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Dr. Masters

Listen, he hasn't woken up yet. But talk to him, coax him back. Keep it positive. Honestly, that could make all the difference.
— Dr. Masters to Archie Andrews[src]

Dr. Steven Masters was a doctor at Riverdale General Hospital.

After Archie's father was shot, he was taken to Riverdale General Hospital, where Dr. Masters performed the surgery by removing the bullet from Fred's body and stopping the internal bleeding. As he informed Archie about his father's status after his surgery was complete.[1]

At Riverdale General Hospital, after getting Rose Blossom's panel back, Dr. Masters discovered trace amounts of a paralytic toxin in her bloodstream. Tannis root. Which was strange due to how rare it was. However, he had learned from Penelope Blossom that they had caught Rose on more than one occasion chewing bits of tannis root that she grew in the greenhouse. Leaving him to conclude that this incident was nothing more than a case of Rose's Sundowner's Syndrome. They'd be keeping her for observation for another day, then she would be well enough to return home.[2]

During the Riverdale riot, Dr. Masters and the hospital were taking in many patients, such as Fangs Fogarty and Hal Cooper. Due to his injuries, Dr. Masters asked many questions, of which Hal, unknown to him as the Black Hood, did not want to answer. Alone in his hospital room, Hal slit his throat and left him for dead as he bled out.[3]

Young Serpent

Easy, Hot Dog. He's family.
— Young Serpent to Hot Dog[src]

"Young Serpent" is an as-yet unnamed teenage member of the Southside Serpents and a student at Southside High.

After Fred Andrews was shot at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe by an unidentified assailant, Jughead asked the Serpents to investigate the possibility that it was retaliation for some of the Serpents being fired from Fred's construction site.

After learning that a Serpent had been bragging that Fred got what he deserved, the Young Serpent and Tall Boy violently interrogated him until confirming that it was just talking, then brought him to Jughead's trailer to let him know.[1]

Xander and Simone St. Clair

Xander and Simone St. Clair are old friends of the Lodge Family. They are married and have a son, Nick St. Clair.

Xander and Simone arrived in Riverdale with their son Nick, having been invited to the Lodges' SoDale Gala Opening. Hiram Lodge had invited them in hopes they would support them as investors. His daughter, Veronica Lodge, became their tour guide in showing them all the good things Riverdale has to offer.[4]

When Nick was taken down to the Sheriff's station for question, they accompanied him. Later after they had left Riverdale they had been involved in a car accident. The Lodges received a phone call letting them know that Nick was going to recover, with time, but there was no mention about Mr. and Mrs. St. Clair's statuses.[5]

Mr. and Mrs. St. Clair's status was later mentioned by the Lodges, that they had cut ties with them following the "accident".[6]

Farmer McGinty

Two boys on a country road, a crate full of God-knows-what. You're sinners, both of you. Careful, or you'll taste the Reaper's blade next.
— McGinty to Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones[src]

Farmer McGinty is a creepy old man that Jughead Jones and Archie Andrews ran into after their tire fell flat.

McGinty asked the boys whether they wanted a ride or not, with Jughead accepting his offer and loading a crate, containing drugs (as a favor to Penny Peabody), into the back of the man's truck en route to Greendale. Jughead asked Archie to stay behind, Archie complying. While driving, Farmer McGinty mentioned that Archie looked a lot like the deceased Jason Blossom, almost mistaking him for the dead boy.

The farmer told Jughead of the story of Riverdale's Reaper, a murderer that hunted Riverdale locals decades ago, brutally killing a family of four in a house by Fox Forest. He theorized that the Riverdale Reaper could very well be the current masked murderer in Riverdale, the Black Hood. He noted of how some said the Reaper left town, or in fact, stayed. After finishing his meal in a diner, he demanded that Jughead should pay for the dinner, Jughead alerting him that he gave him $18 for the gas and had no money left. Luckily, Archie arrived in time and paid the bill, also rescuing Jughead from the crazed man who was calling them sinners, claiming they'll "taste the Reaper's blade next."[7]


What can I get you, miss? We've got some nice spruces
— Vic to Cheryl[src]

Vic was an employee of Andrews Construction until he quit after finding more stable employment with Cliff Blossom. After Cliff's death, it is unknown what he found as employment though he'd eventually come to work with Fred Andrews again, selling Christmas trees. He showed Cheryl Blossom the many Christmas trees they had for sale. Later in the episode, Cheryl awoke on Christmas Day to find her mother, Penelope Blossom, engaging in an intimate moment with Vic, much to Cheryl's horror.[8]


