The friendship between Josie McCoy and Veronica Lodge kicked off after Veronica joined Josie and the Pussycats as a temporary replacement to Valerie Brown. They both talk to each other about personal family drama which is something they both happen to have in common with each other and can relate to. Josie and Veronica both have issues with their fathers, which is something they talk about with each other.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

While Archie auditioned for the Variety Show, Veronica watched him from the front row. When he began to panic, Veronica wondered aloud what was happening and Josie, seated behind her, commented, rather happily, that he was choking.

To combat Archie's stage fright, he partnered with Veronica for the show, however, when Valerie quit the Pussycats after a fight with Josie, Archie partnered with Val instead. Angry at being replaced, Veronica went to Josie, who was with band mate Melody putting up flyers in search of a new Pussycat. She stated that their search was over, and Josie smiled exuberantly. The new threesome was then seen marching triumphantly down the hall of the school, cat ears in place, where they were seen by Archie and Valerie.

At their first rehearsal, Veronica was more concerned with her phone than she was with the song they were going over, much to the frustration of Josie, and she called Veronica out. She wondered what problem a rich girl like Veronica could really have to go through. Josie saw her own problem as the top priority; her very critical father, a professional jazz player, was missing Jazz fest to watch her perform. Veronica felt bad that Josie had daddy issues, but she should be grateful that she could at least be in the same room as her father because Veronica didn't have that luxury, having not seen her dad in three months. After she realized that Veronica had it far worse, Josie apologized. 

Later, at a business dinner with her parents, Josie informed her father that Valerie had quit the Pussycats, and that their new member was Veronica, who she claimed was really talented.

Season 1 Episode 6 Josie Veronica 1

Josie and Veronica at Pop's.

Thereafter, Veronica and Josie met up at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, and exchanged sob stories. No matter how hard she tried, Josie could not impress her father, who disapproved of pop music. For Veronica, she told Josie about the intimate moment between her mother and Fred Andrews she had witnessed and that the only thing that kept her going is the thought of her family being whole again, but that would all go away if she told her father about the kiss. While Josie didn't approve of what Veronica's mother had done, she suggested that there may be another side of the story that was worth hearing.

At the Variety Show, the Pussycats performed a cover of Donna Summer's "I Feel Love", as a foursome, as Valerie had rejoined the band.[1]

After a fight with her mother, who had forged her name on a business document Veronica had refused to sign, Veronica invited her friends out for a night of dancing: Josie, her celebrity gal-pal, Kevin, her best gay friend, and Reggie, the dimwitted arm-candy. They went out to a club called the Roving Eye, where they danced the night away. Upon tiring themselves out, the four of them found a booth to cool down in, and Josie told Veronica to finish her drink, as she practically left her body on the floor, something that Veronica wished she could actually do at times. Veronica explained that the lawyers and police took everything from them when her father was arrested, and despite her mother telling her that no one could ever take her name, that's exactly what Hermione did, like her name meant nothing.

In response to Veronica's partying on a school night, Hermione canceled Veronica's credit card, and reported that it was stolen, which they were notified of by the club manager. Veronica was happy at her mother's move as it meant she was ready to talk. When the club manager explained he would have to call the police, Josie told to him that he was more than welcome to do that, but then she would call her mother, Sierra McCoy, the mayor of Riverdale.[2]

After learning from Veronica that Archie saved Cheryl from drowning at Sweetwater River, Josie thanked Archie by allowing him to perform his song. Much to her mother's surprise, Josie, Valerie, Melody, and Archie got on stage and performed "These Are the Moments I Remember".[3]

Season 2

Josie greeted Veronica and Betty as they entered the gymnasium. In addition to her duties as a Pussycats, Josie was the newest recruit of the River Vixens. She was excited to both work on her moves and be a team player, as long as she's in the front, which was Cheryl's position.[4]

Feline Saviors


The Pussycats meeting Nick

Josie and the Pussycats sang in the music room at school for Veronica's out of town friend from New York, Nick St. Clair. He complimented the ladies on their singing talents, referring to them as pearls before the swine of Riverdale. He then invited them all to a party that he was hosting in his hotel room, in their honor, at the Five Seasons.

That night, Josie and Veronica attended the party, along with, Valerie, and Melody, attended the party in Nick's hotel room, along with Veronica, Archie, Betty, Cheryl, Kevin, Reggie, Valerie, and Melody. After having a few drinks, Nick recommended they kick the party up with some Jingle Jangle that he scored from Reggie. Nick looked at Veronica, hoping she would partake. Per her father's orders, she was supposed to be showing him a good time. With that in mind, Veronica agreed to join Nick, reasoning that every other night was burgers and milkshakes. For one night, she wanted to cut loose and pretend they were normal for once. Josie surely didn't hesitate to partake in the night's drug-fueled escapades either. High off the Jingle Jangle, Josie and Reggie made out on the sofa while Veronica danced with Archie. Unfortunately, their high was blown after an argument between Betty and Veronica erupted within the hotel room, which ended with Betty leaving early after she made claims of Veronica being a bad person and how she was only their friend due to circumstances.


