They're this gang of bikers who pretty much stay on the south side of town. And thank God, 'cause they're sort of dangerous. Drug dealers and petty thieves.
Kevin to Veronica[src]

The Southside Serpents (often referred to as just Serpents) are a gang of dangerous criminals who predominantly reside on the south side of Riverdale, hence the name. They are led by FP Jones, the father of Jellybean and Jughead Jones. The serpents typically hang out at a local bar called the Whyte Wyrm.

In order for one to become a Southside Serpent, they must undergo an initiation ceremony. As tradition goes, there are four stages; First, every new member must take care of the Serpent's dog, "The Beast" otherwise known as Hot Dog. Secondly, they must memorize and recite the serpent laws in the order provided; these are rules the Southside Serpents live by. Thirdly, they must retrieve a knife from the Serpent's rattlesnake cage. Finally, the last stage, known as "the gauntlet", involves a physical demonstration of loyalty and strength, specifically, being jumped into the gang by its members, which essentially requires the initiate to endure multiple punches to all areas of the body only to rise and stand firm. Completing the final task, the initiate is congratulated by shaking the other members hands, a sign of "good sportsmanship", and granted the Serpent Jacket, now accepted as one of their own. This last stage demonstrates a sign of respect within the Serpents, as they must be willing to die for one another. Female Serpents have an alternative initiation ceremony. Byrdie claimed that if women wanted to join the "club", they'd have to do the "Serpent dance", an outdated, sexist Serpent tradition that Toni attempted to have outlawed, though misogyny prevailed.

Although the Southside Serpents are seen as dangerous criminals, Kevin Keller contradicts this; that the Serpents are just petty thieves and drug dealers.


The Serpents date back as far as the 1940s, during the founding of Riverdale. The snake and the laws were all based on Uktena tradition. The Uktena is a horned serpent and/or a water serpent. Before there was a Riverdale, all the land belonged to the Uktena. Unfortunately, they were slaughtered, according to Thomas Topaz, one of the founding members of the Southside Serpents. When his grandfather was a baby, there was a raid led by Riverdale's very own General Pickens. The battle lasted all of 12 minutes, but the slaughter was total and savage. General Pickens, whose statue stands proudly in Pickens Park, was responsible for the massacre of men, women, and children. When Thomas' grandfather died, Thomas and the remaining Uktena formed the Serpents as a way to keep the family together.

At one point, prior to Jason's murder, FP became their leader after he was forced to resign from Andrews Construction. This is because he had become too much of a liability to the company due to his criminal activities.

After Polly Cooper became pregnant, Jason Blossom went to the Serpents, he needed money for him and Polly to run away together. The Serpents used him to run drugs which FP later clarified to be marijuana as a clean-cut kid like him would never be suspected. However, the last batch of drugs they had given him was never delivered, and they figured he had just run off with them until his corpse washed up at Sweetwater River.[1]

FP almost got framed for the murder of Jason due to the cops finding a gun in his trailer. It was later revealed that Cliff was the one who shot and killed his own son in cold blood and FP having to take the fall to protect his son Jughead.

The Laws of the Serpents

Editor's Note: The events that transpired in Silent Night, Deadly Night, where Sweet Pea states that the first law is "No Serpent stands alone", directly contradicts what was stated by Jughead in When a Stranger Calls; "A Serpent never shows cowardice." In addition to this, Penny stated that "Serpent law says you can't hurt one of your own." Whether this is the unknown 3rd law or a variation in phrasing of the 5th law remains unclear. In The Blackboard Jungle Jughead recites "A Serpent never sheds it's skin" to which FP confirms is one of the Serpent Laws, however it is unclear if it's the unknown 3rd law or a variation of one of the others.

1. A Serpent never shows cowardice. / No Serpent stands alone.
2. If a Serpent is killed or imprisoned, their family will be taken care of.
3. Unknown.
4. No Serpent is left for dead.
5. A Serpent never betrays his own.
6. In unity, there is strength.

