The husband and wife relationship between Hiram and Hermione Lodge is quite complicated due to the former's arrest and imprisonment. Due to Hiram's business deals that he made, he was arrested for fraud and embezzlement. As a result after his arrest Hermione was forced to leave New York with their daughter Veronica and move back to Riverdale.

Hiram can be very persistent when it comes to getting what he want. When he needed his wife to testify for his court trail he even went so far as black mailing her into doing his bidding.


Hiram and Hermione married each other and moved to New York City, where they had a child, daughter Veronica. However, shortly before the start of the series, Hiram was arrested and charged with multiple counts of embezzlement and fraud and subsequently incarcerated. While awaiting his trial, Hermione moved herself and her daughter back to her hometown of Riverdale.

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Shortly after Hermione arrived in Riverdale, Hiram had a duffel bag filled with a large sum of money sent to The Pembrooke. The money was to be used by Hermione to pay off the Mayor, Sierra McCoy, as well as the Southside Serpents, who Hiram had hired to decrease the value of the land the Twilight Drive-In was built on. This was so Lodge Industries could purchase the land, a prime piece of Riverdale real estate, at a cheaper price. Hiram was a business man. He saw an opportunity, and he took it. Old Riverdale was dying out, he and Hermione were just helping it along. The only way the Lodges could regain their wealth, was through business opportunities such as the drive-in.[1]

After witnessing her mother kissing Fred Andrews, Veronica asked if she'd be getting a divorce from Hiram. Hermione, while sorry that Veronica was witness to the kiss, had no idea what would happen once Hiram returned. Her relationship with Hiram was complicated.

To award Andrews Construction the contract for the new development of the drive-in's land, Hermione needed Veronica's signature, as she had been designated a legal officer of Lodge Industries when Hiram had been arrested. Hiram had already hired a less than legit crew to helm the development, and Hermione needed two out of three signatories to change that. However, Veronica refused, so Hermione forged her signature, angering Veronica when she found out.[2]

Season 1 Episode 7 In a Lonely Place Veronica Hermione

Veronica and Hermione call Hiram in prison.

After forging Veronica's signature, Veronica refused to play nice with her mother and began acting out. To make things right with her daughter, the two negotiated terms. Hermione told Veronica that Hiram had made some decisions which distanced him from Hermione, and that she now had to make her own decisions and move forward with her life. She asked Veronica to accept her affair with Fred Andrews until they got more information. In return, Veronica demanded she tell Hiram about forging her signature, which Hermione agreed to. As promised, with Veronica at her side, Hermione called Hiram in prison and told him the truth about the contract with Andrews Construction, and how she forged her daughter's signature.[3]

According to FP Jones, after discovering that his wife was having an affair with Fred Andrews, having been tipped off by an unknown someone, Hiram hired several guys from Montréal where he was incarcerated, to come down and trash Andrews Construction.[4]

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