Josie and the Pussycats performing

The next day, after a night of wild partying, the Pussycats performed Out Tonight at the SoDale Gala Opening, which was being hosted by Veronica's family. They took to the stage, and gave a great performance before the crowd. However, it was during their performance that Josie and Veronica noticed Nick headed into the back with Cheryl, who could barely walk on her own. Concerned for her well-being, the Pussycats left the stage in search of Nick and Cheryl. They discovered Nick, in one of the bedrooms, getting undressed, as he prepared to rape Cheryl, who was barely conscious. Fortunately, the Pussycats arrived in time to save her. They pulled Nick away from Cheryl, and like a pack of wild animals, savagely attacked him. As Veronica, Melody, and Valerie made sure that Nick suffered for his actions, Josie checked on Cheryl to ensure that she was unharmed.


Josie and Veronica comforting Cheryl

After the open house, Josie and Veronica headed back to the Pembrooke with Cheryl. They were joined by Archie and Betty soon thereafter. In Veronica's bedroom, Archie asked where Nick was in that moment, though Cheryl instructed him to put his cape away because the Pussycats had already saved her. Cheryl then announced that she would be pressing charges because she wanted Nick to be held accountable for his actions, for him to pay and suffer for what he tried to do to her. Cheryl began to sob, and so Josie and Veronica held her close, attempting to provide comfort for Cheryl in her time of need.[5]

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished


Kevin, Josie, Veronica, Archie, and Betty at the gather

After Mrs. Cooper learned of the drug fueled parting at Nick's Five Seasons hotel room, the gang, along with their parents, were called over to the Cooper house, where they all could be appropriately punished for their inappropriate actions. During the gathering, Reggie admitted that he acquired his drugs from a dealer on the Southside, who he suspected of being a Southside Serpent as well as a student at Southside High. While they admittedly shouldn't have taken the Jingle Jangle, Veronica pointed out that Nick asked for it, and later pressured them into taking it. Furthermore, he attacked Cheryl. If anyone should be under interrogation, they believed it to be him. However, as Sheriff Keller explained, prosecuting Nick would be difficult given that they were all unreliable witnesses due to the fact that they were high, as Jingle Jangle stayed in one's system for up to three days. Unfortunately, it had only been one day since the open house, where Josie and Veronica discovered Nick with Cheryl, which would raise a credibility issue in court. Josie's mother was appalled to learn that she too had participated in taking Jingle Jangle despite knowing how her father struggled with addiction. They abruptly left after her mother announced that bringing the Southside under control was her number one priority as Mayor.


Josie and Veronica doing community service

The next day, in consequence to their actions at Nick's party, Josie, Veronica, Reggie, Kevin, Archie and Betty were forced into picking up trash at Pickens Park as part of their community service. While her friends worked to clean the litter-filled park, Josie toyed with her phone, forcing Reggie to confront her on her lack of contribution. He sarcastically remarked that while she may be like Beyoncé most days, she was no better than the rest of them on that day, as they were all sentenced to cleaning duty. "I think your biceps can handle it, Mantle", Josie retorted. Veronica then interrupted, asking if she could borrow Reggie for a moment, to which Josie replied "please, take him".[6]

While walking through the hallway at school, Josie and Cheryl stumbled onto Veronica and Archie kissing each other in the student lounge. Cheryl instructed the hands-on couple to get a room as she and Josie continued on their way.[7]


The Secret Santa exchange

In the days leading up to Christmas, Josie and Veronica attended Kevin's Secret Santa gift exchange, along with Archie, Betty, Reggie, Cheryl and Jughead. On the day of the exchange, they all gathered in the student lounge at school It was Veronica's turn, and Josie was tasked with purchasing her a gift. Veronica opened her present from Josie, which awkwardly enough was a gift certificate for a couples massage. Unfortunately, upon her purchasing of the certificate, Archie and Veronica were still together. Hoping to recover from her fumble, Josie suggested that Veronica use the certificate to take someone other than Archie, such as Betty or her mother. Luckily, Betty was the last exchange of the evening. Based on the wrapping of her present, Betty instantly knew that it was Archie that picked her name. Betty unwrapped the gift to find an old read-a-long record that she and Archie used to listen to when they were younger, entitled "The Swiss Family Robinson". Josie then ran over to give Midge a hug as she and Moose surprised them.[8]


