FP: "Son, listen to me, I’m gonna do what you want. Get my act together. I’m gonna get your mom and Jellybean home so we’re all under the same roof, I promise. But I--I just need a little time to do that, not a lot--not long, a month, two at the most. Hey, then we’ll be back on track, alright? You, uh, you believe that, don’t you?"
Jughead: "Yeah...I believe you, Dad."
―FP's promise to Jughead[src]

The father-son relationship between Jughead and FP Jones is strained but ultimately loving. Due to FP's alcoholism, Jughead moved out and their family quickly fell apart, however, Jughead still hasn't lost hope for his father. FP is trying to change for the better, in hopes of reuniting their family once more. He quit drinking, and even cleaned up, to prove to Jughead that he can change. However their happiness was sort lived with FP was framed for the murder of Jason Blossom. Even after he was proven innocent, he was still considered an accomplice and was charged for withholding evidence. As a result of this, he was facing some tough charges, sentenced to due time in prison.

After serving a few months in prison, not long after FP's court trail, he was later released from prison, where he was taken by Alice, Betty and Jughead to Pop's, where he'd have his very first meal as a free man. He even announced to them, while he was in prison, he had some time to think, as he decided to quit the Southside Serpents and work for Pop's instead. However, FP would eventually learn not long after his release, while he was away, his son would be caught up in a crossfire with Penny Peabody. FP's past history with Penny, he was worried for his son as he tried to protect him from her, as he knew along with some other Serpent members, she was bad news. Determined to prevent history from repeating itself, FP took Jughead's place, in order to get him out of his deal with Penny, thus delaying his retirement.

Determined to clean up his mess, Jughead took matters into his own hands, as he devised a plan to take out Penny by rounding up some Serpent buddies of his own. With the laws of the Serpents, and Jughead's status of being the "Serpent Prince", the son of "The King", FP Jones, the Serpents loyalty towards the Jones Family had no bounds. As they stood by Jughead's side, later kidnapping Penny, removing her from Riverdale, by forcing her over to the town of Greendale. Due to Penny's attack towards the Southside Serpents, on both FP and Jughead Jones, who were one of the two highest ranks considered amongst the Serpents, Jughead removed her Serpent Tattoo by force, kicking her out of the gang.


The Jones family always had trouble at home, which Jughead mentions as a cause for hating his birthday. Their troubles were exacerbated when FP began drinking heavily during his unemployment. Jughead's mother and sister moved out to live with their grandparents, and Jughead began living in the Drive-in.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Jughead and FP

Jughead and FP at the Twilight Drive-In.

Their relationship as father and son was first known when the Twilight Drive-In, Jughead’s place of employment, was closing down. Jughead learned that an anonymous buyer had plans to tear down the local drive-in, and he fought desperately to keep it open. However he failed and it was revealed that Jughead had been living out of the projection booth.

He met his father outside, who was a member of the the local gang, the Southside Serpents and they had a short strained conversation. His father asked "So where you gonna live now?" and he replied, "I'll figure it out, dad. I always do." After that was said, he walked past his dad and left the drive-in.[1]

Archie learns, after bumping into him in the boys' locker room early that morning that ever since the drive-in closed down, Jughead had been living out of a forgotten closet under a staircase at the High School. Jughead explained that things weren't good at home. His dad had fallen off the wagon after Fred Andrews fired him, and his mother had left with Jellybean to live with their grandparents a while back. Archie invited him to stay at his place, but he declined, saying that his situation was only temporary. Archie then spoke with his father about the situation and Fred offered to call FP about getting his job back.

Jughead visited his father at his trailer to talk about the job, and FP was happy at his return. Jughead insisted on FP getting rehired at Andrews Construction and start rebuilding their family, to which FP seemingly agrees and speaks to Fred. To celebrate FP returning to work at the Andrews Construction, Jughead, Archie, Fred and FP go to Pop's for dinner where the two fathers told stories about their younger years. When it came time to pay, Fred and FP got into a dispute over the check.

Season 1 Episode 7 Jughead FP 2

Jughead takes care of a drunk FP.

Later that night, FP and Jughead practiced music with Archie, where FP complimented him on being better than his father. He then revealed the truth about why he was forced to resign from Andrews Construction to Jughead and Archie, much to their horror. This left FP very upset and he began drinking. Jughead took his father home and put him to sleep on couch where he mentioned to his father that he spoke with Jellybean over the phone. She wanted to be addressed as 'JB', instead of Jellybean because she thought it sounded cooler. He remarked that she's a "ten-year-old who listens to Pink Floyd on vinyl, how much cooler could she get?" Jughead also mentioned that his mother now worked at a call center and is taking online classes in the hopes of finally getting her GED, which Jellybean helps her study for. However, Jughead then noticed that his father had passed out while Jughead was helping take off FP's boots and hadn't heard a word he'd said.

