The relationship between Hermione Lodge and Alice Cooper is antagonistic, always has been as far as we know. They share a rivalry which began during their teenage years.


Hermione and Alice grew up together in Riverdale. They became rivals while the two were still students at Riverdale High School, a rivalry that proved lasting once Hermione moved back into town with her daughter, after many years living in New York.

Throughout RiverdaleEdit

Season 1Edit

Alice had so much contempt for Hermione she attempted to forbid her daughter Betty from befriending Hermione's daughter, Veronica.[1]

Hermione and Alice first came face-to-face with each other at the Taste of Riverdale event held at Town Hall which Hermione was working, providing food from Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Alice snidely informed Hermione that Veronica was being slut-shamed at school.[2]

Unable to live at home, nor with the Blossom's, Polly Cooper began living with Hermione and Veronica at The Pembrooke. Polly was pregnant with Jason Blossom's child, a child that Alice and Hal Cooper wanted to be given up for adoption while Blossom's wanted to keep the baby without Polly in the picture. Hermione allowed Polly to stay with them, explaining, "Anything for Alice Cooper's daughters."[3]

At her daughter's request, Hermione arranged to meet with Alice mother-to-mother at Pop's to try and convince Alice to attend Polly's baby shower that was to be held at The Pembrooke. While intially a bit hostile towards Hermione, Alice explained that she wanted her family back together, but that she didn't think Polly was ready or capable of being a mother so young, especially since the baby's father was dead. Ultimately, Hermione was able to convince Alice to attend the shower and to attempt to mend her relationship with Polly.[4]

Season 2Edit




References Edit

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