Betty: "Veronica Lodge, Kevin Keller.. Veronica's new here, Kevin is --"
Veronica: "Gay. Thank god, let's be best friends."
―Veronica and Kevin meet for the first time[src]

The friendship between Veronica Lodge and Kevin Keller began on Veronica's very first day at Riverdale High School, as Betty was guiding her through the school, the two of them instantly hit it off.


Veronica and Kevin have no history prior to the start of the season due to the fact that they grew up in separate states.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

Season 1 Episode 1 The River's Edge Kevin Veronica

Kevin and Veronica at the Semi-formal.

As Betty Cooper was giving Veronica a tour around the school, Kevin, a good friend of Betty's, showed up just as Veronica was wondering what the social scene was like in Riverdale. Kevin cut in and informed Veronica of the limited offerings in Riverdale before introducing himself to Veronica, who immediately stated that she wanted to have him as her 'gay best friend'. Kevin then stuck his foot in his mouth and asked if the rumors going around about her dad were true. Veronica was dismayed to learn everyone knew about the scandal involving her family. As the tour continued, Kevin told Veronica of Betty's intentions towards Archie and they both agreed they Betty should ask Archie to the Semi-formal dance. Later that day, Veronica joined Kevin for lunch alongside Betty and Archie, before Cheryl Blossom interrupted and invited Veronica to join her cheerleading team, the River Vixens. That night, at the semi-formal, Kevin and Veronica danced together and prompted Betty to finally reveal her feelings to Archie.[1]

After Cheryl Blossom's semi-formal dance after-party, during which Veronica kissed Archie during a game of seven minutes in heaven, despite knowing of Betty's feelings, Veronica attempted to make amends by sending Betty yellow roses, in friendship along with cupcakes she'd had flown in from New York. Kevin was left unimpressed and shocked that Betty accepted her apology. Veronica joined Betty and Kevin at lunch, where she addressed the secret relationship between Kevin and Moose Mason, saying that she shipped it.[2]

Succeeding Archie's confession that he was at Sweetwater River on July 4th, and that he had heard a gun shot, Veronica wondered if he was currently a suspect, to which Kevin replied that they all were. However, Veronica was the least likely suspect as she was new to Riverdale. All the talk about death led Kevin to suggest binge watching "Making a Murderer" on Netflix. Unfortunately, Veronica had to pass as she had a date. Kevin was shocked to discover that she was going out with Chuck Clayton. He was one of the hottest students in school, captain of the Riverdale Bulldogs and the varsity footbal coach's son. In Riverdale, that was the equivalent of dating a Kennedy.

Season 1 Episode 3 Body Double Veronica Kevin Betty

Veronica gives Kevin his phone back after being slut-shamed by Chuck Clayton.

The morning after Veronica's date, Kevin could hardly withstand asking her how it went, then almost immediately received a notification on his phone: a post of Veronica and Chuck. Chuck claimed to have given her a Sticky Maple, which Kevin told her was a Riverdale thing. Veronica angrily told him that, no, it was a slut-shaming thing. She then thrust his phone back at him, pushing him into a wall of lockers and stalked off to confront Chuck.

With the help of informant Trev Brown, a former player on the football team, Kevin, Veronica, Betty, Ethel Muggs, and Cheryl managed to sneak into the school after hours and find the team's 'playbook', which they used to record their 'conquests' and accumulate points with one another. Betty then used the book to write an exposé in the The Blue and Gold.[3]

At the Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe , Kevin, Betty and Veronica sat quietly as Jughead angrily ranted about the demolition of his workplace, the Twilight Drive-In. It seemed Jughead could go on for hours, so Kevin stopped him, demanding that he desists with the Quentin Tarantino references. Veronica thought it was overdue as she didn't believe that anyone still went to drive-ins, when there are more efficient ways of seeing movies in this day and age. Kevin then pointed out the oddity of Archie, Fred Andrews, and Ms. Grundy as they entered the diner together. Betty quickly went over and pulled Archie outside for an intense conversation. Veronica wondered what they were talking about and if it was about her before boldly saying she was going to find out. As she left, Kevin wondered what it was like before Veronica came to town as he honestly couldn't remember.