The next morning Jughead was brought to the Sheriff Station by Sheriff Keller as a suspect for Jason's murder. His and Betty’s fingerprints were found on Jason’s torched car as expected, but Jughead had a surprising juvie record from six years prior when he almost burned down Riverdale Elementary School, which, according to Jughead, was an accident; he was just playing with matches. Sheriff Keller unfairly suspected him as the killer due to his background and being from the ‘wrong side of the tracks’.

Fred came to his aid and told Sheriff Keller that Jughead was tearing down drywall for his construction company on July 11th, which Fred and Archie later falsified a time card to prove. Jughead’s father showed up to the station just as everyone was leaving and caused a scene in front of Fred, Archie and Betty. FP was furious and angrily demanded to see Sheriff Keller for making accusations against his son and even lashed out at Fred, who tried in vain to calm him down. FP angrily pushed Fred and stated that Jughead was his son and Fred would do the same for Archie. Jughead convinced him to let it go and before he left, FP tearfully promised he would get his act together and that they would have their family back, it would just take some time. Jughead looked angry and resigned as he told his father he believed him. In the end, Jughead went to live at the Andrew’s house.[2]

After Archie revealed that FP was a Serpent having found out when he visited the Whyte Wyrm bar, hangout of the Serpents, Betty wondered why he hadn't told her and he admitted that he was ashamed of his father. They then went to visit FP to ask about Jason Blossom as they had learned from Polly that Jason was running drugs for the Serpents. At the trailer park, after initially trying to deny the gang dealt drugs, FP divulged they gave Jason some product to deliver upstate, but when it never showed, they assumed he had run off with it, until his body washed up at Sweetwater River. Jughead then braced himself before asking his father if he had had any involvement in Jason's death. Hurt, FP asked if Jughead really thought he could do something like that but Jughead didn't know what to think anymore. FP acknowledged that he was a lousy father, but he insisted that he wasn't a killer. Outside the trailer, Betty asked if he believed his father and Jughead admitted that he did.[3]

On the eve of his son's birthday, FP received an unexpected call from Betty, wondering if he would like to join them for a surprise birthday movie and dinner. However, FP knew that if there was one thing that Jughead hated more than surprises, it was his own birthday and thought it best if he kept his distance, that that would be the best gift he could give to his son. Much to FP's surprise, Betty showed up at his work the next afternoon to insist that he join them for the small party they were going to have at Archie's house. Betty wanted to do something special for Jughead, and she believed his presence would be special. Realizing that she would not let up, FP agreed to attend Jughead's party.

The following night, as promised, he came to the party, only to discover that it was a wild house party and that he was the only adult in attendance. Gift in hand, he entered the garage to find Jughead and Archie conversing, and before leaving to put his gift in the den, commented that Betty had invited him, and that she knew what she wanted, meaning Jughead.

Season 1 Episode 10 FP Jughead

FP covinces Jughead not to run away from Betty and his friends.

Later on, FP kept quiet and watched as the teens played a game called "Secrets & Sins", in which they would reveal their own secrets, however, the game quickly escalated as punches were traded between Jughead, who was defending Betty, and another guest, Chuck Clayton. FP quickly stepped in, grabbed Chuck by his shirt, and manoeuvred him bodily out the house, declaring to the rest of the teens that the party was over. He confronted Jughead as he attempted to leave the house and told him not to run away. FP could see that Jughead had a good thing going with Betty and his friends, something he could never give him and he needed to man-up, and talk to Betty. Convinced, Jughead returned to the house.[4]

Jughead visited his father one morning, bringing coffee and doughnuts to his trailer, and was happily surprised to find the place clean and tidy. FP had even shaved. FP revealed that he had read Jughead's manuscript on Jason Blossom's death, pleasing his son who did not think he would actually read it. FP was very impressed, claiming Jughead had a gift. He then asked why Jughead had chosen to write about a dead kid, and Jughead told him that, as an outsider in Riverdale, he could tell the story that no one else would. FP then asked who he thought had killed Jason, however, Jughead thought the right question to ask would be if Riverdale was still a place of good, or a place of darkness and evil. FP then remarked that most things are both and suggested that Jughead eventually move on from Jason, and not let his story be the only one he told. That night, Jughead discussed his father with Archie, happily telling him that his father was doing really well and suggested it was time he moved back home. However, Archie tried to convince him to hold off as he and Veronica secretly suspected FP of murdering Jason Blossom on Hiram Lodge's order.

Season 1 Episode 11 FP Jughead

Jughead and FP at dinner with the Coopers.