Throughout the Series

Season 1

The Serpents were hired by Hiram Lodge to decrease the value of the Twilight Drive-In so that Lodge Industries could purchase the land for a low price. They were successful in doing so and the drive-in was shut down. On closing night, members of the gang attended, being loud and disruptive. At the same time FP met with Hermione Lodge for payment of their services, but according to FP, she was short. Also on the closing night, one of their members, Joaquin, became involved in a romantic relationship with Sheriff Keller's son Kevin.[2]

When Hermione Lodge was working late one night at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe, the Serpents left her a warning to pay them what her husband owed: a rattlesnake in a box.[3]

After FP was rehired at Andrews Construction, Hermione wondered if he was there to shake her down for the supposed money she still owed him. However, FP explained that he had already been compensated by Hiram.[4]

Under the assumption that the Southside Serpents had attacked Moose Mason at Andrews Construction, Archie, Kevin, and Moose made their way into a local bar, Whyte Wyrm, which was a known hang out for Serpents, in search for the two guys that ambushed Moose. However, they picked a fight with the wrong Serpent, a member named Mustang didn't appreciate Archie's accusations, claiming that he wasn't the first Bulldog to come here and start trouble, he was alluding to Jason Blossom. Mustang shoved Archie and then threw him onto the pool table just as their leader, FP instructed them to stop fighting. FP would later discover that the guys that attacked Moose were from Montreal, they were affiliates of Hiram Lodge.[5]

Season 2

After receiving a call from Jughead, telling them to come to Riverdale General Hospital, Tall Boy and Young Serpent learned that his best friend's father, Fred Andrews, was shot by a man wearing a black hood at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. While Serpents don't typically wear masks, Jughead informed them that some of those Serpents were working for Fred Andrews when, for reasons of his own, he decided to suddenly let them go. Jughead suggested that maybe someone took it personally and went rogue. Regardless of the motive, Tall Boy and Young Serpent knew every hidey-hole in town. Someone had to have heard something about the shooting at Pop's. With that being said, Tall Boy agreed to look around and knock some heads if need be.


Tall Boy, Young Serpent, and Jughead in FP's trailer

Jughead returned to his father's trailer that night to find Tall Boy and Young Serpent awaiting his arrival. However, they were not alone. With them, tied to a chair and badly beaten, was a man that they claimed was holding court in the Whyte Wyrm. He was going on and on about how if Fred Andrews was going let Hiram Lodge's bitch run the show by firing his crew, then it was good that he got shot. After a lengthy cross-examination, during which time Young Serpent assaulted him with brass knuckles, they concluded he was just being a loudmouth. Then what did you bring him here for, Jughead asked. Tall Boy explained that they did as Jughead asked because they were hoping that he would take that back to FP. Him knowing that they're looking after Jughead meant a lot to them. With or without the jacket, Jughead's a Serpent, Tall Boy stated.[6]

Jughead met up with Tall Boy on the south side to discuss FP's upcoming hearing. Even with Jughead playing fair and going to the Mayor for help, it felt as if the entire system was rigged to work against them. Tall Boy wondered what FP had to say about this and if he had taken the deal that was being offered for twenty years in prison. Fortunately, FP hadn't yet taken the deal. In a desperate attempt to free his father, Jughead suggested that they break him out of jail before he gets transferred to the state. Tall Boy chuckled, saying that Jughead had seen "Escape from Alcatraz" too many times. However, according to Jughead, the plan was doable. The Sheriff Station had worse security that Riverdale High School, he said. Once FP was out, it was a straight shot up Sweetwater River to the Canadian border. Taking a far more reasonable approach, Tall Boy suggested getting FP a better lawyer rather than breaking him out. FP needed a snake-handler. Someone whose livelihood depended on snakes. Who's used to dealing with them, and he knew just who to contact.


Penny showing off her Serpent tattoo

Jughead followed Tall Boy's direction to a lawyer and Southside Serpent named Penny Peabody. According to Penny, the Serpents put her through law school. Since they are often on the other side of the law, having one of their own on retainer, helping out, was clever, Jughead acknowledged. On to the deal that was being offered to FP, which in Penny's expert opinion was garbage. While there were no loopholes to be found in the deal, Penny suggested that Jughead get the family of the victim to forgive FP in front of a judge, as that could shift things in FP's favor. Instead of twenty years, he could get time served with parole. Jughead asked if he was now supposed to pay her for her consultation. Penny explained to him that they were friends. She did him a favor, and one day, he would repay that favor when the time came.

