Jason Blossom's Killer was a previously anonymous character responsible for the murder of Jason Blossom on July 11th.

Jason was thought to have drowned after an early morning boat ride with his sister Cheryl Blossom on July 4th. However, his body was discovered much later on. After an autopsy, it was soon discovered that he was shot in the head and died a week later around on July 11th. Jason was also said to have ligature marks, meaning the killer could've possibly tied him up or held him captive.

Clifford Blossom was revealed to have been Jason's killer, and Mustang as his captor. Upon this discovery, Clifford murdered Mustang and committed suicide himself.

Editor's Note: The characters listed down below are those that were suspected of killing Jason Blossom within the show. The list should not include theories based upon fan speculation.





  • Hal Cooper (Hal broke into Sheriff's house and teared up evidence from the murder board)
  • Cheryl Blossom (swore at first she didn't do it, but Veronica later challenged her about it)
  • Dilton Doiley (claimed the gunshot he fired had nothing to do with Jason and was further eliminated when it was found Jason died a week later)
  • Polly Cooper (Mrs. Cooper revealed to the press that Polly is pregnant with Jason's baby)


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