Jughead and FP were later invited to dinner at the Cooper house before the Homecoming dance. However, the evening was tense as Alice spent the dinner questioning FP about his involvement with the Serpents and Hiram Lodge. Alice also had her suspicions about FP and while Jughead and FP were at her house, Alice had secretly tasked Veronica and Archie with searching his trailer. To get back at Alice, FP began to tell Betty and Jughead of Alice and Hal's homecoming dance, during which he had overheard them having a heated argument, which sounded like life and death. Alice angrily told him to shut up and FP obliged, warning Alice not to jerk him around in front of his son.

FP dropped Jughead and Betty off at the dance, but before Jughead left he told his father that he wanted to return home and live with him once more. Happy, FP suggested they get their whole family back together and move to Toledo to be with Jughead's mother and Jellybean, much to Jughead's surprise. After the dinner they just had and Jason's murder, FP thought it best they leave, as Riverdale chewed up people like them. Jughead later learned that his friends suspected his father was a murderer as well as searching his house and shortly afterwards was informed by Kevin and Fred that his father had been arrested for Jason's murder. He was left devastated as he had truly believed his father when he had said he was not a killer when Jughead had asked his father himself, weeks before.[5]

Season 2


Betty and Jughead talk about his father

After his father arrest, Jughead and his girlfriend are seen at Pop's after Archie's father was shot. Betty is seen talking to Jughead, as she informs him that she's worried for him due to his connections to the Southside Serpents. As she stated when he put on the Serpent Jacket, it fit him like a glove. While also adding that after he put the jacket on, the look on his face didn't look like acting. Jughead later tells her, as he defended himself. Stating that their was about ten Serpents standing outside of his fathers trailer, he couldn't say no. As he later admits to her, that it wasn't an act, as he stated that his father was going away for a long ass time, and riding his fathers old motorcycle, living in his trailer home, and being in the Serpents gang. It made him feel like he was still with his father, meaning that his father would always be with him, even if it meant that he would be behind bares for a long time.[6]

At the Sheriff Station, seated in the interrogation room, FP spoke to his attorney, while Jughead kept him company to listen in on what his attorney had to say about his father's case. Jughead paced back and forth as the attorney lay a list of the charges that FP was facing: FP was charged for Arson, destruction of evidence, making a false confession, obstructing justice, while also having to deal with the fact that he dumped a dead kids body in the river. FP stated to his attorney that he was aware of his actions for what he had done. Fortunately, he was being offered a deal. The lawyer advised FP that he should take the deal, as this is a strong deal considering how long he's been in the job. How many years, Jughead wonders, to which the lawyer explains that he could be facing twenty. However, if FP refused their offer, and his case goes to trial, FP could be facing 40 years in prison instead.

The Court Trial


FP and his attorney in the court room

The following day, during FP's court trial, Cheryl was called to the stand to give her statement after coercion from Betty, as, according to Penny Peabody, it would immensely help in FP's case if the family forgave FP for what he had done, allowing FP to serve a less harsh sentence. Cheryl stated, speaking on behalf of herself and her mother, that they forgave FP for the part that he had played in covering up her brother's murder, and they humbly ask the court for leniency. FP was seated beside his attorney, surprised to hear those words come out of Cheryl's mouth. Cheryl looked towards FP, as she continued to tell the Judge, that FP's guilt had been blown out of proportion to satiate what her father's suicide denied them. which was closure. However, as much as the judge sympathized, he couldn't ignore the quality of FP's crimes. There were no extenuating circumstances to his account.

After making a brief eye contact with Betty, Cheryl blurted out "My father threatened him". Cheryl claimed to have overheard them talking, and her father said he would hurt Jughead if FP didn't comply. Is that extenuating enough, Cheryl asked. In light of these revelations, the judge suggested that they take a step back and reevaluate certain aspects of the case. At which time, they will revisit the sentencing. Thanks to Cheryl, a delay in FP's case was ordered. His son, Jughead, placed his hand on FP's shoulder after the court was dismissed. When FP asked Jughead if it was a win for them, Jughead confirmed that it was, to which they embraced each other with tears of joy.


FP warning Jughead to stay away from Penny Peabody

Later, back at the trailer, where Jughead was making dinner for himself, he received a phone call from his father. It had come to FP's attention that Jughead had gone to see Penny Peabody, and he was clearly upset by this revelation. Confused by this, Jughead replied that he didn't have a choice, and asked him if there was something wrong. Worried, FP then asked if he paid her, which he hadn't because she said it was a favor. FP warned Jughead against contacting Penny ever again as he did not want to be in bed with the Snake Charmer.[7]

