Lee Rose is an American film and television director, producer and writer.


Lee Rose started out in the entertainment industry as a member of The Ensemble Studio Theater and The Los Angeles Actors Theater.

Rose then moved into the Hollywood scene as a writer for the television film It's Nothing Personal (1993). After that, she wrote and produced the made-for-television movies Deconstructing Sarah (1994) and A Mother's Prayer (1995). She also wrote and produced the television movie, An Unexpected Family (1996), along with its sequels An Unexpected Life (1998) and An Unexpected Love (2003), which she was also the director for. Her directing debut was for the The Color of Courage (1998). Into the 2000s, she worked on The Truth about Jane (2000), A Girl Thing (2001), Jack (2004) and Dear Viola (2014).

She started directing episodic television in 2004 with Soul Food. She also has directed for Related, Lincoln Heights, Greek, The Glades, Beauty and The Beast, True Blood, The Fosters, Under the Dome, Lost Girl, Haven, Grimm, and most recently, Riverdale.



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