The following night, he and two other Southside Serpents entered Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe during Retro Night. While they did nothing to cause trouble and kept to themselves throughout the night, some were uneasy with their presence.[7]


Toni meets Jughead

After Jughead transferred to Southside High, he was greeted by Toni Topaz, a young Serpent, who would be his tour guide showing him around the school. Informing Jughead that the classrooms didn't have Wi-Fi, and the bathroom stalls didn't have doors. As Jughead later asked about the school newspaper, The Red and Black, as she informed him that it no longer existed, due to Censorship and Budget cuts. While she also showed Jughead the corner where Jingle Jangle was being consumed by a group of students, informing him that the place was crawling with "the JJ." adding that it was a highly additive gutter drug. While she was showing Jughead around the school, once they reached the cafetorium, she showed him the Ghoulies, who were a rival gang, drug dealers, street racers, and rumors of cannibalism. Later showing him the corner where the Serpents sit, not knowing at the time the she was one, as she informed him that it was the reason why she volunteered to give him the tour guide. As they were headed to the corner where the Serpents hangout, Jughead informs Toni that he wanted to sit alone to finish up his book and brood. Which Toni later admitted to be confused by his response, as she informed him that he was a Serpent by blood, who was the Son of FP Jones. Which Jughead informed her that he was, later stating that he was self-identified as a loner, not a pack animal. Stating that he wanted to get through this, which Toni informed Jughead, that if he wanted to survive, she advised him that he should hang with the Serpents. Warning Jughead, if the Ghoulies get a whiff that he's alone, they would make him their bitch faster than he could say American History X, as Toni put it.


Jughead recruiting Toni for The Red and Black

After class, Jughead had a chat with Mr.Phillips about The Red and Black, which he managed to convince him to get it re-opened, as he later recruited Toni as the school photographer alongside him. Which they later were greeted by Sweet Pea, when he came to get Toni, while later, invited Jughead if he wanted to hang with them to. However, Jughead refused, resulting in the two boys having a brief conflict with one another, as Sweet Pea informed Jughead that he only came to them for help but won't hang with them, while also stating that the Ghoulies would attack him to earn their stripes by taking him out if they saw him alone, as he was the son of FP Jones.

Later, after finally cleaning up The Red and Black, Betty came by to come visit Jughead, which Toni later dropped by to bring over some supplies, later meeting Betty in the process. After they left, after a late night at the office, Jughead was attacked by the Ghoulies. The next day, over at the Sunnyside Trailer Park, Betty and Toni was by Jughead's place, where Betty was cleaning up Jughead's cuts and bruises. Which Betty informed Jughead that she warned Jughead that the motorcycle he was riding would be dangerous, however, Toni realized that it was a lie as she suspected it was a cover up. Suspecting that it was the Ghoulies who attacked him earlier. However, due to her loyalty toward Jughead, she choose to keep his secret. Which Toni reminded Jughead that she warned him about the Ghoulies after Betty left the trailer, stating that hopefully he would take them more seriously after learning his lesson.


Jughead joining the Serpents for lunch

Meanwhile back at Southside High, in the cafeteria where Toni and Sweet Pea were seated in their usually hangout where the Serpents sit. Jughead later walked over, as he asked if they were still cool with him hanging out with them. Suspecting that Jughead would eventually come around, they welcomed him into their group with open arms, as Jughead was also considered their family.[8]

Triggering the Feud


Archie tagging a building on the Southside

After suspecting that the Black Hood was from the Southside of town, as statistics had shown that his victims were or at one point were residents on the north side of Riverdale, Archie wanted to intimidate the killer by trying to call him out, his motive being that he wanted to attract the dangerous killer to come for him so that he could single-handedly kill him. Having loaded up with guns at the local army-navy store, he carried out his plan on the Southside, as he maneuvered through the streets tagging buildings with a spray-painted Red Circle logo. However, he was caught by a group of young Serpents, and they weren't pleased to find him tagging their turf. Sweet Pea and his gang took offense to his mark as a message towards them. Later, taking a second look at his mark, he realized that it's a message towards the Black Hood.


