Well, I was and still am a Serpent. They put me through college. Law school.
— Penny to Jughead[src]

Penny Peabody is a recurring character on the second season of Riverdale. She is portrayed by Brit Morgan.

Penny is a shrewd attorney on the south side of town, who also happens to be in league with the Southside Serpents. However, she does not take payments from fellow Serpent members, but instead, she looks at it as favors, which she expects in return should the time come.

Character descriptionEdit

Penny is a wily backroom attorney that the Southside Serpents keep on retainer in case of run-ins with the law. She prefers that her clients pay her with favors, not cash, as Jughead finds out when he seeks her out to help with his father.[1]

Early LifeEdit

It is unknown exactly when Penny joined the Southside Serpents; however, the Serpents put her through college and she became a lawyer. She still remains a Serpent while behind the desk. Like all other Serpents, at some point in her young youthful years, she completed the Serpents Initiation in order to join the Southside Serpents.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 2Edit

In bed with the Snake CharmerEdit


Jughead meeting with Penny, while she shows him her Serpent tattoo.

Jughead came by Penny's office to ask her for advice in his father's case, her office located in the back of a tattoo parlor. Penny explains to Jughead that she was and still is a Serpent, she reveals her Serpent tattoo on her left forearm and continues to tell him that they put her through college. Jughead reasons that having a lawyer of their own, on retainer, was clever. Penny mentions how his father used to brag about him being smart and this takes Jughead by surprise. Through mutual colleagues, the deal he was given is trash and Jughead pleads for her help with his case. She suggests that he get the victim's family to forgive FP in front of a judge in view of clemency, perhaps reducing his sentence to time served with parole. With services rendered, Jughead attempts to pay her, though she declines, asking that one day, maybe, he'll do her a favor.[2]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Penny is a middle-aged woman with straight blonde hair with bangs. She has blue eyes and a slim body. As seen before on other members of the Southside Serpents, Penny has the gang's symbol of a double-headed serpent tattooed on her wrist.


Penny appears to be a kind woman when Jughead meets her at her office for advice. However, she turns out to be bad news. This is evident due to FP's call to Jughead from prison, warning him to not speak to her if she contacts him.



Season 2Edit


  • FP, who's had dealings with Penny in the past, tells Jughead that he doesn't want to "be in bed with a snake charmer" and to not seek her council any further.



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