Nicholas "Nick" St. Clair is a recurring character on Riverdale. He is portrayed by Graham Phillips.

Nick is a devious, trouble-making bad boy from Veronica's past, who comes to Riverdale looking to win her back.

Character descriptionEdit

"Nick is an old classmate of Veronica's from New York, and despite his parent-pleasing veneer, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing: a hard-partying Lothario with dark desires and an unchecked sense of privilege. His arrival in Riverdale will threaten Archie’s relationship with Veronica, and may even put some of our characters at risk."[1]

Early LifeEdit

Nick was old friends back in New York City with Veronica. They used to party, go clubbing, and possibly do drugs together. It appears that they were close friends before Veronica left New York. At some point, after Veronica moved to Riverdale, Nick was admitted to rehab, dealing with some issues.

Throughout RiverdaleEdit

Season 2Edit

A Wolf in Sheep's ClothingEdit


Nick arriving in Riverdale with his parents

Nick arrived in Riverdale with his mother and father in preparation for the Lodges' upcoming open house, in which Hiram and Hermione Lodge hoped to garner his family's support as investors. They were greeted at the Five Seasons hotel by Veronica, an old friend of his, that he lost contact with after she moved away. While they were in town, Veronica urged them to think of her as their corporate concierge. She was more than willing to answer any questions they had. For starters, Nick asked for a better hotel as he and his family were use to establishments of higher quality. While it admittedly wasn't the Waldorf, nor the Plaza, Veronica insisted that the Five Seasons, like all of Riverdale, had its charms, though Nick could only see one charm, that being Veronica, who was as lovely as ever.


Nick in Veronica's bed

He later met Archie, Veronica's boyfriend, at dinner with the Lodges. While Veronica was thrilled that the two of them were finally getting the chance to meet, she claimed that Nick's brown-nosing at dinner was a bit over the top. How dare you, I love your mother's flan, Nick responded as he stretched out on Veronica's bed. Although, he still had room for more dessert. So, from out his coat pocket, Nick pulled drugs. He offered Veronica the first bump, though, much to his surprise, she wasn't interested, and neither was Archie. After snorting the entirety of the drugs, Nick wondered what it was that they did for fun. He speculated that they caught lightning bugs with mason jars. "What kind of kink is this," Nick asked, after finding a set of cat ears hanging on Veronica's coat rack. She explained that she wore them when playing with Josie and the Pussycats. Knowledge of Veronica being in a band called the Pussycats made her even more attractive, in his eyes, though these subtle advances towards Veronica left Archie feeling uncomfortable.

Upon meeting the Pussycats, and hearing them sing, Nick invited them to a party he was hosting in his hotel room at the Five Seasons, in their honor. He then met Cheryl, who introduced herself as "Riverdale's resident it girl". Afterward, he and Veronica followed Archie out into the hall, where he was introduced to Betty, Veronica's best friend. Nick hoped that Betty could join them at the party, especially since he wasn't going to take no for an answer.


Nick's party at the Five Seasons

At the party, that night, Nick told a story about his multiple run-ins with Gal Gadot. Looking to turn the party up a notch, with the Jingle Jangle he had scored from Reggie, who had also been invited to the party, Nick peer pressured everyone to partake the night's festivities, mainly Veronica, who was suppose to be showing him a good time per her father's orders. With that in mind, Veronica agreed to participate in the drug taking. While most were on board, Archie and Betty were uninterested, though Archie later had a sudden change in heart, and decided to join them. High off the Jingle Jangle, Nick danced behind the bar with Valerie and Melody. The night was going well until an argument between Betty and Veronica killed the mood.


Nick trying to kiss Veronica

After everyone else left, Nick commented that never had one of his parties fizzle out so spectacularly. Veronica didn't know what had gotten into Betty as they were suppose to be best friends. In an attempt to seduce her, Nick told Veronica that none of the things Betty said about her were true. In fact, he believed she was incredible, smart, vivacious, and even sexy. It was in that moment that he placed his hand on her leg, looking to make his next move, though Veronica was with Archie. So, she apologized if she gave Nick the wrong impression. But Nick was convinced that she wanted him, so much so, that he went in for a kiss, but Veronica pushed him away, demanding that he stop. Same old Veronica, he commented. She flirted and she teased, but in the end, she still thought that she was better than him. Veronica told him that he was a pig. And while that may have been true, he made a point to remind Veronica that he had the power to implode her father's deal. So, unless she wanted that to happen, she needed to start thinking of ways to show him some appreciation. Nick was even willing to offer a few suggestions. He then went in for another kiss, thinking that this time Veronica would comply, but instead, she slapped him, before abruptly leaving.

At the SoDale Gala Opening, he arrived with his parents and an apology for Veronica, saying that he had been in and out of rehab over the past few months, and wanted a second chance. While the night before was messy, Veronica understood his struggle, and was willing to put the past behind them by starting over with a glass of ginger-ale. He then spotted Cheryl entering the event from across the room.


Nick being attacked by the Pussycats

He approached Cheryl, as they didn't get much of a chance to talk at the party. Cheryl was choosing to blame Betty's Britneyesque meltdown for that, and so she was willing to let Nick make it up to her. While his apology to Veronica may have seemed of "pure intentions", it certainly didn't last long, as he put a date rape drug into Cheryl's champagne before handing it to her. After Veronica's father gave a speech in regards to the SoDale project and his plan to reinvent the Southside, Nick and Cheryl danced as the Pussycats performed on stage, though it wasn't long before Cheryl began to suffer the effects of the drug. With little time to spare, Nick pretended to help Cheryl, who could barely stand on her own two feet, away from the party. However, he took her back to his hotel room. Veronica, who was suspicious, followed him with the Pussycats in tow, and rescued Cheryl before he could rape her. Consequently, he was beaten unconscious by the Pussycats.

