I don't know, but guys like us, like you, in a town like Riverdale, we don't have a lot of options. So, even if something bad could happen, we go for it, 'Cause what if, for ten minutes or maybe even just for two minutes, we're not alone.
— Moose to Kevin[src]

Moose Mason is a recurring character on Riverdale. He is portrayed by Cody Kearsley.

Moose is a student at Riverdale High School and a member of the varsity football team, the Riverdale Bulldogs.

He, along with Midge, were attacked by the Black Hood though only Moose was harmed as he shielded Midge from the gun fire. With the help of Kevin, he was rushed to a hospital where he later made a full recovery.

Early Life

It is currently unknown whether or not Moose grew up in Riverdale. There's also nothing known of his home life, such as his family. However, his closest friend appears to be Reggie Mantle, as they are almost always together.

Throughout Riverdale

Season 1

Closet Case

Season 1 Episode 1 The Rivers Edge Moose Kevin 1

Kevin and Moose at Sweetwater River

According to Kevin Keller, Moose approached him at the back-to-school Semi-formal with a proposition, apparently, some time during the discussion, Moose showed Kevin a "certain appendage", one he described as being "horse-like". Following his conversation with Kevin, he spiked the punch bowl and got drunk with Reggie. After the Semi-formal, he and Kevin headed to Sweetwater River. Whilst arriving, Moose stated that he was not gay. As the two prepare to go skinny-dipping, Kevin stumbles upon the body of Jason Blossom at the shore. [1]

Moose insists that he be partnered up with Kevin during class, as they have something to talk about. He wanted to arrange another meet up with Kevin on Saturday night. However, Kevin declines as Moose has too many secrets, he then suggested that Moose stick with what he knows best, which is girls. Later that day, in the student lounge, Reggie questioned Moose on what he and Kevin were doing by the river, and why the cops didn't come looking for him, since they found the body. [2]

Bulldog Territory

Moose backed up Chuck Clayton in the boys locker room with a bulldog bark as Chuck belittled Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper after they confronted him about his slut-shaming of the former. [3]

As the football team ran drills during practice, Moose stood along the sideline of the field with Coach Clayton and several other players. [4]

Moose, Reggie, and several other members of the Riverdale Bulldogs taunted an anxious Archie, as he got on stage to perform his audition song for the annual Variety Show, the severity of which resulted in the players momentarily appearing in werewolf masks. [5]

Construction & Carousing

Season 1 Episode 8 The Outsiders Moose (2)

Moose is attacked by two thugs

Having learned that Andrews Construction, the company that is owned by Archie's father, was facing great misfortune, Moose, Archie, Jughead and Keller volunteered to assist him in the SoDale project and keep him on schedule until he could find a real crew. Unlike everyone else, Moose rather enjoyed the hard labor, he preferred working on the construction site instead of the weight room. The day had come to an end as the boys returned to the trailer, but Moose accidentally left his phone back on the project site, as he returned to retrieve it, he stumbled upon two thugs damaging Andrews construction equipment. They then turned their attention to Moose, knocking him to the ground and beating him bloody, before warning him that they'd return if construction for the SoDale project didn't come to an end. Sheriff Keller arrived shortly after to get their statements, while Fred believed the men to be associates of Cliff Blossom, Archie suggested that they could've Southside Serpents, who were angry due to losing their territory.

The next day, with the help of Kevin's boyfriend, Joaquin, who was also a Serpent, Moose, Archie and Kevin infiltrated a known hang out of the Serpents, called the Whyte Wyrm. Once inside, Moose directed his attention towards a patron in the bar that could've potentially been one of his attackers. While the original plan was to find the thugs responsible and call Sheriff Keller, Archie took it upon himself to confront the Serpent, which didn't end well as they were greatly outmanned. Luckily, the fight was brought to an end by FP Jones, the leader of the Serpents and Jughead's father. He removed the boys from the bar, and set them home before they could cause any further trouble. [6]

Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend Moose and Tina

Moose with a keg

A large group of students. Moose included, were led by Cheryl and Chuck as they crashed Jughead's 16th Birthday Party at Archie's house. With a keg over his shoulder, Moose wondered where Archie wanted them, which he replied one in the kitchen and one in the backyard. Then he and Cheryl took the dance floor, where they danced and kissed. He was also there to bear witness to Archie's altercation with Valerie, which he, Chuck and Cheryl had a good laugh about. Unfortunately, the party abruptly came to an end as a fight between Jughead and Chuck resulted in FP sending everyone home.[7]

Though Jason Blossom's jersey had been retired, the Riverdale Bulldogs were still set to play the Baxter High Ravens, Moose included. The following night, Moose attended Riverdale High School's Homecoming dance, where he had a great time listening to Archie and Veronica perform "Kids in America".[8]

Season 2

With news circulating throughout town of Archie's father being shot at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, Moose, his girlfriend Midge, and the Bulldogs joined Archie down at Riverdale General Hospital in a show of support for him and his family during their time of need.[9]