Sweet Pea pulling a knife out on Archie

The two boys had a brief conversation with each other, as Sweet Pea informed Archie that he was on the wrong side of town. He advised Archie to get his ass back on the Northside of town, before someone got hurt. Which Archie later retaliated, by telling Sweet Pea to get out of his way, "or someone will get hurt". This enrages Sweet Pea, to which he then pulled out a knife on Archie, expecting him to be scared and run away. However, he was caught off guard along with the rest of the Serpents, when Archie pulled out a gun pointed towards him, yelling, "WHO MADE A MISTAKE, WHO MADE A MISTAKE?", causing the Serpents to retreat.

Trouble Arrives at the Front Door


Reggie and the Bulldogs speaking to Archie

Later, at the Andrews house, after Archie and Veronica had a serious talk about Archie owning a gun, they heard a knock on the front door. As Veronica was approaching the door to open it, with Archie a bit on edge, as he kind of suspected that it would be the Serpents. However, when Veronica opened the front door, it was Reggie and Dilton Doiley, along with the rest of the Bulldogs behind them, who came unannounced, bringing a few boxes of Pizza's over by his house. Reggie expressed his gratitude to Archie for not exposing him as the owner of the hood mask that Mr. Weatherbee found in Archie's locker. In "the book of Reg", that made him a top-tier loyal badass. He also had other news; he and the guys were talking earlier and came to the decision that if he wanted to keep "The Red Circle" going, they were in.


Serpents arriving at Archie's house

However, their decision was interrupted when Veronica heard engines revving outside of Archie's house, to later find a group of Serpents arriving at the front of Archie's house, approaching his front door. Not long after, Veronica warned Archie that trouble had arrived. Archie approached the door to find Sweet Pea and his gang, stating that they were there for payback concerning their last encounter. Reggie arrived at the door, backing Archie up. Veronica decided that if they were to fight head-on, rules must be placed, and the first rule was no weapons in the fight that was to ensue.

Serpents VS. The Red Circle


Archie swinging at Sweet Pea

Serpents and the Bulldogs stood on their respective sides in the rain, preparing for the fight. After more members arrived on either side, Archie and Sweet Pea were in a standoff. Initiating the fight, Archie walked slowly towards him, looked Sweet Pea straight in the face, and took the first punch, declaring war. Both sides of ran forward attacking each other. As the two sides fought, Archie spotted Dilton pulling out a pocket knife and was thrown down towards the ground not long after, by Sweet Pea. Before Sweet Pea could continue, Veronica intervened by firing Archie's gun into the air, which ended the fight, with the Serpents retreating. However, the Red Circle did not make it out unscathed, as Dilton was stabbed in the leg, and had to be rushed away by Reggie to the hospital. Nevertheless, Dillon knew what was required of him, he had to make up a cover story; he would say that he was walking when he was ambushed by Serpents who stabbed for no apparent reason.[9]

A War on the Verge


Sweet Pea and Fogarty devising a plan to blow up the Register

With a war on the verge happening between the Northside and the Southside. Jughead had discovered that Sweet Pea and Fangs Fogarty were plotting revenge on the Northside by making a pipe bomb to get payback. As Sweet Pea informed Jughead, that the Northsiders got off the hook, while the Southsiders got hauled in for questioning after the Riverdale Rumble. The Serpents planned on using the bomb on The Register, to quiet Alice Cooper, down on talking smack on the Southsiders. Having Sweet Pea later questioning Jughead on which side he was on, telling Jughead that he couldn't be half a Serpent. As the Serpents later left Jughead and Toni behind, frustrated by the situation. In which Jughead commented to Toni that it appeared Archie started World War III, Toni later informed Jughead that the Northside has been treating the Southsiders like trash for years. Later telling Jughead, that his father, FP Jones, was the one who was keeping the peace, by avoiding bloodshed. Telling Jughead, now that his father was gone, idiots like Sweet Pea, only see one path in solving the problem, which was violence.