The following day, in the student lounge, Kevin was notably depressed as he didn't have a date for the last showing at the drive-in. Making out with your boy or girlfriend at the movies was in some way, a right of passage. Even though she couldn't promise him any action, Veronica offered to go to with him, maybe she'd bring him good luck.

As planned, Veronica attended the drive-in that night with Kevin, they snuggled up under a blanket in the back of his father's pick up truck. To their surprise Cheryl arrived shortly after and joined them. While they attempted to enjoy the film, the Southside Serpents, a local biker gang, became loud and disruptive, bothering them. After a failed attempt by Kevin to quiet them, Veronica threatened to stomp on each of them with a Louboutin heel if they didn't shut the hell up.[4]

At school, Veronica, Kevin, Betty and Jughead joined Archie on the bleachers for lunch and Veronica and Kevin inquired about Betty going on a date with Trev Brown. Shorly after, Cheryl interrupted to invite them all to her brother's memorial service which they all attended.[5]

Every fall, Riverdale High School put on a Variety Show to show case the talent of it's students, and this year, Kevin was selected as the host. Each student had to audition for a spot in the show and during Archie's, stage fright got the better of him and he rushed off the stage without singing a word. After a few choice words with Veronica who reminded him that he had heard Archie sing on numerous occasions, and even though it compromised Kevin's artistic integrity, Kevin left a slot open for Archie if he still wanted it.[6]

From Betty, Kevin learned that her sister, Polly had escaped from the Sisters of Quiet Mercy group home where her parents had sent her to conceal her pregnancy by the late Jason Blossom. Her parents didn't want anyone to know of her 'shameful condition' and refused to go to the authorities. However, it wasn't long before the news of Polly's escape spread, thanks to Cheryl who had taken to twitter, which Kevin alerted Betty and Veronica of. In an effort to find Polly before the Blossoms did, Kevin joined in on the search party throughout Eversgreen Forest. He split off with Veronica, and the two talked about her on-going feud with her mother, over the incident with Fred Andrews, and her signature being forged. He then agreed to join Veronica on her partying bender, which would also come to include Josie and Reggie.

Season 1 Episode 7 In a Lonely Place Club

Veronica, Kevin, Reggie and Josie's night out.

The four of them spent the night out at a club called the Roving Eye, in which they danced the night away. After finding a booth to cool down in, Kevin asked if the partying was helping with her current dilemma, Veronica explained that everything was taken from them when her father was arrested, but her mother sat her down, and told her there was one thing that no one could ever take from her, which was her name, yet that's exactly what her mother did, as if it meant nothing.[7]

After Ethel Muggs read out a worrying poem in English class, Veronica invited her over to her house for lunch and pampering to cheer her up and invited Kevin to come along as well. Later, Kevin asked her what that was about and she explained that she used to terrorize classmates at her old school, going so far as to make one girl transfer schools and need therapy. Veronica wanted to be a better person and help Ethel, even if it was just spending an afternoon together. Later in the student lounge, Veronica and Kevin were celebrating with Archie, as he had a chance to attend an exclusive music program the next summer. After he revealed that it had come about due to a favor he was doing for the Blossoms, Veronica was worried while Kevin thought it was an amazing opportunity.

As planned, the next day, Kevin, Veronica, Ethel, Betty, and Hermione had lunch together, however, Ethel wasn't hungry as her home life hadn't wasn't good; her parents were fighting due some financial trouble her father was having. Later, Hermione revealed that Ethel's father had been one of Veronica's father's investers and the reason Ethel's family was in trouble.

At school, Kevin informed Veronica that Ethel's father unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide. Extremely upset at the news, Veronica raced to the washroom to cry because she knew her father had caused this to happen.[8]


Jughead: "...I'd let it go."
Veronica: "Yes, but you're you, and I'm me. You do you, girl, I'll be back."
Kevin: "What was it like before she got here? I honestly cannot remember."
―Kevin to Jughead about Veronica[src]




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