Sorry, Sweet Valley High, if you wanna join the club, you gotta do the dance...Serpent dance.
— Byrdie to Betty[src]

Byrdie is a Southside Serpent member. Upon overhearing Betty Cooper discussing with Toni Topaz on how to join the Serpents, Byrdie let out a noisy guffaw, which was met by Toni replying "Shut it, Byrdie." Byrdie then informed Betty that if she wanted to be a Serpent, she would have to do a certain "Serpent dance." This was later referred to by Toni as an "outdated sexist tradition."[9]

Mr. Lazenby

Per Clifford's instructions, he requested I withhold information, including the names of his beneficiaries, until a public will reading
— Mr. Lazenby to Penelope and Cheryl Blossom[src]

Mr. Lazenby is the Blossoms' estate attorney. He was the executor of Cliff Blossom's Will-Reading. Mr. Blossom's instructions were to reveal the existence of his will only after the authorities concluded their investigation into his drug dealing business. Per her husband's instructions, he requested that Mr. Lazenby withhold all information, including the names of his numerous beneficiaries, until a public will-reading.

The will-reading commenced once all the guests (Betty, Polly, Hal, aunt Cricket and uncle Bedford, amongst others) were all in attendance. Clifford's first declaration was that ownership of Thistlehouse remain with his mother, Rose Blossom. With Penelope Blossom, Clifford left ownership of Thornhill, which Cheryl had burned to the ground. Regarding the other guests who had been contacted per Clifford's request, they were to receive half of the remaining assets of his fortune. The first half would be distributed equally to anyone in town who could prove, with medical authentication, that they were of Blossom blood. The will-reading was then interrupted by Alice Cooper, who came to confront Hal over him asking for a divorce for the sole purpose of cutting her out of the will. Once Alice turned her attentions towards the family and began insulting them as a whole, referring to them all as inbreds, Penelope requested that she and Sierra McCoy, her attorney, leave.

The second half of Clifford's fortune would go to Cheryl alone as Jason was no longer with them. And so Cheryl approached the podium. As the one, true Blossom heir, she felt it was her duty to say a few words. However, Cheryl's speech was interrupted by Clifford. Or so they believed. Overwhelmed by his supposed return, Cheryl fainted.[10]

War Baby

What's up, Jonesy? You want me to knock some heads in here for ya?
— War Baby to FP and Jughead Jones[src]

War Baby is a prisoner of the Shankshaw Prison. He apparently holds much information about Hiram Lodge, because when FP and Jughead Jones contacted War Baby, the latter told them countless dark things about Hiram. It also seems that War Baby has been acquainted with FP Jones for a long time.[10]

Mrs. Klump

Mrs. Klump is the mother of the recently deceased Midge Klump.

After Midge is murdered by the Black Hood, Mrs. Klump attends her daughter's funeral.[11]

Mrs. Klump attends the Riverdale Mayoral debate, though the Black Hood attacks and she flees with the other towns people.[12]

Believing that Fangs Fogarty, a Serpent had killed Midge, Mrs. Klump shot Fangs in retaliation. She was found by Veronica Lodge and taken to the Sheriff Station for holding.[3]

Small Fry Boucher

Hello, I'm here to see Mr. Lodge.
— Small Fry to Andre moments before the latter's death[src]

Small Fry Boucher was the son of former Hiram Lodge associate Paul Boucher. When Boucher was found dead at a hotel soon after meeting with Hiram, Small Fry suspected that Hiram had something to do with the murder. Because of this, Small Fry searched for the Lodges' address. He eventually found a diner manager who had just spoken with Hiram Lodge. Small Fry was told Hiram's address soon after, and so traveled to The Pembrooke, the place where Hiram and his family resided, in order to get revenge on the Lodges. After confirming that both Hiram's wife, Hermione, and daughter, Veronica, were currently present in the apartment building, Small Fry proceeded to murder a capo at the front desk of The Pembrooke. He then kicked a door off its hinges on another floor in order to get to the Lodges. After chasing them into Hiram's study room, Hermione was able to get ahold of a gun. With the deadly weapon, Hermione was able to shoot Small Fry multiple times, resulting in Boucher's death. Small Fry's body was, along with the capo he had murdered, later sent to the coroner's office, tagged as a riot victim.[3]


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