Jughead wanting to officially become a Southside Serpent

Trying to fix the situation before it goes anymore worst, Jughead decided to try on his Serpent Jacket once more, as he later headed down to Whyte Wyrm to join the rest of the Serpents. However, when he entered the bar, Sweet Pea makes a comment towards him, as he stated that he referred to Jughead as a Northsider instead of a Southsider, telling him that he thinks Jughead's lost. As Jughead continued to work his way into the bar towards the pool table, assuring Sweet Pea that he wasn't, telling him that he was over being half a Serpent. However, Sweet Pea didn't believe his reason for suddenly coming to the bar, as he walked towards Jughead, brushing him as a sign of disrespect towards him. Making another comment towards him, that he would do anything to protect his Northside buddies. As Toni and Fangs watched the two among the crowd to see how Jughead would later respond to Sweet Pea's disrespect towards him. Which Jughead later stated to Sweet Pea that his father was a Serpent, and that he wanted to stand with them. Though the crowd didn't take Jugheads words seriously, as Jughead informed them that Tall Boy was the one who has him his jacket, telling them it was about time he finally started wearing it. Which Tall Boy takes notice to Jughead's words, as he heard him mention his name. Later walking towards Jughead, questioning him that now all of the sudden he wanted to be a Serpent. As he informed Jughead they would have to see if he would survive the initiation first.

Surviving the Initiation

On that very same day, on that very late night, Sweet Pea along with a few other Serpents entered Jughead home, the Sunnyside Trailer Park, wearing Serpent masks, where they would bestow Jughead his first test, giving him Hot Dog to take care of for the night.

The next day, while leaving Southside High with Toni Topaz, she asks Jughead how did he handle his first test. Which he later responded saying that it was horrible, as he told Toni the dog had no boundaries. Toni later informed Jughead, that every new recruit had to take car of Hot Dog, as is it was a tradition. Later telling Jughead that this was there third Hot Dog. Which Jughead comment after hearing Toni tell him that the dog was named Hot Dog the third, making the comment that it was the most ridiculous thing he's heard. As Toni made a joke while comparing Hot Dogs name to being similar to Jughead name, "Forsythe Pendleton Jones III."


Toni helping Jughead prepare for the second test

Later, back at the Sunnyside Trailer Park, Toni was testing Jughead on his memory of the rules of being a Serpent. Which were, a Serpent never shows cowardice, if a Serpent was killed or imprisoned then their family will be taken care of, as he tried to give his next response to Toni, he couldn't remember the answer. Which Toni tells him that he had to take the situation more seriously. Which Jughead assured that he was, while swearing to her that he was trying his best, even though he was frustrated by the situation. As he commented, first he had to deal with "the beast" and now the laws of being a Serpent. Toni later questioned Jughead as to why he had a sudden change of heart on being a Serpent, asking him why to go from conscientious objector to full-fleshed member. Which Jughead informed her it was because of what she said to him earlier, telling Toni that his father was the only person who kept people like Sweet Pea inline, telling Toni that someone needed to step up to prevent an all-out war from erupting. As Toni was pleased to hear those wise words come out of Jugheads mouth, while Jughead assured her once more, that he was taking the situation seriously. As she tried to review the rules with Jughead once more, to prepare him for his next test.


Jughead having to retrieve the knife placed inside of the rattlesnakes cage

Meanwhile, back at the Whyte Wyrm bar, Jughead was being tested by Tall Boy on the six laws of being a Serpent. As Jughead listened all six of the laws to him. As they all repeated the final law once he was finished, chanting the words "in unity there is strength." Which Tall Boy informed Jughead that he knew the laws well, telling him it was time for him to take the next test. Which was, he had to retrieve the knife from the rattlesnake that was placed in the glass container. As he was unprepared to hear Tall Boys request, with a look of fear in his eyes as he looked at Toni. As she nodded towards him with a look on her face, telling Jughead that he had to go through with the test. As Jughead couldn't believe his next test that he had to take, however, he went through with it to prove his worthiness towards the Serpents. Later raping his palm with a band-aid, stating to Toni that the rattlesnake bit him. Which Toni later informed him that they had the snakes venom glands removed, telling him that the most important thing was that he showed no fear, he grabbed the knife, and remembered all the laws. Telling Jughead that he was almost finished the test, and that pretty soon he would be a Serpent, calling him "Juggie" for the first time ever instead of calling him by his last name, "Jones", as she was impressed by Jugheads great efforts.


