Veronica: "You and I have a lot in common."
Jughead: "Oh, because my dad's going to prison and your dad's getting out?"
Veronica: "We're dating each other's best friends, I was going to say, but yes, prison thing too."
―Jughead and Veronica at lunch[src]

Jughead Jones and Veronica Lodge first became acquainted through mutual friends Archie and Betty and soon became friends themselves.

Throughout RiverdaleEdit

Season 1Edit

Jughead and Veronica first met after Archie and Jughead rekindled their friendship and joined Betty and Veronica in a booth at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Jughead introduced himself and sat beside Veronica. They all sat together, laughing and engaging in conversation. [1]

With the Twilight Drive-In closing, Jughead was furious as the drive-in was very special to him and thought the residents should be trying to save it, which he tried to explain to Betty, Veronica, and Kevin at Pop's. Veronica thought it was overdue as she didn't believe that anyone still went to drive-ins, when there are more efficient ways of seeing movies in this day and age. Jughead struggled over which film he should play for the closing night, and he asked the group, who he had already invited to attend, for suggestions. Moments later, Archie, Fred Andrews, and Ms. Grundy entered the diner and Betty jumped up, and went outside with Archie, which led Veronica to wonder what they were talking about, and if it was her. Jughead told her it wasn't as he already knew what they were talking about: Archie's affair with Ms. Grundy. Veronica then went out to find out.[2]

After Betty's sister, Polly escaped from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy where their parents had sent her conceal her teenage pregnancy by Jason Blossom, Betty apprised the group of her situation and worried that her sister might be hurt. Veronica then noticed a moment shared between Betty and Jughead as he comforted her, which Veronica later told Betty she fully approved of.[3]

With Polly found and living with the Lodges, Jughead, Archie, Betty, Veronica, Kevin, Cheryl Blossom, and Valerie Brown analyzed Polly's dilemma, in which the Coopers wanted her but not the baby, and the Blossoms wanted the baby, but not her. A true Gordian Knot, Jughead said, however, Veronica disagreed, it was a fairly solvable problem, she suggested that they throw Polly a baby shower, which would force the Coopers to finally start communicating. Jughead then wondered if he was expected to attend, and Veronica immediately stated yes, as he was Betty's boyfriend. She then laughed as Betty and Jughead looked at one another shyly and told them to relax, it was just a word that began with the letter B.

Down at Pop's shoppe the next day, Veronica and Betty learned from Jughead that Moose had been attacked at the SoDale work site the night before. He was fine but the two thugs responsible got away. Archie joined them and tried to convince Jughead to go with him, Moose and Kevin to a bar called the Whyte Wyrm to find the Southside Serpents he thought were responsible for the attack, but Jughead refused.

That night, the girls and Jughead hosted the baby shower for Polly. During the gift opening portion of the evening, Archie stormed into the room, and announced to both Veronica and Betty that Jughead's father was a Southside Serpent, that was why he wouldn't go with Archie to the bar. Veronica got between the two and told them to check themselves as it was Polly's night and to settle their differences elsewhere.[4]

Days later in the student lounge at school, Archie, Kevin and Veronica were celebrating as Archie had just informed them that he had a chance to go to a very exclusive music program the next summer. As Betty and Jughead joined the group, he explained that Penelope Blossom offered to put in a good word for him in exchange for escorting Cheryl to her family's annual tree tapping event. Kevin and Betty were happy for Archie, while Jughead and Veronica were worried about him doing favors for the Blossoms.[5]

When Betty wanted to arrange a surprise party for Jughead's 16th Birthday, Veronica was immediately enthused, despite Archie's initial warnings that Jughead hated his birthday, saying "any excuse to wear a cute party dress". Indeed, Jughead was clearly uncomfortable with surprise party at the Andrews house, which included Veronica, Kevin, Ethel Muggs, and Joaquin DeSantos, though Veronica wished him a happy birthday in Portuguese. Jughead later privately said to Betty that she and Archie were his real friends that everyone else, including Veronica and Kevin, were people that he would've "actively shunned".

The party quickly grew out of control when Cheryl and Chuck Clayton crashed the party, leading to an impromptu game in which the guests reveal embarrassing secrets about one another. Jughead was visibly troubled to learn that Veronica's father Hiram Lodge had purchased the drive-in land. After the game descended into a brawl between Jughead and Chuck, Jughead's father ejected Chuck from the house and brought the party to a swift end.

The next morning, Jughead was surprised to see Veronica emerge from Archie's bedroom. Amused, Jughead promised to keep it to himself.[6]


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References Edit

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