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The father-son relationship between Kevin and Sheriff Keller is unspecified due to lack of interactions, but they care for one another.


Sometime before the start of the series, the Sheriff became aware of his son's sexual orientation, and was very accepting and supportive of his son.

Throughout the Series Edit

Season 1Edit

After Kevin and Moose Mason had their hook-up aborted the night before when they found the corpse of Jason Blossom washed up at Sweetwater River, Betty asked Kevin if he was alright. He was, if anything, he was more traumatized from having to explain to his father why he and Moose were out at the river together.[1]

As Sheriff Keller went over the details of the case at home, Kevin asked if he could borrow the truck for the drive-in. He didn't have a date for the closing night, so he went with Veronica Lodge. Sheriff Keller asked his son if there was possibly a nice gay kid at school, which there was, but unfortunately, it was Kevin himself. Before handing Kevin the keys, he told him "No cruising guys tonight", making Kevin cringe. A lot of inappropriate activity took place in the woods surrounding the drive-in, not to mention they still had not captured Jason's killer, on top of all the unsavory characters on that side of town, he insisted that Kevin stay in the truck.

That night, when the Sheriff and his son arrived home, they noticed that their front door had been kicked in. Firearm drawn, the Sheriff slowly entered the residence and discovered that the case work on Jason Blossom's murder had been stolen.[2]

Season 2Edit



Kevin: "Can I borrow the truck for the drive-in?"
Sheriff Keller: "You got a date?"
Kevin: "No, I'm going with Veronica."
Sheriff Keller: "Oh, okay. I mean, is there not a nice gay kid at your school?"
Kevin: "Yeah. There is. Me."
―Sheriff Keller supports his son[src]

Gallery Edit


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