Toni warning Jughead about the final test

Later that night, back at the Sunnyside Trailer Park, Toni drops by to talk to Jughead, as she was worried and concerned for him, telling him that she came by to warn him. As she informed him if he was having any second thoughts, now would be the time to back out. Telling Jughead, that the final trail was on a whole other level, as Jughead later tells her that he doesn't mind, as he looked at it as to being whatever. However, Toni informed Jughead that it wasn't "just whatever", as she tells him that he had to be willing to die for them, because they would for him. As she continued to tell him that his Northside friends and his girlfriend, Betty, he would eventually have to look up one day, and they'd all be gone. Telling Jughead, that's what happens when you join a gang, that the Serpents were no exception. Which Jughead later responded to her, telling her to consider him warned, later thanking her for informing him, before he went through with the final stage of becoming a Serpent.

The next day, back at the Sunnyside Trailer Park, Archie dropped by to break the bad news to Jughead, informing him that Betty was breaking up with him. As Jughead was heartbroken after receiving the news from Archie, while he couldn't believe the words that came out of Archie's mouth, as the rest of the Serpents watched Archie and Jughead's argument.


The final test

Later, that following night, as the Serpents stood on both sides next to Jughead in two perfectly straight lines, as he stood in the center of both of them, preparing for his last and final test. As he began to work his way center downwards, while the gang members beat him, throwing intense punches toward his way, as he was not allowed to fight back, having to take the beating that was bestowed upon him. As they continued to hit him, while he worked his way towards the near end, where Sweet Pea was the last member to hit him. While Jughead looked him straight in the eye, asking him if it was all he got, as Sweet Pea stood there looking back at him, while wearing a brass knuckle ring on his right hand, later clinching his fist, as he swung, aiming to hit Jugheads face, knocking Jughead towards the ground.


The Serpents excepting Jughead after he's successfully completed the initiation

After Jughead was beaten towards the ground by Sweet Pea, he later noticed that they stopped hitting him, as they waiting for him to get up from the ground, which he did, as he looked at Sweet Pea once more in the face, as he extended his hand to shake Jugheads hand, as a sign of great respect on passing the final test. As the Serpents all later gathered around him, to officially welcome Jughead into there gang, as an official Serpent member. Which they were impressed with Jugheads great efforts on going through with all of the tests given to him, which he passed. As Toni bestowed to him his Serpent Jacket.


Toni kissing Jughead after welcoming him on officially becoming a Serpent

Back at the Sunnyside Trailer Park, where Toni later congratulated Jughead by officially welcoming him into the Serpents, as he held an ice pack against his face, as a double-headed Serpent Tattoo was shown, where at some point after Jughead passed his test, he got. Which Toni later commented on his tattoo, telling him that he was going to have a hard time hiding it from Betty. Which Jughead later informed Toni that it would no longer be an issue now, since Betty broke up with him. Toni later looks directly into Jugheads eyes, as he did with her, as Toni later go up from her chair as she reached to give him a kiss on the lips.[10]

Street Racing the Ghoulies


Tall Boy suggesting to Jughead that they should form an alliance with the Ghoulies

Back at the "The House of the Dead", where the Ghoulies hang out, and the leader of the Ghoulies, Malachai, lived. Tall Boy called a meeting for Jughead to meet up with him later. Once Jughead had arrived, he would find himself inside of the lair of the Ghoulies, where Tall Boy informed Jughead that they've come to discuss business. Informing Jughead, that the heat that was on them and there ranks by authorities, depleted, suggesting that the two tribes, the Southside Serpents and the Ghoulies, needed to unite. As Tall Boy continued to inform Jughead, that the process would become a lot easier for them if he endorsed there partnership. Since Jughead was FP's son, it carried weight, especially towards the younger Serpent members, as they looked up towards Jughead as there leader. However, Jughead refused to do so upon Tall Boy's request, pointing out that the Ghoulies were the reason why Southside High was rated with there recent activities of use of Jingle Jangle. Malachai, later interrupted Jughead, informing him that chaos was how they thrived. Jughead was disappointed by Tall Boy even considering to cut a deal with the Ghoulies, asking him if he was seriously considering them as there next best option, pointing out to him that he was suppose to be his fathers right hand man. Which Tall Boy later pointed out that the Northside declared war with them, informing Jughead that his father wasn't there to call the shots, later stating to Jughead that he was in fact his fathers right hand man, making him the "de facto meter", telling Jughead that things were changing, either he adapted to them or he would suffer the consequences.


