The friendship between Josie McCoy and Veronica Lodge kicked off after Veronica joined Josie and the Pussycats as a temporary replacement to Valerie Brown. They both talk to each other about personal family drama which is something they both happen to have in common with each other and can relate to. Josie and Veronica both have issues with their fathers, which is something they talk about with each other.

Throughout RiverdaleEdit

Season 1Edit

While Archie auditioned for the Variety Show, Veronica watched him from the front row. When he began to panic, Veronica wondered aloud what was happening and Josie, seated behind her, commented, rather happily, that he was choking.

To combat Archie's stage fright, he partnered with Veronica for the show, however, when Valerie quit the Pussycats after a fight with Josie, Archie partnered with Val instead. Angry at being replaced, Veronica went to Josie, who was with band mate Melody putting up flyers in search of a new Pussycat. She stated that their search was over, and Josie smiled exuberantly. The new threesome was then seen marching triumphantly down the hall of the school, cat ears in place, where they were seen by Archie and Valerie.

At their first rehearsal, Veronica was more concerned with her phone than she was with the song they were going over, much to the frustration of Josie, and she called Veronica out. She wondered what problem a rich girl like Veronica could really have to go through. Josie saw her own problem as the top priority; her very critical father, a professional jazz player, was missing Jazz fest to watch her perform. Veronica felt bad that Josie had daddy issues, but she should be grateful that she could at least be in the same room as her father because Veronica didn't have that luxury, having not seen her dad in three months. After she realized that Veronica had it far worse, Josie apologized. 

Later, at a business dinner with her parents, Josie informed her father that Valerie had quit the Pussycats, and that their new member was Veronica, who she claimed was really talented.

Season 1 Episode 6 Josie Veronica 1

Josie and Veronica at Pop's.

Thereafter, Veronica and Josie met up at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, and exchanged sob stories. No matter how hard she tried, Josie could not impress her father, who disapproved of pop music. For Veronica, she told Josie about the intimate moment between her mother and Fred Andrews she had witnessed and that the only thing that kept her going is the thought of her family being whole again, but that would all go away if she told her father about the kiss. While Josie didn't approve of what Veronica's mother had done, she suggested that there may be another side of the story that was worth hearing.

At the Variety Show, the Pussycats performed a cover of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love", as a foursome, as Valerie had rejoined the band.[1]

After a fight with her mother, who had forged her name on a business document Veronica had refused to sign, Veronica invited her friends out for a night of dancing: Josie, her celebrity gal-pal, Kevin, her best gay friend, and Reggie, the dimwitted arm-candy. They went out to a club called the Roving Eye, where they danced the night away. Upon tiring themselves out, the four of them found a booth to cool down in, and Josie told Veronica to finish her drink, as she practically left her body on the floor, something that Veronica wished she could actually do at times. Veronica explained that the lawyers and police took everything from them when her father was arrested, and despite her mother telling her that no one could ever take her name, that's exactly what Hermione did, like her name meant nothing.

In response to Veronica's partying on a school night, Hermione canceled Veronica's credit card, and reported that it was stolen, which they were notified of by the club manager. Veronica was happy at her mother's move as it meant she was ready to talk. When the club manager explained he would have to call the police, Josie told to him that he was more than welcome to do that, but then she would call her mother, Sierra McCoy, the mayor of Riverdale.[2]

Season 2Edit



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