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They couldn't afford tickets for everyone, so my sister Jellybean and I would hide in the trunk until we parked.
— Jughead Jones

The brother-sister relationship between Jughead and Jellybean Jones is currently undefined and vague. Jughead and Jellybean were separated by their mother's move to Toledo. Jellybean isn't shown in the series outside of a photograph, but Jughead mentions her several times.


When the two were younger, their parents would take them to the Twilight Drive-In. Since their parents often couldn't afford tickets for all four of them, the kids would hide in the trunk of the car and would sneak out once they were parked.

After Fred Andrews fired their father and he began drinking heavily, ten-year-old Jellybean and her mother went to live with Jughead and Jellybean's grandparents, while Jughead moved into his workplace (the drive-in theater).

Throughout RiverdaleEdit

Season 1Edit

When Jughead is forced to leave the drive-in due to its impending closure, he grabs a photograph of him and Jellybean when they were kids.[1]

Jughead mentioned to his father that he spoke with Jellybean over the phone. She wanted to be addressed as 'JB', instead of Jellybean, because she thought it sounded cooler. He remarked that she's a "ten-year-old who listens to Pink Floyd on vinyl, how much cooler could she get?" Jughead also mentioned that she was helping their mother study for her GED.[2]


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