Southside High School is a secondary school on the southside of Riverdale, where the majority of Serpent children go for education. The school is the complete opposite of Riverdale High School, in the sense that it is chaotic and has a poor reputation. It also has a group of other students, along side of the Southside Serpents, known as the Ghoulies.

At the entrance of the school, students are put through scanners, due to the violence in this school, considering that the majority of Southside Serpents and the Ghoulies call this place their school, and the amount of drugs that have probably been passed around.

After FP Jones was incarcerated, Jughead Jones was placed into foster care and, as a result, had to transfer to Southside High.[1]

Southside High also used to have a school newspaper, known as the "Red and Black", like the "Blue and Gold" at Riverdale High. However the "Red and Black" was shut down due to students using drugs and not having an interest in journalism. Jughead convinced Mr. Phillips to re-open the school newspaper, as well as have Toni Topaz support him as the official "Red and Black" photographer.

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