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"You tell anyone about the plan? Any way that you can corroborate it? ...And you have no idea why your brother wanted to run away, fake his own death? Doesn't that seem cruel?"
—Sheriff Keller to Cheryl[src]

Sheriff Keller is the father of Kevin Keller and sheriff of Riverdale.


Early lifeEdit

Prior to the start of the series, Keller was made Sheriff of Riverdale. He also had a son, Kevin.

Season 1Edit

Sheriff Keller stopped by the high school to update the students on the death of their fellow classmate, Jason Blossom. He informed them that Jason's body was found late Saturday night, and the death is now be investigated as a homicide, the case is currently on-going. He urges anyone that may have information on Jason's death to come forward, as it would be of great help. The day after the pep-rally, as Jason's autopsy has been completed, Sheriff Keller and Mr. Whetherbee escorted Cheryl Blossom out of class as they had questions for her, pertaining to her brother's death. [1]

Sheriff Keller and Mr. Weatherbee ushered Cheryl Blossom to the principal's office for questioning in Jason Blossom's murder. Cheryl admitted to lying about what happened on July 4th. Keller explained that the autopsy puts Jason's death around July 11th. He asked Cheryl when the last time she saw her brother was, and what exactly happened at Sweetwater River. She explained that the plan was for Jason to fake his own death in order to leave town. After making it to the other side, in Greendale, the twins parted ways. He found it to be suspicious and cruel that Jason would fake his own death and run away from his family. He suspected that Cheryl could be lying in order to cover for herself. But she insisted that this is not true, that she even heard a gun shot that day, and that it may have been aimed at Jason. The next day, Archie Andrews admitted that he was at the river on the 4th of July, and that he heard a gunshot as well. Keller demands to know what he was doing up at the lake that early , if he was accompanied by anyone, and if he saw who fired the shot. Archie didn't see anything but he was up there writing songs, his dog was the only one with him, or so he claimed. [2]

Sheriff Keller conducted his investigation over Jason Blossom's death, he interviewed the residents of Riverdale, such as the Andrews, Coopers, Lodges, and Blossoms. As he went over the details of the case, Kevin asked if he could borrow the truck for the drive-in, he didn't have a date, so he's going with Veronica Lodge. Sheriff Keller asked his son if there was possibly a nice gay kid at school, which there is, but unfortunately, it's Kevin. Before handing Kevin the keys, he told him "No cruising guys tonight". A lot of inappropriate activity takes place in those woods, not to mention they still haven't captured the murderer, on top of all the unsavory characters on that side of town, he insisted that Kevin stay in the truck. That night, the Sheriff and his son arrived home at the same time, as they approached the door, they noticed that it had been kicked in. Firearm drawn, he slowly entered the residence, once inside, he discovered that the case work involving Jason Blossom's murder had been destroyed. [3]

Sheriff Keller is escorted into the room being used for Jason Blossom's Memorial, by Penelope and Cliff Blossom. They informed the sheriff that everyone on their list of suspects has been invited to the memorial. Cliff stated that someone in town killed Jason, the sheriff was under the same impression, since whoever broke into his house, knew that he'd be at the Twilight Drive-In. Sheriff Keller stood along the wall, and watched as the memorial commenced, surveying the crowd for any suspicious behavior. [4]

Sheriff Keller met up with Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones at the school, after receiving a text. From them, he learned that Jason had planned to run away with Polly Cooper, the two of them had a get away car stashed on the side of the highway, with Jason's belongings inside, including his varsity jacket. Unfortunately, by the time they reached the vehicle, it had been set on fire, thus destroying any potential evidence or clues. [5]

At the station, Sheriff Keller explained to Penelope Blossom that he had a forensics team going over the burned remains of Jason's car, and that they were close to a break in the case. To his surprise, Cheryl Blossom had information about the case that would prove to be helpful, according to Cheryl, Polly Cooper had escaped the Sisters of Quiet Mercy group home the same night that Jason's car was torched, which opened up a new scenario, in which Polly set the car on fire in effort to cover her own tracks. With Polly on the run, Sheriff Keller joined the Blossoms in their search throughout Eversgreen Forest for her. Further analysis of Jason Blossom's vehicle led Sheriff Keller to his latest suspect, Jughead Jones. After pulling the prints left behind on Jason's car by Jughead and Betty, Sheriff Keller discovered that Jughead's prints were on file from an incident that took place 6 years prior. where he attempted to burn down Riverdale Elementary School.

A look at Jughead's school records revealed a long history of being bullied by the Riverdale Bulldogs, which likely would have included Jason Blossom. Sheriff Keller suspected Jughead of being the killer, demanding to know where he was on the week of July 11th. A kid like him, who was raised on the wrong side of town by a dead beat dad, and bullied by kids like Jason Blossom, he suggested that this must've made Jughead angry. However, Jughead refused to talk any further, asking for a lawyer. He believed that Jughead's best chance would be to provide an alibi for his whereabouts on the day that Jason was killed, while Jughead did not answer, Fred Andrews did, claiming that Jughead was working for him over at Andrews Construction. [6]

Sheriff Keller payed Polly Cooper a visit at The Pembrooke, as she had been staying there with Veronica and Hermione Lodge. Polly told him about everything, her relationship with Jason Blossom, the break up due to family drama, her pregnancy, and how they planned to run away to start their own family. The last day she saw Jason was at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, when he told her the plan in which he'd fake his own death and they'd meet up on the other side of Sweetwater River. Polly then revealed that Jason had gotten involved with the Southside Serpents, he made a one time deal to deliver drugs for them in exchange for cash. However, as they all knew, Jason never made it, neither did the drugs as they presumably went up in flames with Jason's car on route 40.

Later that night, he received a call from Fred Andrews that Moose Mason had been ambushed by two guys at Andrews Construction. Fred assumed the attackers of having been affiliated with Cliff Blossom, as he had made it abundantly clear that he wanted to halt the construction on the new development. Sheriff Keller had his doubts that the Blossoms would get involved in such illegal activity, but Archie suggested that it may have been the Serpents, considering that they had been kicked out of their own territory. Keller assured them that he'd talk to Blossom, but he wasn't sure it would help without identifying the attackers. Archie wasn't too thrilled with the Sheriff's response, claiming that had it been Cliff asking for help, the Sheriff would have out forward more effort. [7]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Sheriff Keller is a middle-aged man of average stature, around 5' 9" in height. He has tan skin, grey hair and hazel eyes. Keller has only ever been seen in his Sheriff uniform, therefore, an accurate description of his everyday wardrobe is currently unavailable.



Season 1Edit




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