The Twilight Drive-In was a local drive-in movie theater in Riverdale. It served as Jughead's place of employment, as well as his temporary home in the projection booth, until he was forced to take his belongings and move out as it was announced that the drive-in would soon be demolished after an anonymous buyer decided to buy the land.

The drive-in was later razed by Andrews Construction, and the land will soon be home to the SoDale project. While construction was halted due to several unforeseen events, such as Cliff Blossom buying out Fred Andrews' crew, and Hiram Lodge orchestrating attacks on the development land from prison, the SoDale project is back on track, while under the control of both Fred and Hermione.


Former Employees



Season 1

Season 2


  • Twilight Drive-In was incorrectly named Starlight Drive-In on Riverdale's one-shot comic.



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