Advice from Behind Bars


Jughead and Archie seeking out advice from FP

While in prison, FP received a surprise visit from Archie and Jughead, who were seeking out advice on what to do with there current dilemma involving the Ghoulies, a rival Southside gang. As displeased as FP was with learning that Jughead joined the Southside Serpents, he seemed more displeased with the fact that Tall Boy, his right hand man, had betrayed him by setting up an alliance with the Ghoulies. In a fit of frustration, FP banged the phone up against the glass, then telling the boys that while Ghoulies dressed like fops, they were a nasty crew. Fortunately, the Serpents had survived much worse. However, Jughead and Archie needed to overcome the obstacle of being greatly outnumbered, meaning they had to avoid bloodshed at all cost by out thinking them. The one thing Ghoulies loved above all else was there souped-up retro cars and hearses. "You catch my Riverdale drift, boys?", FP asked. He suggested that Jughead and Archie challenge the Ghoulies to a one-on-one street race, but to keep it quiet or else they'd be arrested for street racing. Set the terms of the race, FP said. If the Ghoulies won, the Serpents would surrender, but if the Serpents won, the Ghoulies would have to stand down. Raising the stakes of the race, whoever won would gain control of Southside High. In doing so, they could bring an end to their troubles with the Ghoulies, the Jingle Jangle, and Mayor McCoy.[8]

Being Deceived

After receiving news from Penny Peabody on his fathers status in prison, Jughead later came by to visit FP. Once he came by to visit, he expected his father to have bruises across his face, as he was told by Penny, that his father was jumped by some Ghoulie members, due to Archie and him not honoring there deal with the Ghoulies, when the called the cop on them in the middle of the Riverdale Drag Race, getting there most valuable ranks arrested in the process. Once he came by to visit his father, he would eventually learn that he was deceived by Penny, as he was used as a pawn, to get him to do her dirty work for her, as a price to be paid back.[9]

Prison Release


Jughead and Betty picking FP up from prison

The day for FP's release from prison had finally come. He exited the prison to the sight of Jughead, Betty, and Alice awaiting his arrival just outside the fence. He was greeted with a hug by Jughead. Alice then asked if what they said about men who had just been released from prison was true, that they were incredibly sexually frustrated. The four of them then got into Alice's station wagon, and headed down to Pop's, where FP had his first meal as a free man. With the Black Hood targeting sinners, especially those who associate themselves with hoodlums like the Southside Serpents, Alice advised FP to watch his back. Much to everyone's surprise, FP revealed that he wouldn't be going back to the Serpents. It was a decision that he had plenty of time to think over while locked up. That lifestyle was too much of a slippery slope, so it would be one last ride for him and Jughead. As for the extra time, he would have due to no longer running the Serpents, FP planned to get a job at the diner, as he had seen a help wanted sign in the window. Alice remarked that they should hope that his plans didn't come crashing down when he inevitably began drinking again. However, as FP informed her, he was in AA, which he started in jail, and didn't plan on stopping.


Jughead and FP having a father to son talk

Later that day, Jughead and FP road their motorcycles along the coastline of Sweetwater River. They parked off road, where they looked off into the nearby forest and discussed past grievances and future plans. Things got out of control while his father was away, leaving Jughead to often question what he would do in certain predicaments. Concluding that Penny was responsible for his releases, FP asked if she had bothered Jughead. Jughead claimed that he did a simple favor for Penny, and considering that it was a one time job, he didn't ask too many questions. Though Jughead insisted that they were squared away. FP then revealed to Jughead that when he was sixteen, his father kicked him out and told him to go to hell. Instead, he joined the Serpents, and then the Army, but only to return, and pick up where he left off with the Serpents. FP didn't want Jughead to follow in his footstep. He would much rather Jughead go to college in order to get out of town given that he was destined for better things. However, Jughead had no plans on leaving, though he wanted his father's blessing in staying, reasoning that he ran the gauntlet and fought with and for the Serpents. FP was only willing to grant Jughead his blessing so long as he promised to keep writing, which Jughead agreed to considering that he had been doing so every day.


FP taking Jughead and Betty's plates

While at Pop's, Jughead was forced to stand idly by as Cheryl belittled FP by intentionally knocking over her milkshake, and demanding that he clean it up just as he cleaned up Jason's blood, she remarked. Unfortunately, with FP being recently hired as the diner's newest busboy, he had to do as he was told. Jughead sought to intervene but his father instructed him to stand down. Jughead grew angry, as his father used to be a king. A leader of men, but now he's fallen to the point of being demeaned by the likes of Cheryl. He deserved to be honored, not humiliated. From that, Betty devised a plan to throw FP a retirement party fit for a king.

Later that night, as they returned to the trailer, Jughead told FP about the retirement party that Betty was organizing in his honor, which FP was initially against considering that he was trying to keep the Serpents in his past. Though Jughead managed to persuade him into attending, stating that it was merely a one-night event that he deserved considering that he had done right by them. Now it was their time to do right by him, as this particular era came to an end. As they sat down to eat, Jughead got a call from Archie, and headed into the back where he could talk privately.