Josie, Kevin, Archie and Veronica welcoming the transfers

With it being announced by Principal Weatherbee that Southside High was closing down and that its students would be transferred to designated schools in the district, including Riverdale High, Josie joined Veronica, Kevin, and Archie in the hallway to welcome back Jughead, as well as the new Southside transfers (Toni Topaz, Sweet Pea and Fangs Fogarty). Unfortunately, the welcoming didn't go as planned as Cheryl and Reggie interrupted Veronica as she encouraged each the newcomers to drink deeply from the cup that is "fair Riverdale". With the River Vixens and Riverdale Bulldogs backing her up, Cheryl approached the registration desk to hurl insults at the Serpents, referring to them as "Southside scum" and "raggamuffins". Cheryl announced that she would not standby and allow Riverdale High's above average GPA to drop because of overcrowded classrooms with underachievers such as themselves. Cheryl told them to find another school to deface. Archie stepped in the middle just as things were getting out of hand. He hoped to put their differences aside so that they could start over. When Reggie declined Archie's offer, Sweet Pea stepped forward to finish what they had started during the rumble. Fortunately, Mr. Weatherbee arrived to send them off to class before the altercation could escalate.


The Serpents being framed by Reggie

In the student lounge, Josie, Veronica and Kevin became acquainted with Toni, Fogarty and Sweet Pea. They were then called out into the hallway by Mr. Weatherbee, as he was in search of the culprit responsible for had defacing the school's seal with a spray painted on Serpent. Next to Weatherbee stood Reggie, who they suspected of being the actual vandal. The Serpents were innocent, though Weatherbee believed otherwise, especially with Reggie in his ear, claiming that the Serpent were doing what they do best, tagging their turf. Having fallen victim to Reggie's lies, effective immediately, Weatherbee outlawed gang behavior of any kind. As of that moment, Serpent jackets would no longer be tolerated and tattoos were expected to be covered. Possession of any gang paraphernalia would lead to immediate suspension.[9]


Veronica and Josie planning a one day revival of the Pussycats

At the Five Seasons hotel, Josie asked Veronica why the two of them couldn't sing a duet at Pickens Day. Veronica replied that it could be just the two of them, but the Pussycats are a brand that shouldn't sit fallow. Josie's mother returned home to the sight of the two of them with audition posters. Veronica told her that they were bringing the Pussycats back and that it was her idea to do so despite Josie previously agreeing with her mother to focus on her solo career. Hoping to avoid any further conflict, Veronica suggested that they bill it as a special event, one-night only. Her mother rudely replied that she was talking to Josie. In fact, she'd rather they continue the conversation at a later time, once Veronica had left


Josie quitting on Veronica

A couple days later, Josie was forbade by her mother from performing at the Pickens Day event after Jughead had published an article from the Blue and Gold accusing General Pickens of slaughtering the Uktena tribe for their land many years before. In the wake of this article, the town was riled up and her mother feared the possibility of a riot. After learning the truth from her mother aboutr how the Lodges conducted business and how they used Veronica to do this business, Josie confronted Veronica in the music room at school and told her that she would no longer be performing. Josie didn't like being manipulated by a Lodge. As far as she was concerned, whatever their parents had going on, that was between them, and her mother didn't want her to be a part of it. While her mother may have to do what Veronica's parents want, Josie doesn't have to do what Veronica wants.


Veronica and the Pussycats performing at Pickens Day

Josie and her mother attended the Pickens Day celebration in Pickens Park the following day, where they watched from the crowd as Veronica took to the stage to perform with Valerie and Melody with what was being called "Veronica and the Pussycats". Half way through their performance, the Southside Serpents marched into the park with duct-tape over their mouths while holding signs that read 'honor this land' and 'sacred land'. With Sweet Pea and Fogarty at her side, Toni stood in front of the stage to announce that they represented the dead and the silenced. Pickens Day was a lie. General Pickens slaughtered the Uktena tribe, Toni's grandfather's family. And the land in which they were standing on, would soon give way to a new Southside, which was stolen from them. While the Serpents couldn't bring them back, they could at the very least honor them. Hoping to ease the crowd's concerns, Veronica's father got on stage to applaud the Serpents for standing up for justice, as well as the honor and legacy of the Uktena, who contribute to the rich tapestry that is Riverdale, that is the Southside and that will be SoDale.[10]


Josie and Sierra apologizing

Josie stopped by the Pembrooke with her mother to offer an apology to the Lodges after Pickens Day. Her mother had misgivings about some of the decisions Veronica's parents were making which was admittedly wrong and inappropriate. Given the stressful times, neither Veronica nor Mrs. Lodge held any grudges. As proof of that, Veronica invited them both to her confirmation ceremony. Josie's mother graciously accepted their invitation. It made giving them their gift that much easier. The gift of which she spoke was Josie's offer to sing at Veronica's confirmation. While Veronica already had plans to sing herself, Mrs. Lodge accepted Josie's offer so that they could perform together. When Veronica asked if Josie knew the "Bitter Sweet Symphony" from the Cruel Intentions soundtrack, Josie replied that she could learn.

