Hate to do this to you, Fred, but, um... I gotta pull my crew.
— Vic to Fred[src]

Vic is a minor character on Riverdale. He is protrayed by Bruce Blain

Vic was an employee of Andrews Construction until he quit after finding more stable employment with Cliff Blossom.

Early LifeEdit

Nothing is known about Vic's early life.

Throughout the SeriesEdit

Season 1Edit

On the day he was to begin construction on the SoDale project with Andrews Construction, Vic received a big job offer from Cliff Blossom that he could not pass up. He hated having to pull his guys from Fred and Andrews Construction, but the job Cliff offered them would guaranteed work for two years starting right then and there. He apologized to Fred for abandoning him, but he couldn't ask his guys to turn down that kind of offer. [1]

Physical AppearanceEdit

Vic is an older looking and heavy set guy, with pale skin, dark grey hair, grey eyes, and stubble facial hair.


Nothing is known about Vic's personality as he appeared on screen for such a little amount of time.


Season 1Edit



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