FP's Speech to the Serpents

That night, FP arrived at the Whyte Wyrm for his party just in time to escort Betty off stage after she had stripped down to her black lingerie and performed the "Serpent dance" for the crowd, which was a Serpent tradition of initiation for its female members. He covered Betty with his jacket, then giving her a round of applause, while encouraging the crowd to do the same, asking that they show her the Serpent hospitality that they're known for. FP then gave a speech, stating that he had been in and out of the Serpents since he was younger than Jughead, and it had been a wild ride with both good times and bad times. However, through it all, the Serpents stuck by his side when no one else would, his own family included. The letter of the law said that he wasn't allowed in the Serpents den nor was he allowed to associate with his fellow Serpents, who he referred to as his real friends and family. To that, FP said that "it'll be a cold day in hell before a snake lets a pig tell him what to do". The Northside wanted him out of the gang. Unfortunately for them, they'd have to bring a coffin because FP had decided against retiring. He refused to go gently, encouraging the Northside to come at him with their best.


FP telling Jughead he knows about his deal with the Snake Charmer

immediately following his speech, FP got off stage and approached Jughead, who heard the entire thing, and was left to wonder what had happened to FP's plans of retirement. FP gave his son a hug, whispering in his ear that he knew about Jughead's deal with the Snake Charmer; how he made a delivery for her in Greendale and how he had yet to repay the debt he owed her. This was the one thing that FP had asked Jughead not to do. Jughead asked that he be given the opportunity to fix his screw up, but it was too late. He was out and FP was in. From that moment forward, Penny was his problem. FP then informed Jughead that he broke his heart. They were then joined by Tall Boy, Sweet Pea, and the other Serpents, who all took shots in his honor. "Hail to the king", they said.[10]


Jughead inquiring about Penny and the drug trafficking

At the trailer, Jughead had hoped to talk to his father about the predicament they were in regarding Penny. However, as far as FP was concerned, Penny was not Jughead's problem. He warned Jughead to stay out of it despite the fact that she had Jughead and Archie on camera, delivering drugs to a warehouse in Greendale. It was because of this that FP sought to keep Jughead out of Penny's way, even if it meant as Jughead put it "pimping the Serpents out as drug-runners". The more Jughead pushed, the greater he tested his father's patience, who warned him multiple times to steer clear of Penny and her trafficking of drugs. Jughead refused to listen to father's warnings, even asking Tall Boy, who had just arrived at the trailer, about the contents of a mysterious bag that he had brought in. FP raised his voice with towards Jughead, telling him to mind his business and go to school.

FP entered the Whyte Wyrm to discover Jughead not at school, but instead talking with Toni and Fogarty. When FP asked why he was at the bar, Jughead told him that it was a half day due to Christmas break. With that being said, FP requested that Jughead look after the Wyrm while he and Tall Boy made another delivery for Penny. Jughead asked to join them, but FP refused his company. Instead, he called on Sweet Pea to assist them in the delivery.


FP and Jughead arguing over Penny and the drug trafficking

FP returned to the trailer to learn from Jughead that Jack Walsh, his parole officer, had stopped by. While Jughead managed to get rid of Mr. Walsh, he had already heard about the Serpents moving into "Narcos territory". Tired of listening to Jughead's ruminations about Serpents trafficking drugs for Penny, FP opened the bags on the table to reveal Christmas presents. Initially, Jughead thought they were stuffed with drugs, but FP clarified they were gifts for Jughead, his mom and his sister, Jellybean. FP wanted to drive up to Toledo on Christmas morning to hand deliver them. Despite FP's good intentions, Jughead continued to ask him questions about Penny and how her increasingly dangerous favors could mean trouble for the Serpents. Enraged by the non-stop questioning, FP raised his voice, telling Jughead that them living together isn't working out and that it was probably best if Jughead went back living with the Andrews or even Betty, who Jughead had broken up with, unbeknownst to FP. Jughead attempted to explain that he only wants to help fix the mess he made, but FP claimed that they are trapped and that they had no leverage, meaning he would have to do anything Penny ordered him to do, for as long as necessary, even being her dancing monkey for the time being. The discussion ended with FP going to get some rest, as a long night of work awaits him.


Jughead and FP talking about Penny's take down

After getting his pound of flesh by driving Penny out to Greendale and kicking her out the Serpents by removing her tattoo, Jughead stopped at Pop's on his way home. He greeted his father with a celebratory dinner, telling him that Penny was gone, as he had rallied the younger Serpents to help drive her out of Riverdale. Despite Jughead's best efforts to right his wrongs, FP was furious. He was positive that Penny would return with a vengeance, though Jughead would beg to differ because he was very persuasive. However, should she return, they would take care of her together. Jughead recited the sixth law to his father, "In unity there is strength", which was the very same law he recited everyday while his father was in jail. He lived by this specific law. Jughead was fine with his father taking his Serpents jacket and relegating him to Toys for Tots because no matter what, he would still be a Serpent, which he was proud of. And it was something that no one could take away from him, not even his father.