A couple days later, Veronica's ceremony had arrived. To start the service, Josie sang Bitter Sweet Symphony as Veronica walked down the aisle. She joined Josie in singing as she approached the stage. After their duet, Veronica was anointed and confirmed.[11]

At River Vixens practice, Toni performed before the squad. Afterward, in honor of Toni becoming a Vixen, Cheryl invited Veronica, Josie, Betty, and Toni over to Thistlehouse for a mandatory slumber party.


The slumber party

During the slumber party at Thistlhouse, Cheryl revealed her true intentions behind inviting them over. It wasn't to celebrate. The truth was that Cheryl was terrified of being alone at the house with her uncle Claudius, who was crazy and a complete stranger to her. Cheryl had overheard her mother and uncle plotting against her and her Nana. Josie questioned if she was merely imagining things. But if Cheryl was, then so was Betty, who was dealing with a similar circumstance. There was a stranger in her life as well, Chic. With him lurking in every corner, her house felt dangerous and deadly. After hearing a loud thump, the girls ran into the hallway to find Nana Rose unconscious at the bottom of the steps. It would seem she had fell or even been pushed.

The next day at practice, Veronica asked Josie for her celebrity endorsement for her campaign. Before Josie could say no, Veronica informed her that Andy Cohen was a very close friend of the family and should Josie agree to give her endorsement, she could perform on Watch What Happens Live as a special guest. And so Josie agreed.


Josie, Veronica and Archie on stage

As promised, Veronica got her endorsement from Josie before the student body. The two of them, along with Archie, performed on stage in front of the crowd. Unfortunately, Ethel entered the lounge halfway through their performance with flyers that revealed, among other things, that Veronica knew all about her parents turning Southside High into a prison. Upset over Veronica's deceitful ways, Betty stormed out the lounge with Veronica not far behind hoping to explain herself.[12]


Student hall meeting

After helping Ethel expose Veronica for her lies, Josie teamed up with Reggie, and decided to run alongside him for student body president. At the school hall meeting, they squared off with, Veronica, Archie, Jughead, and Betty. The first question of the night came from Sweet Pea and Fogarty as they were concerned about the Southsiders and their treatment since being transferred to Riverdale High. Midge's question followed, in regards to Veronica and Archie's parents being on opposite sides of the Mayoral election. She questioned if this would cause problems for their campaign. However, Veronica and Archie adhered to the old maxim that politics are never discussed at the dinner table. They were apparently on the same page about everything, even her parents building a prison. In the meantime, they were committed to improving the quality of life at Riverdale High, as were Josie and Reggie.


Veronica learning of Cheryl's disappearance

At River Vixens practice the following day, Veronica and Josie learned from Toni that Cheryl was missing. Toni was certain that Cheryl's mother had something to do with it as she recalled Cheryl mentioning to them how she was worried that her mother and uncle Claudius were out to get her. Cheryl's mother claimed that they sent her off to an all-girls boarding school in Switzerland, but Toni wasn't convince considering that Cheryl would be posting social media selfies every hour if this was true. But she hadn't, which Veronica was convinced was a sure sign of foul-play. So Veronica and Josie agreed to help Toni find her even if it meant storming Thistlehouse.


Toni, Veronica and Josie investigating Cheryl's disappearance

The next day, Veronica, Josie and Toni barged into Thistlehouse to demand answers on Cheryl's whereabouts. When Penelope refused to answer, Josie threatened to have her mother tell the Sheriff. Hoping to avoid any unwanted attention, Penelope complied. She revealed that the truth was that Cheryl had begun to exhibit strange, deviant behavior. So, she was sent abroad to a private wellness institute where they were trying to help her. In case they didn't believe her, Penelope gave them a drawing of Cheryl's that depicted Josie and Cheryl together, which strongly resembled the drawing that Chuck had supposedly drawn of Josie. This meant that it wasn't Chuck who threatened Josie and sent her a pig's heart, rather it was Cheryl, who had grown obsessed with Josie. Penelope supposedly feared that Cheryl would either hurt Josie, herself or both of them. The girls then exited Thistlehouse to regroup though in light of recent events, Josie wanted no involvement in Cheryl's search.

In history class the next day, Josie and Veronica exchanged looks as Toni was called up the office though none of them seemed to know what for.[13]




Season 1 Screencaps

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