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Trev Brown is a recurring character on Riverdale. He is portrayed by Adain Bradley.

Trev is a student at Riverdale High School and the brother of Valerie Brown.


Early lifeEdit

Trev grew up in Riverdale, along side his sister, Valerie.

Season 1Edit

Trev and Ethel Muggs revealed to Betty Cooper that he was once a player on the Riverdale Bulldogs, however, he quit the team after learning about Chuck Clayton's playbook. He proceeded to tell the ladies where they might find it. [1]

Trev and Betty talked about Jason Blossom over milkshakes at Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. He think's that what Betty, Kevin, and Jughead are doing in order to find Jason's killer is great, but he feels guilty about the entire situation. A few months ago, Jason began acting weird and secretive, Trev assumed it was over Polly Cooper, as she and Jason had been dating a few week when his behavior began to drastically change. Jason changed in the sense that he and Trev stopped hanging out, his phone calls were never returned, and Jason started selling all his belongings for money. Finally, he heard Jason was dealing drugs, but he could never confirm it as their friendship was over by then. [2]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Trev is a young man with dark skin, dark brown eyes, and short-curly black hair. He is tall (6' 2"), with an athletic build, possibly due to the fact that he used to play football.


Though Trev has only appeared in a single episode, he seems to be a genuinely kind individual. He assisted Betty Cooper and several other female students in finding Chuck Clayton's playbook, despite having no reason to help them, other than simple human decency. He was so disgusted by the playbook that he quit the team shortly after learning about it.



Season 1Edit


  • In the Archie Comics, his last name was Smith, not Brown.
  • He was introduced into the comics as a love interest for Betty Cooper, similarly to his role in the show.



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