Listen Moose, you're hot. Yes. My type? Definitely. But you've got more demons than The Exorcist. We're all on the spectrum, but my gay-o-meter says you should stick with what you know best... Girls.
— Kevin to Moose regarding their fling[src]

The relationship between Kevin Keller and Moose Mason began as a secret hook up between the two of them after the back-to-school Semi-formal.


Despite growing up in the same town, it is currently unclear how familiar Kevin and Moose were prior to the start of the series. However, they were at least aware of one another's presence.

Throughout RiverdaleEdit

Season 1Edit

Kevin approached Betty at the dance and informed her that Moose Mason propositioned him in the bathroom, and later, he was seen staring at Moose as he was standing with Reggie, but he was quickly pulled away by Betty. Kevin and Moose headed to Sweetwater River after the dance, and prepared to skinny dip. The two continued to flirt with one another. As Kevin teased Moose over his secrecy, Kevin tripped and saw Jason Blossom's body, discovering that he had been shot in the head. [1]

As Kevin and Betty walked the halls of Riverdale High School, she asked him if he was okay after being the one to find Jason's body. He replied that it was even more awkward having to explain to his father why he was with Moose during that time. During biology class, Moose insisted that he partner up with Kevin as the two had to talk about something. Kevin told Moose that he should stick with what he knew best - women. At lunch, Kevin talked about Moose with Betty and Veronica, commenting that he wasn't romantically interested in Moose because he already had a girlfriend, Midge Klump.[2]

Season 2Edit

Kevin finds Midge after Moose gets shot. Later Kevin visit's Moose in the hospital. Moose tells Kevin they can hang or talk whenever he wants.[3]


Season 1 ScreencapsEdit

Season 2 ScreencapsEdit


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