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The relationship between Myles and Josie McCoy is rather complicated. Father and daughter aren't very close because of how hard Myles is on Josie regarding her music career.

History Edit

Presumably, Myles and Josie's relationship had been distant for some time before the start of the series.

Season 1 Edit

Josie and the Pussycats would be performing in the 75th annual Variety Show and Myles had come into town especially to see Josie perform. Father and daughter had not seen each other for quite a while as Myles had been out of town working. Josie became so stressed and tense that she lost her temper with band mate Valerie Brown, which resulted in Val, the songwriter, leaving the group. Luckily, Veronica Lodge joined the band and filled her spot.

In the days leading up to the event, Myles joined Josie, and his wife, Sierra for dinner with Fred Andrews, his son ArchieAndrews, and the host of that evening's dinner, Hermione Lodge. With him being a professional jazz player, Fred asked if he was living his dream, to which Myles replied, yes and no, the real struggle was always art vs commerce. He was disappointed to learn that Valerie Brown had quit the Pussycats. He thought she was the real deal, giving the group some much needed integrity as music was about more than just having fun. He wanted a great future for Josie's music career.

On the night of the Variety Show, he and Sierra sat in the audience as the Pussycats, including Val, whom Josie had made up with, performed a cover of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love". Myles was undoubtedly unimpressed and displeased, so much so that he left the event in the middle of the Pussycats performance and brought his daughter to tears. After the show, Josie was comforted by her mother, knowing that Myles had really upset her.[1]

References Edit

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