You're not an old crone, miss Hermione.
— Smithers to Hermione[src]

Smithers is a recurring character on Riverdale. He is portrayed by Tom McBeath.

He was the butler of the Lodge Family until being replaced, likely by Hiram Lodge due to the fact that Smithers was encouraging Veronica to avoid him. After Veronica took notice in their new butler, Hiram Lodge claimed that Smithers left to care for his sickly mother overseas, thus André came in as his new replacement.

Early LifeEdit

Smithers and Hermione Lodge apparently have a long history, one going back at least fifteen to sixteen years, as he was fairly comfortable with her, yet unfamiliar with her daughter, Veronica. The extent of their relationship is currently unknown.

Throughout RiverdaleEdit

Season 1Edit

Return of the LodgesEdit

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Smithers and Hermione

Smithers welcoming Veronica and Hermione

Smithers welcomed Hermione home, greeting her with a hug and kiss, then becoming acquainted with her daughter, Veronica. He offers to get the bags but not without first asking if they would like a menu to order in. Hermione declines his generous offer as she would prefer one of Pop Tate's cheeseburgers from the shoppe. The next day, as he assisted Hermione in bringing up her bags, she graciously thanked him for all of his help. But no thanks is necessary as he's happy to lend a hand, despite the rest of Riverdale not being as eager. Before leaving, he informed Hermione of her 'missing' bag that was returned by the car service. [1]

Smithers brought in Hermione's dry-cleaning, From there, he learned that she would be accompanied by Fred Andrews at the Twilight Drive-In. Hermione explained that an attractive woman going with an old friend, is far less conspicuous than an older woman going alone. [2]

At Veronica's request, Smithers assisted in taking her recently purchased items to her room, much to Hermione's dismay. [3]

Season 1 Episode 10 The Lost Weekend Smithers with a gift

Smithers handing Veronica her package

Having known both Hermione and Hiram Lodge for such a long period of time, it was Smithers that Veronica went to when seeking answers. She asked Smithers if he would describe her father as a good man, a question that he deiced best left unanswered. However, when asked about her mother, Smithers replied that there was no doubt in his mind that she was unequivocally good. Later that day, as Veronica returned to the Pembrooke, he handed her a package from her father. [4]

Upon learning that Hiram Lodge would be released from prison soon, Smither wondered when exactly he should be expecting his return. Hermione told him not until the end of the month but everything had to be perfect. Veronica then remarked that they would not want to make daddy angry.[5]

Season 2 Edit

Sometime during the commotion of Mr. Andrews being shot at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, his wallet, containing his personal information, was lost; it is assumed to have been taken by the unknown assailant. After Archie snapped at Veronica, for unpacking his father's belongings from the hospital, she tasked Smithers to go and pick up a brand new Barnaby's wallet for Archie, as a gift for Mr. Andrews until his personal wallet can be recovered.[6]


Smithers warning Veronica

On the main floor of the Pembrooke, Smithers warned Veronica against taking the front exit as she may run into her father, suggesting that she take the side door instead. However, Hiram overheard Smithers as he was warning Veronica, and it would appear that he did not take kindly to Smithers' meddling. As a a result of this, Smithers was presumably replaced by another servant under Hiram's orders, though Hiram claimed that Smithers' mother fell ill, and that he went home overseas to take care of her.[7]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Smithers is an older man with tan skin, blue eyes and grey hair. An accurate description of what he wears outside of work is currently unavailable as he has only ever been seen in his black and burgundy servants uniform, while working at the Pembrooke.


Smithers is a loyal servant of the Lodges, he seems to be particularly fond of Hermione, considering that the two of them hugged following her return to Riverdale. Although Hiram Lodge is a terrible man, Smither refusal to speak ill of him spoke volume, proving just how loyal he truly is towards the family.


Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit


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