On Christmas morning, Jughead unwrapped his present from Betty. She had purchased him a Vintage Underwood, which is the typewriter of champions. FP asked if he wished to swing by the Cooper house to thank Betty in person, but Jughead would rather call or text her.[11]


Jughead reading the school notice

In a booth at Pop's, Jughead read aloud to his father the notice that was released of Southside High's abrupt closing. Supposedly, the school had been deemed a public health hazard by Mayor McCoy due to toxic fumes from the methamphetamine lab that was in the basement. Oddly enough, there wasn't any meth to be found, merely Jingle Jangle. Jughead began to grow suspicious given the circumstances surrounding the closing down of Southside High. However, his father claimed that his reason for not wanting to return to Riverdale High was in relation to Betty, who walked through the shoppe's doors just as they began to speak of her.


Jughead explaining to FP why he's suspended

FP entered the Whyte Wyrm to find Jughead playing arcade games. Jughead explained that he was suspended from school because Weatherbee was disrespecting the Serpents and targeting them. He even told them to take off their skins, another term for their Serpent jackets. Much like Sweet Pea and Toni, his father didn't seem to think it was a big deal, suggesting that Jughead just wear the jacket after school. "A Serpent never sheds his skin", Jughead stated. One of the Serpents' laws, which FP needed no reminder of. Jughead then admitted that the real reason for his frustration stemmed from the closing of Southside High. Admittedly, it was in poor condition, but it was their home nonetheless. While his father understood his frustration, getting arrested for truancy wouldn't solve anyone's problems. They needed to be smart. Serpents hibernate in the winter. His father advised him to lay low for a while, but never stop being a Serpent.[12]

The Case of the Decapitated Statue


Jughead and FP telling Sheriff Keller that the Serpents are innocent

Jughead and FP welcomed Sheriff Keller into their trailer, only to tell him that they didn't have General Pickens' head nor did they know who stole it, which is the same thing they told him the last four times he came by to ask them and their neighbors. With the visits from the Sheriff increasing at an alarming rate, Jughead began to suspect that they were being harassed since there wasn't an ounce of evidence to indicate that the Southside Serpents had any involvement in the taking of General Pickens' head. Though the Sheriff recalled Jughead's rather scathing article about the General's legacy, which promoted the Serpents to protest Pickens Day. Countering his argument, Jughead told the Sheriff how he was writing a new article about how the Sheriff seemed to care more about catching a vandal than he did the Black Hood.


FP preventing a fight between Jughead and Tall Boy due to their disputes

Later that day when Mayor McCoy issued a warrant of eviction on Sunnyside Trailer Park, FP held a meeting at the Whyte Wyrm to deal with the situation. Standing on the stage with the Serpents gathered before him, he promised them that none of them would be evicted. But the heat's been on them since Pickens Day and the Northsiders were using the statue as an excuse to turn it up. If he was going to fix it he needed to know if one of them was responsible for cutting off Pickens' head. Tall Boy stepped forward, accusing Jughead, Toni Topaz, Sweet Pea and the rest of their "posse" of triggering the Northsiders with their pointless protest and the article. Jughead and Tall Boy nearly came to blows, if FP had not interposed between them to avoid the worst-case scenario. In fact, FP advised the Serpents that the last thing they needed was turning against each other.


Jughead finding Penny

Jughead entered the Whyte Wyrm later that week to find that the Snake Charmer had returned. Tall Boy had brought her in to help combat the two week eviction notice. Jughead exclaimed that they didn't need Penny's kind of help, though his word meant nothing since he broke Serpent law by hurting one of his own. The Serpents gathered around Penny, including FP as she showed them how Jughead slice a chunk out of her arm where her Serpent tattoo used to be. He left her bleeding in a ditch in Greendale. Nonetheless, Penny was still willing to help the Serpents. While the eviction notices that Tall Boy had shown her were legitimate, she could think of many ways that would stall the process by years. Her price, however, was blood for blood. An eye for an eye. She wanted her membership with the Serpents reinstated and she wanted Jughead to be kicked out in her place. More than that, for her final demand in exchange for her services, she wanted to carve off Jughead's tattoo with a dirty knife.


Jughead vs FP

Jughead waited in the trailer for his father to return with the verdict. When FP did return, he revealed that the Serpents were putting it to a vote, Jughead vs Penny. While she was a cobra, mutilating her was the kind of thing that you don't come back from, FP told him. Much like stuffing a teenager's body in a freezer, Jughead remarked. FP jacked him up against the wall and told him to keep his mouth shut. Furthermore, Tall Boy was right in saying that Jughead brought the Northside down on them. Serpents are losing their dens because of his article. Jughead told his father not to kid himself given that they were simply using his article and what happened to the statue of General Pickens as an excuse to justify what they had already been doing. Between cutting up women and bringing the temple down upon them, FP surmised that Jughead would be the death of the Serpents.


