Do you know why we're called the pussycats? Because we have to claw our way into a room that you can just walk into.
Josie to Archie[src]

Josie and the Pussycats are a band consisting of Josie McCoy, Valerie Brown, Melody Valentine and Veronica Lodge. They are noted for their signature cat ears and all being women of color. Due to Josie and Cheryl being best friends, occasionally Cheryl sings with her.[1] The band has also occasionally performed with Archie.


Josie and the Pussycats were formed prior to the start of the series. They are highly ambitious and won Rockland County's Battle of the Bands during their freshman year. 

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

At the start of their sophomore year, they were interrupted during their rehearsal of their song "Fear Nothing", by Archie Andrews, who had hoped to collaborate with them on their music. They refused, as they preferred to use songs they wrote themselves, building a brand in the process. They performed at the back-to-school dance later that evening, covering Cyndi Lauper's "All Through the Night" at Cheryl Blossom's request, in honor of her brother.[2]

For the annual fall Pep Rally, Cheryl Blossom thought the River Vixens cheer routine needed star power, so she asked the Pussycats to accompany them. The band performed their song "Candy Girl (Sugar Sugar)" as the cheerleaders danced.[3]

To repay Archie for corroborating her gunshot story, Cheryl asked Josie for a favor, who then allows him to observe the Pussycats’ rehearsal for the upcoming Taste of Riverdale event at which they were performing. Archie wanted the Pussycats to consider performing some of the songs he'd written, but Josie thought otherwise. She wasn't convinced that he could write for “divas of color” like them, pointing out that his privilege would make it easier for him to enter the music industry. Archie managed to win her over in the end with his suggestions on tweaking the song they were working on a little. For the event, the Pussycats performed "All For Me", co-written by Val and Archie.[4]

Veronica Lodge joined the group when Valerie Brown quit, after an argument with Josie, which stemmed from Josie's stress over her father coming to visit. Val and Josie later reconciled, and she rejoined the group in time to perform at Riverdale High School's 75th annual Variety Show. The foursome performed Donna Summer's hit song "I Feel Love".[5]

Season 2Edit

At Retro Night, Josie and the Pussycats performed a cover song, Milkshake, as the entertainment of the event.[6]

Josie and the Pussycats performed a cover song, Out Tonight, at the SoDale Gala Opening, but left in order to save Cheryl Blossom from being raped by Nick St. Clair.[7]

When Josie was confronted by the fellow members of the Pussycats, Melody and Valerie was infuriated. When asking why, they said that they revealed that they found out that Josie was practicing music by herself, and that she was considering a solo career. Josie attempted to denounce those rumors, but the girls wouldn't give her a chance, and broke off from the band.[8]



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