The father-daughter relationship between Veronica and Hiram Lodge was close, but due to his imprisonment, and Veronica's knowledge of his horrible deeds, the relationship has since become strained.

Ever since Veronica had discovered what her father had done to her new friend Ethel's family, by finding out the business partnership that went wrong between her father Hiram and Manfred Muggs. Veronica has looked differently at the way she looked to her father. As she saw through his lies every time he would by her a new gift.

Upon the arrival of Hiram, Veronica was bitter towards her father, whom she almost certainly believes was behind the shooting of Fred Andrews and looks at a criminal still, despite his release from prison. She refuses to believe that Hiram has changed for the better, questioning him upon his arrival back in Riverdale. After seeing how upset his daughter was with him, Hiram has tried to win his daughter trust back, but with limited success.


Hiram and Veronica, along with Hermione lived together in New York, until Hiram was arrested for fraud and embezzlement. Veronica and Hermione subsequently decided to move back to Hermione's hometown of Riverdale.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

On Veronica's first day at Riverdale High School, she was almost immediately asked by Kevin if the rumors surrounding her father were true. Dismayed to learn that everyone in town knew, Veronica firmly stated that she stood by her father.[1]

After witnessing her mother give a large amount of cash to a Southside Serpent, Veronica confronted her mother who reluctantly explained that she was handling business for Hiram, who had hired the serpents to decrease the value of the Twilight Drive-In's land so that he could purchase it at a cheaper price. Hermione had been paying the Serpents for a job well done. Saddened by the knowledge that her father really was a criminal, Hermione attempted to comfort her daughter, telling Veronica that her father was a businessman who saw and opportunity and he took it. Old Riverdale was dying out anyways, he was just helping it along. Veronica was of the opinion that what her father had done was wrong, however, Hermione disagreed, asking if Veronica had liked all the perks that wealth had brought them in New York. That was their life, provided to them by Hiram.[2]

Invited to dinner at the Blossom Mansion by Cheryl, Veronica was asked by Cliff Blossom how her father was. He thought it must have been hard for Veronica to witness what happened to Hiram, when he was dragged out of their home in handcuffs in front of both her and her mother. Veronica agreed, telling him the worst part was how quickly it happened, she didn't even have a chance to say goodbye.[3]

During a rehearsal with Josie and the Pussycats, Veronica was stressed and revealed that she hadn't seen her father in three months. She later went to Pop's with Josie, the two commiserating over their fathers. She divulged that she had witnessed her mother kissing Fred Andrews, and that the only thing that kept her going sometimes was the thought of how, upon her father's release from prison, they could be together again and everything would go back to the way things were before. If she told her father of what she'd seen, that wouldn't happen.

The next morning, Hermione approached Veronica with a motion to award Fred the construction contract for development of the drive-in's land. When Hiram was arrested, Veronica was made a legal officer of Lodge Industries and the contract needed two signatures. Veronica stayed loyal to her father and refused to sign and award her mother's "boyfriend" the contract. She then wondered if her mother would stop seeing Fred if she did sign, but Hermione wouldn't, so Veronica stormed out. That night, Veronica found her mother and Fred talking and Fred happily revealed that the SoDale contract was awarded to Andrews Construction, still in the dark as to who the owner was. Veronica then realized that her mother had forged her signature.[4]

 In an effort to get her mother to come clean to her father about forging her signature, as she didn't want her father to think she had betrayed him when he found out, Veronica began acting out. She ran up an online shopping bill and went out clubbing on a school night. Eventually, her mother agreed to tell Hiram everything, and she did so by phone, with Veronica by her side.[5]

During breakfast one morning, Hermione informed her daughter that lawyers were coming over that week to take their statements for her father's hearing, and they both had to testify on his behalf. Veronica wondered what to do if they asked about what her father's embezzlement, would she have to lie? Hermione admitted that they might have to shade the truth a bit.

The next day, after learning that friend Ethel Muggs's family was having financial trouble, Veronica took it upon herself to cheer Ethel up by inviting her to lunch at The Pembrooke with her mother, Kevin and Betty. While there, Hermione pulled Veronica aside and informed her that Ethel's father had invested with Hiram, meaning he was responsible for the recent troubles that Ethel's family was facing and they would be testifying against Hiram. Disgusted, Veronica agreed that they should, as her father had ruined so many lives, however, that was merely the downside of investing with Hiram, Hermione explained. Veronica then asked if Fred could lose everything in doing business with her and Hiram, but Hermione was not sure.