Jughead, Betty and the Serpents voting for Tall Boy to be exiled

Jughead, FP and Betty returned to the Wyrm with the head to General Pickens' statue in hand. FP demanded that they stop the vote in light of recent developments. They sat Tall Boy down to ask him what he was doing at the dump last week. When Tall Boy questioned why Betty was in the bar, Jughead stated that she was one of them. Tall Boy then revealed that he stole the head because he was tired of seeing the Serpents go soft under FP's rule. Hiram Lodge came by, wanting to stir up trouble. He told Tall Boy that if he took the head, he'd get Mayor McCoy and the cops to swarm all over them, causing chaos in the process. Tall Boy essentially helped Hiram Lodge start a mutiny, and Jughead wanted to know why. Tall Boy explained that he did so in an attempt to get rid of Jughead, which would get rid FP as well, leaving the Serpents under the leadership of him and Penny. In doing this, Tall Boy betrayed his own kind and broke Serpent law. His punishment was being stripped of his jacket and exiled.[13]

FP returned to the trailer after exiling Tall Boy, who Jughead identified as a coward. On his way back, FP had been considering whether or not he should have a sit down with Mayor McCoy, taking a page from Jughead's playbook so to speak. With proof that Hiram Lodge was responsible for General Pickens' statue being decapitated, FP sought to appeal to her sense of justice. However, Jughead had already sent the head to the Lodges as a message.


Jughead and FP meeting with Hiram and Veronica

A couple days later, Jughead and FP welcomed Hiram and Veronica into their home to discuss the fate of the trailer park. They revealed that Tall Boy had told them that he had been paid by Hiram to decapitate the Pickens Statue as an excuse to turn up the heat on the Southside Serpents. This act had a lot of nervous people scared that they were going to lose their homes. Hiram had heard about that and though it supposedly had nothing to do with him, he had spoken to Mayor McCoy. As a gesture of good will to the Southside community, he offered to settle any back rent that they or their neighbors may owe the town. In return, Hiram claimed that he only wanted peace. However, his true intentions were to bribe Jughead so that he wouldn't be mentioned in the upcoming exposé that Jughead was writing. Unfortunately for the Lodges, Jughead refused to be compromised so he and his father turned down their deal.


FP, Alice, Jughead and Betty at Pop's

The following night, FP invited Alice and Betty into the trailer after learning from Jughead that Chic had killed a man and that Alice and Betty had cleaned up the mess by dumping the body in the woods. Jughead, Betty and Alice sat in a booth at Pop's as his father got rid of the body. FP covered the man in sodium hydroxide before burying him. Within a week's time, there would be nothing left of him, not even his teeth. Alice then thanked FP for his assistance. She was sorry for pulling Betty in, who then pulled Jughead in. Though, the circle ended with them. All loose ends had been taken care of.[14]

FP returned home after the night shift at Pop's, and found Jughead studying newspaper clippings and clues about Hiram Lodge's alleged illegal activities on a map of Riverdale hanging on the wall. FP told his son to stop it since Hiram Lodge had just extinguished their debts and saved the Sunnyside Trailer Park but when Jughead said that Hiram had just bought The Register, probably in an attempt to silence the press and divert public attention from his activities, FP sat at the table and listened to his son's theories.


FP confessing he worked for Hiram once

A few evenings later, FP and Jughead were talking again about Hiram Lodge's plans. Jughead was complaining that Hiram was always two steps ahead of him, and FP replied that Hiram was playing and winning on that game since before Jughead was born to which Jughead claimed that this was possible because Hiram was playing dirty. Unable to endure seeing his son groped in the dark, FP sat by his side on the couch and revealed to him that Hiram had asked him and other Serpents to destroy the Twilight Drive-In so he could've been able to buy it at a lower price, and that they accepted the job. FP reassured Jughead that although he had agreed to work for Hiram in the past, was also willing to sign a confession just to help Jughead to bring Hiram down. The conversation was interrupted by a phone call and Jughead went out, stating that FP should not confess anything for now before closing the door behind. FP sat in the dim light of the room, visibly shaken at having disappointed his son with his behavior by working for Hiram Lodge.

During the night shift at Pop's, Jughead informed FP that Hiram Lodge's master plan had something to do with his old stomping ground, Shankshaw. Jughead said that he had tried calling the warden a dozen times but he has not called him back. FP suggested trying to contact War Baby, as he was aware of everybody's business.