Jughead upset about Tall Boy's betrayal

Later, at the Sunnyside Trailer Park, where Jughead talks to Archie about Tall Boys plans, pointing out that Tall Boy wasn't planning on making an alliance with the Ghoulies, he was planing on making a hostile takeover. As he continued to rant to Archie, about who knows how long Tall Boy was planning on betraying them. Later trying to come up with a plan that would involve him stalling there deal, giving him just enough time until Toni Topaz and Sweet Pea got out of jail for them to handle the situation together, hoping that once they did, they would want to fight the Ghoulies instead of having a war with the Northside. Which Archie later pointed out to him, that he joined the Serpents to keep the peace, as Jughead told Archie that his father would have never sat back and let a war happen, assuring Archie that neither would he. By bringing his father up into there conversation, they soon realized that it was there next best option.


Jughead and Archie seeking out advice from FP

After there discussion, Archie and Jughead later dropped by to pay FP Jones a visit, seeking out advice on what to do with there current situation. Frustrated by the news that Jughead and Archie came bearing to FP, Jughead's father was not pleased to hear what the two had to say to him, that including his son, Jughead, now joining the Serpents. Jughead later tells his father while he bowed his head down in silence, that they could talk about him joining the Serpents later, telling his father that right now they needed to deal with the current situation, that if they didn't do something now, they would be no more Serpents, there would just be the Ghoulies left. FP refused to except what Jughead had to say to him, stating that Ghoulies dressed like fobs, but they were also a nasty crew, but Serpents had survived worse, much worse. As FP continued to tell Jughead, that it sounded like he was out maned, but he had to avoid bloodshed at any cost, as he informed the two that the situation appeared to be about territory to him, telling them that one thing Ghoulies loved, was souped up cars with crazy horses, suggesting that they challenge them to a street race. However, he informed them that street racing was extremely illegal and it would get them locked up, so they needed to keep it low-key, suggesting that Jughead set the terms to the Ghoulies. If Serpents won, Ghoulies would have to back off, giving Jughead the opportunity to raise the stakes, giving the winner full control of the Southside, allowing them to get rid of Jingle Jangle, the Ghoulies, and Mayor McCoy off there backs, while the loser roles over.


Jughead Challenging Malachai

Meanwhile, back at "The House of the Dead", Jughead makes a proposal to Malachai, while Archie accompanied them, challenging the leader of the Ghoulies to a race. Which was, if they won, Serpents would remain autonomous and the Ghoulies would have to quit dealing Jingle Jangle at Southside High. But, if the Ghoulies won, they would have to fold, and the Ghoulies would be allowed to continue to sell there "little straws of death". However, Malachai wasn't pleased by Jughead's offer, as he wanted more from Jughead in order for him to agree to his terms. Which he wanted property, demanding that Jughead put some of his fathers properties up on the table for bets. They would later find themselves with Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper joining them on there little business deal, not knowing that there paths would be crossed, while in the process of making a deal with the Ghoulies. With Malachai's heavy demands, Jughead had no choice but to bet the Whyte Wyrm, allowing Malachai and the Ghoulies to expand themselves. Malachai later agreed to Jugheads offer, however, he also wanted Sunnyside Trailer Park as well to be part of there deal, in which Jughead later agrees to Malachai's demands.


Betty working on Reggie's car for Jughead to use for the race

Later, back at the auto shop, where Jughead's mechanic, Betty, was working on Reggie Mantle's car, preparing it for Jughead to use for his race against Malachai. She tried to make small talk with Jughead, however, Jughead was still upset with her after she dumped him. However, Betty knew that Jughead was still upset with her, after she noticed his silence with her. She later continued to speak to Jughead to fill the silence in the room, asking him if this was one of the things that Serpents did for fun, street racing rival gangs. Jughead later figured out what Betty was trying to do, as he knew she wanted to say something about him now being a Serpent member, later demanding her to just say it to him. Betty later pointed out to him, that he told her that he wasn't going to join the Serpents, as Jughead later added, that she also told him that she loved him, later dumping him by using Archie to break the news to him, informing Betty, that it was way worse than via texting. Later realizing her mistake, Betty apologizes to Jughead for what she did to him, telling Jughead that everything around them was imploding and she only did what she did to protect him. Which Jughead later informed Betty, that she did the one thing that could actually hurt him, as Betty later tells Jughead, that she would explain everything to him later, but right now she wanted to focus on getting him through the race.


