermione moved herself and her daughter back to her home town of Riverdale. After Hiram was released, he returned to his home town, Riverdale, where he took up residence at The Pembrooke, However, the relationship between the husband and wife has become quite complicated due to Hiram's past business deals, resulting in his imprisonment. However, when it comes down to business, they both work well with each other in accomplishing their goals.

Fred Andrews

Main article: Fred and Hermione
I didn't call the police because I don't trust them, I don't trust half the people in this damn town. Just you.
— Hermione to Fred[src]

Fred and Hermione talking at the SoDale Gala Opening

The relationship between Fred and Hermione goes way back, both grew up in Riverdale and attended high school together, where they dated briefly before Hermione left him for the rich kid, Hiram Lodge. When she returned to Riverdale over a decade later, following the arrest of her husband, she and Fred rekindled their romance. However the relationship was ended by Fred the second time after learning that Hermione and Hiram were the anonymous buyers of the SoDale project. Though Hermione appears to still care for Fred, and his well-being. However, she is more interested in securing herself, as well as her relationship with Hiram, after he was recently released from prison and returned to Riverdale.

Penelope Blossom

Season 1 Episode 5 Heart of Darkness Hermione and Penelope

Hermione paying her respects to Penelope after her son passed away

Penelope and Hermione grew up in Riverdale together. They've been rivals since the two of them were students at Riverdale High School, and that rivalry continues on to this very day. The two rarely cross paths with each other, but when they do, it's hardly ever a pleasant exchange. They are also part of two of the wealthiest families in Riverdale. Their families have also had a past business deal with each other, up until Hiram Lodge's arrest.

Alice Cooper

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Alice Hermione (1)

Hermione and Alice having a discussion at Pop's

Hermione and Alice's relationship dates back to their adolescents, with both of them growing up in Riverdale. The two were rivals while students at Riverdale High School. A rivalry that proved lasting once Hermione moved back into town with her daughter, Veronica Lodge, after many years of living in New York. Even though the two ladies may have there differences, with Alice being judgmental towards others, Hermione was more than willing to put their differences aside, when she invited Alice to accompany her at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, while she discussed Polly's Baby shower.

Mary Andrews

Season 1 Episode 11 To Riverdale And Back Again Homecoming Fred Hermione and Mary

Mary and Hermione entering the gymnasium with Fred

Hermione was possibly friends with Mary Andrews when they were friends in high school. The history between the two of them is remains unknown at the moment, but Mary's willingness to invite Hermione to accompany her and Fred at the Homecoming suggest some form of peaceful coexistence.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


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