Later that night, unbeknownst to Nick, the Black Hood forced Betty to offer up a name for him to kill or else he would kill her pregnant sister. Betty was frantic and then gave him Nick's name and address, leaving Nick in the killer's sight. [2]


Nick stabbing the counter top

Nick was surprised to find Betty in his Five Seasons suite the morning after being attacked by Pussycats, unaware that Betty had given up his name to be the Black Hood's next victim. While, Nick was alive and well, he was a bit deranged, stabbing the bar's counter top repeatedly. He first asked Betty if she came to finish what her friends started, then telling her that Veronica was fortunate that he had chosen not to press charges against her. His parents then entered the room to ask why he wasn't dressed yet, but before he could respond, Betty warned them that they weren't safe in Riverdale. Soon thereafter, Sheriff Keller arrived, and asked for him and his parents to accompany him to the station as Cheryl had reported the previous night's drugging and attempted rape.


Nick running into Cheryl at Pop's

After being released by the local authorities, Nick stopped at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe on his way out of town, ordering two turkey burgers and a Cobb salad. He noticed Cheryl, sitting at a nearby booth, though he referred to her as "Sharon". She asked what he was still doing in town. He replied that he was picking up some fuel for the trip home, before asking Cheryl how she was doing. Cheryl was furious that he roofied and subsequently tried to rape her, though he claimed his memory of the night varied, calling Cheryl a desperate tart from a truck stop town. He accused Cheryl of distorting reality in an attempt to cover her morning after shame. He claimed that she was high, half naked, and begging for him to have her. Given that he was completely unremorseful of the entire incident, Cheryl advised him to call his lawyer because she was reconsidering her decision to not press charges, though Nick was unfazed. He informed Cheryl of the "hush money" his parents gave Cheryl's "cobra-like mother" in exchange for their silence. On his way out, Nick payed for his meal as well as Cheryl's.

Sometime later, due to unfortunate events, Nick and his parents were involved in a car accident as they were leaving Riverdale. With time, Nick would recover but nothing is known about his parents' statuses. [3]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Nick is a handsome young man with tousled brown hair, green eyes, and a lean athletic build. He is normally seen wearing expensive clothing.


Nick is described by Betty as a trashy friend of Veronica's past, as he has zero respect or boundaries for anyone. Even though he knew Veronica was with Archie, he chose to make some inappropriate comments about her in front of Archie, trying to provoke him. He also has no respect for women, as he forced himself on Veronica, and later drugged Cheryl, trying to rape her while she was unconscious. Nick is a rich, arrogant and disdainful boy whose interests range from hard-partying to violence without respect for any of his peers, who are used as a means for Nick's own entertainment. His reckless behavior has led to various rehabs.


Veronica Lodge Edit

Veronica and Nick St Clair were the "will they or won't they?" of her previous life in New York City. Veronica calls him a outrageous flirt, which can be seen when Nick is openly flirting with Veronica while Archie, her current beau, is in the room, which Nick knows about. At Nick's party, after everyone has left, he's tried making few sexual advances towards her. Veronica refuses every one, saying that she's with Archie now. He replies, saying that she hasn't even glanced over at her beau throughout the entire party, and makes another move against her, and she responds, slapping him across the face and leaving.

At the SoDale Gala Opening, Veronica is performing with the Pussycats, being the entertainment of the event. When Nick is seen dragging a drugged Cheryl away from the party, the Pussycats become concerned, and quickly finish their song to follow the pair. They follow them to the Five Seasons, and save Cheryl from almost being raped from the man. They throw him into the ground, and commence kicking him repeatedly, as Josie rushes to Cheryl's side and make sure she's okay.

Veronica confronts her parents after Cheryl told her that the Lodges are still accepting money from the St. Clairs. She is furious, and by accident, spills that Nick attempted to do it to her as well. Hiram stands up, enraged and says as God is his witness, they will deny any penny or dollar given to them by the St. Clairs.

Cheryl Blossom Edit

Cheryl has fallen for Nick St. Clair ever since meeting him for the first time, and have shared flirtatious comments towards each other. Unknowingly to Cheryl, Nick has been back and forth to rehab for his unrelenting desire for sex, by whatever means necessary.

At the SoDale Gala opening, Cheryl confronts Nick St. Clair and they exchange greetings, and share a little flirt or two. Behind Cheryl's back, he pops a drug into her drink, attempting to roofie her, which is a success, and drags her out of the gala, but not without being spotting by Josie and the Pussycats, who follow him and beat him up. Cheryl, who later awakens, says Nick should "burn in hell" for what he attempted to do to her.

The following day, Nick is at Pop's diner, and Cheryl is on the defensive, as she sees her rapist. She asks what he's still doing in town, and he replies, saying that the family's stocking on food and fuel before leaving town. Cheryl confronts him about last night, and says that they were both high, half-naked, and begging for it, however, Cheryl begs to differ. She says that he did attempt to rape her, and that she will be pressing charges after all.


Season 2Edit


  • Over the last three months, prior to visiting Riverdale, he has been in and out of rehab.[2]



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