Preparing for the race

Meanwhile, down at the Southside of town, Archie and the Gang, along with the Serpents, the Ghoulies, and some other random friends of the gangs, attended to watch the race. Before it began, Kevin was checking out some of the Ghoulies members as he found some of the guys attractive at the event. While Archie assured Veronica that they got the situation under control, as Veronica just wanted Archie to make it back to her in one peace, later making out. While Jughead and Betty had a moment of there own as well, as Betty walked up towards Jughead before he got into the car, telling him that she wanted him to know...while Jughead walked towards her to hear what she had to say to him, as she continued to tell Jughead, that she never stopped loving him, and wasn't sure is she could ever stop loving him. Also telling him to not ride the clutch, and to not let it slip between gears when shifting. While Jughead commented to her of being an enigma, before getting into the car with Archie for the race against Malachai and his buddy.


Jughead and Malachai agreeing to the terms of the Street Race

Before Jughead and Malachai began racing against one another for the winner to take all, the two shook hands on there bet, while Jughead tells Malachai where the finish line would end, which was, they both had to race over Herk Harvey Bridge to Dead Man's Curve, the first one back to the finish line, would be the winner who takes all. While Cheryl Blossom decided to be the flag girl for the race, instead of Toni Topaz being the usual flag girl, who usually did the honors, telling Toni that she was born for this moment. While the two gang members were getting there engines warmed up, while waiting for the wave of Cheryl's fag, on her mark, for the race to begin, as the crowd later cheered once the race officially began.


Sheriff Keller catches Malachai for illegally Street Racing

While the two members raced against each other against the clock, Jughead took the lead first, while Malachai swerved his car into Jugheads in order for him to be given an advantage, later taking the lead in front of Jughead. While Archie notified Jughead that they were nearly approaching Herk Harvey Bridge, while Jughead informed Archie that he was aware that he was. However, Archie later informed Jughead that the Bridge was too narrow for the both of them to crossover. But, Jughead refused to let that get in his way, as he was close to beating Malachai, while Archie tells Jughead that they should abort, but Jughead refused to let the Ghoulies win. While Archie warned Jughead, that if they both crossed over, they would both crash on the Bridge. However, Jughead refused to allow the Serpent to join the Ghoulies, even if it meant it being over his dead body, in order for that to never happen. But Archie was not down for the terms like Jughead was, later pulling the handbrakes, allowing the Ghoulies to take the lead. Doing so, Jughead was furious with Archie for what he did, grabbing Archie with his two hands by his jacket, as he yelled to him "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!!!" While Archie told Jughead to trust him, that he would thank him for what he did, while the two of them stayed behind to later hear sirens wailing on the other side of the Bridge. Later running across the Bridge to find Sheriff Keller, along with the rest of the entire police department behind him. Catching Malachai for illegally Street Racing.


Jughead telling Archie they would be consequences for what he did

After the authorities caught Malachai red handed, Archie and Jughead retreated back to where the race began, while one of the members of the Ghoulies ran back warn everyone to leave immediately, that the cops were rounding up Ghoulies. While Archie and Jughead made it back safely to Veronica and Betty, while Jughead warned everyone to leave immediately, as Tall Boy walked towards Jughead, yelling at him, accusing him of calling the cops while in the middle of the race against the Ghoulies. Telling Jughead that he won't throw in with the Ghoulies, but he would with the cops, telling him where was the honor in that. While Jughead tried to calm Tall Boy down, as he informed him that he didn't, not knowing that Keller would be on the other side of the bridge. As Archie later interrupted there argument to inform Jughead that he was the one who called the cops. Asking Archie if his father put him up to it, but Archie assured Jughead that it was all his idea to get rid of the Ghoulies, adding that his plan worked. As they got arrested for Street Racing, they were now off the chessboard. While Jughead later asks him the question as to "how long?, a month?, Three months?", telling Archie that if he knew what else they would want on the other side, if they found out it was him who called the cops, they would want his head on a stake, all of there's for not honoring the deal that was made to them. Later leaving the race furiously at Archie, with Betty in Reggie's car with him.[11]



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  • In the Archie Comics, the Southside Serpents were a rival gang of Little Archie and his friends.
  • Affiliates to the Southside Serpents bear the symbol of the gang tattooed on their body, usually the arm.

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