A few days later, Veronica was informed by Kevin that Ethel's father had attempted to overdose on sleeping pills and was in the hospital. Distraught, Veronica ran to the bathroom in tears and ripped her pearl necklace off, which had been a gift from her father. That night, Veronica returned home in tears after visiting the Muggs family at the hospital. She informed her mother of what had happened due to her father's actions, which for all Veronica knew, he continued to do and told Hermione that she was done lying for her father.[6]

After the incident with Ethel's father, Veronica met her father's attorney, Paul Sowerberry, who had come by The Pembrooke to prep Hermione and Veronica for their statements and help with Hiram's upcoming court hearing. However, Veronica reminded her mother that she still had no plans on helping her father. Mr. Sowerberry reassured her that they wouldn't ask any questions relating her father's business arrangements, but just needed her to speak to his character, which would humanize him and could potentially result in a lesser sentence. If she didn't make a statement, it would be problematic and damaging. Unfortunately, Veronica still refused to testify on account of all the lives her father had ruined. He had made his bed, and now he had to sleep in it.

Later, in the student lounge, Veronica learned from Archie that when he attend the Blossom family banquet, he had overheard Cliff Blossom say that he was responsible for Veronica's father being sent to jail. Shocked, Veronica wondered why Clifford would have had anything to do with her father being in jail but Archie didn't have an answer. Curious, Veronica dug into her father's business files after school and discovered that Blossom Maple Farms had been paying Lodge Industries significant sums of money going back seventy-five years. The payments continued up until five months prior, when Hiram was arrested. She told her mother of what she found and wondered if Cliff Blossom had implicated her father to get out of paying the fee. Veronica thought they should tell Mr. Sowerberry, however, Hermione was worried that if people found out about the payments, they might think Hiram was responsible for Jason Blossom's death. She reassured her daughter that she didn't think he had anything to do with his murder but advised her to let it go anyway, so as not to make things worse.

Disregarding her mother's wishes, Veronica presented what she'd found to her father's lawyer, who told her that he already knew and had the same concerns as her mother about revealing the information. Mr. Sowerberry then asked if she had changed her mind about her statement to which Veronica told him that she was actually less inclined following her discovery. Mr. Sowerberry informed her that he had spoken to her father about her conflicted feelings, and produced a letter from Hiram to Veronica. In the letter, Hiram implied that Hermione was not as innocent as Veronica thought, and if Veronica didn't make a statement on his behalf, her mother would be drawn into the mess. He then threatened that she think carefully of what she would do next as both her and her mother's lives would depend on it. Later, at Jughead's 16th birthday party, Veronica began to wonder if maybe her father did have something to do with Jason Blossom's murder, after all.

The next day, she had a brief discussion with Smithers, in which he informed her that while her father may be a terrible man, her mother is an unequivocally good person. Despite her current feelings towards her father, Veronica then went to Mr. Sowerberry's office and decided to testify on her father's behalf, but she was doing it for her mother, who she believed in. Afterwards, in The Blue and Gold offices, Veronica revealed to Betty that her father had hired Jughead's father, FP Jones, to trash the drive and lower the land's value. She posited that perhaps her father had hired FP to do other jobs, such as go after Jason Blossom as payback for what the Blossoms had done to him. Whatever the truth was, she wanted to know, so she joined Betty's investigation. When she returned home that day she found that her father had sent her a new pearl necklace as thanks for her statement.[7]

Days later, Hermione received a phone call from Mr. Sowerberry who revealed that their statements had made a big difference in Hiram's case and the judge was inclined to give him a break, which would amount to time served or just a few more months. Veronica wondered what would happen once he was released, if they would move back to New York. Hermione suggested that Hiram could move to Riverdale, however, Veronica was worried about the crimes he had committed, including, possibly, Jason Blossom's murder. Frustrated with her daughter, Hermione told her to stop as there was no proof Hiram had anything to do with his death and that she needed to be supportive of her father rather than demonize him.

Later, in The Blue and Gold offices, Alice, Betty and Veronica were discussing Jason's death and Veronica told them that her father had a huge grudge against the Blossoms and it was a definite possibility that he had had Jason killed while he was in jail.She had a strong suspicion that he had hired Jughead's father to do so. Alice thought FP was a good suspect but Betty was firmly against the idea and shut the topic down. However, Veronica returned to the office and told Alice that she wanted to help her discover the truth about FP as that would allow her to learn the truth about her father as well. Veronica later convinced Archie to help her search FP's trailer while Alice kept him away to look for anything that connected FP or her father to Jason Blossom. After searching the whole trailer, however, they found nothing and Veronica became increasingly frantic, which caused Archie to ask if she wanted her father to be guilty, but Veronica just wanted to know the truth. She needed to be sure about her father when he came home.

After FP Jones was arrested for Jason Blossom's murder, Hermione was worried that he might reveal Hiram's dealings with the Serpents. Veronica, however, was satisfied that at least they would know the truth and if it turned out that Hiram was involved, Hermione assured her daughter that they would cut all ties with him. Worried, Veronica posited that they might not be able to walk away so easily.[8]


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