Deadly Days at Lovers' Lane


Moose and Midge taking drugs in the woods

After learning that Riverdale High's former music teacher, Ms. Grundy, was murdered in her Greendale home the previous night, Moose and Midge attended Retro Night at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, where they scored some Jingle Jangle from Reggie in the diner's parking lot. Unbeknownst to them, they were being photographed by Alice Cooper. Later that night, Moose and Midge drove out into the woods, where after taking the Jingle Jangle, they began kissing in the car. However, before they could go any further, a man wearing a black hood appeared from the darkness, shining a flashlight into the car, and firing several shots.[10]


Moose recovering in the hospital

Moose was joined at Riverdale General Hospital by Archie and Reggie after being shot multiple times by the Black Hood. Fortunately, he would survive the attack and Midge was left unharmed due to his heroic actions in which he used his own body to shield her from the gunfire. Archie assured him that he saved her life. After stealing his dessert, Reggie asked Moose if his nurse was attractive. If so, he ran the risk of getting a boner during a sponge bath. Moose laughed in response. Archie then questioned him about the shooter's appearance, mostly regarding the black hood he wore to conceal his identity and the color of his eyes, the answer to which Moose did not provide, as he was cut off by Midge, who entered the room, and described the shooter's eyes as being blank, comparable to the eyes of the devil or Michael Myers.


Kevin visiting Moose in the hospital

A couple days later, Moose received a visit from Kevin Keller, who he informed that Midge wanted to thank for saving their lives. He wondered what Kevin was doing in the woods, to begin with, though Kevin turned the question back onto Moose, asking him what he was doing in the woods with Midge, beyond taking Jingle Jangle, which everyone had already been made aware of. Moose claimed that it was Midge's idea. She had a wilder side that she occasionally indulged in. While he had genuine feelings for Midge, he wasn't entirely sure that they were a match. Noticing a trouble looked on Kevin's face, Moose asked him if everything was alright. Kevin replied that he had been making bad decisions lately and lying to his father. He knew it was dangerous, but he couldn't stop himself from sneaking around the woods at night, looking for hook ups. Its as if he didn't even care about his own well being. Moose explained that this was due to the lack of options for guys like them in Riverdale. So, even if something bad could happen, they go for it because what if, for however long, they're no longer alone. As Kevin headed out the door, Moose told him that he could stay or come back at a later time if he wanted to hang out or talk.[11]


Midge and Moose at the secret santa exchange

In the days leading up to Christmas, Moose and Midge entered the student lounge at school to find Archie, Betty, Cheryl, Kevin, Veronica, Jughead and Josie opening presents as part of a Secret Santa gift exchanged. Moose and Midge were welcomed back by hugs from Josie, Reggie, and Kevin.[12]

Moose was approached by Kevin while at his locker to see if he wanted to accompany him to the Bijou to watch the 2018 American romantic comedy-drama film Love, Simon. Unfortunately for Kevin, Moose had already planned to go with Midge though he did invite Kevin to tag along, claiming that Midge knew all about them. Supposedly, she was cool with it, but Kevin passed on the offer nonetheless.


Midge and Moose at Pop's with Kevin

The following night, Moose and Midge stopped by Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. There, they found Kevin eating alone. So Midge invited him to join her and Moose in their booth. Midge assumed that Kevin would be meeting someone at the Bijou, but unfortunately, he wasn't. Which Midge found to be unacceptable. She offered to help him find a date, suggesting one of the new Southside Serpents that had recently transferred to Riverdale High following the closing of Southside High. She had heard that at least one of them was gay, Fangs Fogarty. However, Kevin explained that he didn't think he could date someone named "Fangs". Moose interjected that Kevin should at least give Fangs a chance since he was attractive though Midge disregarded his comment. She then asked how Kevin and Moose became friends. Though Moose and Kevin came to know one another through pre-planned sexual encounters, Kevin told her that they were lab partners in Biology.[13]

Physical Appearance

Moose is an attractive young man with tan skin, hazel eyes, and dark brown hair. He is tall, with an athletic build, due to his place on the football team. He doesn't put much thought into his choice of clothing, typically a jacket or hoodie with jeans.


Like Reggie, Moose embodies several characteristics usually associated with the stereotypical jock. He doesn't appear to be very smart nor does he seem interested in school. Football, and concealing his true sexual orientation are his biggest concerns. However, he has been known to have a more compassionate side; volunteering to help work at Andrews Construction following the exits of Fred Andrews's crew.

Moose is also very heroic, as he risked his own life to save Midge Klump, his girlfriend, from the Black Hood. Due to his sexuality, like Kevin's, he is also very understanding when it comes to relationships with other dudes, and can be very comforting to the other person when they seem to be lost.


  • Neither Moose nor Reggie Mantle were cut from the football team the way that Chuck Clayton and a number of other players were, when the scandal of Chuck's "playbook" broke, despite their names being clearly visible in the book.
  • Moose drives a 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu Z16, which license plate is: 3CL 678 as seen in "Chapter Fifteen: Nighthawks". However, he drove a 1972 Dodge Dart Swinger in "Chapter One: The River's Edge".


  • Moose had blond hair and brown eyes in the comics.
  • Just like the TV series, Moose is in a relationship with Midge Klump in most if not all comics iterations. In 2015 "Reggie and Me" it is revealed that Moose is the eldest of five children.



Season 1

Season 2


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