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Jellybean Jones is an upcoming character who, according to showrunner, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, may appear in the second half of the second season of Riverdale. [1] Despite her not making an official appearance on Riverdale, she has been mentioned a few times on the first season.

Jellybean is the younger sister of Jughead Jones and the daughter of FP Jones.

Early LifeEdit

When Jellybean was younger, her family, including her older brother Jughead and father FP, would spend a lot of time at the Twilight Drive-In, however, they often could not afford tickets for everyone, so the kids would hide in the trunk until they parked.

After Fred Andrews fired her father and he began drinking heavily, young Jellybean and her mother went to live with Jughead and Jellybean's grandparents in Toledo.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Jellybean was briefly seen in an old photograph of Jughead's when he was leaving the Twilight Drive-In, for the last time. According to Jughead, they would hide in the trunk of their parents' car until parking, as their family was often low on funds, so sneaking into the drive-in was their only option. [2]

Jughead mentioned that he spoke with Jellybean over the phone. She wanted to be addressed as 'JB', instead of Jellybean because she thought it sounded cooler. He remarked that "she's ten years old, and listens to Pink Floyd on vinyl. I don't think she could get any cooler." Jughead also mentioned that she was helping their mother study for her GED. [3]

Physical AppearanceEdit

As a child, she was slim and short with medium-length black hair and brown eyes.




  • She listens to Pink Floyd on vinyl.


  • In the comics, her real name is Forsythia Jones.


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