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The father-daughter relationship between Veronica Lodge and Hiram Lodge was close, but due to his imprisonment, and Veronica's knowledge of his horrible deeds, the relationship has since become strained.

History Edit

Hiram and Veronica, along with Hermione lived together in New York, until Hiram was arrested for fraud and embezzlement. Then Veronica and Hermione decided to move back to Riverdale.

Season 1 Edit

On Veronica's first day at Riverdale High School, she was almost immediately asked by Kevin if the rumours surrounding her father were true. Dismayed to learn that everyone in town knew, Veronica firmly stated that she stood by her father.[1]

Upon finding out that her mother was awarding her "boyfriend" the construction contract on her father's land, he recently bought, Veronica stayed loyal to her father by not signing the contract, since the contract needed two out of three signatures to award the contract. Veronica wanted her mother to stop seeing Fred Andrews, but she said that that wouldn't be possible, so Veronica decided to not sign the contract. At school, Veronica found her mother and Fred talking. She asked what was going on, to which Fred replied that the SoDale contract was awarded to Andrews Construction. Veronica knew that her mother forged her signature so that Andrews could be awarded the contract.[2]

Veronica went on a bender, doing everything to anger her mother so that she'd finally ask for forgiveness. Hermione found Veronica getting ready to leave, wearing an extravagant outfit. Veronica revealed that she was going clubbing, but wouldn't do it if Hermione told the truth about forging her signature. Veronica explained that she doesn’t want Hiram to think that she betrayed him, but Hermione refused to call Hiram and tell him the truth. Veronica then left.

When she finally came around, they negotiated. Veronica would accept their affair if it stayed outside the boundaries of their home, and also that Hermione called her father to come clean for forging her signature. Hermione was nervous to call him, but they both sat at the table awaiting his call. [3]

After the incident with Ethel's father, Veronica was done lying for Hiram. She didn't want to testify on his behalf. Her father's attorney, Paul Sowerberry, reassured her that they wouldn't ask any questions relating her father's business arrangements, but just needed her to speak to her character. It would humanize him, which could mean a lesser sentence. If she didn't make a statement, it would be problematic and damaging. However, she still refused to make the statement.

Paul spoke to her father about her conflict in helping him, to which he received a letter from Hiram to give to Veronica. In the letter, Hiram threatened both her mother and her, if she didn't make a statement on his behalf. The next day, she had a brief discussion with Smithers, in which he informed her that while her father may be a terrible man, her mother is an unequivocally good person. Despite her current feelings towards him, Veronica finally decided to testify on her father's behalf, but she was doing it for her mother, who she believed in. [4]

Gallery Edit

References Edit

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