FP and Jughead visiting War Baby in prison

Later, FP and Jughead visited War Baby at the penitentiary. War Baby asked FP if he wanted him to knock some heads in prison for him, but FP replied that they needed intel and if he heard about anything major going on behind the scenes about Hiram Lodge.

Next evening, FP and Jughead stood outside Town Hall along with the rest of the town as the Lodges held a press conference to announce their plans for SoDale and that Hermione Lodge would be running for Mayor. [15]


FP and Jughead outside

Jughead and FP rallied the Serpents in support of Southside High and chained themselves to the school in protest. That night, as Jughead sat alone outside Southside High as the others went to warm up, FP joined him. He came offering burgers from Pop's despite his hunger strike. Several burgers later, Jughead learned that his dad got a call from Hiram Lodge, who offered them a penthouse upon SoDale's completion should Jughead desist with his protest. However, Jughead could hardly imagine himself standing on a penthouse balcony, looking over a prison where he and his friends once attended school. And then there was Jellybean, who'd grow up in a town where her best hope, other than leaving Riverdale, would be to work in a prison. He couldn't see that for them.


FP stopping Archie

The following morning, with the demolition just a day away, Jughead, FP, and the Serpents were joined at Southside High by a crowd of Southsiders, all demanding that Southside High be reopened. Surpisingly, their peaceful protest was interrupted by the wrestling team, allow of who held bolt cutters and were led by Archie, who Jughead had no intent on fighting. All around them were residents of Riverdale with their phones out and recording. While it may have taken a couple days, now people knew what Hiram was doing. So no matter what happened, Jughead would continue to fight. With that being said, he told Archie to cut their chains as he wanted the whole crowd to see them do it. Shockingly, Archie and the wrestling team did just that. Cutting the Serpents from their chains one-by-one.[16]


Jughead and Betty at the student hall meeting

FP sat in the crowd during Riverdale High's school hall meeting. He watched as Jughead and Betty, his running mate, addressed the student body. Determined to become student body president and save the school, Jughead and Betty squared off with Archie, Veronica, Reggie and Josie at the school hall meeting. The first question of the night came from Sweet Pea and Fogarty who were concerned about the Southsiders and their treatment since being transferred to Riverdale High. Jughead and Betty assured them that they would be looked after though Sweet Pea and Fogarty were far from convinced. Afterward, Jughead and Betty hastily left the school hoping to avoid an encounter with Betty's mother.

Back at the trailer, Jughead, FP, and Betty made a startling discovery while watching the news, that the dead man's car which Jughead and Betty had sunk in the river had been uncovered by local law enforcement.


Betty and Jughead with their parents at Pop's

Jughead, FP, Betty, and Alice convened in a booth at Pop's the next morning to discuss their next course of action. Jughead blamed himself for the discovery of the vehicle, claiming he should've known better, but there was no way he could've known that Junkyard Steve drained the swamp for people's cast offs. It was Jones luck, Jughead noted. Fortunately, they wiped the car clean of prints before dumping it. As Sheriff Keller entered the diner, Jughead and Betty were told to keep their mouths shut and act normal. In the unlikely event that something happened, they were to batten down the hatches. Until then, life was to go on and they were to stay away from the car.


Chic, Jughead, Betty, Alice and FP at the trailer

FP and Alice scolded Betty and Jughead for questioning Kevin despite being told to lay low. However, Betty and Jughead explained that they had to in order to figure out what was going on with the car. Furthermore, Kevin didn't suspect anything. They had learned that Chic's drug dealer, Dwayne, stole someone's car before stopping by the house. Considering that Dwayne didn't have a car of his own, Chic concluded that he must've taken his girlfriend Darla's car. Unfortunately, Chic couldn't tell them much about her as he barely knew her. Regardless, as FP pointed out, there was nothing connecting them to the car.[17]


FP: "So, where you gonna live now?"
Jughead: "I'll figure it out, Dad...I always do."
―Jughead's first on-screen interaction with FP[src]
Jughead: "Did you have anything to do with Jason Blossom's death?"
FP Jones: "You really think I could do that?"
Jughead: "It's the dark ages dad, I don't really know what to think anymore."
FP: "I'm not a perfect father, Jughead, no getting around that but, I'm no killer."
―Jughead confronts his father[src]
Jughead: "What?! You want to give me some advice on my right hook?"
FP: "I want you to go back inside and talk to your girl."
Jughead: "I don't think it's going to work out...irreconcilable differences."
FP: "Don't—Don't run away from this! Don't run away. You've got something good here, with her, with your friends, something that--something that we could never give you. And also, man up. After what I just saw in there, she needs you."
―FP gives Jughead advice[src]
This is excellent. Me, I can barely string two sentences together, but you, you got a gift. Thank God you're not wasting it.
— FP praising Jughead's manuscript[src]


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