Deleted Scenes commonly refers to footage shot during an episode that was cut during the editing process for a variety of reasons, often due to lack of time. Despite their removal from the final cut, these scenes typically offer a more detailed explanation of a specific plot point, or offer clarity on a otherwise unclear topic. For these reasons alone, we here at Riverdale Wiki have declared that deleted scenes are to be considered canon, so long as they don't contradict any published scenes.

Dealing with Deleted Scenes Edit

Should a problem arise between users over a specific deleted scene, and a conclusion cannot be met, the discussion and the scene in question should be brought to the attention of an Administrator. From there, based off the information provided, the admin will decide the next, best course of action in handling the dilemma.

Formatting Edit

Upon the acquisition of any given deleted scenes, should it be on YouTube (which most scenes are), a direct link to the video should be provided and referenced, thus making it more convenient for others to discover the scene.

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